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Chapter 1: The First Change

Ianto woke that morning with a stretch and a large yawn. The day before he'd been hit by some device that Gwen had managed to set off. He hadn't been hurt or anything, and felt fine but Owen insisted he be taken off active duty for a day to be sure, and when there was an emergency in the middle of the night Jack insisted that Ianto stay home and sleep.

He rolled over then opened his eyes when he found the bed empty and cold. looked like Jack hadn't come back yet. He sighed and rolled on his back looking up at the ceiling. He really ought to get up and go into work, but he had time. He heard the front door go and Jack make his way into the kitchen, he recognised the boot steps. He rolled over and got up, stretching then caught sight of himself in the mirror.

"Oh no. No. Not again... JAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!"

Jack Harkness heard those dulcet tones and moved from the kitchen to lean in the bedroom doorway. "You know, I'd really rather have you screaming my na-" The Captain finally looked properly at the figure in the bed and smirked. "Why hullo again... Miss Jones." Jack was grinning merrily. "I find you incredibly attractive as a man, you don't have to keep turning yourself into a woman to get my attention."

Ianto glared at him. "It's not funny Jack. Look at me!" He turned and looked in the mirror again and realised he was naked. He blushed and grabbed the bed sheet, wrapping it around himself. "I'm going to kill that bloody woman." He grumbled.

Jack slipped up beside the young man... woman? and curled an arm about his now feminine lover's waist. "It only lasted a day the last time, Yan. You'll be alright." He held him/her tighter. "You'll be okay."

Ianto snuggled into Jack. He was smaller as a woman so this felt strange. "It was a different device last time." He sighed.

"We can have Tosh look at it and she'll be able to figure out what happened, why and for how long it will last." He squeezed the young man/woman a little bit tighter. Not as hard as he would when Ianto was a man, but definitely tighter. "And, this way, I can do this." And turning, Jack tucked Ianto under his chin. They were almost the same height when Ianto was male so he didn't get to hold him this way then.

Ianto sighed and snuggled close. He had to admit, this was nice. He could see why women liked being held like this. "Well this isn't too bad." He said with a small smile. "I still need to find some clothes though."

Jack leered down at him... her? "Why? Clothes are overrated."

Ianto looked up at him. "Well I still have to work, though I suppose we could be a little late. Not like we got to experiment last time." He said with a shy smile blushing. He seemed to blush more when he was a woman.

Jack's leer turned into a smirk. "Mmm... sensations are a lot more..." He paused, thinking of the word. "Intense, as a woman." He'd... dabbled... a bit in his youth. Hey, he'd been curious.

Ianto knew Jack would sleep with men or women, just as he had, though Jack would sleep with just about any species, omnisexual Ianto remembered Jack describing it once. "Hmm, would be interesting to... dabble."

Jack leant down, further than he was used to and nibbled the lobe of one ear. "Mmm, it would be." He breathed, fingers lightly running up his lover's spine.

Ianto shivered. Jack's hands felt rougher against his smoother skin, but that just added to the sensations. He was amazed at how it felt to get aroused as a woman too. Last time it had just been awkward, plus he and Jack hadn't been living together or married. They'd gotten married not too long after The Doctor's visit. They'd wanted the Time Lord to be present but he'd had to go save some civilisation or other so the "wedding" had just been a quiet affair. Them, the team and Rhiannon, Ianto's sister, her husband and their kids.

"We do a lot of... dabbling, don't we Ianto Jones?" Jack's breath ghosted across the young woman's neck. "And it's... how did you say? "Bordering on the avant-garde"?" Jack grinned, and pressed a kiss to the smooth skin of the woman's throat.

Ianto let out a soft moan. "You weren't supposed to hear that." He whispered as he nibbled at Jack's collarbone. He ran his nails along Jack's back and started to pull Jack's shirt from his trousers. Jack had only just come in from work, so they had a little while before they had to go back into work.

"Oh I didn't hear it, I saw it. What do you think I do in my office all day?" Jack winked and he pulled Ianto's shirt over... her head. "Mmm..." Ianto Jones was a gorgeous man and he made a beautiful woman.

