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Drop In Reality

Chapter 5: Mission Possible

After a long last hug, Mrs. Possible left Kim. The door had barely clicked shut before the flame haired girl whipped out the Kimmunicator. "So what do we have Wade?" She asked, steely green eyes nailing him back.

"If you're talking about Ron, nothing has come up yet," Kim's expression fell, absently kicking some shredded jeans against the far wall.

"But a hit did just come in on the website."

"I don't feel up to doing regular missions while Ron is out there." Kim said, thoughts of cajoling a cougar out of a tree not exactly on her top priority list at the moment as she rooted through her dresser, most of it worthless. She shook her head at the long line torn from one side of the closet to the other by a sharp knife.

"Well, it may be helpful as a starting point."

Turning her attention back to the device, Kim's eyebrow rose. "Ok, what's the sitch?"

"Well, it's from IntellaThrough, some newer company dealing in information. They have a contract to help transport a new device from their lab to another in New York. The only problem is they've spotted some trespassers taking surveillance."

"And this helps us find Ron how?"

"Hold your horses, Kim. From the description the guards gave them, it was a woman with long dark hair wearing a green and black outfit... sound like anyone we know?"

"Shego." Kim scowled. 'We may have gotten along well when had a mind flip, but if I left well enough alone, this whole problem would never have happened!' Kim forced herself to calm down. 'I can't let that get to me. After all, I volunteered.'

"…Where Shego is, Drakken can't be far behind," Kim continued, sifting through another pile of clothes thrown about from her half open dresser drawers. "Out of everyone, those two would have the inside scoop on their side of the fence."

Wade sipped his soda missing the brief change in mood. "Yup, exactly what I was thinking. From recent reports, it looks like Shego has been on a stealing spree the past couple of days. Just a sec and I'll see what... there." Kim glanced at the Kimmunicator as an assortment of gears and cogs along with an outer-casing appeared. As she watched, pieces connected themselves to form a single unit similar to an observatory dish. "It looks like these can be combined with the new project to bounce a ray off the atmosphere and hit anything on the globe."

"Sigh, Drakken getting up to his old doomsday device and ruling the world thing. Nothing new there..." A small smile settled on her lips as she held up a pair of mission clothes. Turning them around and inside out, she found not a scratch. 'At least she left me something to wear. Definitely need a serious shopping spree to replace this mess.'

"Maybe not, but he is someone with information. Push comes to shove, he has a lot of incentive to get Ron out of the same game as quickly as possible. He's also one of the easiest villains to fish for information."

"True." Kim paused considering. "Ok, I'll take it. What's my ride?" Kim asked the boy genius.

"Let's see." His eyes widened in surprise. "Looks like they're sending out a jet for you, top of the line. Not bad for a newer company. It should be there right about..." Wade's voice was drowned out as the noise of engines roared overhead.

"Wow, talk about efficient," Kim murmured as she looked outside. Plucking at her PJs, she realized that maybe they were a little too efficient. Pulling down what remained of the curtains, Kim slipped into the last surviving set of mission gear.

With a leap, she was down on the ground some ten meters away from where the small plane settled. Its door opened revealing a demure woman with a blue power suit, her blond hair in a tidy knot hanging over her shoulder. She walked down the stairs, her glasses complementing her focused blue eyes as her fingers danced across a tablet held in her left hand. With a final swipe, she handed the device to someone out of sight before she came the rest of the way down.

"Ah, the legendary Kim Possible, I'm so glad that you agreed to speak with us," the woman said, firmly shaking Kim's hand. "Sorry about the short notice, but we've had security on high alert ever since we discovered Shego skulking about the laboratory. Someone of your talents is just what we need to make sure everything goes smoothly."

"No big Mrs...?" Kim asked.

"Ah, sorry, I have a tendency to get right down to business. My name is Sara Redding. I represent the Director's interests in IntellaThrough. Please, follow me and I'll brief you on the specifics we've gathered so far," Sara offered with a gesture to the aircraft behind her.


"Welcome back Sara and… Oh my gosh, is that theKim Possible?" Kim raised an eyebrow as a young man consciously rubbed his hand against the back of his short dusty brown hair that framed his freckled face. Kim noticed he wore a loose blue cashmere sweater that complemented his brown eyes as he walked up to them. "Could I get an autogra..."

