The Matchmaker
Kuroko no Basuke
Rating: T/Pg-15
Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama
Pairing: Aomine/Kise; established Kagami/Kuroko

Summary: It's decided that Kuroko will be the matchmaker between a very whiny Kise and a very stubborn Aomine, much to Kagami's chagrin.

Disclaimer: Fujimaki Tadatoshi owns Kuroko no Basuke and its character. Luna only plays with them without permission. No profit is made from this fan fiction.

Warning: AU, yaoi, language, possible oOC-ness, grammar and spelling mistakes (since it's self-beta-ed).

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The Matchmaker

Part 2

"Now my part is done. I'm sorry for holding this back for so long. I guess I was kind of afraid too… of this change in our friendship. I wish for you to be happy."

Kuroko's voice rang smoothly in his ears as he hugged Kise for a few moments. The blond didn't even realize it when Kuroko let go of him and started leaving. Only after Kise could digest what Kuroko had said did Kise turn around.


Kise was very surprised when Aomine suddenly showed up out of nowhere. Aomine's sapphire colored eyes looked back at his light brown ones with a tense glint and Kise could only murmur the dark-skinned man's name quietly, while his feeling went numb all over again from the sheer realization that he might have… towards Aomine…

"Kise…" Aomine called his name back slowly, setting his solemn expression.

Kise was still silent, looking at Aomine dazedly while noticing from the corner of his eyes that Kuroko was leaving them alone, not even once looking back until he disappeared into the bushes.

The silence in the half-sized court stretched for a long time, until Kise suddenly realized fully that Aomine was there with him.

Aomine was there.

Since when?

Kise widened his eyes so much they looked like saucers. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEH?" and he shouted so loudly in reaction, totally in shock. His face flushed a very dark shade of red, embarrassment and mortification rising to his expression.

"W-why did you scream like a girl so suddenly?" Aomine, whose ears cringed at Kise's super loud screech, stared at the blond with ridiculous look.

"Eh… err… huh…?" Kise stuttered, his face turning redder if it was possible. "W-w-why…? Why are you here, Aomine-chi…? How…, since when…?"

Kise's heartbeat spiked up now. He couldn't believe this. Aomine was there. Since when? Did he hear?

Aomine looked another way for a few seconds, looking slightly sheepish and Kise wanted to dig a hole to bury himself in it and would never come out again realizing that Aomine might have heard everything.

"Did you… did you hear…?" But of course, Kise had to make sure first, still blushing madly and paling at the same time.

Aomine scratched the back of his neck, looking troubled, and then looked upward at the sky hesitantly before he turned to face Kise again. "I heard enough," he finally answered awkwardly.

Aaaaaah! So embarrassing!—Kise covered his face with his palms again, trying to hide his discomfiture even though he knew it was futile.

"Kise," Aomine called his name while approaching him more closely before Kise felt the dark-skinned boy kneel in front of him, seeming to try to level his gaze with the blond who was still in sitting position.

Kise peeked out from the gap of his fingers, seeing Aomine's rather nervous look as well. "Hey, don't hide from me," Aomine said.

Kise felt a bit mad so suddenly. "You were the one hiding from me these past weeks…" he muttered sulkily.

Aomine blinked once before softening his expression. "You're right…. I'm sorry," he said while slowly reaching to touch Kise. He hesitated just an inch before he touched Kise's head but then he seemed to determine himself and put his hand on Kise's stunning blond hair.

Kise slowly let down his hands from his face and looked up at Aomine's again. Aomine gave him a small grin. "I'm not hiding now," he said, ruffling Kise's soft hair fondly.

Kise gave him a small smile in return. "Now… can we talk properly?" he asked.

"Yeah," Aomine said, seeming to be relieved that Kise didn't flinch away from his touch.

~Aomine x Kise~

Kagami welcomed Kuroko back as the shocking-blue haired teen emerged to his and Aomine's hiding spot earlier. "Welcome back."

Kuroko looked upward at Kagami and gave him a small smile. "I've returned."

Kagami didn't know why he felt the need to do it, but when he saw Kuroko's smile, he immediately grabbed Kuroko's wrist and then pulled the slender boy into his embrace.

Kuroko seemed to be surprised at the sudden gesture. Even though his facial expression didn't change much, Kagami caught a glimpse of his widened eyes. "Kagami-kun…?" the smaller teen looked upward at him again, a hint of question in his look.

Kagami didn't immediately reply him, but then he tightened the hug and bent his body slightly to give a gentle kiss on Kuroko's soft hair. "I see you," he whispered quietly after that, closing his eyes.

