Hello, I've reworked the chapter so hopefully it's a little better for it. The overall story hasn't changed so if you've read it already feel free to continue to chapter 2. Acaykath reviewed the chapter and found some much needed corrections. I can't thank him enough for all of his help in improving this story.

This story's a bit unusual in that although there is a crossover, it is less about intertwining the two from the start and more about how the Kim Possible universe can give birth to a very dark cross. I'm leaving what the crossover is as a mystery for the time being and slipping clues throughout the story to keep things fun. As a warning, due to the dark nature of the crossover, situations will occur that are violent and have lasting repercussions.

Everything starts during the episode 'Stop Team Go' just after Barkin sends the couple away so he can be alone with the mind flipped Shego.

Disclaimer: Seems obligatory, but I herby swear that I won't make a penny off of this work or any other containing the contents of another's narratives. It is intended for the sole purpose of amusement of others and to rid me of the infinite loop these scenes have been doing in my head for the past year.

On with the show.

Drop in Reality

Chapter 1: Proposition of Domination

"Ah, Bueno Nacho," Ron said, the boy inhaling the scent of cheese as the couple entered his home away from home.

"Come on Ron, we were here earlier today," Kim said, brushing by her boyfriend. A small smile spread as her eyes roamed around the familiar setting, settling on their seat. The seat they had claimed as their own ever since Ron discovered the Mexican haven. With a sigh, her focus shifted to the boy she shared those experiences with, roaming across the sharp new suit Monique had convinced him to get.

Her hands unconsciously smoothed imaginary wrinkles in her own pale purple evening dress before she stilled them. She'd have to remember to thank her best girlfriend.

"To Grande size or not to Grande size, that is the question," Ron mumbled, his fingers rubbing his chin as he appeared to contemplate the universal puzzles of life.

Shaking her head, Kim walked next to the boy, a hand tilting his head up to the menu. "You may not have to chose, Shakespeare."

Brown eyes sparkled, as they spotted a little note next to his favorite food. "Two…Two Grande size for the price of one?" Ron swallowed, rubbing his eyes before taking another look at the small script. "My god, it's real…" Ron turned to his girlfriend, lip out and trembling in a pleading pout.

Kim's hand covered her mouth, stifling a chuckle. It didn't have anything on her own patented puppy dog pout, but it was still so cute. "It's all right. You can go ahead and use the money for date night on one condition." Kim raised a finger, her eyes going steely.
Ron took a step back, "I get my salad first." Kim smiled as Ron reversed course and hugged her.

"You're the best KP!" Ron whispered into her ear. Kim closed her eyes as he held her, relishing the scent that was just Ron.

"Come on you two. Break it up or you're going to make me sick," Ned said with an exasperating deadpan stare.

Kim suppressed a sigh as Ron broke contact to approach the counter. "I'd like," Ron started counting on his hand, "seven of the Grande sized naco deals." Ron's eyes glazed as he looked into the distance. Kim's discrete cough shook him from what she figured where dreams of dancing nacos. "Ah, yeah and a grilled chicken salad with the works," He quickly finished.

Ned had dealt with Ron Stoppable for a long time, ever since he started the job several years ago. He had hoped that, just this once, the blond either wouldn't come in for the two day special… no chance of that… or not notice the prominent display on the menu. 'He probably would have missed it if Possible handed mentioned it,' Ned thought with a repressed groan.

"So you would like seven Grande sized nacos, is that correct?" Ned droned the order back.

"That's seven times two," Ron responded, flashing his fingers through the digits, "That's fourteen, boyah!" Ron skipped with an arm pump.

"…Right, fourteen Grande sized nacos and a grilled chicken salad. Would that be all?" Ned finished, both of his hands held clinched behind his back.

Ron leaned forward, eyes going wide, "…More?..."

"Yeah, that will be all," Ned thanked Possible for the intervention as she cut in front of her boyfriend before the idea had a chance to germinate.

Ned turned, masking the sigh of relief. It wasn't like there was anyone else here this late, but he was off in fifteen minutes and had no intention of getting stuck making nacos… again.

