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Drop In Reality

Chapter 6: Enter the Gynoid… Fight!

It was a nice sunny day. Well, aside from the ash gushing from the massive volcano, its sheer sides jutting out with razor sharp edges and spikes of basalt; or the swarms of deer, rabbits and cougars sprinting away as acidic brown rain pounded around them, leaving nothing, but bare trees standing amidst a shroud of shriveled leaves. Other than that, it was a bright and cheerful day.

If one were to be looking up, not an advisable activity, they would notice a large hovercraft streak across the sky, soot and ash parting in a long stream as it cut through them. A slightly closer look would reveal grooves etched across one of the wings, in the form of claw marks. The owner of the hand responsible currently sat behind the large vehicle's controls, flipping an assortment of switches across the console. She sat back as she flicked one last button that sent the craft hurdling towards the cliff-side.

"God, Doctor D, why did I ever let you choose this place for a lair?" Shego said with a shake of her head.

"Um, Shego…" Drakken mumbled crouching back into his seat, his right hand pointing to the cliff they were barreling towards.

"Hmmm? Oh, that." with a flick of a finger, another switch dropped. The whole mountain-side flipped down revealing a hanger twice as tall and wide as the ship. The craft shuddered violently as Shego gripped the wheel. With a small smile, she expertly throttled back, landing the craft easily within a large circular platform. With a nod of satisfaction, she shut the ship down.

"It's going to go up in a rolling stream of lava any minute now," Shego continued her train of thought as if nothing had happened. Her conversational partner sat wide eyed and trembling, both hands gripped the arm rests, his face paler by several shades of blue. He shook himself, taking several deep breaths.

"Ahhh… Oh yes, that is nothing to worry about. All of this is part of my plan. The quakeanator is set to cause the quakes and smoke. That way all those pesky neighbors stay well away," he said, rubbing his hands together, perhaps a little less dramatically than intended with his quivering knees.

Shego rolled her eyes. "Sure, whatever you say, Doctor D," she replied, lifting the side door up. She hopped out and stretched her arms, releasing a small sigh of relief as muscles loosened after the long trip.

"So... Shego where have you been these past few days and how did you know I was going to be there of all places? You just left again when I was trying to open the Bavaria pickles without saying a word," Drakken asked, his eyes flicking between her and the small rope ladder he used to descend.

"Ah, that's right, I never did mention it back then," Shego said, continuing to stretch her limbs like a cat. "I decided to take up a new position," She finished with a shrug.

Drakken winced as he missed a step, falling on his rump against the hard basalt rock. "Ow," he gasped, his hand going to his back. "You what...?" He started, gingerly getting back to his feet.

Two or three of the various red suited agents stopped to watch, their hands filled with whatever they could grab from the latest mission.

"Did something catch in those oversized ears? I said I found a new employer," Shego said, leaning against the wall, her left hand slipping behind her to place a cream colored panel against it. On contact, its surface molded itself against the porous igneous rock, its coloration shifted between dirt brown and pitch black before parts lightened to match the surrounding color and texture. When Shego stepped away, no trace of it remained.

"But, but, why? We make such a wonderful team," Doctor Drakken pleaded, his voice quivering.

"You mean you come up with crazy ideas and stick me with clean-up duty when they blow-up?" Shego asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"That's not true! One must have worked at some point," Drakken responded indignantly.

"Yup, that's why everyone calls you great all mighty overlord. Anyway, I really don't have time for this," she finished with a shake of her head, walking out of the hanger.

Drakken grunted with gasp of pain from his back as he stood. He closed his eyes, his lips thinned in thought. When he opened his eyes again, he noticed dozens of workers around him now standing motionless, staring. "What are all you looking at? We have a deadline to keep. Get all those parts moved to the lab right now," he exclaimed pointing dramatically at the half unloaded cargo. Not one shifted their gaze from him. Drakken's blue face grew extremely red, his body visibly shaking. With a final shake, he turned about face, walking after his errant sidekick. Once out of sight, the walk transformed into a run, his face frantic as he moved along the corridors, stopping at a seemingly inconspicuous wall. His eyes anxiously looked across its surface. With a grunt, he moved forward, both hands pushing one set of stones before continuing to the next, none of them doing anything. After long minutes, there was a distinct reddish hue to his face, his teeth gnashing against each other.

