I'm sorry for the delay. I know that it has been a long time and I apologize for everything and to everyone who has been waiting. I'd like to inform some people that I've been playing Borderlands 2 like it was my new addiction. I have a level 50 Zer0, 34 Axton, 50 Gaige, and a 23 Maya. Yeah, it is like that. Also, if you haven't gotten the news, there will be a new character coming around the time the second DLC comes out I predict since I suspect that there will be a new character around for every new DLC campaign. As for the new Vault Hunters, I cannot wait to eventually get to them because I've seen a lot of things done to them that run counter to their entire existence. For one, Zer0 has been butchered because, I suspect, people equate being a mystery as to having no character. Giving him meaningless traits such as a face behind that mask or an identity ruins the entire point of Zer0. He is supposed to be frustratingly mysterious. That does not make him lack character because being mysterious is practically his character. There is a difference between having no character and having no distinguishable characteristics. His motives, origins, and face are mysterious but his attitude, poise, and demeanor are not.

The new Borderlands Origins came out and...fuck I have to go back and change Lilith's origin.

Anyways, I'm through ranting. Enjoy the story.

A man with a slightly off kilter mask hinged to his face buttoned up his shirt in front of a mirror. He smirked at his reflection in the mirror pleased with his appearance. When he finished with his shirt, the enigmatic man put on his coat jacket and suddenly, a yawn from the bed slightly grabbed his attention from himself.

"Jack, sweetie," a naked woman called out as she appeared out of the bed sheets to the masked man in a tantalizing and sweet tone. "Please come back and join us."

Another pretty face appeared from the sheets and beckoned, "I want see what the Jackhammer can do."

Jack smirked as he fastened his tie, "I'd love to fire up the engine again, but I have business to take care, a planet to occupy, and entire hordes of bandits to kill so you two can just play with each other while I enjoy the show."

The man then sat down and turned his attention to the duo. Enamored by the man's request, the divas from Eden-6 immediately gave a man a show.

"Angel, give me the intel on our so-called Vault Hunters," he murmured to the aside as load moans drowned out everything else.

The gang fought their way back to the bounty board through more hordes of zombies. When they finally arrived to the destination, the guns-for-hire rested in the secure area and prepared for what lied ahead. Roland, who was also the group medic as well as the leader, took this opportunity to heal any wounds that anyone may have received. When there didn't seem to be any sign of major or severe injuries, the group checked the board for any requests. There were two.

Lilith pressed the screen on one request and saw an image of a woman appear. Her face was scrunched up and her makeup was fading. She had been crying.

"I have not heard from my husband, Hank, for weeks," the worrying woman finally said as she desperately tried to combat her tears. "He worked down at the Jakobs Mill. I fear the worst; I must know what happened to him. Please send me any news that you can. I am offering a reward for anyone who can find him."

The recording ended. Lilith closed her eyes and sighed and then clicked on the next request. A familiar face appeared on the screen. It was the planetary arms dealer, Marcus. Apparently, he had request.

"Marcus here. Would you believe it? I found a market for rotten, stinky undead bird eggs. Some crazy bandits in the east think they are some sort of delicacy," He cringed at the thought of it and then shrugged his shoulders. "As I like to say, there is always opportunity! I hear the crusty corpse eaters like to nest on coastline. If you get me a shipment of eggs, I'll pay you handsomely."

"Marcus always pays well," Mordecai inputted.

"He also causes most of our problems by selling weapons to the bandits that terrorize the planet," Roland coldly interjected before closing the board. "Okay, it might be better if we split up and tackle both together."

"Did you not watch horror movies?" Lilith looked at him with annoyance. "Rule number 1 in horror flicks: Do not under any circumstances split up."

"We are not in a horror movie, Lilith," Roland rolled his eyes at her. "And if, anything, Brick is the biggest and scariest thing on the island. We don't have much to fear."

Brick chuckled at the comment and Mordecai smirked. Lilith crossed her arms seemingly upset that Roland can never get a sense of humor.

"Anyways, we should split up and tackle each task and once we are through, we meet up back here," Roland explained. "Me and Lilith will take care of this Reiss situation. Mordecai and Brick should search for these eggs since Bloodwing was great against these corpse eaters."

Mordecai smirked at the arrangement and teased," Now are you sure that is why you are paired with Lilith, Roland?"

"What are you implying?"