Ron sat in their favorite spot, his hands behind his head with a small grin tugging at the edges of his lips.

Kim sat next to him, nudging him with her elbow. "Come on naco boy, it's still date night and I don't mean with the food."

Ron rubbed his side, a brilliant smile forming "Hey, you don't think…"

"No, I don't think Bueno Nacho is looking to hire someone to wear a giant naco suit," Kim finished with a giggle.

"Oh well, their loss," the boy said leaned back with a shake of his head. "Anyway, it's been one weird day. I never thought I would be on a double date with Shego and…" Ron gagged, "Mr. Barken" he finished his face turning especially pale.

"Yeah, that was akwierd to the extreme. Still, it's been kind of nice. I mean I never realized just how much Shego knew about Greek mythology. There was a whole exhibition on loan from Greece including ancient murals of Zeus and…"

'Gag, what did I get myself into?' Ron thought, mentally knocking himself on the head. 'I didn't want to bring Shego up again. It's been nonstop Shego this and Shego that all day! Just because they have a little bit in common now that the villainess had a mind flip.' Ron thought as he watched his date's lips move, the words bypassing him completely.

"Uh, yeah that sounds great, but…"

"And the Medusa statue…" Kim continued unhindered by Ron's interjection.

'They share shopping, girly movies, and inside jokes. It almost like I'm the spare tire now,' Ron shook himself from the thought. 'No, Kim just found a friend, I'm sure I'll always be there with her,' Ron thought, watching as Kim vividly described the museum outlined with wild hand gestures.

Ron swallowed, inconspicuously holding his stomach as a sick feeling grew.

'Won't I?'

"Order 42, pickup," Ned's monotone voice filled the establishment, blaring out of the loudspeakers.

Ron shook himself, looking over his shoulder, he found stacks of nacos all neatly lined up along the counter.

"I'll go get the food," Ron offered, standing up before he realized that Kim hadn't stopped talking, she wasn't even looking at him anymore. Suddenly, Ron found that for the first time ever, he wasn't hungry.

Rufus yawned, letting his head lounge against the large fluffy pillow on the couch. His nose twitched once then again before one bleary eye squinted open to look around. The Possible residence was rather quite all things considered. No rambunctious twins running around with toy airplanes strapped with rockets. No mind flipped supervillians making unexpected appearances either. Taking a deep sniff of the air answered what his eyes could not; the unholy union of liver and unions wafting from the kitchen. He cringed, shoving his face deep into the pillow.

Why couldn't people have the superb tastes of his pet human? Everything would be smothered with mozzarella, topped with cheddar and blue cheese, and… and nachos falling from the sky! He could ski down the delight and simply open his mouth to the goodness…

Rufus' stomach let out a sharp gurgle breaking the pleasant daydream.
Checking the clock on the wall, Rufus sighed, it had been a whole four hours since his last meal and he was feeling it. Why, oh why weren't naked mole rats allowed at these fancy restaurants? If they were, he could be there now, sampling some of the unique cheeses of the world, perhaps even a massive cheese platter!

The naked mole rat shoved his face even further into the pillow as plumes of nauseous fumes wafted from the kitchen.

When he was forced to, he came up for air. Thankfully it seemed that the ordeal was over as he heard Kim's parents go off to eat the nasty stuff.

Why couldn't humans understand that he and his kind were as far above the unsanitary rats they feared as humans were above their lice eating cousins? At least his human understood. Rufus shuddered at the thought of not having his human. Thoughts of choking down dry tasteless pellets and spending endless hours of ennui in a twelve by twenty-four container were enough to make him gag. Simply the idea of running on a never ending wheel of torture made him thankful. Perhaps he could attend one of these extra movies. It wasn't as good as the movie he watched with Kim and…. shudder… Shego, but at least it would help comfort the boy.

An ear perked up as a familiar car door closed.

"Food time!" Rufus squealed, sprinted to the front door. He made it just in time to see his human walk in with that majestic substance known as cheese. One, two, three, six whole sacks! Did his birthday come early?