He was about to kick the wall when it suddenly slid open, revealing Shego with a small box filled with magazines and few knick knacks he recognized from their various adventures under her left arm. She blinked as she stared at him spread against the opposite wall. She shook her head before walking past.

Drakken grunted turning back with a quick hobble to catching up. "Ok, no one is around now. You can tell me freely what this is really about? Was it because I missed your birthday?" Drakken asked, grimacing at the speed needed to keep up.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha." Shego stopped to hold her stomach with her free hand. "That's rich. You haven't remembered my birthday in all the time we've worked together. For that matter, I don't think you know when it is."

"Of course I do. I would know something as important as that," Drakken said, his chest puffed up.

Shego proffered a hand, "And that would be?"

He raised a finger, his mouth hanging open before his expression fell.

"That's what I thought," Shego said as she continued down the corridor.

"Oh fine, so I don't remember when your stupid birthday is and what does it matter? Actually, you came to help me on that last heist so you must have missed me!" Drakken stated, once again standing as if he had made the final point in the argument.

"Don't flatter yourself. I saved your sorry ass as part of my new employer's plan. Even your appearance was staged. Like you so eloquently said, how else would I have known you would be there if it wasn't set up before hand?"

Drakken's mouth fell open, a passing fly nearly going in for a closer look. One whiff sent it careening to the floor. "But, but I didn't tell anyone that I was going to steal that device, how..."

"Face it, Drewy, you're just too predictable. We spread a few rumors of the new device that needed to be relocated and you fell all over yourself to get it. I bet you don't even know what it was."

"I'm not going to fall for that again," Drew stated, his expression turning purple. "Ok, fine, be that way, I don't need you anyway. You can just go off and work for this… this wannabe villain."

"Glad to have your permission there Doc," Shego said, walking right past him with her crate.

Drakken lasted seven seconds before he turned to follow.

"Come on, Shego. I'll give you… ah… Greenland if you stay. I bet your employer couldn't do that!"

"Well, that is such a wonderful offer; I'd get a chunk of ice in the middle of nowhere when hell freezes over. And didn't you just say I was free to go?" Shego answered with a chuckle, stepping back into the hanger.

"You certainly would have been, if you had kept to the agreement." Both Shego and Drakken stopped in their tracks, neither recognizing the feminine voice that echoed through the chamber. All the henchman were in various states of pain against the walls.

A woman a little smaller than Shego, stepped from behind the hovercraft, dusting off her blue business suit of non-existent dirt. Her glasses flashed dangerously as she tilted her head up, revealing twin brown orbs in the midst of a petite face framed by shoulder length auburn hair held back in a neat ponytail.

"Damn, I thought I wouldn't have to deal with you people yet," Shego mumbled, setting the crate down, her eyes never leaving the woman.

"You may have gotten away with it, but you foolishly withdraw your finances all at once. Such rash actions were bound to draw the board's suspicions. A little investigation found you had abandoned your duty. More, we found you gallivanting around on your own around some paltry information bureau. Now, your own lips seal your fate by confirming your treason. You realize we just can't give you an endorsement with these kinds of ticks against you," the woman said with a smirk.

"Yeah, you don't need to bother about the recommendation; I've already found employment with another group," Shego said, her fingers flexing in and out of a fist.

"Oh, we'll find who your employer in due time. We'll be certain to break them down piece by piece until they share the same garbage heap as yourself. I'm sure you'll enjoy the company."

"No need to bother yourself. I believe it will be easier to just smack you out of the way," Shego smiled, her hands lit with flame as she took a low crouch.

Drakken kept looking back and forth as each woman spoke with a puzzled expression. "Wait, who are you? And how did you find my perfectly concealed lair!?" he demanded, breaking the auburn haired woman's gaze and the tension for a moment. Her expression transformed from venomous to pleased as she focused on him.

"Oh, Doctor Drakken," woman stood a little straighter, her hands brushing her bangs behind her ears as she faced him. "My name is Helen and I've wanted to meet you in person for such a long time," She finished with a large smile, dipping her head in a deep bow.

"You... have?" Drakken asked, Shego looking on askance.

"Indeed, your brilliant inventions have been the corner stone of our company since its inception. We could not have become what we are today without you."

"My… inventions?"

