The Mouse Princess

Chapter 1: the stage is set!

As fakir stood at the edge of the lake he could only stand in horror at what he must do. With his last tears he began to write. "As a portal opened up for the swan to chase the raven king." Mean while outside in a pond duck was busy swimming reminiscing about the her life, she was 7 years older now, while to a human means so little it was so old to a duck. Suddenly as she looked down at the water a rift began to open up. "Drosselmeyer?" Duck wondered. Suddenly a voice began to go into her head. it was a voice of hope and love, Fakir's voice. "no it is me. I am sorry but i fear that the king of the ravens is back, but not here, not in this world. Princess Tutu is needed again." he began to explain to the duck what must happen. "my friend I am sorry but there is no other way. For when one dies, you must become part of another for the princess of ballet to fly again." Was what was said as duck began to see a light.

Meanwhile in a far off dimension in the town of Chipping Cheddar. "Alright my darlings" said a mouse dressed extravagantly to a set of three mice walking away. "Our performance is in two days so please don't forget to practice." One of the mice walking away dressed in trousers turned to the larger mouse "Yes miss Lilly, we will." The grey mouse in a green tutu stood and looked at the male mouse and smiled. "yes you need to practice william." William turned to her "What exactly dose that mean Alice?" In a tone that could only be described as partially annoyed and shocked. Alice responded "it means that you are one of the two most important dancers in the presentation of the swan princess. If you mess up it will show." William looked back at his friend with a smile "you worry about your steps and i will worry about mine, right Angelina?" the cheerful white mouse in the pink tutu skipped about as she twirled with a nod. "oh you worry too much alice. William and i will be perfect together." As they walked to a small cottage Angelina spoke "would you two like to come in?" She asked. William and alice nodded there heads and thanked there long time friend for the offer. As they walked in Angelina's father was sitting down. "can you believe it Matilda? three more abductions in the last week. I am worried." As he finished talking he looked and saw his little girl. "Oh angelina, William, alice. Good you are all here." He rolled the news paper that he was the proprietor of. "i need to talk to all three of you." he said in a tone that Angelina took as fearful. "What is it dad?" Maurice Mouseling took a breath and began. "kids i will not cheddar coat this for you, there have been kidnappings lately throughout all of Mouseland, the targets seem to be young dancers, Now i am not too sure about all the details but, i Want you three to walk to ballet class together from now on." Angelina always walked with lilly and sometimes William to ballet but she was never ordered to, angelina just smiled and agreed to her fathers orders. Suddenly there was a voice from the distance. "Angelina" said a young mouse as he ran up to her. "Henry" said Angelina as she hugged her cousin. "Well dad we need to practice some by the way i got the part" Angelina said with a twirl. "I am the swan princess!" she said with excitement. Mister and misses mousling could not help but applaud at there daughter, this was huge for her. "We are going to practice outside in the back said angelina as she, henry, william and alice skipped off to practice for the big performance. Mean while in a pond outside of the Mouslings home, a yellow duck stood there listening to the happy young mice as they danced. "Where am i? what is going on here." Fakir's voice began again. "My friend the ravens have arrived here!"