"Here you go buddy," Ron said, noticing his friend jumping up and down around him. He deposited his load onto the kitchen table leaving a very happy naked mole rat rubbing his paws together in anticipation. Leaving that scene of upcoming destruction, Ron left to sit down in the front living room. 'God, wearing a tux is annoying,' he thought, loosening the collar.

Taking a deep breath, he flopped onto the couch, turning the TV on with the remote.
Kim sitting next to him watched his distant expression. She may have gotten a little animated during their date, but by the end, even she noticed Ron had only eaten half a naco. Something unheard of from the current record holder for naco's eaten in a single sitting. 'Something must be bugging him…' Kim thought, opening her mouth just as the front door closed.

"Have you ever notice how Stevey's eyes sparkles when he smiles?" Shego asked, closing the door with a smile of her own. That little comment knocked Ron's lack of an appetite straight out of Kim's mind.

"He smiles?" Ron asked, channel surfing coming to an abrupt halt.

"Ah, Shego, something's come up." Kim interrupted, noticing what was on the TV.

"Team Go, once our proud protectors, now our evil enemies."

"And this is the scene tonight as the city reels from the unexplained onslaught." Two Wego's scurried past the female reporter, snatching her microphone just as Mego enlarged with a silly face. The whole broadcast cut off as Hego smashed into the pavement.

"Oh no, those poor boys," Shego whispered, her hand covering her mouth as she witnessed the mayhem.

"Poor boys? What about Go city?" Ron asked in disbelief.

"The best way to help Go city is to help my brothers." Shego said.

"Tomorrow, we have to go to Go tower." Both Kim and Shego finished at the same time.
"Jinx, you owe me a soda," Shego said with a laugh.

"Oh by the way, we'll need to be back by six, Stevie's taking me roller-skating," Shego nearly squealed.

"Oh, I love roller-skating, but we never go because Ron always falls," Kim concluded as the two leave the room.

Ron frowned as he watched his girlfriend go, each step taking her further away from him.

Where had he gone wrong?

A long drawn out belch from the kitchen distracted Ron's spiraling thoughts.

Flipping on the light, he found sacks upon sacks of Bueno Nacho takeout littered across the floor. In the middle of the destruction, a familiar overstuffed pink hairless mammal.

"Rufus ! You didn't!" Ron started flipping through takeout boxes, desperately searching for any of the cheesy goodness but finding nothing but scraps. "You ate it all," Ron whimpered. A groan drew his attention to the center of the chaos. "Are you ok?"

"Ugh," the little rodent groaned, its stomach jiggling around, face switching between cheese induced coma and pain.

"I can't believe you managed to eat all of it. Still, you took in more than even you could handle. Maybe next time you'll think before you eat everything," Ron said, lightly poking the distended stomach.

Another groan was his only answer. "Let's get you home. You're in no condition to go anywhere for awhile," Ron mumbled, tenderly picking up his pet.

Go City, an industrious town whose citizens had lived under the protection of its defenders Team Go for years. Many of those same citizens now lined the streets, watching as their once safe haven of a city became the center for looting and crime, their very heroes often the perpetrators. Families huddled in their homes, recently obtained firearms in hand as they found everything they had known torn asunder. Those few brave enough to look out the window ducked away as the Go jet circled over head.

They could therefore be forgiven for not noticing the bubbles emerging off Go City Island heralding the arrival of an aquatic purple car pulling up from under the water. Popping out, three passengers approached the tower with determination.

It wasn't long before a multi-colored jet came in with a flourish, its occupants jumping out to find the intruders.

Auras encased the various heroes' hands as they prepared for battle.

"What is going on here?" Everyone's attention was drawn to the railing, a woman with arcs of electricity crawled over her as she slurped her drink.

"We were just about to brawl with Shego and Kim Possible," Hego answered, his fingers tightening as they itched to begin.

"…And Ron Stoppable. You must be the electro villain. Hello, we haven't met," Ron said waving back.

"Sidekicks... well, don't let me stop you."

Both sides focused intently on the other, their powers radiating.

"We'll take care of team Go, you get the attitudinator!" Kim directed Ron as she raced forward.

With a nod, Ron made a bee-line for their latest villain.