"Don't you get it, idiot?" Shego interjected. "I make sure your half baked plans fail." Shego ticked off a finger. "You become oh so happy to be distracted by whatever suggestion they feed me." Another finger joined the first. "They reverse engineer the result and sell it as their own." She lifted the third finger. "They make billions off your stuff. Simple enough for you?" Shego asked lifting a fourth and last finger. "It's been going on for so long that I figured you would have realized it by now. After all, their stuff is in just about any store out there."

Drakken's mouth went up and down mechanically though no words came. He finally shook his head, trying to contain the startled expression. "I…I just don't go out shopping much, that's all," he responded, even his bravado failing as his eyes flashed between the two of them uncertainly.

"Yes, your crass methods have been effective thus far so the company let you continue. But, now that you've deserted your post, things will change under my watch," she said with a smile.

"Yeah, you're welcome to it. You two are free to set that up just as soon as I'm gone. I don't want to let my new employer worry needlessly after all," Shego said, her right foot leading, hands in an offensive position.

"Ah, thank you for reminding me. I'll be sure to ring the particulars of your new employment out of you; perhaps while we get to know one another." The auburn haired woman didn't bother taking a stance, in a no nonsense walk, she approached. The sneer on her face nearly reached her glasses.

"I've spent a long time studying your powers, Shego, and I hate to tell you, but you have no chance of winning against me," she said, brushing her hand through the air as if sweeping away an annoying gnat.

"Yeah right. Anyone that can give me a run for my money I'm pretty familiar with. So don't let the fact that you're from the company mislead you into thinking you stand a chance in hell against me," Shego said, easing her way around to the other woman's flank.

"You're correct, any human would have a problem, but you see," the petit face smiled before disconnecting at the ears, the whole face flipping up to reveal metallic gears beneath even as the eerie smile stayed in place, the eyes continuing to watch her. "I'm not human," she continued, her face continued to speak despite being detached. "And, I'm designed after the great invention of Doctor Drakken, the beebees. However, without the hive mind to block my capabilities, you'll find that I am far more formidable." The face flipped back down, seamlessly reattaching itself.

If she hadn't seen it for herself, Shego would have been sure she was human. Now that she knew what she was up against, her face became determined; she wasn't without her own aces after all. Her eyes narrowed as the other woman started to vibrate.

"Yeah, you were designed after something Drakken created. Just about everything he's made is as good as garbage so I can't imagine that you would be any chal...ufff." Shego went flying as the woman materialized where Shego had once stood, her fist still out, a vicious smile spread wide.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I interrupt your little posturing speech," she said sarcastically.

Shego rubbed her chin spitting out a little blood. 'Looks like I'm going to have a chance to test out these capabilities a lot sooner than I wanted to,' Shego thought bringing herself up and mentally activating her combat mode, the flames surrounding her hands extended up her arms, her suit taking a glossy appearance under the flickering lights.

"I think you'll find that my new employer has provided me with some new toys of my own," Shego said, smiling with a thin line of blood from her split lip dripping to the floor.

"Oh please, do delude yourself…" she said, picking up some loose rocks. "…after all, there is no one in the world capable of creating greater inventions than Doctor Drakken. He, by himself, single handedly created the prototype for me and nothing can defeat my speed and power." The woman finished, closing her hand with a loud grinding sound. When it opened, small pebbles fell to the ground. With a wicked smile, her form shuddered before disappearing entirely. Shego didn't move, letting her mind open. She remained unfocused, her attention taking in everything in front of her. Crack, the sound whipped out to her left, but she didn't turn her attention, she remained focused in front of her.

Smack, boom, crack.

Each sound accompanied a brilliant flash of green that lit up the dim cavern like a nova eruption. Finally Shego allowed a small smirk, upping the power coursing along her fingertips. As the power increased, the green faded away from the suit, leaving it a midnight black. The faint hum of energy crackled through the air as settling dust trembled around the faint outline of the shield surrounding her.

The last explosion slid Shego back nearly five meters. The affect for the once invisible gynoid was far grander as she hurtled across the large cavern, her form a scant streak before slamming against the far wall. The wall nearly caved in on itself causing debris to cascade onto the floor. The outline of Helen's form could be seen through, plumes of smoke issued from Helen's hands, the fingertips an angry red metallic color. Still, with only a small cough, she stood unfazed.