"Harold," Sara reprimanded, one hand on her hip as she looked down on the young man that Kim guessed to be in his mid-twenties, "please try to remember that Ms. Possible is a professional and our guest."

"Sorry Sara... I mean Ms. Redding," Harold responded, ducking his head to the woman, his smile losing none of its luster, "Please, Ms. Possible, come on board. If there is anything that you need, snack, beverage, or otherwise; I am at your service." He finished, flashing Kim a large smile and bowing deeply. With a step back, he gestured to the small passage behind him hidden by a lavender curtain.

"Sorry about that Ms. Possible," Sara apologized as she moved past the curtain, holding it open for Kim. "Harold was hired just recently to help curate for our guests and hasn't learned what is what quite yet."

"It's no problem, and please just call me Kim. Being called Ms. Possible makes me feel like you're talking to my Mother."

The blond nodded. "Sorry, with your extensive reputation, I sometimes forget that you're still very young. If you would please," Sara gestured to two large seats that dominated the cabin with a smooth white alabaster table set between them.

Seating herself down, Kim allowed a small sigh of contentment. It wasn't often she rested on goose downed seats and if she didn't miss her guess, the hand stitched cover's were pure silk. The pattern displayed a sunrise over a dessert horizon, every hue of orange imaginable right below her.

"Now, Ms... I mean Kim, before we start, I would like to discuss the matter of payment..."

"Oh no, I don't ask for anything in return, I just want to do whatever I can to protect the world." Kim lightly refused with a raised hand.

"Ah, very admirable. The CEO, however, sincerely wishes to reward you for your efforts. Perhaps we can come to a mutual agreement of say thirty thousand dollars to a charity of your choosing?" Kim's jaw dropped.

'Did she just say thirty thousand dollars?' Kim thought incredulously.

"I'm sorry, for someone of your high standing that would be insufficient. How does fifty thousand dollars sound?"

Kim shook her head, "Ah, that would be fine. I'll have Wade send you a list of charities I help out." 'Not sure what the park is going to do with fifty thousand, but I'm positive they'll figure something out.'

"Very good, now that that formality is out of the way, shall we..."

"Sorbet anyone?" Harold interrupted, strolling down the aisle balancing two platters stacked high with ten scoops of colorful sorbet piled high on each.

Sara took off her glasses, lightly placing them to the side as she rubbed her temples. "Harold, what did..."

"I know she's our first class guest. I can't, as a proper host, let her just talk business without showing some hospitality," he said with a smile. With a flourish, he set the individual dishes in front of each, adding a small wink before disappearing behind another dividing curtain in the back.

"Sigh, Harold is…"

"It's really all right. He reminds me of a friend of mine." Kim's small smile faded, she didn't want to dwelling on that problem. "Anyway, it makes me feel more comfortable even though I doubt the tweebs could finish a third of this between them much less myself."

"Quite right, Harold has yet to gain a sense of proportion. He's accustomed to everything bigger is better. Anyway, the sorbet was imported this morning from France so should be quite fresh."

Kim took a little bite, letting it linger against her tongue to savor the fruity melody.

"Hmmm, it really is good."

"I'm glad you like it. Now, here are some of the photos we've gathered over the past few days." Sara removed several pictures from a large folder on her lap. Sara set them out in a line before Kim.

Kim picked one up, taking a careful look. "Yup, that's Shego looking through the binoculars in the bushes all right. I have to say that these are very good," She admitted when she picked up another showing the woman in exact detail, the binoculars digitally edited out to further show Shego's focused attention.

"What can I say, we are a new company in an established field. We have to be better than the rest in order to find our nitch. Anyway, we've found that there are several other items this woman has recently stolen that has us a little concerned…"

"Yeah, Wade came to the same conclusion. We just have to make sure that she doesn't get a hold of your piece during the transfer. It will probably be best to take a look at your security when we get there."

"Yes we should arrive…" Sara checked her watch nodding her head with the seconds. "…now."