"Where do you think you're going?" the Wego twins asked, blocking his path. In a moment, their bodies glowed an eerie red, splitting one after another until he was surrounded by sixteen of them.

The electro villain calmly watched the fight, her eyes examining these new heroes carefully. She was familiar with Shego who was doing quite well against the uneven odds. She had expected as much after all it was these same kicks and powerful green blats that had defeated her so many years ago. This Kim person was new, but she was impressed as the girl flew away from the purple glowing Mego, getting just enough distance to rebound off a wall and land a flying kick into his face.

"Ah, I so love window shopping. What else has the day dragged in?" her eyes settled on the 'side kick', a small frown appeared. "What is this? He is simply being flipped. He has no form, no powers. He is worthless." She dismissed the boy with a light wave of her free hand

At that point, Hego captured Shego, his hands holding her arms and legs so she could not move.

"Ah, perfect. It is time to bring home the merchandise," Electronique said, raising the reverse polarizer. A red beam shot forth with impeccable accuracy striking Shego. The green clad woman shuddered violently, a familiar sneer settling into place. With a flare of green, Hego hastily released her.

"Ah, it's so good to be back," Shego said, stretching her arms and taking a look around. "Yup, about what I expected, Kimmy flipping all over the place and the Buffoon tossed around like a sack."

"Come Shego, capture Kim Possible so I can turn her into another of my little hench people." Electronique pointed at the devise at the fighting teen hero.

Shego raised an eyebrow at the other villain. 'She thinks I'm her henchman? Ha, as if. Still, if I get to see the little princess go evil, maybe this whole experience will be worth it.'

"With pleasure," Shego responded out loud, her hands suffused in flames.

Kim was frantically dodging and flipping. Her arms blocked one side only to have a super powered punch crash through the wall behind her. She was staying ahead of them, but only just. The problem was that this was a team of experienced heroes; one that had just received a competent coordinator.

"Hego, cover the left side. Mego, keep her contained on the right. Wego, keep the sidekick distracted," Shego called out, shooting several blasts, cutting off the avenue above.

Kim barely dodged a flaming hand before rolling away from a mammoth blue fist. Her mind wondered just how Shego could be fighting like always and still call out instructions. 'She must have a lot of practice.'

During one of her many flips, she noticed Ron running from a troupe of red aura covered youngsters.

"Ron! Get your head in the game and get that helmet!" The distraction cost her. A flying chop across the back grounded Kim. Hego took up her arms, holding them behind her.

"Comfy?" Shego asked, cupping the furious redhead's cheek. "I hope so, because this is going to rock your world," Shego finished, stepping out of the line of fire. She grinned as she relished the irony of her biggest pain becoming evil.

Electronique brandished her weapon, its fuses flashing with electricity.

A lucky kick from Ron sent a Wego tumbling into the others giving him a temporary breather and a perfect view of the other side of the room.

"Kim!" Ron reached out in time to witness lightning arc through the air. In that last moment Kim's eyes met his own. They shown with something Ron had hardly ever seen there, fear.

Kim shook frantically as she was enveloped, Hego's arms straining to keep her still. Just as fast as it started, Kim's body slumped, her face hidden from the world.

Ron sprinted, dodging and ducking around flying Wego's as if they didn't exist.
"Ha….Ha….Ha" Ron froze in his tracks, the insane glee echoed through the room.

"Hahahahaha!" Kim's head raised, her green eyes highlighted by an ominous smile.
Shego instinctively stepped back her fingers tingled with unbidden power as something inside of her screamed to run. "It's just Kim, there isn't a problem," She whispered, all the while backing away.

With a simple back kick, Hego grunted, clutching his nether region.

Everyone stared in stunned silence as Kim neatly dropped to the ground chuckling. "I feel so free." She whispered looking at her hands as if for the first time.

"Yes, and now you will serve me as my henchperson!" Electronique grinned as she looked down at her little squad of growing man power. If this Kim was half as good as Shego, Electronique may very well be a power to be reckoned with on the world scene very very soon.

"Henchman? As if, I'll thank you for freeing me, but the henchman thing is so not the sitch."