"Indeed, this was not a part of the information on your file. If, however, you simply remain there like a frightened doe, I will outlast you easily. After all, maintaining a field of that intensity requires a lot of energy that even a human with powers such as your own will be unable to maintain. So what other tricks do you intend to show me?" Helen asked, somehow cracking her metallic knuckles.

Shego maintained her stance even though she had long since dropped the power to the shield for this very reason. "Nothing to worry about, really," Shego said. "After all, you pretty much telegraph me whenever you're doing that speed attack so it shouldn't prove much of a problem." Despite her bravado, Shego didn't like this little impasse. Her arms already felt like she had gone a round or three with Kimmy. One, or maybe two more attacks like that last one and she wouldn't be in good shape.

Shego nearly slapped her head. 'To think I was the one that gave them those blasted beebee schematics. If I had known it would come to this, I would have just burned them on the spot.' She needed to break this little stalemate and fast. Her eyes wandered across the room, always keeping the majority of her attention on her opponent. She noticed Drakken peaking over a box, only to duck back down when he saw her notice him.

'Yes, that will do nicely.' Shego sent several blasts of bright green plasma at the woman.

"Oh please, your new little toy didn't work so you're going to resort to the one I have already told you I am fully aware of? I had hoped you would be a little more creative than that." The woman said, the fingers on her left hand shifted back and forth, disappearing into a blue haze. With one slash, twin bolts split around her, slamming into two unfortunate crates of parts, the resulting explosion sending smoke throughout the room.

"Now..." Helen responded with a smirk, looking back from her handiwork. Her expression turned neutral as the smoke settled to reveal Shego manhandling Drakken upright.

"Now that I have your precious professor we can settle this," Shego said, her left arm around Drakken's neck. His decidedly unhealthy was pallor highlighted by the radiating glow of her right hand nearly touching his temple.

The reddish brown haired woman frowned. "I expected you to sink low given your despicable manner. But still, to threaten the very man that provided you a living all these long years, shows just how depraved you truly are."

"Yeah, well you weren't here during those long years. Having to listen to him drivel on and on about his past as he plots and eventually ruins his own schemes by explaining them in detail to his arch foe. Gees, there was only a time or two when I ever had to stop any of them."

Drakken looked like he wanted to complain, but hissed as the slight shake of his head brushed against the plasma, instantly burning the skin.

"Enough!" Helen stomped her foot. Her eyes narrowed, changing from blue to a blazing red as they followed the wisp of smoke. When it dissipated into the air, those eyes settled squarely on Shego. "Don't say such things about Doctor Drakken. He is a brilliant genius unappreciated in his time. I see now that it was a mistake to let you dilute and drag him down. I should have come to take him out of your grasp long ago with the companies blessing or not."

Shego's brow rose incredulously. "You… have a crush on him," she said, her mouth twitching into a smile. "That is just too funny. The crazy creator's machine has a crush. Ha ha ha," Shego quipped, her opponent's face becoming livid.

"How… How dare YOU!" The woman vanished followed by a sickening crack. Shego's form flew through the air. For the second time that day, she was roughly received by the wall. Her teeth clenched as she tenderly touched her stomach, causing a hiss of pain. The room swirled as she looked up. She made out one bluish blob on the ground, another pale blob hovering over it. With a small growl, she shook her head, countless years of discipline coming into play as she focused through it.

Even as she stumbled to her feet, she heard the warning buzz of her opponent speeding up. Shego strained, the flames surrounding her fists flared as she pumping out every scrap of power she could muster. Energy surged through her veins, surging at her will. Her midnight black suit impossible darkened further, diming the very light. All that remained was a corona of flickering green, tendrils of it licking at the air, as if seeking prey. The results did not disappoint.

Helen appeared straight in front of her, her outstretched fist ensnared by thousands of pulsing flecks of green, enwrapping themselves around her fist. For several long seconds, the power surged through the wide-eyed android, causing angry snaps as circuits were completely fried throughout her body. Shego's satisfied expression turned to amazement as the connection between fist and shield grew into a globe of energy. Amazement turned to apprehension as the color morphed into a green so dark as to drew all light into it like a black hole. The long moment ended with an explosion that shattered the foundation she stood on, sending Shego to her knees. Helen received far worse as she was blown straight into the far wall, embedding herself in by several feet, long jagged cracks surrounded her amidst a haze of green electricity playing across her burnt clothes.