Kagami hoped that Kuroko understood that he really saw Kuroko as Kuroko Tetsuya. Of course, Kuroko was his shadow, but it wasn't just that. He wanted to bring Kuroko to the light as well. He didn't want Kuroko to only support him from behind, because Kagami always wanted to stand side by side with his beloved one… and he totally believed that Kuroko would be shining in his own way, illuminating Kagami's life.

Kuroko widened his eyes for real now. Kagami noticed because even after he opened his eyes again, Kuroko was still staring at him with that awestruck look, though it wasn't as noticeable on his hard-to read face.

Kuroko then softened his expression and surged forward to give Kagami a peck on the lips, surprising Kagami slightly. "I know…" he whispered back, now giving Kagami his rare beautiful happy smile that stole Kagami's breath away and caused his heart to flutter and skip a beat.

Kagami was so amazed and honored that he could see it. Kuroko only smiled like that after winning a very great basketball match, against a strong opponent, and now, Kagami got to see it just for him.

Because Kagami was the one who had made Kuroko smile like that.

Kagami grinned goofily in return, feeling very giddy and happy.

"Well, the use of Avatar Movie dialog is still cheesy even though it is very fitting," Kuroko added, now back to his usual expressionless face and an imaginary ton hammer fell on top of Kagami's head at his unexpected exclamation.

He's joking, right…?

Kuroko looked away, a hint of blush on his cheeks. "I have to remind you that I don't have any sense of humor," he spoke again as if he had read Kagami's thought through his probably dumbfounded expression.

"You're completely blushing," Kagami said, a bead of sweat rolling down his cheek despite how cute Kuroko look at that moment. "And that's not Avatar Movie dialog, damn it!"

Kagami couldn't believe this. Why did Kuroko have to destroy the mood?

Kuroko though, immediately hid his face on Kagami's chest. "I know you notice me, Kagami-kun…. *You always notice me…."

Kagami was kind of confused with that gesture. What was that about?

~Aomine x Kise~

"So… why did you suddenly kiss me in the middle of the road?" Kise asked, face still pink form his initial embarrassment.

"Because I like you, of course," Aomine answered straightly.

"Okay… is it true that you've liked me since middle school?" Kise asked again after his blushing intensified slightly.

"Yeah, since the first time I saw you," Aomine nodded.

"Then why didn't you say anything?"

Aomine contemplated his answer. He wanted to give Kise the same reason as he told Kagami earlier, but he decided to give Kise another one because it was too difficult. That waiting crap was kind of too… cowardly of him.

"Because I thought you liked Tetsu," Aomine answered faintly. Kise widened his eyes slightly. "But apparently, according Tetsu's observation, you liked him because you saw 'me' in him," he blushed slightly at that.

Kise also blushed, looking down at his lap.

"Is that true?" Aomine couldn't help asking back. "Did you feel… that you were not qualified to 'like' me that way, Kise?"

Or are you still afraid to embrace that feeling… because you feel that I will leave you as well, the same way I distanced myself from basketball… and from our team-play back then?—Aomine's heart stung again. He was still hurting over that.

Really, that Kuroko was very great at jabbing the still tender wound. Did he want to make Aomine feel guilty or something?

Well, Aomine guessed that it was fair for Kuroko wanting to get back at him for the heartache he had caused his ex-partner, but still… his ex-shadow was quite cruel himself, huh?

Akashi's personality must have rubbed on Kuroko at some points during their private practice session. Aomine couldn't help paling slightly at the very scary thought.

"I…" Kise began, snapping Aomine's train of thought back to the problem at hand. "I honestly… never thought that way…" he answered quietly. "But… if it looks like that in Kuroko-chi's eyes then maybe… maybe it's indeed true…" His voice got even quieter until Aomine had to strain his hearing to catch all the words. "Maybe I just didn't realize it… until now…."

So, Kise wasn't sure, huh? "Did you… did you hate it, the kiss?" Aomine tried again from different angle. If Kise didn't like him that way, he must have at least repulsed by what Aomine had done.

Kise looked upward at him and blushed again adorably, looking annoyed. "I-idiot! Ahomine-chi, you moron! Why did you have to ask something so embarrassing like that?" and he got mad.

Kise's expression was far too cute with those puffy cheeks, Aomine couldn't help chuckling.

"Don't laugh!" Kise shouted, looking even madder and embarrassed.

"S-sorry… but Kise, you're just too cute for your own good," Aomine smiled again now getting more confident after seeing such reaction from Kise. The blond didn't seem to hate him and that kiss.