Ianto looked up at him, and smiled with soft delicate lips. "I knew you were watching me on the cameras." She stood up on tip toe and kissed Jack softly, hands trailing down his toned stomach to his trousers, where she undid his belt and trousers slowly.

"Always Yan." Jack nibbled along the woman's collarbone and nipped her shoulder lightly. Lips and hands then trailed down her body and gently cupped the soft swell of one breast.

Ianto moaned softly. "Hmm, why do you think I bend over so often." She smirked and slipped her hand into his trousers. Her fingers were a lot more slender and longer too.

Jack groaned and pressed against those fingers. His other hand came up and curled around the back of her slender neck, guiding her head up to meet his mouth so he could kiss her.

She kissed him hard and passionately. God she felt so wet and she tingled too. So this is what a woman felt like when they got aroused. "Jack." She whispered into the kiss, moving her hand.

"Ianto." He murmured back, pulling the kiss back, keeping it light and teasing. Jack's fingers danced across her breast, pinching the, until now, neglected breast's nipple, lightly between thumb and forefinger.

Ianto let out a gasp and an almost obscene moan of pleasure as her nipple was pinched. It was a pleasant experience when he was a bloke, but now she was a woman it was more intense... With one swift tug she pulled Jack's trousers down, then jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist.

Jack's arms automatically encircled her, one hand rest flat against her bottom to offer support. "So glad you're not wearing clothes right now..." The Captain murmured, lips attacking her throat.

She groaned, nails digging in. "Neither are you now." She could feel his arousal pressed against her inner thigh. She shuffled a little brushing against it.

He groaned and pressed against her, hissing in pleasure as her nails dug in. "God Yan."

Ianto moaned more. "I want you Jack." Her wet entrance rubbed against him, arousal clear. "Please." She begged. She didn't even care if he took her there against the wall.

Two fingers slipped between her thighs and trailed over her entrance. "God... so... wet... You always get... worked up easily... you know that?" Jack's teeth closed gently over her earlobe.

She whimpered at the touch, pressing down on his fingers. "Only with you." She all but purred.

Smirking, Jack slipped a finger inside her tight heat, adding the second when he felt she was stretched enough. His lips were back attached to her neck, nibbling and sucking, doing his utmost to leave a mark.

She gasped as he entered her then whimpered and moaned at what his fingers and lips were doing. She panted and begged for more in Welsh, knowing that even though Jack didn't speak Welsh she'd used it enough times that he'd get the drift.

Jack did indeed get the drift and curled his fingers slightly inside her. He enjoyed teasing Ianto, whether male or female. His lips drifted back down her throat and latched around a nipple. He pressed down lightly with his teeth, just scraping along the rosy bud.

Ianto gave a soft cry as Jack curled his fingers and arched a little, pushing her chest forwards. Oh God that felt so good, but she needed more. Still holding onto Jack with one hand she reached between them and started to rub her clit in small fast circles. "Oh fuck" she cried out not expecting it to feel so good.

Jack raised his head and kissed her hard and ran his tongue along her lower lip. He pulled his fingers out of her and tugged lightly on the sheet, letting it pool to the floor. He laid Ianto back on the bed and gazed at her for a moment before climbing up beside her. Jack ran a hand over her hip. "Do you want this?" Sure, foreplay was alright but, did Ianto really want to have sex as a woman?

She whimpered as he removed his fingers, and sighed happily as he lay her on the bed, caressing her hips. Before she would have been hesitant. She was the first time she was a woman it was definitely out of the question, especially as she and Jack hadn't been going out for very long. However a small part of her had regretted not trying it. Now however, she and Jack were married and it was different. And she really wanted it after that foreplay now. She nodded. "I'm sure." She smiled.

Smiling down into his lover's eyes, Jack lined himself up at her entrance before slowly, oh so slowly pushing inside her. He paused to let her adjust.