Shego huffed as she let the shield go, her suit thinning to a light lime. She grasped her knees, sweat pouring down her brow as her breath came in rasps. The whole world seemed to swim at the edge of her vision.

"You will not …" Shego's head shot up in amazement as Helen right hand clenched, sending rocks flying away. Grabbing a hold of the sides of her impromptu prison, she freed herself, debris flying out around her. She coughed, issuing black smoke that soon dissipated into the air. "… get away with this travesty." Helen's deep crimson eyes rose, as she glared menacingly through Shego. "There is not a pit of hell deep enough to hide you from me. I'll personally make sure that the deepest, darkest testing cell in existence has your name on it." Shego groaned, forcing her own vision to focus. She examined the woman hobbling on her feet, half of the skin of her face seared off to reveal the metal plating below.

Shaking her head, Shego forced herself back to her feet. "Oh I'm so scared," Shego deadpanned as she stretched her arms above her head with a loud pop as the joint snapped. "Guess I'll just have to show you the real meaning of the word," Shego said, crouching into a combat stance. She hid a small scowl as her fingers trembled. 'Damn, that last one really drained me. What did Ron say about the shield? More power in the more it'll sap me? Great, just great. This is a wonderful time to remember that little snippet.' Shego thought with a grunt, nearly stumbling as she took a small step.

Helen's rage cooled as her eyes took in Shego's awkward stance. A small smirk appeared. "I'll admit that stung… a little, but It looks like your toy isn't as good as you think it is. You're barely standing upright. Then again, it only proves once again how Doctor Drakken is superior to this wannabe you've gone off with. Don't worry, I'll make this quick. We don't want that cell to be deprived of your presence a moment longer." So saying, her body vibrated.

Shego scowled, 'Not good, I won't be able to take another one of those.' Even as Shego tensed for the onslaught, sparks started to stream from Helen's back. Helen's shaking turned to an outright collapse to her knees. Clouds of smoke followed, surrounding her as she violently coughed.

Only her steel-hard resolve kept Shego from slumping down in relief. A smirk of her own made an appearance.

"Looks like my employer's 'toy' was sufficient to bring Drakken's wonderful creation to its knees. And, now that your secret weapon is out of operation, do you really think you stand a chance in hell against me? But sure, give it a go. I'll be happy to leave a few more scars across that 'lovely' face of yours."

The smoke stopped streaming out abruptly as Helen stopped shaking. She stood up, wiping dust and grime from her torn suit. "Oh don't worry about me, that was only the hyper drive malfunctioning. My other systems remain in very good function, far more than enough to take a weakened Shego out of this life and straight into the next." The woman advanced with clenched fists. Her pace sped up to an all out sprint straight at Shego.

Wary of a trap, Shego crouched. Thoughts of another shield were far away as her powers refused to respond to anything more than a flicker of flame at her fingertips. Shego's eyes narrowed at the approaching figure, stepping to the side she grabbed the passing woman's tattered robotic arm. Thousands of hours of experience came into play to use the forward moment to try and rip the socket straight from the other's joint.

Those same experiences betrayed her as the forearm twisted back impossibly far and grabbed the restraining arm and with a force beyond human, pulling Shego off of her feet.

Shego hadn't been playing with Kimmy all those years to not roll with the punches. She released her hold, going with the throw to grab the foot spiraling by her head. The shear momentum sent the android straight to the ground. Shego tumbled across the ground, maneuvering her body into a semi-controlled roll straight into a stack of pallets. She stayed there for a long moment before using the wooden edges to stagger up and away. She hissed as her fingers came away from her side, deep red with her own blood. She gritting her teeth, confirming with a glance the long tear along her waist. She confirmed small drops of fresh blood against the oiled cement from where the pallet had injured her.

More sparks flew out of the android drawing Shego's attention away from her own blood. Despite the constant display of angry hisses and snaps, Helen stood up straight, her mangled human flesh and robotics quivering with fury. There were no quips about Shego's inferiority. She simply launched herself again at full speed.

Shego's eyes dipped to the growing pool of blood. 'Can't take another one of those,' she thought frantically. 'I don't know enough about her limitations to fight her hand to hand, but the only other option…' Shego clenched her teeth. 'Now or never!' Her world withdrew, all colors blurring away from her vision until only the tattered remains of the android remained before her, and even those faded into the darkness. Replacing it, a pulsing mass of green tendrils filled her vision. She breathed deep, reaching to that web, feeling the power that once leapt to her command, but now only slowly crawled into her grasp. She strangled the growing sense of panic, putting it to better use to force the energy forth.