Aomine moved his hand from Kise's head to his cheek, surprising Kise a bit, somehow. "A-… Aomine…chi…?"

"So… did you hate it?" Aomine asked again, leaning his face closer to Kise whose face got darker in crimson shade. His lips trembled slightly and they looked so tempting right then. "Kise…"

Aomine gazed at Kise's eyes now which somehow had turned glassy again during those seconds of close proximity. Aomine could have read it wrong, but… in his rather excited mind, Kise's body language was quite clear at what the blond had wanted.

Sapphire eyes lowered his gaze to Kise's lips again before he leaned down and kiss those soft-looking pink plumps.


Kise closed his eyes slowly as he felt Aomine's lips connecting with his. Even though this was very embarrassing and annoying and confusing to boot because he was still unsure of everything, Kise knew one thing.

He didn't hate it.

That's what troubled him. Kise didn't hate Aomine's kiss at all. If he wanted to be honest, he was kind of flattered that Aomine liked him and actually wanted to kiss him.

Truthfully, it wasn't Kise's first kiss, but with a guy, Aomine was his first time.

And Aomine was a good kisser; Kise just realized.

This kiss was a bit different from the kiss Aomine gave him before. It wasn't demanding and filled with frustration. On the other hand, it felt rather timid, but Kise understood what Aomine was doing. He was trying to let Kise know his feeling, that he adored him, that he treasured him.

It was very sweet.

When Aomine released the kiss, Kise couldn't help the tears gathering in his eyes again.

Aomine looked surprised when he saw it. "Why are you crying…?" He looked kind of perturbed that he had made Kise cry again.

Kise's feeling was kind of in a mess. He didn't know which one was his true feeling. He still really liked Kuroko, but… what was it that made his heart beat so hard and fast?

Aomine's touch on his cheek was warm. No, scratch that. It was hot, and unlike what he felt when he touched Kuroko, Aomine's touch made Kise shiver in excitement.

Kuroko… probably was right about the whole thing. Kise adored Aomine so much, so much such that he had never dared to 'love' Aomine as more than someone whom he looked up to; whom he idolized.

That's why, he… he wanted to at least have a spot beside Aomine and if getting close to Kuroko was the solution, then Kise would like Kuroko as well.

Because Kuroko was an easier choice to love.

"Ne… Aomine-chi," Kise spoke up now, gathering his courage and earning Aomine's full attention. "Do I… have I earned that privilege… to stay beside you?" He looked at Aomine's eyes deeply with his still tearful ones.

It was blurry, his sight. But even in the blur, Kise still couldn't help admitting all over again that Aomine was so cool.

Aomine looked surprised for a moment before he softened his look once more and gave him a happy grin. "Idiot… I've been waiting for three years for you to catch up. I don't want to wait anymore," he said, swiping the tears away from Kise's eyes with his thumb, before he leaned down and kissed Kise's lips again.

This time, Aomine's kiss was hotter, deeper, and Kise could say that he liked it. He reached his hand to grab at Aomine's collar and opened his mouth to deepen their kiss.

Kise wasn't a girl, so he would fight as well for domination.

After the last basketball game they did in summer, Kise had showed Aomine that he caught up to him. He had showed him that he could surpass him. Even though Kaijou still lost against Touou, Kise didn't lose against Aomine.

They were equal.

That's why, Kise wouldn't make this easy either. He knew Aomine was a dominant type, but Kise wanted this new-found relationship to be as exciting as their basketball game.

Aomine responded to it eagerly. He slipped his tongue inside Kise's mouth, but before he could do anything with it, Kise had moved his tongue as well, meeting his in the middle.

Aomine seemed to be surprised at first, but then he smirked in their kiss, as if he was telling Kise that he wouldn't lose. Kise chuckled, wiggling his talented tongue in teasing manner as a response and then he moaned slightly feeling Aomine's hot slick one moving around his, engaging him in a battle of dominance while tasting him thoroughly in the process.

Kise then moved his tongue again in retaliation, clearly not wanting to lose to Aomine's enjoyable and pleasurably ministration, completely showing his skill that he had picked up since he became a model. Oh, he had experiences. LOTS of it.

Kise and Aomine continued to kiss hotly and eagerly, like there was no tomorrow while holding each other tightly, completely forgetting where they were. And for just that precious moment alone, they forgot about everything else in this world except themselves.

~Aomine x Kise~

Kagami's face was beet-red when he saw the whole thing.