Kim's eyes widened as she slid a cherry red curtain away from one of the oval windows. She hadn't even realized they had left her house much less traveled across the country, but in front of her was the proof. There was a port with a single boat Kim estimated to be twenty meters long. Along its deck were prominent gun turrets at equal intervals and a few hatches on each of the two sublevels that appeared to open to additional firepower. The port connected to a single story building with a large open entrance, where various people were rushing to and fro carrying cargo to the fortified vessel. Looking down, she found a helicopter landing pad which they were slowly hovering towards.

"Yes, it did take some effort, but we were able to procure a state of the art jet. It's imperative that our clients not only feel at home, but realize we understand the value of their time. Please, come with me. They are loading some additional equipment into the transportation dock." Sara led the way out of the plane, Harold following after. "The basic idea regarding this transfer is to divert attention from the invention by adding it to a load of some new ore recently discovered. Here are the documents related to security measures for the trip. Please let me know if you see anything amiss." Sara said, handing an additional packet of documents to Kim as they approached the ship.

Kim accepted them, leafing through the notes, her attention drawn occasionally between pages to the loaders as they moved up a large metallic ramp with industrial bins. Her eyebrow rose as she closed the folder. "I don't usually say this, but isn't this security going a little too far?" Kim asked pointing to a blueprint with thirty cannon's diagramed out between all the levels.

"Better to not need it and have them than to need it and fail." Sara stated off hand as two people broke off from the laborers to approach. Both wore black jackets with sunglasses.

"Are all the preparations in order?" Sara asked the older gentleman on the left.

"Yes, we have arranged everything as you specified and are ready to depart in," He raised his watch to eye level "Fourteen minutes."

Sara did the same, a small frown crossing her face. "The ship was to be ready ten minutes ago. What is the delay?"

Kim tuned out the beratement as she happened to notice Harold behind them, moving his mouth in tandem with Sara's speech, exaggerating her motions.

His antics felt so nostalgic, reminding her of camping in her back yard with Ron. They both had called it the greatest adventure in the entire world.

Oh how he had changed over the years. He was always laid back, but slowly, he became more so, perhaps to complement her own seriousness. Kim smiled as she thought that that may be what she liked best about Ron; he complemented her. It was impossible to be completely seriousness with him around. He would always lose his pants or do something else goofy that made her laugh.


Kim jerked back to reality, to see Sara in front of her.

"Oh, sorry..."

"Quite all right, there were some unexpected delays that I needed to address. Did you find the plans to be sufficient?" Sara asked, accepting the papers back.

"Yes, though I would have put something in to block electrical equipment. Usually Evil scientists come on hover vehicles with their latest gadget. You can really stop them in their tracks that way."

Sara nodded, noting the suggestion. "Very good, I'll see if the boys in the lab can make something the next time we need to transport one of their toys. Anyway, please follow me," Sara said, joining a long line of technicians and general laborers, each caring or talking about something.

"Excuse me," Kim turned to find a man carting a load of ore on his arms, only a red Dodgers cap visible.

"No problem," Kim responded, stepping out of the way as man walked past with his shipment.

With a sigh, Kim rejoined Sara on deck.

Kim watched on the front bow as water rushed by on either side. So far, she was impressed. They had the best gear, hired very efficient employees, and listened to her advice. There weren't many companies that would do the same.

"It looks like you found my favorite spot." Kim looked over her shoulder to see Harold wave as he approached. "May I join you? I've always liked the breeze from here."

Kim nodded. "Yes, it's rather nice."

Harold grinned as he rested his head against the railing, eyes closing as the ocean mist sprayed past in time with the speeding boat hitting against the waves.

"So, I've been meaning to ask..." Kim started, her head angled as she thought of something that had been bugging her.

"How I keep my job in such a stuffy company?" Harold asked with a laugh.

"Well, no offense, but you don't seem to fit in."

"None taken, I'm actually more of a token employee. My Father helped to finance the business and thought that it would be a good experience for me to get a real job and see what it's like. It's not too bad really."

"That's kind of funny, the son of an owner serving food to clients."

"Tell me about it. Still I kind of enjoy it. The people may be rather stiff, but if you get them talking, they're not too bad. As a bonus, their stories of how they got where they are can be quite interesting.

"That's nice, if you can find something that you truly enjoy, you'll never work a day in your life." Kim quoted as she looked off into the distance.

