Hi. So I am trying to link Borderlands with Borderlands 2 while adding the new characters(if Gearbox ever releases anything about them). For awhile, I will focus on what the old crew is doing and how Handsome Jack and Hyperion took over Pandora. I will eventually cover the new five(goddamn Mechromancer will be tough since she won't be available until a month after the release) and their reasons for going to (or living in) Pandora when anything about them is released. So the new five will replace the old four as the central focus of the stories. Then once that is over, I will add dialogue in each quest within Borderlands 2 among the five. Show how they interact with each other (even though Zer0 does not talk) within each little adventure while incorporated a story for each quest.

Okay, this will be an extremely long prologue that will encompass two chapters. I am trying to cover the background of the original group and how they knew each other prior to the trip to Pandora(which is odd because nobody seems to notice that in the intro, they are all standing around the same tree as kids). I am trying to intertwine what little information there is about them and am trying to make it work. Luckily, the new Vault Hunters will have tons of background on them and the old ones will have more story behind them in Borderlands 2.

Wish me luck.

Space. Once an untapped frontier in the eyes of many Earthlings was now becoming an entrepreneurial wasteland. Every planet was being mined for resources and corporations were now the conquerors of these planets. Intergalactic travel was no longer an ideal, but a reality. Families could easily relocate planets as if they were going a simple camping trip provided that they paid a lifetime fee to the corporate traveling subsidiaries. However, exploration, of course, was not without some trepidation. Many unfortunate explorers ran into some of the more untamed planets that also had an unruly populace of beasts and monsters.

Tales such as these only sparked to draw in those who sought out the danger and excitement, and corporate media looking to earn a quick buck used this immediate peril and spun it to make what it was seeming suicidal death wishes into romantic stories of adventure. Many explorers jumped on the opportunity seeking glory and status of heroes. Many would be adventurers traveled throughout the galaxy to many barren planets, but one planet had the greatest allure of them all: Pandora. There were tails of a secret alien Vault that was said to have riches beyond all measure. Thus many aspiring children and adults who were unable to travel and seek the riches of the Vault would ultimately take the seemingly one way trip there. Some of these unlucky dreamers would become the Vault Hunters.

Lilith, the fiery temptress of warrior, wanted riches and fame. A little girl who migrated from Dionysis acted like her unusual abilities never fazed her. She was picked on as a child for having unusual tattoos and weird powers. She did not know who her mother was and her father died for unknown reasons. However, soon afterwards a mysterious woman who claimed to be the first Siren knew that Lilith was one as well and why she had these abilities. After that moment, the woman did what she could for the young girl and trained her in the arts of the Siren. She was her surrogate mother and they lived next to an orphanage. Lilith was excited at the prospect of meeting kids her age, but the kids at the orphanage treated her like an outcast. Lilith, in response to the belittlement, developed a combative attitude and acted like the outcast, but human nature demands that misery loves company. She constantly was regaled with stories of outer space by the mysterious old woman and how it was the New Frontier and the new Wild West. She was attracted by the untapped freedom that such a life would bring so she often looked to the stars just as her father asked her to do just before he passed away in her arms as a child. She used to sneak out at night and head to the lone dying tree on the hill to gaze upon the stars. The young girl fantasized of the legend about treasure on this Pandora. She would gaze upon stars and hoped that one day, she will be away from this place and be the first to find the mythological Vault. One time during her midnight meanderings, she saw three boys standing there. She was livid that people found her secret spot. She approached the boys thinking that they would do what the other children did and shun her away, but they simply glanced at her for a second and continued to gaze back at the stars. Then, she realized that they all had the same dream. She sat down under the tree and joined them. They did this every night until they finally started to address one another.

