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Chapter 15: Dying and babies and bears… Oh my!

Months passed and Ianto grew steadily more irritable with everyone and everything. The smell of coffee had started making his stomach turn and in deference to his delicate state Jack had ordered that everyone drink their coffee outside. As it was moving towards one of the most bitterly cold winter's Cardiff had seen in years, this was met with grumbling so Jack had amended "outside" to "upstairs in the tourist office". If they wanted more coffee throughout the day then they had to drink it outside. He'd done his best to make sure that Ianto was keeping more regular hours. The other two had picked up the slack without complaint, knowing that Jack would do the same for them if they ever needed it. Gwen had finally been let go, memories erased for good this time.

Rhys had stormed in the morning after that had happened and demanded an explanation. Jack had given him one, outlining his wife's cruel behaviour towards Ianto over the past months. It had started with the announcement of his pregnancy and her remarks and actions had gotten more cutting and hurtful as the weeks followed. Jack had spoken to her each time, his ultimatums becoming more heated with every new cutting remark. It was one thing if these remarks had been directed at him, but Ianto had never been anything but kind to his countrywoman and Jack was the one that held him at night as Gwen's comments again reduced him to tears. Finally, Jack had told her that she could either say absolutely nothing to Ianto at all or she could leave, memories erased. Gwen had chosen to leave and Jack made sure her husband knew this.

Rhys had been appalled and horrified by his wife's actions and had seemed to see the woman in a new light. He'd been fully prepared to sever all ties with the team but instead had sort of become a more permanent part of them. Jack had welcomed him but had warned the Welshman that if said a single harsh word in Ianto's direction Jack would ensure any future employment he looked for (for he would be searching for different employment with no memory of Torchwood) would be extremely difficult to find. Anwen would be taken care of via a private trust fund that Jack had set up for her when she was born. Neither of her parent's knew about it or had access to it for various reasons. Rhys had gone pale and nodded his agreement. Despite being a bit weirded out at first, the Welshman had soon gotten used to his countryman's condition and even offered to help them find suitable baby things.

Ianto had hated the fact that he was becoming more irritable, and had started to hate himself for it. he was snapping at people for things he would have put up with before, and he wondered why Jack was even staying with him, he'd become a monster. A horrible fat monster. This meant he was often in tears and frustrated. He couldn't wait for the pregnancy to be over. He was also missing his coffee.

Some days he just didn't want to go into work, so he spent days at home decorating their office and turning it into a nursery. They still didn't know whether it was a girl or a boy, they'd wanted it to be a surprise. They also needed to discuss names too. They only had about 3 weeks before the due date.

Jack made sure to let Ianto know every day that he was loved and cared for. He wasn't fat, he was pregnant and that made him even more beautiful in Jack's eyes. He could tell Ianto was unconvinced and was attempting a new, very enjoyable (if the sounds coming from Ianto's mouth were any indication), tactic when the Rift alarm sounded. Finishing quickly, Jack pressed a tender kiss to his partner's mouth. "Sorry Yan, duty calls. I love you." He hugged the Welshman tightly before he had to tear himself away and went bounding down the stairs, collecting Tosh and Owen on the way. Rhys was left behind to help Ianto with anything he might need and plus, he wasn't field trained.

Ianto groaned frustrated as Jack had to leave. That was something else that had increased as the months had gone by, his sex drive. And even though Ianto was unconvinced by what Jack was saying, it still managed to make him feel a bit better about himself. "Love you too cariad, be careful." He kissed Jack back, neatened himself up and waddled out of Jack's office going to his station so he could guide the team from there.

He sat down and winced a little as pain went across his lower back. When he'd first got these twinges of pain, he'd gone to Owen in a panic wondering if he'd gone into labour, but Owen had reassured him that it was just Braxton Hick's, a false labour. it was very common and perfectly normal, so Ianto had got used to them and tended to ignore them most of the time, even though they were uncomfortable. Jack had more than made up for it by massaging his tired aching back and ankles for him.

Rhys looked over with a sympathetic wince. "Back pain again?" Ianto nodded. He then opened the coms. "Jack can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear." Jack had a grin in his voice. "Tosh? Owen?" Both of them answered in the affirmative also. "What've you got for me gorgeous?" Owen rolled his eyes and mumbled something about "time and a place". Tosh kicked him and everyone heard the Englishman's yelped expletive. "Talk to me Yan. We can't see a blasted thing out here." Bloody Cardiff and its bloody rain.

Ianto chuckled at Owen's outburst. "thank you Tosh. Right, I can't see a thing on the CCTV Camera's either. Rains coming down that fast that even the image clearing software is having problems, but I can still see slightly better than you. The rift is still open, which helps, there's a soft glow in Butetown and something moving around near it, can't make out what though." He heard Owen mumble, "At least it's not sodding Splott again."

"Anytime Ianto." Tosh replied cheerily and whacked Owen again for good measure. Jack chuckled at their antics before letting them know that they should probably attempt to focus on their jobs. "Butetown you said Yan?" The rain must be interfering with their comms now, hissing static was causing their voices to break up as they turned in that direction. "Ianto? Ianto are you there? We're breaking up."

Ianto tapped a few keys and boosted the signal. "Jack? Jack can you hear me now?" They rarely boosted the signal unless they absolutely had too as it tended to pick up every little noise in the background, which meant as another shot of pain lanced across Ianto's back and he hissed in pain, Jack could hear it.

"Ianto? Ianto are you alright? I heard that." Jack's tone was a little panicky. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just those damn Braxton Hicks, don't worry." he soothed his partner. "Just concentrate on what you're doing, I don't want you to crash, and we're still not sure what's out there." His voice was tight with pain, but soon relaxed as the pain faded. "Ok guys, there's more than one creature there now, look like bears, but can't really make it out. They're heading to an abandoned warehouse just a little bit further down the docks, probably trying to escape the rain." That made it slightly easier on the team, but would also be an advantage for the intruders too.

"Oh..." Jack calmed down a little and then perked up. "Bears you say? Hmm... How much further?"

Ianto checked the tracking, which was fritzing in the storm. "About another 2 miles." It was slow going because of the weather. He got up stretching a little to ease the spasms in his back and turned to Rhys. "Can you just guide them while I go to the men's room?" He asked, hating the fact that he forever needed to pee at the moment too. Rhys chuckled and nodded, having gone through this with his wife when she was expecting Anwen.

Ianto waddled away down the corridor to the loo, but half way there he gasped, doubling over a little as pain radiated round to the front of his swollen stomach and his legs were suddenly drenched. It didn't feel like he'd wet himself though, it was more like an orgasm, only not as enjoyable. His waters had broken.