"I don't know," Mordecai's smile grew wider and began to wipe his blade in odd manner. "You two might take a detour from collecting tapes to making some of your own."

The Siren's eyes widened and she became flustered at the insinuation. 'Was Roland trying to be alone with her?' She still wanted answers from him as she still did not know what happened that night. But what was she more upset about? The fact that Roland took advantage of her or that she could not remember it?

The former Crimson Lance soldier was not amused by the suggestion, "Mordecai, pairing you with me to take out birds is stupid because it would not do much. Throughout our adventure, I've had to heal you the least because you keep a distance from the enemy. Pairing Brick and Lilith would take out support since they both like to get up close and personal. You and Lilith don't match up well with each other because your styles clash. Lilith could be on the other side of the horde from you and be in need of help and you are completely incapable of reaching her. It would leave her vulnerable to attack. Pairing you with Brick makes the most sense because unlike you, he can endure pain without risking much and you don't have to worry about healing him."

"Whoa…" everybody in the group said at once, but Roland who continued with his monologue.

"Considering the situation, we have to optimize combat efficiency to suit this scenario," Roland looked at Mordecai. "These pairings do that."

"Whatever, amigo," Mordecai held up his hands. "But I don't want to catch you two in the throes of lov—"

"Anyways," she cut Mordecai off right there trying to hide her blush. She wanted to get off this topic so she turned to her attention to the giant. "Brick, how's the arm?"

Brick was befuddled by the random inquiry about his arm, but answered anyways, "I'm fine."

"Good," Lilith nodded her head. "That's really good socanwegetouttaherenow?"

The group split up to begin their quest. Roland and Lilith wished the two good luck and the pairs of duos went their separate ways. The pink haired Siren and the grizzled soldier fought through zombie hordes without much trouble. However there was some animosity directed at each other as well as each other. As they walked through the perilous forest, Lilith was starting to grow more annoyed with Roland. It was bad enough that, in her mind, he took advantage of her, but now he did not respect her enough to even address what happened. She did not like being used and thrown away. The more the magical warrior kept thinking about it, the angrier she became and the more she glared at the oblivious man. And Roland's obliviousness only fueled her resolve to remain angry at her in which proceeded the most awkward walk between two people fighting zombies. Even a recording about a man declaring his love for his wife and kids didn't ease the tension.

"Dearest Anna. I've arrived at Jakobs Cove and you'll be pleased to know it seems a jolly and lively old town. I know being away from you and the children will be difficult but it's only for a few cycles. The pay is just too generous to pass up. I'll work hard here and be back to you and the girls soon. My brother will take good care of you in the meantime. Love, Hank."

"Hmph," Roland placed the EchoRecording in his pack and turned to the agitated Siren. "He sounded like a good man."

"Yeah, it is nice to see that there are some men in the six galaxies that think of anything else besides themselves," Lilith retorted with a tone that was drenched with contempt.

Roland, unsure how to approach the feisty woman, stood there and stared at the dismissive woman, "Umm right…so let's find another one."

So they continued to search for the next tape. Roland felt safer dealing with zombie hordes than trying to approach the ever sharp tongued Lilith. They eventually found the second Echo Recording. They found it in a derelict boat in the swamp. Roland listened to the Recording as Lilith continued to stare daggers at him.

"Dearest Anna. The work here is tough but honest. Oh, and the trees, Anna, the trees are amazing. You wouldn't believe your eyes. I've never seen anything like them. Sometimes I feel sad to cut them down, but it will all be worth it if I can get back to you with the money required for us (to) have a fresh start. I'm dreaming about a nice homestead in the Dahl Headland. Think on it. Missing you, Hank. ... P.S. Tell Sally that I love the hat she sent. I wear it every day. The men tease me a bit but they don't know the joy that a child's love can bring."

The mercenary shook his head as he placed the recording in his SDI, "Hopefully, we can get this man back to his family in one piece."

"Yeah," the pink haired woman sneered as she cocked her weapon. "Ms. Reiss knows that a man who respect them enough to, I don't know, not take advantage of them when they are drunk is like finding a needle in a haystack."


Lilith didn't respond and began walking away from Roland. The soldier tried to call out to her, but another zombie horde attacked. Of course, Roland's mind was now concentrated on the zombies, but the beautiful woman slaying them with him. 'Does she think that I took advantage of her last night?' the pondered as he pressed his blade in a zombie's skull. The two continued their quest to the third Echo Recording which was located a chair near a small shack. 'Must have been Reiss's place,' Roland thought. Lilith picked it up as Roland sent out his sentry gun to take care of incoming Corpse Eaters.