Mordecai was a boy who carried a wooden sword on his back and a slingshot on his side. As a kid, he was the trouble maker, shooting rocks at bigger students just to test his aim. His smaller build caused him to get beat up all the time, but this did not deter him the mischievous boy. He relied on his skill and kept a distance from his enemies. A tactic that often was called cowardly, but he would immediately silence his would be attackers with a rock in the eye. He fancied himself a super heroic sharpshooter and wore an old pilot's helmet, oversized gloves and crimson red goggles. Like Lilith, he never knew his parents, but unlike her, he never seemed to care. "No es de donde soy, pero en el que sera," he'll say whenever Lilith inquired about his past. He had a small bat-like creature with a beak that was always around him. The nuns had a fit trying to contain the creature as it only followed his command. Mordecai named the creature, "Bloodwing" and he was the only person who could command the creature. Despite his dismissive demeanor, he still showed signs of anger. Unlike the others, he did not want adventure for adventure's sake, but to take "everything that this freaking universe owed" him. The young boy saw the object as his desires as the personification of all the kicks turned to kisses, all the hugs that he never received, all the wrongs finally righted, and all the things that he felt that he deserved.

Roland, another dreamer, was abandoned by his parents. He knew who they were and often wondered as a child why they chose to do without him. He wanted to be the space hero like Master McCloud, a member of the Crimson Lance Royal Guard. To be in the spirit of the fantasy, he would dress himself with a trashcan lid that would be some sort of makeshift pauldron, an old Boonie Hat that he found in the trash, and a greave made out of a sheet of medal. To complete the garish attire, he wore a red scarf that he was wrapped in as a child in front of a doorstep. He wanted to be a member of the Crimson Lance just like his hero. Roland was truly the adventurous one of the group as he would make up maps and travel around the area as if he were on a real treasure hunt. To convince the others to join him, he said it was practice and with no hesitation, they joined him to find whatever random object that they were searching for. Among the misfits, he was their leader because he was tactically minded and was prepared for anything. He saw the others as his team just like what McCloud had and as their leader, he could not let them down. He promised them that whenever the other was in need, he would go to their aid. With the romantic portrayal of his hero as his inspiration, Roland upheld this promise as if it were his life on the line.

Brick, as a child, had no care in the world. He was a simple, but humongous lad for his age that frequently played with his dog,Priscella, and his older sister. His home planet was Menoetius, but his family traveled from planet to planet. Unlike the others, he was no orphan. He had a mother that took care of him, and he only frequented the forlorn tree to not look at the stars, but look at the red headed girl with golden eyes. He was a sweet child with a simple disposition. He always wore a gentle smile on his face and little to nothing could ever get him upset despite Mordecai constantly egging him on. As he got along with the children, the hulk of the child handed his precocious crush a wilted flower. She did not know what to make of the gift, but appreciated it none the less. He wore an old boxing glove with his name inscribed in it. He went along with Roland's quests to maybe accompany the young girl who was apathetic towards him.

They grew up together and had a similar goal, but different ways to accomplish the singular objective. However, they still supported each other throughout the years. Lilith, Roland, and Roland cheered in the crowd as Mordecai won the Interplanetary Sharpshooting competition with nothing, but a revolver while his competition had Sniper Rifles. Brick even hoisted the skinny young man on his shoulder to celebrate his achievement. Despite it not being their crowd, Lilith, Brick, and Mordecai congratulated their friend and leader, Roland, as he was enlisted in the Crimson Lance to reach his dream. Mordecai, who rarely referred to Roland as the leader and saw him as a rival of sorts, saluted him. They all watched Brick's mom's fights as a ring gladiator together and each expressed jealousy towards Brick and his sister for having such an awesome mom. They consoled Brick when his beloved dog died and ensured him that he was in a better place. This however made the delightful giant into a bitter young man, but he still cared for his friends and most importantly his sister and mom. Noticing the change of behavior in her now imposing friend, Lilith made Brick a necklace with Priscilla's preserved paw on it. She smiled and gave her large friend a kiss on the cheek to keep his spirits up. Brick, in return of the gift, smiled and tossed the pink haired woman up as if she were his late puppy. Although she was initially caught off guard by his action, she started to chuckle along with her friends who observed the event. As Lilith grew more beautiful and more developed, her powers grew more as well, but this did not faze her friends. They encouraged her that her abilities were amazing and defended her against anyone who declared her as a "witch" or an "alien." To describe Lilith's powers, Roland simply stated that she "is just too hot for the threshold." Lilith adopted the statement and attitude that her friend inspired in her and gained a little swagger in her step. She was beautiful and Roland made her embrace it. One day, Roland gave her information about the other Sirens. She already knew that she was one of six and she sought to find the other four in hopes of gaining information about their abilities and share experiences. "This feeling of being an outcast would disappear," she declared as she phased from visible sight. They were a family that celebrated their highs.

