It was early morning about 6.00am Joy was up early as she could't sleep...

Joy: stupid Elka snoring her head off I need sleep too!

Melanie wakes up and walks down stairs still half asleep...

Melanie: Joy what you doing up this early?

Joy: Elka was snoring!

Melanie: oh I had a bad dream

Joy: what was it about?

Melanie: oh nothing

Joy: come on!

Melanie: oh its nothing really just a silly dream about me dying bursts into tears

Joy: hugs Melanie it won't happen for ages yet!

Melanie: sniffs I hope not iam soo scared now!

Joy: don't be scared iam here and so is Victoria!

Melanie: yeah I know

Joy: come on i'll make breakfast

Melanie: what are we having?

Joy: cereal!

Melanie: oh I wanted jam on Toast!

Joy: fine!

Melanie: yay!

Victoria wakes up and runs down stairs!

Joy: whats wrong?

Victoria: Look!

Joy: what?

Victoria: a spot!

Joy: oh big deal a spot!

bangs the mirror on Joy's head

Joy: ouch!

Elka (from upstairs): good one Victoria!

Joy walks off in a huff

Melanie: that was mean vicky!

Victoria: excuse me Melanie iam Victoria Chase iam an actress do not call me Vicky ever!

Melanie: ohh sorry!

Joy walks upstairs to an happy Elka!

Joy: you snore!

Elka: I can't help it!

Joy: try sleeping through you're nose not you're mouth!

Elka: what if I have a cold?

Joy: eh!

A couple of hours later...

Joy was washing up when she heard the door bell...

Melanie: i'll get it!

Postman: here you go!

Melanie: thank you!

Joy: anything for me?

Melanie: yeah you have a letter!

Joy: yay!

Melanie: Victoria you have a parcel!

Joy: oh wow well this is awsome!

All the girls crowd around Joy...

Melanie: what is it?

Joy: its nasa!

Melanie: what laughs

Joy: they want me to go into space!

Elka bursts out laughing

Joy: wow this is soo weird why me iam not even an astronaut

Elka: Mars wants its alien back!