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"Weight of the Worlds"


'What happens when one person holds the key to the destruction or the salvation to all the wolds in the palm of his hand? And all odds for him to save it are against him? For Ken Ichijouji, the fight will not be easy.'

She had no choice; she had to reach him before it was too late. Wormmon looked up and frowned, as he gasped, "Ken!"

"The powers of darkness are seductive, Davis and once you have touched them, it's very difficult to get rid of them."

"You hold the Codes to the barriers Ken, that's what Ebonwumon wants, and he'll do anything to get them." – Mae.

Osamu shook his head; "He's a GOD Mae! Not even your power is enough to stop him. How do you honestly think a bunch of kids are going to do it?"

"The Crest of Kindness had a flaw in it! That's why we swore we would never send it out again!" –Ebonwumon.

The adrenaline pumping though them, their hearts drumming on their rib cages, they ran. They had no idea what was after them, but from Mae's reaction, they didn't want to find out.

"He took him Gennai! He took him!" –Mae.

"I'm going to turn you into the Emperor so you can give me those Codes."

"That darkness was already in you Ken, the Dark Spore just increased it by bringing it to the surface!" –Ebonwumon.

"NO!" –Ken.

When Mae turned, the Digidestined noticed that her face was tired and tears were threatening to cascade down her cheeks. She stared at Gennai; "He will turn Ken. He will turn him and then kill him."

"Because of me I have caused the destruction of two worlds and the death of my child!" –Mae.

"KEN!" Wormmon screamed.

"I don't trust you!" –Ken

"I am not asking you to trust me Ken, I'm telling you that if you don't come with me, you will die!" –Mae

But then a tear ran down Ken's cheek. A single crystal tear, "But it's my fault too." He whispered.

"Out there all these bad guys want me to do bad things. I don't want them to. I'm a bad boy and I hurt people. So I stay here and I can't hurt anyone." –Chibi Ken.

Before he could stop it, a dark blue pulse or energy erupted from his hands and shattered the sphere.

"So I hold the weight of the worlds on my shoulders?" –Ken.

She looked at them as if she were in a trance; "Ken has been turned."

"You want a taste of power?" she pulled out the cork and placed the bottle in the Emperor's hands, "So have a sip and tell me if you like it."

"Daemon, long time no see."

"You are falling in love with her aren't you?" –Yolei

"I'm in love with you." –Ken.

"We will rule this world and you cannot stop us." –Emperor.

"Get away from me Yolei! I'll hurt you!" Ken screamed as white lightning started to form between his fingers.

A dark aura surrounded them both, but they didn't notice, and if they did, they welcomed it. They looked up at each other darkly.

Without a word or a chance to react, Ebonwumon sent down a glowing orb, which swallowed Ken and floated back up to the huge Phoenix.

"NO!" they screamed.

Ken yelled out in pain and shut his eyes tight, hoping, praying that he would pass out. Or black out…or die.

'It's the end of everything.' She thought grimly to herself.

"I'm scared Yolei." Ken said into her shoulder, muffling his voice, "I'm so scared."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Ken's voice broke from screaming and he rushed to Yolei's limp body.

Ken looked at the world around him and in a sudden burst, every warp and ripple exploded with a bright white flash. And the real world and Digital world started to flow into each other like a transparency overlapping the one over the other. All the horrors of the Dark Ocean were present as well, and the dark sea spread over the sky.

"Kariiii! Be our queen!"

"NO!" –Kari.

"NO!" TK yelled.

They all stood there, all together, ready to fight. To fight to the end it that's what it took.

Pink lightning danced between Ken's fingers as he hovered in the sky and the light surrounded him like an aura. It shot out and sealed the rips.

Ebonwumon and Azulongmon had prepared an attack at the same time. Both attacks flew through the air, in a rush to strike their target first. In a second of impacting with each other, the attacks seem to freeze in time before colliding and causing a massive explosion. They all shielded their eyes from the blinding white flash and flew backwards when the pulse of energy blasted them.

"Weight of the Worlds."

-Ken's luver.