But their accomplishments and happiness faded away as soon as they obtained it.

The moment that Mordecai won the shooting competition, he was met with accusations of bad sportsmanship and cheating so they stripped the title from him even before he could celebrate his triumph. The world stole everything from him for no reason and he was sick of it. This was the final straw. 2 years after the event, he picked up odd jobs as a hitman. He did not care for the mark because they were simply an accolade to him. They were proof of his skill that he never was adorned or awarded for. The recognition that he felt he always deserved.

Roland initially was happy with his time in the Crimson Lance, but that soured when nepotism and corruption plagued his tenure. He served three tours on Promethia one after another hoping to secure a shot at being in the fabled Royal Guard. He excelled in training and his leadership and overall aptitude were exceptional, but never went beyond the rank of Soldier which really meant that he was at the front lines on Promethia while established soldiers with wealthy backgrounds hung out at headquarters acquiring all of the accolades. He was natural medic, a skill that he required due to the reckless behavior of his hulking best friend, and was savvy with technology despite his humble upbringing. Despite his excellent marks, he only obtained the level of grunt and his antagonistic superior who took the spot that Roland was petitioning the higher ups for was chosen by Roland's hero and his rival's father, Master McCloud, despite the obvious incompetence of his son. However, Roland continued on and decided to master combat with the Scorpio turret that Atlas commissioned to every engineer. Using his militarily tactical mind and his natural tech expertise, he found creative ways to spec the turret and modded a built-in support system into it so could give out ammo to anyone within the proximity of it. Envious of his subordinate's ability, Machinist McCloud stole credit for Roland's innovations and claimed them as his own.

To further embarrass Roland, the thief forced Roland to watch while he displayed these modernizations in front of high command which consisted of Roland's hero. Roland uncharacteristically lost his cool and confronted the braggart after the show was over. He glared as he watched the man shake the hands of high ranking officers such as General Knoxx and Lieutenant Typhon. Before he could utter a word as they approached him about "the innovations of next generation armaments," the man walked by and snubbed Roland as he soaked in the adulation. However, it was not like he did not notice Roland because he gave Roland a sly, but smug smile before returning to the company of the officials. This infuriated Roland and he stamped off to the bar to drink until he stopped feeling emotions anymore. His superior officer felt that this was an excellent opportunity to rub salt in the wound. "You are nothing. You have always been nothing," he teased as the stench of alcohol engulfed the drunken soldier. His teasing seemed to do nothing to anger the stammering engineer, but this lack of reaction only fueled the antagonizing officer. "You want to know something," the man hissed in his ear like a snake. "Your parents knew that you were a useless sack of shit from the beginning." This startled the drunk out of his stupor and animosity became more apparent. This did not deter the clown and only fueled him. "Yeah, I read your profile, asshole. They most have had foresight or something because, here, you are," he started to cackle completely oblivious to the drunk reaching behind him. "A stupid kid who tries so hard to ignore his past and thinks he can be something special." Roland gritted his teeth and was trembling with fury, but the provoking officer continued on laughing despite Roland's discomfort. He placed his arm around the disgruntled Roland and got close to his ear to make sure he heard what he was going to say next. "I wonder how much your whore mother charges for a blowjob."

