The princess mouse

chapter 2: THe raven strikes

Fakir continued to talk to Duck while in the mean time Angelina and her fellow friends continued to practice. William got in to position and signaled for angelina that he was ready. As Angelina began to pirouette her way into William's arms, he began to steady himself and received her. Henry who had pulled up a chair applauded for what seemed like hours as he watched his cousin and best friend dance. While most boys Henry's age hated the idea of ballet Henry was not one of them. growing up around angelina and hanging out with william made him immune in a sense to hating dance. Duck just sat there watching as the 4 mice were enjoying there youth and loving dance. SHe thought back to her past when she was princess tutu, she thought about the joy that came when she danced and when muteos heart was restored how happy she was for him but also how sad she was as she had to give up her human form.

Suddenly the sky began to darken and for a bizarre reason all the mice walking around except for the 4 mice practicing stopped moving. Duck looked around and in the sky she saw what was causing the darkening of the sky. IT was them, it was the ravens. but for some reason they seemed different like they were somehow more evolved then when she remembered them. Duck soon learned that she was not the only one that noticed. "What is that!" Screamed Alice. William responded. "I don't know, i have never seen anything like it!" Henry began freaking out. "Angelina I'm scared." He said while hiding behind his cousin as if he thought she could fight them off. Duck thought to her self "You should be kid" suddenly the crows spotted the ballet dancing mice, and they swooped. At first the murder barley missed angelina as she dodged them. henry was not so lucky. one of the ravens grabbed him by the tail and began to carry him off. only to find that rocks were being thrown at it. It was william trying to save his little buddy. "get back you reached scoundrels he said trying to be intimidating, but instead he failed to notice another member of the murder swoop down and grab him by his shoulders. Alice wanted to rush after them but as she moved she was grabbed too. Suddenly one of the birds tried to grab angelina but somehow there was some glow that kept the raven at bay. THe bird squawked in pain and with a dark voice said "A swan!" And begin to fly away. But before that happened he spun and feathers came at her. As angelina dodged she learned the feathers weren't meant to get away. they were meant to seriously hurt her. She tried to run for help but suddenly she tripped on her ballet shoe ribbon, and an arrow was coming straight at her. as angelina closed her eyes for what she assumed was the end of her, a yellow duck flew right into the middle of fire. Angelina was safe but the poor duck had grown to close to death. angelina began to try to run after them when she herd a voice. "do you wish to save them?" She turned around to try to find were the voice was coming from, as she did, she looked down and saw exactly were it was coming from. It was the duck.