"Dearest Anna. I have been noticing some strange things at the mill of late. Many workers seem to be falling very ill. What is strange is that we all had our check-ups just last week and were given a clean bill of health and a vitamin from the company's physician, Dr. Ned. He is doing everything in his power but there have been some deaths. Do not worry. I will, as always, be careful. I will send an ECHO again soon. All my love, Hank."

"A clean bill of health and a vitamin," Roland lingered on those words. "Lilith does that sound strange to you?"

"Wow," Lilith clapped her hands in a slow methodical manner. "You are completely capable of showing concern for other people. I'm impressed. Truly."

Roland finally fed up with her attitude confronted her, "Lilith, what the hell is your problem?"

Lilith, not one to back down, took a step up to him despite him towering over her, "My problem is, Leader, is that you took advantage of me last night. Worse. You took of advantage of me when I was vulnerable and instead of telling me about it or at least respecting me enough to act like we made love, you act like it never happened."

Roland was completely flabbergasted by this and tried to interject, but was immediately interrupted as she continued.

"I respected you, Roland. I always have. I followed you into the depths of hell and back and I did so without question. The least you could do is act like you give a damn about me," Lilith turned around and began walking away.

The soldier tried reaching out to her, "Lilith, wait—"

He stopped as he saw the woman raise her fist in the air and her middle finger raise without at all turning her attention back to him.

"I wonder how the other two are doing," Mordecai asked as he chillingly shot down another undead bird from the sky.

"Who cares?" Brick stated as he punched a poor zombie on the way to collecting the egg. "Those two can handle themselves. We have a job to do, Mord."

Mordecai shook his head, "What happened to you, Brick? You used to be a gentle kid. Stupid…but a gentle kid"

"If you haven't been paying attention, Mordy," the behemoth of man turned to the slender man. "My sister has been kidnapped and I am looking for her."

"And?" the hunter shrugged as if it were not a big deal.

Brick was annoyed by the apathy of his companion. He clenched his fist ready to tear his head off.

"Look," Mordecai held up his hands noticing the increasing tension between them. "All I'm saying is that your sister could always take care of herself, Brick. What makes you think she even needs help?"

"I need to make sure," the blood thirsty growled. "I need to—"

"See her?" Mordecai chuckled. "And what makes you think that she wants to see how you are now, amigo?"

"What do you mean, you bird loving alcoholic?"

"I mean Brick," the hunter smirked before pulling out his machete. "You've changed. You've become a bloodthirsty hijo de puta. Are you sure you want your sister to see you like this? A killer."

Brick loosened his fist. The hunter was right. Brick has become a monster. Mordecai noticed how somber the behemoth became and then patted the behemoth on his massive shoulder.

"Look, I'm sorry for acting like I never cared, amigo," Mordecai hung his head low trying to look away from the man. "When I left for Artemis, I was sure that I could never face you guys again. I feared that I would scare you guys. Turns out, you guys turned out just as bad as I did. But if your sister sees how we are…sees what we are, I don't know how she will take it man."

Brick shook his head and turned away from his friend, "Let's hurry up and collect these stinkin' eggs."

There was an uneasy silence between the two. Roland kept trying to grab her attention, but it fell on deaf ears and cold shoulders. She felt betrayed by the very person she least expected to betray her. All over the galaxy, people have tried to experiment on her, capture her, or even burn her alive, but she never expected Roland to use her in the way he did. The two continued their search to find these recordings of a man who was probably dead in order to reassure his wife, but she was not the only person who needed reassurance. They found the fourth recording near a broken weapon vendor. Roland clicked it on to hear what it said.

"Anna. Things have gone from bad to worse. There have been rumors of people seeing the dead walk. At first these tales were laughed off at the saloon, but now people talk in the hush whispers of the truth. They say those who come in contact with the dead are always first to be ill and are, as such, the first to seek the help of Dr. Ned. The doctor assures me that he is making progress on a cure. I, for one, believe him and it is only 3 more weeks till we are reunited. Kiss the girls for me. Love, Hank."

Lilith shook her head in disappointment, "He truly was a good man."