"I love that one. It's a philosophy to live by. So, if you don't mind me asking, what started you off on the hero business? Something you truly enjoy too?" Harold asked, turning a slanted gaze at Kim.

Kim chuckled, "It's quite the story."

"Nothing here but ocean and time..." Harold responded with a smile gesturing to the rolling waves.

Kim frowned as her distant gaze picked something up, some small dot that wasn't there a moment ago.

"I'm guessing that's a no," Harold said with a frown.

Kim shook herself, "Sorry, there's something up ahead, I'd better let Sara know."

Harold squinted in the direction she gestured. "You're right; we're nowhere near any shipping lanes so there shouldn't be anything out here." When he turned back, he found he was talking to empty air. "Oh well, guess I'd better batten down the hatches."

Kim hadn't gotten far when she noticed that the object had increased in size dramatically, she could make out water flying on either side of it as the black hovercraft made a beeline straight for their ship.

Noticing a red emergency switch to the side, she punched it, an alarm echoed throughout the ship. It took some time, but Sara appeared from below, her hair a mess.

"Kim? What's happening?" she asked, fingers combing her hair back and trying to look in all directions at once.

"We have company at twelve o'clock."

"Sam?" She questioned as another heavy set man with a stubby beard leaned out of one of the doors. "Nothing's coming up on the radar, Ms. Redding."

Sara frowned, shifting her gaze forward to easily spot the craft. "God dam… Get those guns manned now!" She screamed, barking orders at the ship's crew, driving them into an organized frenzy.

"First group, prepare to fire when they come into range." Sara ordered, five men in military uniforms squatted down, each with a bazookas pointed at the approaching ship.

Although impressed, Kim was less paying attention to them and more following the unknown craft's path. Due to this, she spotted two orbs of lightning launch.

"Hit the deck," Kim screamed as Sara yelled fire. Kim watched as rockets passed the two orbs in midair. From her vantage on the ground, Kim watched the two sets pass overhead, momentarily blocking the sun. In the next instant, electricity surrounded her, violently slamming into the ship and surround sea. Those that remained standing shuddered violently before falling limply to the floor.

"Great, what are they going to do next?" Kim muttered. Almost as if in reply, a small puff exploded in the air above followed by an inky blackness descending to swallow the craft whole.

"I just had to ask," Kim muttered already standing. Through the haze, she noticed most of the crew laying on the ground, completely knocked out. Shaking her head, Kim went on the move, easily settling a gas mask around her ears. She spotted the outline of the hover jet now stationary by the boat's starboard. Holding the rope netting tenuously was one familiar blue mad scientist trying to get over the side with limited success.

"Why do they make these flimsy ladders so hard to get down?" He murmured, several of his henchman already swarming the deck.

"Drakken, I might have known it was you."

Drakken's head shot up, not the most advisable motion when you're foot is stuck in a ladder. Kim couldn't help but wince as the meaty thump of Drakken hitting the deck.

"Kim Possible! Just once, can't you not be there when I'm trying to steal something!?" He yelled stomping his foot. Again, not the best idea after twisting it from the previous bad idea. "Ahh, my foot!" Drakken screamed, hopping around

Kim wasn't sure sometimes how she could take the doctor seriously. "Give it up Drakken, you can't beat me and I don't see Shego."

"Shego..." Drakken whimpered, still hopping on one foot.

"Right here Dr. D." Kim groaned as from the top of the boat appeared the unwanted form of her black haired adversary.

Drakken looked up puzzled, but shrugged, "Keep Kim Possible busy while I get the device."

"Really isn't a need for that, I already have it," Shego mentioned, lifting the box up next to her.

Kim sighed, it was going to be one of those days. She hoped up to the top of the boat, taking a cautious stance as Shego placed the box down. As she turned to face Kim, she revealed a smirk; her foot pushed the crate over the edge.


The red haired girl dived after, her grappling hair dryer out and shooting behind her as she grabbed the item and swung back up to safety. As she placed it down, she saw Shego and Dr. Drakken in the hover craft, lifting off.

"Hey Princess, you don't think I'd let the actual item just fall did you? Shego called lightly patting another crate beside her.

"Oh no you don't," Kim called, ripping off her gas mask and jumping over the ledge to catch hold of the back end of the hover jet as it pulled away. She gained a grip, flipping herself up to land on the wing.