She gasped as she felt herself stretch. She'd never imagined how this would feel, in fact she almost thought it would be like how it normally felt, but she was sensitive all over. She moaned as he brushed across the top of her entrance as he slid in, brushing against her g-spot just inside. "Oh fuck..." She panted, arching a little in pleasure.

"Like that do you?" Jack was only slightly breathless. Painfully slowly, Jack pulled out and then thrust back inside her, a little more forcefully than before.

Ianto shot him a 'you think' look, as she moaned again. She relaxed a little as he pulled out, then gasped again as he thrust in harder. It felt better than the first time, and she was adjusting too. It was strange not using lube either, but she really didn't need it. "Jack..." She whimpered, craving more.

"Ianto..." Jack groaned back, thrusting in and out, faster and deeper. Fuck this felt good.

Ianto cling to Jack's hands where he held her and tilted her hips. God this was so good. She felt a strange feeling pooling around her stomach, then a sinking feeling that exploded into ecstasy as she orgasmed. She cried out shaking and begged him to keep going.

The feel of her tightening around him had him gasping. He only managed a couple more thrusts before his own release barrelled through him and he collapsed, shuddering. Jack managed to fall on his forearms, holding most of his weight off her. Ianto was smaller and more delicate as a woman and he didn't want to crush her.

Still shaking Ianto reached up and wrapped her arms around Jack and kissed him. She'd started to build up again and peaked for a second time as Jack reached his. No wonder women enjoyed multiple orgasms. She gently tugged on Jack until he was lying half on half off her, hands smoothing up and down his back.

Jack slid out of her when she pulled him and rolled to one side. He really didn't want to hurt her.

She shuddered as he pulled out, drawing out the last of her orgasm. She was tingling from head to toe. As he lay next to her she rolled so she was pressed up against him, humming lightly in contentment. She kissed him softly.

Jack kissed her back and curled around her, holding her to him tightly. He kissed the shell of her ear. "Enjoy that Yan?"

She hummed in agreement, tremors still going through her occasionally. "You weren't kidding." She said with a giggle. She could quite happily just stay there all day with Jack. Maybe experiment some more.

It was at that precise moment that Tosh called. The Captain picked up his phone with a good natured roll of his eyes. "Are you guys coming in today?" Jack glanced across at Ianto with a grin. "Well... I suppose we could... is it urgent?" He could almost hear the Japanese woman shrug. "It might be nothing..." Jack sighed. "Alright, we'll be in in a bit." He hung up. "We've got to go in. Sorry Yan."

Ianto sighed and nodded. "Ok, but we have to stop and get me some clothes on the way in." She said, reluctantly pulling away from Jack. "But first I need a shower."

"Yes you do." The Captain leered at the young woman. He would offer to 'help her wash her back' but... "I'll get breakfast started, shall I?"

Ianto shot a glare at Jack over her shoulder but nodded. "Please." She left him to it while she got into the shower.

Jack simply smirked and headed into the kitchen. "Right." He muttered to himself. "Cereal I think, at least I can't burn that." Somehow however, he did managed to set it on fire.

Ianto had already got out of the shower by then, and was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt when she smelt burning. Hurrying to the kitchen she put the fire out then looked at Jack waiting for an explanation.

Jack had the grace to look sheepish. "Um..." He hedged.

Ianto shook her head. "Honestly Jack." But she smiled. at least he hadn't tried to make coffee. She'd have been very upset if he had broken her machine.

"I didn't touch your coffee machine. I know I'd be shot if I did that." Jack grinned at her charmingly. "What do you say to going out to breakfast?"

She laughed lightly. "Sure. But let's go shopping first please. I look ridiculous." Her clothes were hanging from her smaller frame, and they were all male clothes too.

"Sure." Jack smiled at her cheerfully. "Clothes, then breakfast... you know... you could always just... not wear clothes?" He winked.

She raised an eyebrow at him. A definite Ianto look, male or female. "I'll let you pick an outfit if you behave." She said, then immediately regretted it.

Jack looked like a kid granted his pick of treats in a sweet store. His eyes lit up and then ran over her form. "Hmmm..."