"I did not take advantage of you," Roland immediately blurted out.


"Look," Roland turned away trying to not meet her eyes. "I didn't tell you because I thought you would be embarrassed about the whole situation."

"Congratulations, you succeeded in that because I don't feel embarrassed about being the drunk girl who you are too ashamed to own up to."

"Lilith, dammit, just listen to me," Roland placed his hands on her shoulders. Her golden eyes completely focused on his. "Nothing happened last night."

"Then what happened?"

"It's a long story."

"And we can still be friends," she leaned closer to his lips noticing that the resistance has faded. Before their lips embraced, she stopped a mere millimeter away. "I just want you to open up my Vault, Vault Hunter. I promise the reward will be worth more than actual one."

The gorgeous woman leaned a bit closer so there lips could finally meet. He tried to resist, but deep down there was urge that wanted to kiss her just once. So he relented to her just this once… He closed his eyes awaiting her embrace. When it never came, he wondered what was wrong and opened his eyes. He saw that she pulled away and was covering her face.

Roland perplexed by this sudden action tried to see what was wrong, "Lilith, are you okay?"

Without warning, Lilith immediately heaved in his lap and splattered him with vomit. Roland was clearly grossed out by her action and pushed her off his laugh.

"Lilith, what the hell?" Roland immediately sat up from his seat as the woman startled cackling and many people who witnessed this started silently chuckling.

"Oh my God, I never felt as good as I feel now," she snorted.

"Lilith, are you okay?" Roland, now over the vomit on his pants and concerned with the person who vomited on him, tried picking her up.

"Are you kidding," she retorted as the muscular man wrapped his arms around her. "I've never felt better."

"Are you sure," he asked one more time before noticing that she was about to upchuck on him, again. "Oh, you better no—"

He couldn't finish his sentence in time and Lilith threw up on him again. Completely disgusted, Roland dropped Lilith like a bad habit and tried to find a towel or something to wipe the gunk off.

Mordecai, obviously trying to hold his laughter, walked over and gave him a rag, "The bruja can't hold her liquor apparently."

Lilith did not care for anything at all apparently as she kept laughing her pretty little ass off, "Okay, okay, I was lying before. Now, I never felt better."

"So I took you to your apartment, had a lady help you clean you up, and get you in bed, "Roland finished explaining as they searched to find the final recording. "The reason I didn't want to talk about it was…well, isn't it obvious."

"So the reason that you were acting like I was the embarrassing drunk girl at the party was because I was the embarrassing drunk girl at the party," Lilith's face grew visibly red as she happened upon the realization. "Wow, and now my life has come into full circle."

"I wouldn't dwell on it too much," Roland did what he could to reassure her. "I probably should have told you sooner. It was horrible of me to leave you in the dark."

Lilith covered her face wishing that a zombie would just eat her whole, "I can't believe I thought we had drunk sex. At first, I was open to the idea that we did then I wasn't sure how I felt about it and there was this whole thing about whether I wanted it or being angry at myself for not remembering how it was like and—"

"Wait," Roland interrupted and cocked an eyebrow. "You wanted to have sex with me?"

'Oh shit' Lilith thought as she was visibly stunned that she said all of that out loud.

"Ummm," the Siren looked around for something…anything that would take his attention away from her. "Oh, look an Echo Recording. Let's listentothatthingnow!"

Lilith immediately rushed to the final recording and turned it on, hoping that it would provide them intel on the situation and Hank Reiss's whereabouts.

"Beloved Anna. It is no longer rumors. Some curse has been set upon us here at Jakobs Cove. The dead are rising from their graves and are ravenous with a hunger for flesh. All work has stopped and we are fighting for our lives. But fear not. Dr. Ned believes there is a way to stop the horror. I have volunteered to allow him to test an antidote on me. It's the skags my dear. The filthy skags will be our salvation! The doctor says they are immune to the ailment. I am presently on my way to get this treatment at the hospital outside of town. I know it will be a success and we will be together again shortly. Pray for me, Hank."

"So, he is with the Doctor," the Siren sighed in relief. "It's good that he is alive. Now we can tell Anna the good news."

"I don't think so," Roland walked up to her and surveyed the area.

The pink haired woman was confused by his statement and inquired, "What do you mean?"

Roland pointed at the skag pile that was next to where Lilith found the recording. It had bones in the matter. "Reiss was eaten before he could reach the Doctor, it seems."