But Roland stayed his blade while gritting his teeth. Under his drunken stupor, he became disillusioned with the Crimson Lance stated goal. Roland then partnered up with an Atlas higher up named Higgins who needed his dirty laundry taken out and had a keen eye on Roland since his talent was undeniable. Eventually, Roland took command of his own unit who acted like the space hero that he always envisioned himself to be. His squad consisted of three other individuals: Aebri, Boozer, and Scraps. Aebri was an acrobatic dark haired woman with a green streak in her hair and emerald eyes who specialized with the sniper rifle. Despite being extremely conscious of Crimson Lance rules, the Lance had it out for her because she was one the few women in the division so she has a history of receiving unjustified detriments. Roland did what he could to erase her detriments and she wouldn't be unjustly court marshaled. Scraps was a dark skinned man just like his commander and never parted from his shades. He often idolized Roland for his heroics and admired Roland as a dedicated Crimson Lance Officer. Boozer was a gruff soldier with a twin mohawk. Despite his name and appearance, Boozer was surprisingly introspective and saw Roland's growing fatigue with the Lance. Under Higgins, the group conducted multiple elicit affairs unknown to the rest of the crew. Roland grew suspicious and searched for intel on any of Higgins actions. Eventually, he found a file indicating that Higgins was siphoning money from Atlas and was planning to pin it on Roland's unit. The warrior saw the writing on the wall so he eventually set up the crew to deploy to Pandora in an effort to be somewhat free from Atlas control. There he hoped that the crew would leave the Lance and search for the Vault. Higgins saw through this and planned to have the entire unit eaten alive by Crumblers. When that failed, Higgins decided to take matters in his own hands and eventually had the unit gunned down 500 clicks north from New Haven. Roland swore on his last breath that he will get vengeance on the man.

And he did. Roland avenged the deaths of his crew and killed Higgins. Now hunted by the Crimson Lance, Roland hid on Pandora as his dreams dwindled. He was no hero like Master McCloud. He let his squad down and now he was a wandering gun for hire on a barren planet. He was a lost soldier.

Brick was starting to become more violent with his childhood friends separated from him. Nothing seemed to quell his unsolicited fury except for his sister. Maybe it had to do with his mother who was once a renowned gladiator who participated in many tournaments broken and struggling to pay rent or even her hospital bills. Her sleazy manager ran her down and decided to bleed her dry financially and physically as much as possible. When his mother finally passed away, his sister was all Brick had left and all he could rely on for support. The greedy advisor demanded more from his former and now deceased fighter's offspring, but Brick's sister fought him off. Suddenly, she went missing. She disappeared in the middle of the night. The lonely giant desperately searched for her everywhere. Eventually, he found out that she was in Pandora for unknown reasons.

Brick did not have the skills or the currency for space travel so he became the bodyguard of the only man who knew of his ability: his mother's promoter. The hulk did whatever his boss asked him to from rampant murder to scaring off the competition. He never fought in the arena because, "the arena may be for animals, but not monsters." Brick continued to do this until, one night after another odd job, he heard his boss speaking in an Echo recorder. "Yeah, I have a freakin' one man army, here," he bragged as he sneered. "Brick can bend friggin' steel, man. Speaking of which…" The man looked around to see if anybody was around before whispering into the recorder. "So how was that shipment to Pandora? Yeah, I bet the bitch would not shut up. Like mother, like daughter." Suddenly, the steel door dented in causing the sleazy man to jump. Another metal clang busted through the room and suddenly the entire door collapsed. Smoke covered the entrance and the exit and a large man stood between his would be next victim and his freedom. The promoter trembled, but a large fist aimed towards his head silenced before he could scream.

Lilith did whatever she could to obtain information on the sirens. She stole objects such as ships and money with her abilities to travel throughout the galaxy and even killed an unlucky individual who spotted her. Eventually, her criminal activities caught the intention of Atlas who had the misfortune of having a surprising ample amount of information about the Sirens for peculiar reasons and thus being her prime target and victim of her actions. Lilith was undeterred by them and continued her cat burglary. She needed to find out about her origins. It haunted her ever since she was kid. She wanted answers and would do anything to obtain them. Then in one attempt to hack into the Atlas database went to hell.

She was captured while she was stilled phased which was unusual in itself then she saw her captor. She adorned the same tattoos that Lilith was born with. She has the same exact markings and the same unusual golden eye color, but had pale skin and blonde hair. Lilith stood in her cage while still phased wondering how she was caught. Before the red head could ask, the pasty woman spoke with a thick Russian accent, "Another Siren and it appears that you can enter another dimension immune of sight and attacks of this one." Lilith was shocked by the analysis. This woman knew more about her abilities than she did. "How did you know that?" The woman chuckled as she signaled Crimson Lance soldiers to transport the cage, "It appears that our little thief knows little of her ability. She will make an excellent test subject." Lilith glared at the bitch, but the Russian vixen was undaunted by the daggers. "It is called Phasewalk, by the way," she smugly sequined while turning her back on the captive Lilith. Lilith watched her stroll away as she was being carried away to her apparent doom, but she would not relent. She turned to her transparent state which the captors were ambivalent towards. While in what she now knows is a separate dimension, Lilith closed her eyes and focused all of her energy. "I've done this only a total of once,"she said to herself. She knew that she could only hold this state for a moment and she knew that the longer that she held, the more energy was built up. She reached her peak and unleashed a huge blast of energy that knocked the men down and broke the container holding her. She quickly ran out of the cage while picking up a SMG. She scattered fire in all directions and eventually hijacked a ship off the station. Lilith vowed to find that woman and get more information on the Sirens.