With a flying leap, the girl landed in a crouch next to the super villain. Before the blue villain could react, the girl thrust forward, her arms a blur. As fast as it started, Kim stepped back, grinning maniacally.

Electronique blinked. "Is that all? What do you think you are gahhh." Kim's smile impossibly widened further as the electricity encompassing Electronique vanished. The electro villain coughed, feeling something wet on her lips. Trembling blue fingers touched them, her eyes disbelieving as they returned covered in red. Her eyes rolled up into her head as she slumped into a pile. Kim picked up the attitudinator, her eyes looking across the heroes turned evil. Each of them stupidly looked up at her and their fallen boss.

A slight frown crossed her face when she noticed the hole Hego had created earlier was covered in green flame, their owner no longer present. The smirk returned quickly. "Smart girl, Shego. Don't worry, I'll catch up to you soon. In the mean time, you left so many little friends to play with."

The rest of team Go shared panicked looks between them. For the first time in many years they had had competent direction only to find it gone. They unfortunately didn't catch a clue fast enough before one red-haired catastrophe appeared in their midst.

Hego raised his blue infused arms, blocking strike after strike. Left, right, center, he couldn't find any hole's to counterattack. He was more than a little embarrassed to say he was giving ground to the slip of a girl.

A loud snap rang throughout the hanger as one of those punches landed on his arm. Hego shrieked as he jumped away. He clutched his unmoving right arm, searing pain radiating from the strike.

"You… You broke my arm. How...?"

The large man collapsed as a blur flew by his head.

Of the three remaining 'heroes', the purple was gawking at the disaster while the twins had quickly decided that Ron wasn't such a priority.

Kim giggled, crouched next to the big guy.

"You, you hurt Hego, that's impossible," Mego stuttered, backing away, unable to take his eyes away from the gruesome scene.

"Impossible? That's kind of funny since I typically do the impossible daily. This guy was a mere pushover in comparison.

"But, but, his power, he's super strong..."

Standing, Kim turned her attention to the horde of twins. They stepped back a few involuntary steps straight into the wall behind them. Kim smirked as she noticed their knees shaking.

"Strong doesn't mean invincible. I've mastered sixteen forms of martial arts and every single one of them studies and manipulates the weaknesses of the opponent. A simple poke," Kim demonstrated by lightly tapping Hego on the back. An unholy scream echoed through the building as Hego stood. The horrifying sound stretched, going on and on before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed into a heap. "And so many wonderful things can happen," Kim finished, kicking Hego in the side, her actions ushered another sharp snap. Fortunately, Hego remained blissfully unconscious to the assault.

"You... You, we'll never let you get away with this," the twins said, activating their power and splitting into thirty-two, then sixty-four. Soon over a hundred clones filled the hanger, all of their red eyes focused squarely on a smirking Kim.

"GET HER!" The scream from one sent all of them crashing forward like a tidal wave.

Kim flipped over them, using one's face as a springboard to land on the observation deck. "Ah, the ability to make as many clones of yourself as you like. It certainly sounds like a strong technique, but I wonder..." By this time, the clones had picked themselves up and were rushing to the wall, forming a human ladder.

"Ha, do you guys really think I came up here to get away from your pathetic assault?"

With a light leap, Kim was in the air, flipping with a half twist, her feet landing straight into one of the base twins back. The weak link sent the whole ladder crashing down. Any sort of order was shattered as Kim danced amongst them. Arms, legs, ribs, anything within range of her hands issued a nasty snap. Kim stopped on the opposite side of the room, the twins' powers flickering wildly behind her. First one clone disappeared, followed by another in a massive cascade leaving only two forms. When the last fleck of power left them, a howl louder than Hego's cracked the very foundation they stood on. They were only released from their torment as they joined their older sibling in unconsciousness.

"Like I thought, the damage each clone takes is transferred to you once you join together. Love it when I'm right." Mego, having snuck up on Kim, lunged only to be sent flying back with her fist.

"Shego was so right, that never works."

"Hey," Mego whispered, rubbing the red imprint on his cheek. "I don't much like my brothers and sister, but no one hurts them!" Mego's purple power materialized around him as he charged Kim.

