It was another stressful week of being in the minority of a deeply divided Congress. Maude was happy for the weekend. She was also glad that the Congress would be meeting another week than originally planned. There was so much to get done. Maude was driving home from the airport listening to the Andrews Sister's on her iPod smiling. She remembered how she and Vivian used to listen to them when they weren't studying or at parties in college.

Vivian, such a dear sweet friend had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's back in 2007. Shortly after she'd been diagnosed, the Harmon's moved back from Idaho to Tuckahoe. Arthur had hired a live in nurse, since he had promised Vivian never to put her in a nursing home. It was always a bit sad for Maude to see Viv confused, but the love she shared for Arthur was still there, even though these days she thought he was someone else, sometimes her ex-husband or a college boyfriend. She always was happy to see Maude. She still knew her. As Maude pulled in the driveway, her cell phone rang, the ring tone being a Regan speech excerpt that was Arthur's ringtone. It was a fitting ringtone for her conservative neighbor and late husband's friend.

"Maudie, Vivian wants you to come help her study for her French final. She thinks its next week. She's crying Maude. I hate it when she cries", said Arthur on the verge of tears.

"I'll be right over. Does she think you are a boyfriend"?, asked Maude.

"Yes, Frank." said Arthur.

"He was a Democrat. Just talk about how you wished you were at Roosevelt's funeral. He died the year they started dating. Or you probably would rather ask her to go to a Ronald Regan movie. I'll be over in about two minutes. ",said Maude.

Maude walked as fast as she could in her high heels to the Harmon's.

"Maude! Wow, you're wearing a pantsuit! I don't know if I've seen you wear one yet. I saw it in a fashion magazine though! Let's study French." Said Vivian.

Maude smiled, Viv was definitely stuck in 1945.

"Do you like it Viv? I think it's the cat's pajamas. Let's study for that French Lit final." Maude got a copy of Les Miserables.

"What's Lit Maude?"

"Literature, books. Do you remember what Les Miserables means?"

"Les means the, right?" Said Vivian.

"Yes it does! What's Miserables mean?" Asked Maude.

"I don't know, Maude. You do though don't you? You don't need to study. Where is Frank?", asked Vivian.

"I'm here honey." Said Arthur.

"Good! I love you, but right now I'm tired. Are you Maude?", asked Vivian.

"Oh yes I am, but I'm going to stay up for a while I think someone was going to give you some pills.", said Maude as Vivian's nurse Jan handed her some medication and water.

"Here, these are the kind you swallow", said Jan.

"Oh, my vitamins. Oh Maude, wow you have a pantsuit." Her nurse was actually giving her many pills for many conditions, but to Vivian, who was stuck in 1945, they were the vitamins she used to take.

"Yes, I do Viv. Have a good night sleep dear.", said Maude.

After Jan had got Vivian to bed, Arthur and Maude spent the rest of the night talking and crying. Maude suggested that Arthur go to a support group for relatives of those who have dementia.

Arthur if that piece of legislation that gives more funding for Alzheimer's research ever makes it onto the House calendar, you'll be the first to know. You can always call me and vent if you need to.", said Maude.

"Thanks, Maudie you aren't bad for a Democrat.", said Arthur.

"You're not that bad for a Fox News viewer. Have a good night."

"Remember Fox News is fair and balanced.", said Arthur.

"Goodnight!", said Maude as she walked out the door, not in the mood to argue once.

She hated seeing Vivian like that. She went to bed that night crying and hoping for a better weekend. In the last few years she had come to believe that there was a God. She prayed that night that God would be with Vivian.