"You just never know when to quit, do you Kimmy?" Shego asked, landing on the wing, her hands aflame.

"No such thing as quitting for a Possible, thought you of all people would have learned that by now."

"Oh, I've seen plenty and for the most part, the rep is a bunch of hooey," Shego jumped, throwing twin bolts of green energy. Kim flipped through the center of them, smashing into Shego's side with a kick. Taking the hit, Shego grabbed Kim's foot sending her careening off balance as both roughly landed, shaking the entire craft.

"Can't you be steadier, Shego? The plane is going to go down if you keep tilting it like that," Drakken yelled as he franticly maneuvered the controls.

Kim smiled as Shego smacked herself in the head. "I really don't see what I ever saw in him. He always gives every hero that popped up every single opportunity to beat him. This time he even invited it."

"You got that right," Kim started to jump on the wing, causing the vehicle to sway ominously back and forth. Shego's face became determined as she started shooting smaller bolts.

Forced to dodge, Kim wildly rolled and flipped on the narrow wing to avoid the blasts, each dodge brought her closer to the black haired woman. Once she was in reach, she threw several punches, stopping the barrage and bringing the fight up close and personal. They each traded jabs, neither gaining the advantage nor did they want to risk any fancier movies given their growing altitude. Finally Kim caught an over extended punch, throwing Shego. The woman managed to keep hold of the arm, flipping Kim at the same time. Both went over the side, Shego's green hands, melting a deep gouge from the wing as she slipped.

"Looks like you're having some trouble there Shego." Kim said holding onto the woman's leg.

"Oh, if I wasn't taking it easy on you," Shego mumbled before a grin spread on her lips.

Kim held on to her tenuous grasp, starting to swing. She slowly built up momentum at the older woman's expense. Her expression intense as the plane came in and out of view. Just as she was about to jump, a bright green flash exploded before her eye. Blinded, she let go, falling straight into the ocean with a swan dive. When she surfaced, Shego was waving at her from the plane's wing.

Kim sighed as she treaded water. "We'll, at least it can't get any worse." She mumbled to herself.

"Are you all right Kim?" Kim turned back to see the boat making its way over to her. Harold offered her a life jacket.

"Me? I'm fine. Pride, not so much."

"Unfortunately, I have some bad news." Harold mentioned, using his hold to help pull Kim the rest of the way up.

"Oh lovely, what is it?"

"I'm afraid that in the confusion, they grabbed Sara along with the device. Maybe they thought she would know how to operate it." Harold said with a hint of worry as he watched the plane disappear in the distance.

"Yeah, remind me to never say it can't get worse." Kim shook her head, whipping out her Kimmunicator.

"Wow Kim, did you go for a swim?" Wade asked as the live feed came through.

"So not the time, Wade. I need you to get a bead on the tracking device I left on their plane." Kim asked of the boy wonder slurping on a shake.

"Let me check," Wade's left hand flew across the keyboard, the right occupied by his drink. "Well, the good news is I have it..."

"Good, where are they heading?"

"The bad news is I think they caught on. It's stopped about six hundred meters to the north. Either they have a lair right on top of your location, or they dumped the bug. Sorry Kim." Kim frowned.

Harold sighed as he listened behind her. "Well, there doesn't appear to be anything else we can do now. I'll have the jet come around to take you home," Harold said with a sigh.

"Sorry, you wanted me to help and I let them get away."

"I'd hardly say jumping off of a roof and doing midair combat as letting them get away. I know you did your best and I hope I can count on you if we learn any additional information?" Harold asked hopefully.

"Sure thing," Kim answered as the roar of the jet came overhead. She leaped up onto the ladder that descended from above and was off.

Harold watched the plane depart, as it reached the horizon, his eyes rolled up into his head as he collapsed. Behind him stood a boy with an outstretched hand where Harold's neck once was. Tilting his Dodgers hat back displayed a crop of yellow locks and freckles. The boy watched the departing plane a moment with a smile.

"Thank you for all your help, Kim Possible. With the loss of this shipment and their upper echelon gone, IntellaThrough is as good as dead making my debut all the easier." Ron grinned, flicking a hand held switch making the motors roar to life.

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