For her part, Kim lifted an eyebrow before throwing a punch. Mego miniaturized himself passed it, continuing his attack. He hadn't expected the following elbow to the back, sending him crashing to the ground. In a flash, a loud thud echoed through the hanger as a small steel crate landed over him. The sounds of high powered bolt gun rang throughout the chamber.

"You think this will trap me!" He screamed, a brilliant purple flamed around him. His body grew swiftly to two than three times his tiny size. At three feet, his body met the unyielding container. Not a heartbeat latter, shearing pain racked his body and he fainted.

"It's not a useful ability to begin with and, if you ever get put into a small cage you can't break through, you're stuck. Now then, we seem to have Mego, the twins, and Hego out of the way. Shego went AWOL. What else could I possibly be missing?" Kim lightly tapped a finger against her chin, before snapping those same fingers together.

"Ah yes, that's right."

Ron shuddered, falling on his back, crawling away as Kim, or at least Kim's body, walked directly towards him.

"Come on Kim, the bad guys are down, we can stop now, no reason to get violent or anything," half hearted giggles escaped even as he slowly crawled away. As she drew near, he threw up his arms in front of his face, eyes squeezed tightly shut.

Kim walked past him, grabbing the cuff of his shirt. She dragged him along the ground.

Ron's arms remained motionless in front of him. When he discovered that there was no pain, he sneaked a peek from his little protective cove.

He didn't have long to wait as the flame-haired girl dragged him up a small set of stairs and straight into a storage room, lifting him up with one arm against the wall, her gaze unreadable.

"Ron Stoppable," Kim mumbled under her breath.

"Uh, yes KP?" Ron managed to squeak, his feet waving ineffectively below him. Ron cringed as piercing green eyes locked with his. The next moment those eyes crinkled as the lips just below them captured his own. The kiss was light at first but quickly grew intense. Ron was a statue as he found floor beneath his feet and far more in his mouth, a slender and very pleasant body molding itself against his own.

Moments turned into minutes and Ron was nearly blue before Kim released him, taking a deep breath.

"I just love it when you call me KP," Kim said, letting him collapse onto a crate while she lightly leaned against a wall her eyes capturing his every reaction.

"Bu, but, but pain, ah , ah wow," Ron finished, his fingers drifting to his lips.

Kim giggled. "I'll take that as a compliment," she said, moving away from the wall. Ron found his lap full of a red headed girl, his arms automatically moved to steady her impromptu perch.

"I… I thought you were evil and you… you were going to hurt me and..."

"Ah Ron Stoppable, you've been here before, remember? That device doesn't just flip everything about someone's personality."

"It doesn't?" Ron was confused, Shego certainly seemed to be acting completely unlike herself and so had he from what little he could remember from the experience.

"Of course not, silly," Kim said absently, her hand running through his hair. "Little Shego has a degree in education. She certainly didn't do that after her personality got shifted so she must actually like kids on some level." Kim shrugged off handedly. "Oh, don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things that do completely change, but some things very close to a person's heart do not. For example, you still loved nacos even after you switched."

"Um, ok, uh, now what happens?" Ron whispered. He wouldn't lie, this hot and heavy attention was getting him excited and from the smirk on her face and movements from her lower body, she knew it very well.

"Ah Ronnypoo, skip all the fun to get to the point. Very well, I have a little proposition for you." Ron gulped. He didn't want to see what would happen if negotiations went south.

"Uh, what's that?"

"You see, you were right; some things do flip around when you're hit by that beam. For instance, I used to despise Bonny Rockwiler, but now I have some respect for her ability to manipulate anything and everything to her little finger."

"Ok, what does Bonny have to do with anything?"

"Ah my dense Ronny cuddle-bunny," She whispered, her lips inching ever closer to his own.

"Slightly more important is my new outlook on the world," Kim finished, letting Ron connect the dots.

"The world? But you always save the world and..." Kim nodded her head against his brow encouragingly. Her eyes locked with his own. "If that is opposite, you want to.. destroy it...?" Ron gulped as that little evil smirk changed into a full blown malicious smile.