They were all separated and each had their own ambitions. Nothing seemed to ever bring them together ever again. Brick was headed to the deserted Pandora. Roland was a hired gun simply looking for a purpose in life. Lilith was searching throughout the galaxy for her origin. Mordecai was preoccupied with being an assassin for hire. There paths seemed to stray farther and farther apart until a beacon from Pandora was sent out with the words, "The Vault is real!"

Roland overheard the message in a bar and immediately made reservations to the desolate planet. Brick was already headed their to find his sister. Lilith found it highly suspicious that Atlas immediately intercepted the message and figured that the woman who knew of the Sirens and may have been headed there as well. Mordecai saw his chance to reclaim everything that he felt was taken from him. As if destiny took advantage of this rare opportunity, the 4 childhood friends found themselves waiting for a cab into the town. They immediately decided to find the vault together(with the added bonus of finding Brick's sister on the planet). It was just like their childhood adventures except on a more massive scale. Roland was the tactician on the battlefield and controlled gunfights with his Scorpio turret. He decided the team's missions and approaches as well as healed any injuries. Mordecai was the team's sniper and pistol expert as well as scout with the help of his trusty Bloodwing. Lilith was the elemental specialist with a grasp on Sub-machine Guns and her Siren powers allowed her to escape confrontations. Brick was the demolitions man who relied on brute strength. As soon as they got off the transport while ignoring the talkative cabdriver's rants and warnings, an image of a beautiful woman entered their minds and told them that she would help them find the vault. They listened cautiously and then stopped being so when it became obvious that she was helping.

They've known each other for years. Each one of them had vastly different backgrounds, but had one singular and similar goal: find the Vault. With that goal in mind, the braved every obstacle Pandora threw at them. They endured every oddity that the populace had and made sure to make their mark. They've killed mountains of bandits, beasts, a race of highly advanced precursor guardians, and what could only be described as vagina like abomination with sprawling tentacles that the guardians wanted to keep from leaving the Vault. Once they reached their childhood dream of finally finding the vault, what was supposed to be a feeling of overwhelming accomplishment after an intense battle only left much disappointment. The four of them stood in awe on the derelict platform while snow fell on their heads expecting…no, hoping that more would come. When the realization finally donned on them that this was it, the predictable reaction ensued.

"What. The. Fuck?" Mordecai uttered as the battle weary Bloodwing perched on his shoulder. "I can't believe this shit."

"Man," Roland threw his gun down in the snow. "This is some bullshit!"

"What the fuck was the point of everything if there was no fucking treasure?" Lilith concurred as she crossed her arms.

Brick simply fell on his knees and unleashed animalistic fury on the ground.

Suddenly a familiar voice echoed in their heads and they grimaced.

"You opened the Vault," the woman sounded relieved. " I'm sorry I couldn't warn you about what was in it, but for you to be there to stop it, it couldn't have unfolded any other way. You did well, and your actions haven't gone unrewarded. The Key won't open the Vault for another 200 years, but I'm sure Tannis will pay you quite the fortune for it! Now, go. I'll be watching."

"I want that bitch's blood on my fists," grunted the behemoth of a man.

Roland glanced at the key that fell from the deceased Commandment Steele as she was impaled by the creature. He picked his gun back up, walked over towards the object, and reached down to pick it up. The bulky dark skinned man glanced at his compatriots and saw sullen and angry faces.

"Alright," he finally released a sigh as he clenched in the key. "Let's TC a vehicle and get the hell out of here."