Roland sat up and looked at the now somber Lilith. She closed her eyes and shook her head, "I guess we have to tell Anna now."

Brick and Mordecai watched as their two other companions walked back into town. Lilith leaned against the shack next to Mordecai and Brick who finished collecting the eggs. Roland kept walking to the bounty board and prepared to turn in the information that he found to the grieving widow. She was shocked and audibly on the brink of tears when Roland informed her of her husband's untimely demise. She tried to hold her sobs in order to think the Vault Hunter.

" Thank you... Hearing his voice again is a cold comfort, but one I will have to accept to move on."

The message was cut abruptly short afterwards and payment immediately transferred into his account. Roland felt a steady uneasiness taking money from her, but he really had no say in the manner. He turned his attention to his three squad members who were awaiting orders.

"We are going to Hallow's End and we are going to find Dr. Ned and save this planet one more time. We are getting to the bottom of this."

The crew nodded their heads and they immediately started towards the direction to the transition point.

Before, this was all just a way to get paid. Now, the heroes had a resolve to end this.

The group trekked there was through Hallow's End to find the Doctor. They headed east towards their destination as they fought through countless zombie hordes and continued to search for Ned's home. Soon they see a sign that reads, "Creepy Treehouse" thus cluing the Vault Hunters in that they are fairly close to their destination. They found a bridge that allowed them to access higher ground which they all appreciated. However, the undead started to appear over them. Roland immediately reacted and sent out his turret as cover fire.

"Everybody get down!" he commanded as he scattered fire and threw his grenade.

Lilith, a little tired of wearing the unpleasant residue of disembodied brain, went into her trademark Phasewalk. Mordecai and Brick were too busy trying blasting undead walking carcasses to notice her action, but Roland being observant noticed this moment of insubordination.

"Lilith," he called out gritting his teeth. "The hell you doing? I told you to take cover!"

Lilith did not respond. Suddenly her transparent purple form began walking through each Zombie and as she did, the set aflame instantly. One by one, the horde of zombies dwindled as the boys stood there in awe.

"She has been holding back this whole time," Mordeaci smirked honestly impressed with his companion.

Roland was not impressed with her ability of wanton destruction. She disobeyed and order. Sure, she is single-handily took a on a massive army of undead assholes, and she is showing up her so-called equals, but an order is an order.

Soon, there was a large explosion that reduced the once menacing zombies to ash with a pink haired woman standing over them. Lilith flicked her hair and smirked as she glanced over her companions looking astonished by her feat.

"Close your mouths,boys," she teased. "I know that I'm jaw dropping hot."

Roland walked up to her with an annoyed look on his face, "Okay, hotshot, you through playing around?"

"Excuse me," Lilith crossed her arms and tilted her head. "You got something to say, Roland?"

"These two are not going to have their little love spat on a bridge filled burnt with carcasses, are they?" Mordecai murmured to the huge companion.

"You should have followed orders. What would have happened if one of us got caught in a Phaseblast?"

Brick smirked and winked at Mordecai, "Well, at least it is a change of scenery this time."

"Oh, I'm sorry do I need to ask for permission to save your lives every time I take initiative?"

Mordecai chuckled as the couple kept screaming at eachother, "When did you get a sense of humor?"

"No, but when we are on a narrow bridge filled with brain eating son of bitches, a heads up would have been nice."

"These two used to always fight back then," Brick gave a hearty laugh. "Me and you always had to put up with it."

"Well, I'll be sure to hold your hand when mommy has to put in some work, okay? Seriously, what the hell is your problem?"

"Yeah, Mordecai sat down and started cleaning his rifle. "I'm glad to see that some things haven't changed."

"Your inconsideration of our safety is my problem. You do realize that you can kill us with that ability, right?"

Brick looked at his little buddy,"Maybe there is still hope for her as well..."

"Oh, that completely flew over my head. I was completely unaware of my ability to burn things to a crisp could hurt people while I was using it to burn things to a crisp. Things are suddenly so clear to me now, Captain Obvious."

Mord looked up and noticed the sudden melancholy look in his face, "Brick... Look, I'm sorry about what I said earlier. I crossed the line, amigo."

"Your smartass remarks aren't cute, dammit!"

"It's alright," the giant said as he watched as his favorite couple bicker with one another. "I realize that I've been too bloodthirsty."