Kuroko was staring unblinkingly at the view of his two GoM friends making out in the middle of the street-basket court, in that public park.

"W-w-w-what the hell are they doing in a public place?" Kagami screeched lightly, feeling totally horrified at that vulgar scene.

Kuroko was kind of silent for approximately five seconds, still expressionless, before responding to it. "That is kind of hot…"

"Kuroko?" Kagami turned to face his boyfriend in horror, eyes wide, jaw hanging and sweating bullets.

Kuroko then turned to face Kagami again, looking at him intently.

Kagami suddenly felt a very bad feeling seeing that look. "W-what?"


Kagami's eyebrows twitched. Those clear big round blue-sky eyes were doing strange things to Kagami's stomach and heart. His heartbeat suddenly speeded up! His feet felt kind of very weak being stared at like that by those endless diamond pools.

"I want to kiss too…"

There was that killer line that shot Kagami point blank to the chest. He thought his heart stopped completely hearing that.

Kuroko was closing in to Kagami, reaching out to his collar and then pulling him down, planting his soft lips on Kagami who was completely caught off guard.

"Nn…!" Kagami gasped in surprise, before he fell completely, returning the kiss with fervor.

Kuroko gasped as well and then moaned as Kagami held his waist and pulled the smaller boy's body closer, flushing it against his own body in a rather lewd gesture.

Uwaaaaah!—Kagami's mind was getting frantic, somehow.

This was bad…! Kagami shouldn't do this in that kind of place. It was a public park! Children could see them! Moreover, Kuroko was being too sexy; Kagami was afraid he wouldn't be able to hold back!

"Hh… W-wait, Kuroko," Kagami tried to push his boyfriend away for a moment.

"Mmh?" Kuroko looked up at him dazedly, face flushing so adorably that Kagami had to battle with his libido not to just give in to the temptation.

Kuroko looked so damn delicious after all!

"L-let's skip the rest of the date and go to my apartment, alright?" Kagami tried. Oh, he did, hard, in more ways than one.

"…why?" Kuroko asked, looking rather puzzled.

"Why…? Doing something like this outside is embarrassing, right?" Kagami couldn't help questioning in his head if Kuroko's sanity was still intact. After all, wasn't that the common sense?

Despite being long in America, Kagami was still a pure boy after all.

"I do not mind," Kuroko said in a matter of fact.

Kagami sputtered while his entire face turned some sheds of red in response. "That's why, MIND A LIT—hmp!" he tried to protest hard. But, look at the highlight here. He tried.

Before Kagami could finish his words though, Kuroko had already pulled him down again for another heated kiss.

Really, Kagami had no idea that Kuroko could be this aggressive. It was indeed still too soon for him to convince himself that he understood his boyfriend personality completely.

~Aomine x Kise~

Midorima Shintarou and and Takao Kazunari were walking down the park in Akihabara. They had just finished their extra training session at school and Midorima had announced that he needed to buy his lucky item for tomorrow.

Takao decided to tag along because he had nothing to do after practice and he wanted to go to Akihabara anyway, to look for an new dating simulation game that was released a week before.

"Neh, Shin-chan, do we really have to come to this specific park? There are a lot of parks which are closer from the store, you know?" Takao whined. After all, they had to walk for at least 30 minutes to go to the park in 10th block from the store where Midorima bought his lucky item.

Takao was kind of wondering wearily why Midorima wasn't exhausted after that Sparta training, because he himself was quite beaten.

"The park mentioned in the fortune telling is this park. It says that the strap container must be filled with the water from this park fountain," Midorima said seriously, fixing his black-rimmed glasses with his bandaged fingers up his nose bridge.

"Sheesh, Shin-chan, I still don't understand why you believe so much in that cra—" Takao had to stop because Midorima glared at him dangerously.

"Horoscope isn't crap, Takao," Midorima said, his emerald glare intensified.

"Ugh… I know. I know already…" Takao responded slightly while raising the both of his hands, meaning no harm. "I'm just amazed because Shin-chan is always trying his hardest in everything~. Shin-chan is so cool~," and then he winked playfully, grinning.

"Hmp," Midorima looked away, looking annoyed. But Takao just knew Midorima too well. He was happy on the inside because he was praised. That's what Takao wanted to think, but it was probably true anyway. He grinned some more.

Midorima was cute.

So, both high school boys passed the street basket court. They had to if they wanted to get to the fountain which was located only six meter from the said court.

Midorima was taking out the strap from the paper bag and then his eyes seemed to catch something in the court as he dropped the damn thing, freezing up so suddenly.