She smiled as she felt the first webs of green etched into the air in front of her forming an intricate design of pure pulsating power. 'That's it… just a little bit more…' Shego grunted under the strain, blood seeping from her side.

"SHEGO!" the yell echoed around the cavern. The world came abruptly into view and the tentative matrix of energy exploded, sending Shego roughly into the ground. She coughed, spitting out blood as she tried to breathe. Her whole body numb form the exertion of going over her limit.

"As I thought, you haven't gained mastery of your new powers…" The voice was distant, heard through clouds of cotton. "…Any distraction and they go haywire."

'Who?' Shego's frazzled mind tried to piece together who was talking. Her whole world filed with lances of pain streaking through her mind. It wracked its claws against her, making every moment a terror. She felt it then, just behind her a darkness. It was a welcoming darkness, offering her everlasting freedom from the pain. Its dark tendrils caressed her soul, inviting her to let go, to be at peace.

'NO!' She…She would not give in. She clawed her way through the haze, kicking and screaming against the encroaching darkness with pure force of will. Faintly, the haze slowly resolved above her. She saw Helen slowly strolling towards her. There was a loud echoing groan she realized was her own. That metallic face floated above her vision, a distorted sneer somehow still there despite the lack of skin. A load chuckle seemed to escape that sneer as those fingers rose, suffused by an ominous blue glow.

"For everything you've done, it's time for you to leave this world." Helen's hand rose high, the glow brightening dramatically in anticipation for the final strike. Down it came with deadly precision straight towards Shego's heart.

"NO!" The hand stopped mere inches from the blue cowering face of Drakken.

Helen's sneer dropped away, her intense breathing coming short. "Dr. Drakken, why are you protecting this… this creature that has so defiled your brilliance?" Helen asked.

The doctor stood there for long moments, eyes frantically looking between Helen and that outstretched hand. "I… I don't like Shego constantly taunting me all those years. I didn't like her belittling me, and making me feel like an annoying gnat, but… but she also believed in me, at least a little. She helped make possible ideas I never thought would have a chance to work. I don't want to see her killed, especially over me." Drakken said, still shivering as those blue fingertips remained mere inches above his face.

Helens eyes hardened, "I cannot let her go. She is a threat to everything we are and everything that you have ever created." Helen argued twitching as sparks sprang out from several exposed wires that sprang from her leg joints.

"Please, I'll listen to what you have to say, I'll even fix you. You can't get back to anywhere in your condition." Drakken's show of concern, brought a bright reddening to the metal where her cheeks should be. Either a flush or the start of a meltdown, neither was certain of which.

Her hand finally raised, its blue glow disappearing. "Very well, Shego this time your life has... Where did she go?" Helen asked, looking behind the doctor to find no traces of the woman other than the splotch of blood where she once lay.

"It doesn't matter," Drakken said, slowly using his shaking hands to wipe away some of the heavy dust now settling from the battle. "Come, I'll take you to the laboratory."

Helen hesitated even as sparks sprang from her body. Her gaze slowly moved across the hanger, settling on the only craft there. A small smile appeared.

"Certainly doctor, as you say, she is worthless to us now."

Author's end notes:

One of the difficulties with finding motivation with this story is the unexpected lack of reviews. For a long time, I fretted about how different of a reaction I got with it versus some of my previous stories. It got me thinking about the nature of stories and reader expectations. One of the main differences is that this story has a darker nature by far than the Kim Possible canon and by extension the people that watch it. When you go away from those expectations in such a dramatic fashion, those same people will be averse from continuing to read/review. So the low review count makes a lot more sense in that context.

Yes, I realize the fact that I'm not the best author has a part as well, lol.

So why do I continue with the story instead of going on to something else? Aside from some revision, the story itself is pretty much already written. In addition, the reason I write in the first place are the scenes that replay over and over in my mind. The only way to placate them is to get them written down. This story has a lot of such scenes, like Shego being engulfed by the suit, or Kim turning evil simply by something as small and silly as Rufus over eating. It's things like that that make writing worth wild. I just need to remind myself sometimes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this installment. The next chapter may take a bit, not nearly as long as this one, as I plan on doing an overhaul on it.