She rolled her eyes. "Come on Mr, let's get going. We have to get Tosh to see if she can change me back."

"Alright." Jack gave in in without a fuss. "We'll go get you some clothes, then get breakfast and then go see Tosh. Yes?"

She nodded and took Jack's hand in hers. "Yes." Grabbing her keys on the way out, they locked up then made their way into the city to the clothes shops by the bay. She linked her arm with Jack's as they walked, happy to just be with him. She found a suit that suited her and paid for it before changing into it and some flat shoes because she'd tried heels the last time, and nearly broke her neck. As promised she was going to let Jack chose an outfit for her, thinking it would probably be used in private knowing Jack's taste. Suddenly her phone went off. It was a message from Gwen. A photo message. 'Jack's going out round town with a woman and is being entirely too friendly with her.' The picture was of her and Jack. She rolled her eyes, but showed Jack the message and picture.

Jack also rolled his eyes. "Bloody interfering woman. If she knew me at all which it is clear she does not... she would know that I would never cheat on you... unlike a certain woman I might name did to a certain poor boyfriend of hers..." Jack glared pointedly at the phone, wishing the bloody woman could hear him. Jack plucked Ianto's phone from his fingers and called the Welshwoman. "Ianto h..." She started. "Gwen, its Jack." She shut up. "I... er..." Jack let the silence ring down the phone. "Thanks to your idiocy yesterday," Jack's voice was icy. There were rules for a reason damnit! "That "woman I am looking entirely too friendly" with is our Ianto. Now kindly mind your own business." He shut the phone with a snap and short, muttered curse.

Ianto went to grab the phone but knew it was futile. He listened to what Jack was saying and tried to hold back a snigger. He could practically here Gwen stammering on the end of the phone before Jack closed it. She held out her hand. "Can I have my phone back please?" Jack looked like he was about to throw something in a fit of anger and she didn't want to have to replace another phone. She got through entirely too many.

Jack handed the phone back and kicked the wall. Hard. All it achieved was a now throbbing foot and he hopped about, clutching his toes. God that woman simply infuriated him!

Ianto rolled her eyes and led Jack to sit down on a bench, took his boot off and massaged his foot. "I'll give her decaf for a month, how's that?" She said with a smirk. Obviously Gwen would be punished properly for her indiscretion, but Ianto was hoping to calm Jack down and make him smile.

Jack offered the young woman a strained smile of thanks. "Yeah, that'd show her." He groaned at the massage.

Ianto smirked and used a particular pressure point she knew he liked, for a specific reason usually, though it would work well to get him out of the funk he seemed to have put himself in. When if anyone had something to complain about it was her.

He groaned in a different way when she pressed that point. "God. Yan..."

She smirked and finished with his foot. "Come on you. I believe you promised me breakfast after trying to set our flat on fire."

"Yes I do believe I did..." Jack slipped his boot back on and stood up. He pulled Ianto up gently and linked his arm through hers. "Shall we then?"

She smiled and stood on tiptoe to kiss him. "Hmm, we shall." they made their way to the cafe Ianto had in mind.

Jack kissed her back softly before they continued on their way. He gallantly pulled out her chair for her before seating himself. "What did you want?"

Ianto blushed a little. It was funny being treated like this, just because she was a woman. "Hmm, bacon and egg sandwich sounds nice." She smiled.

Jack would have done it when Ianto was male, but he hadn't thought the Welshman particularly comfortable with public displays of affection. "Coming right up." Jack flagged down a waiter and placed their order. He was getting the pancakes for himself.

She smiled and ate her breakfast, enjoying the normality of it all, even though people saw a female when really he was a male. He took the opportunity to kiss and cuddle Jack, something she wouldn't have done in public normally.

Jack cuddled her back, liking this side of Ianto. He hoped that it didn't leave when he was changed back. He really did like the Ianto who was comfortable touching him in public.

Ianto sighed happily. He saw how happy this made Jack and made a mental note to make more of an effort when he got back to normal.