The Revenge of Dark Red Chapter 1:


It had been a year since Ayame and her family and friends had moved to Cyniclonia. With the help of Kisshu, Emiko, Pai, Lettuce and the members of the Council, Ayame and Dire Bite were helping Cyniclonia prosper. The people were happy with their new leaders, and happy with the peace and prosperity in their homes.

The Kuritara had all been either killed or gone into hiding, and there hadn't been any attacks since they tried to free their leader. Basically, the planet of Cyniclonia was as close to Paradise as you could get. After the Kuritara were defeated, Mayuri, Houseki and Kamisori went back to their home, but since they lived nearby, they still visited occasionally.

The Mews enjoyed living on Cyniclonia, and while they sometimes missed Earth, they were all happy to be together.

Aoyama and Kenji were basically happy wherever Ichigo was.

Pai, Kisshu and Taruto were happy to be back on their home planet, and though they didn't enjoy the amount of attention they were receiving, they were dealing with it.

Dire Bite and his family were enjoying themselves on Cyniclonia, and, of course, Dire Bite was happy as long as Ayame was there.

Emiko and Hanna were fascinated by the new planet. Emiko didn't like the attention she received, but she put up with it. Hanna, however, liked the attention. She was very bright and happy, and was still very mischievous at times. She was learning to tone that down, but there were still a few times when she got into trouble. Since she was so sweet and made people laugh, she was usually forgiven right away. Over the past year she had become less clingy to Kisshu, and there hadn't been any repeats of the time she interrupted a meeting to go see him.

Ayame was fairly happy, but she didn't really like being a princess, and wished she could spend more time alone. She didn't hate attention as much as Emiko, but she didn't like it either. Dire Bite was doing his best to help her get through this.

But little did they know, their peace was to be short-lived, because there was a new enemy coming, one bent on revenge.

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