"Very good Ronny, you got it in one, here's your reward..." Kim closed the short distance between them, landing a fierce kiss on his lips. It took a few minutes afterwards for Ron's frazzled senses to come back online.

"Now then," Kim whispered next to his ear. "Destroying the world has the unfortunate side effect of killing you too. Since you are important to me, it's quite the little dilemma, don't you think?"

Ron was having a hard time concentrating, his eyes drifting to those soft supple lips.
"So I came up with a little compromise, you turn evil and we rule the world. I'm sure I could find something to do with the whole world." Kim giggled, stepping away to watch Ron, never breaking eye contact.

"But, I don't want to be evil," Ron whispered.

"Hahahaha," If the laugh wasn't coming from a demented mad woman well cable and willing to destroy the entire world, he would have said it was rather sexy.

"You see, Ron, evil isn't about forcing someone to do something they don't want to. It's about removing all other choices, leaving only that one despised path left that they must choose themselves." With a little twist, Kim languished laugh drifted away.

Ron was so confused. This was a hopeless situation with two apparent options. On one hand, he could turn evil, one of few things he unfortunately did very well, and harm the world with whatever invention he happened to come up with. On the other, he left everything to this madwoman's not so tender mercies.

'With the whole destroying the world thing, probably not a good idea,' Ron held himself tightly, the shivers wouldn't stop.

"If you don't believe I can do it, remember that as long as we've been working missions, our goal has been to go in and find just the right twist to unravel some mad genius plan that simply couldn't be destroyed by some silly little kids," Kim quoted, shaking her head back and forth with a little roll of her eyes. "The world really isn't any different, simply sneak into the White House. Take out a few guards and extract…" Kim's hands viciously thrust into the air with a sharp twist. Ron flinched as if it had pierced him. "…the codes. A little nuclear launch later, and this world is a sizzling rock." Kim grinned at her upturned hand in relish.

Ron hung his head, he had been with this girl since pre-k. He had watched her grow up defeating any odds stacked against her time and time again. If there was one person fully aware what she was capable of, it was him.

Ron absently stood, pacing back and forth across the room, his concentration for once focused.

'I turn evil, what does that mean? Oh nothing big, in less than an afternoon I created a tricked out bike that could transform into a plasma cannon and alter Drakken's atmosphere disrupter into a mega weather generator. He shuddered at what other things he would come up with given more time. In combination with a ruthless Kim, there would be no stopping the two. They would dominate. On the plus side, he would have Kim and all the nacos he could ever want. Downside, everyone else would so not be loving it. Then again, they might like it better than being dead…maybe.

'Maybe, if I say I'll do it and find the right time, I could flip the ray and get my Kim back,' Ron thought with a small nod to himself.

"Don't even think about it." The words were spoken normally, nothing sinister about them as Kim watched with that amused smirk.

"What… what do you mean?" Ron asked, nervously tugging at his collar.
"You were just thinking about using the attitudinator on me. The way you are right now, I would stop you before you even turned it around."

Ron smacked his head. 'I should have realized, I know KP inside and out. That means she knows me just as well. Any trick I try, she'll see through it.'

Kim sighed, "I guess this really is a rather big decision isn't it?"

Ron looked up from his pondering, blinking in surprise. "How about this, I'll give you a little time to think about it, but when I next ask, you will have to give me an answer."

Ron frantically nodded his head up and down. Even a second more he could get away from this decision the better.

"All right then, lover." Kim spoke in a deep throaty whisper sending shivers down his spine. She sashayed forward, her half open eyes stared longingly into his own. If she would have asked again, he would have followed her into the depths of hell with a smile on his face.

Her hand reached behind him, bringing his lips to meet her own in a languished kiss that stretched on and on. He never noticed the slight pressure on his neck turning his world into night.

Author's end note: As a side note, the violence of this chapter will be unusual throughout the story, but not a singular occurrence. There will be more tidbits of the actual crossover as time progresses. For now, other than the darker nature, it is far far in the future, which is the fun part.

I'd like to thank Forgotten Lake, Acaykath and Omnisentinel for checking over the chapter. They caught quite a few annoying problems.

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