Midorima actually dropped his lucky item.

Takao looked at the strap on the ground in a surprise before he looked upward at Midorima. "Shin-chan, you dropped—?" and he was even more stunned at the look Midorima was making.

The high and mighty cool tsundere Midorima was actually gaping.

Takao blinked once.

No, make that twice.


Takao then turned his gaze from the, apparently, very shocked Midorima to his line of stare and immediately found what caused Midorima to wear that kind of expression.

Takao almost dropped his jaw as well out of shock.

"Whoah! Awesome~!" Though, Takao couldn't help but exclaim, before totally ogling at the very sexy view.

Well, he just couldn't help it. Takao was totally astounded and fascinated. "Oh, my god! That… aren't they…? Holy crap! Shin-chan! Shin-chan! Those are Aomine from Touou and Kise from Kaijou, right? Are they really making out? Wait. They are! Oh! Oh! Wow~ that's hot! Oh yeah! They are Shin-chan's friends from middle school, right? Whoa~ look at that! Oh! Aomine is so—!"


"Ow!" Takao yelped in pain at the sudden force colliding with his head. He turned around, looking at the green haired teen that raised his fist and glared at him murderously. "Ouch… what was that for, Shin-chan?" But as always, the dark haired teen only whined, not really caring that Midorima was angry.

"Shut up, Takao! Can't you even read the situation? Jeez, I can't even get shocked peacefully these days because of your annoying yapping!" thus Midorima yelled… quite loudly.

Which, by the way, a very stupid thing to do because Midorima's loud voice seemed to alert the mutually horny guys on the court; who then turned their faces to Midorima and Takao's direction quickly in a response.

Kise and Aomine widened their eyes, so did Midorima as their eyes met.

"Oh! That's a very exciting and hot performance, guys," Takao just grinned, while still nursing the new painfully throbbing lump on his head.


So, Kise screamed in mortification, both hands on his cheek like that painting in Louvre, while Aomine face-palmed. Both were very red in the face and rather pale as well.

Midorima seemed to try to stay calm, but he couldn't help blushing even though he looked more like having a very bad headache rather than feeling embarrassed. He fixed his glasses position even though there was nothing to fix.

Takao was still grinning, thinking it was a very amusing situation.

~Aomine x Kise~

Midorima Shintarou had never received such a shock from anything before, except maybe losing a basketball game against Seirin team after he entered high school at Shuutoku.

But this… this was completely in another level.

Midorima just couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his friends… well, his ex-team mates from middle school, the amazing guys who –together with him- earned the title of Generation of Miracle, actually doing such indecent thing… in a public place to boot.

Kise looked like he wanted to die from the sheer embarrassment and Aomine looked kind of pissed.

Or maybe that was frustration. Midorima didn't want to know the detail, but…

"Wow… I don't know you guys have such kind relationship. Is it good? Doing it with a guy, I meant," Takao seemed to be very interested; it was kind of disturbing.

"Takao! Have some delicacy, will you!" Midorima had to warn his friend again for being so shameless. No, he didn't shout at Takao because it was a waste of energy for something that he believed to be futile. He didn't blush either.

Midorima didn't blush. He was just slightly enraged, and a little uncomfortable. That's what he told himself inwardly.

"So… what are you doing here, Midorima?" Aomine ignored Takao completely, while Kise seemed to be trying to will down his blush at Takao's nagging inquiry about Aomine and his relationship.

"I should ask you the same thing," Midorima replied curtly. "I meant… of all things to do… you guys decided to have such shameful activity in the open like this…" Midorima didn't know if he was still in shock, or just plainly disappointed with his ex-team mates behavior.

Aomine smirked, didn't seem to be ashamed at what he did. Instead, he glanced at Takao and then back at Midorima. "Hoo? You guys on a date of something?" he asked, looking mischievous now.

Midorima's eyebrows twitched. A vein popped out on his head. He narrowed his emerald eyes at those despicable sapphire ones and was about to retort when Takao beat him to it.

"That's correct! We're in the middle of a da—OW!"

Thus Miorima had to hit Takao's head again, feeling extra annoyed now, and not embarrassed at all. After all, it wasn't true. Though his cheeks felt rather hot, but he wouldn't admit that even to himself.

"Lucky item," Midorima said shortly. "And you guys ruined it," he added in an afterthought.

That wasn't a lie. After all Midorima dropped the strap because he saw something so horrid earlier, which would be Aomine and Kise… kissing.

Seriously, what the hell? Since when had they…? Weren't they supposed to have a crush on Kuroko?

"How was that our fault?" Aomine raised his eyebrows in confusion and in a slight protest.

"It's because you guys were kissing earlier, right Shin-chan?" Takao answered for the green haired, glasses-wearing teen.

"So?" Aomine asked again, not being defensive, but there was a challenge in his tone. He seemed to dare Midorima to comment on it or something.

And damn him if Midorima wasn't going to.

Kise was being uncharacteristically quiet and that was alarming since the blond never shut up in any occasion, but Midorima could care less at that moment. He really needed to give both Aomine and Kise a piece of his mind for ruining public decency in front of him.

"Shouldn't you choose a more appropriate place to do such thing?" Midorima was grim.

Aomine blinked and Kise looked at Midorima in a surprise. "That was the problem?" Finally the blond spoke for the first time after his previous scream.

"Shin-chan, shouldn't you at least ask about how and why first before that?" Takao looked at Midorima ridiculously, a bead of sweat rolling down his cheek.

"I don't care about such thing. Whatever they decide to do in their relationship is not my business and I'd rather not get involved in such delicate thing," Midorima answered calmly. Well, he was quite an adult after all.

"Aww, Shin-chan is so mature~! So cool~!" Takao seemed to be amazed and totally proud of him and Aomine looked at him rather differently now. Maybe he finally earned some respects he deserved.

"Midorima-chi… you're… fine with us being lovers?" Kise looked at Midorima dreamily, a small grateful smile tugging at his lips.

Midorima cringed. Stupid Kise for throwing his puppy look around. "W-well… it bothers me that it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I was just surprised earlier…" Midorima looked another way, still trying to look unwilling, but apparently, he did a poor job on the last one.

"Midorima-chi can look cute too if he wants too," Kise chuckled, looking totally happy.

"Right? Right?" Takao nodded eagerly in total agreement.

Seriously, Midorima would kick his partner's ass later.

"So, since when have you guys been doing each other?" Takao asked again, grinning.

Scratch that. Midorima wanted to murder Takao for real now.

Kise blushed hard again in reaction while sputtering and, "From now on," Aomine answered without the slightest doubt. Now Kise visibly went even redder.

"Aomine-chi!" Kise protested at Aomine for being so blatant with his words.

"Weren't you guys supposed to be in love with Kuroko?" Midorima asked then, unable to hold down his curiosity anymore.

"Well… it isn't like we'll leave Tetsu alone. Tetsu is… how do you say it…? 'Special', for us in so many ways after all," Aomine said, chuckling slightly. "No matter who we ends up with, Tetsu will always have a spot in our heart."

Kise smiled warmly as he heard that. "That's totally true," he said, looking extra happy now.

Midorima frowned. He didn't get what they meant.

Then both Kise and Aomine looked at each other for awhile meaningfully before their expression broke into a wide grin at the same time.

Midorima had no idea what happened just then.


"Tetsu/Kuroko-chi brought us together after all…"

~Aomine x Kise~

Meanwhile, Kagami and Kuroko were…


Kagami blinked, looking upward at the very sexy looking Kuroko whose clothes were already in disarray because of their not so innocent activity behind the bushes.

"If we go further, it will be an outdoor sex," Kuroko said with a straight face.

Kagami blushed very hard at that, once again feeling so mortified such that he felt like dying of shame, after he got some of his common sense back, though.

"Oh, and Midorima-kun, Aomine-kun, Kise-kun and Takao-kun are on their way here. We should at least be decent before they arrive," Kuroko added evenly.

"SAY THAT SOONER!" was the only yell Kagami could pull off as horrified reaction before the others found them in a very compromising position.

And since when have Midorima and Takao been here anyway?

Now Kagami had to prepare himself for getting a lecture (or a beating, depending on who reacted first) he would surely get if those four indeed found him molesting Kuroko like that.

End of The Matchmaker Part 2

Additional Note:

*This mark (*) in this story refers to a very amazing one-shot by Verdancy of the Green titled Awareness. If you haven't read it, I recommend that fic. Seriously, it's so awesome~

A/N: Yahooo! So, this is the second part of this two-shots! I can't help adding the appearance of Midorima and Takao since both of them are so interesting to write too, and I kinda root for Mido/Taka pairing as well, so... ehehe. Maybe I will write some other stories featuring the other members of GoM finding about Kaga/Kuro and Ao/Kise's relationship as well~ dunno. I will have to study Akashi's very interesting personality first before having the confidence to write about him *lol*