"I'm sorry for not being cute helpless little girl to stroke your tiny male ego. I strive to make you feel better about yourself and act like I'm in constant need of protection."

"Well that was easy," Mordecai refocused his attention on his rifle. "If only those two could learn from us."

"Do not pull the sexism card. Your recklessness does not apply to this situation."

"Nah," Brick sat down next to his thin friend. "That would be two easy."

"I'll be sure to remember that *cough* chauvinistic pig *cough*."

Eventually they reached an area with a huge manor on top of a plateau. The Vault Hunters slowly approached the house while checking if a horde would intercept them.

Lilith looked at the over sized treehouse, "Well that certainly does not look like something from a cheap horror film.

Suddenly, an Echo called out on their Echo device to them.

"Sweet, you made it all the way here alive! I'll get the lift down but it'll probably take a bit to hand crank the bastard all the way to 'ya. Probably wanna shoot any of those skull munchers that traddle in."

"That must be Ned," Roland murmured to himself. Suddenly, he heard the moans of the undead creeping closer to their location. Roland readied his weapon and signaled to the rest to do the same. "Alright, everybody get in position and hold this spot."

"Hello, dead people!" the red haired Siren called out in glee while preparing for battle.

Mordecai immediately sent out his bird, Bloodwing, to do some recon while Brick readied his rocket launcher. Everybody heard the loud call from Bloodwing which signaled that the horde was approaching. Mordecai looked in his sights and awaited for the first undead bastard to appear in his scope. When one finally did, Mordecai pulled the trigger and watched as the bullet took the target's head off.

"Boom," he uttered as he began chuckling to himself. Brick fired his rocket into the incoming horde and watched as it took them apart. Lilith and Roland stayed back for support.

Roland looked out beyond the bridge and noticed that there was another swarm coming up. He turned to Lilith noticing that she hasn't turned on her Phasewalk. Knowing that she would say something if he commanded her to do so, he decided to take a different approach.

"Well gee," Roland didn't even try to hide his contempt in his voice as Lilith kept spraying her Sub-Machine Gun into the countless zombies. "My poor and stupid male mind has no idea how to handle these zombies. If only there was a way for a super cool, but self-assured magical woman to show us, poor stupid guys, how by turning invisible and setting them aflame."

Lilith stopped firing and smirked at her dark-skinned "stupid male" friend. She placed a hand on her hip and lifted up her other hand to shoot him the bird as she entered her Phasewalk.

"Well that went well," Roland turned his attention back to the battle. Everyone did everything they could to survive the endless onslaught of the undead. Lilith set countless zombies on fire in her phase mode. Brick blasted and punched his way through the mass. Mordecai blasted countless zombies in the head. Roland did everything he could to make sure the platform was clear. But it seemed like it took an eternity. Because the zombies spawned around and near the elevator, it was easy to be surrounded and overwhelmed by them.

"Hang on then," Ned finally said through their Echo devices. "Going as fast as these hands want to go."

"Hang on," Roland was perturbed and exclaimed while blasting a zombie's head off. "We've been fighting these bastards forever. YOU NEED TO HURRY THE HELL UP."

"Oh come on," the doctor seemed exasperated. "Don't act like you've never had to wait on a hand cranked elevator during a zombie outbreak before."

"Why the hell is there a hand cranked anything now and days?" The Siren pondered as she poured fiery led into a pour zombie. "This isn't the 21st Century."

Roland turned towards Mordecai who was becoming overwhelmed by the horde. He was desperately trying to fend them off, but it was to no avail. And then with one pull of his trigger, the unthinkable happened.

"Son of a bitch," he yelled out while unleashing his blade into a poor zombie's skull. "Out of ammo."

"Shit!" Roland immediately sprinted towards his direction, but his line of sight on Mordecai was becoming non-existent. His partner was becoming engulfed in the horde. "This is not good."

Lilith tried to reach Mordecai, but was preoccupied with her own problems. Brick was too busy in his own blood rage to even notice that Mordecai was in trouble. Suddenly, a loud cry caught both of their attention.


"Everybody!" Roland called out. "Head to his position immediately!"

The massive tank of meat immediately started barreling through the zombie horde calling out, "Don't worry, Morry. I'm coming!"

Lilith however was not as successful as him however and struggled to make way, "You are a real pain in the ass!"

Roland didn't say anything. The only thing on his mind was saving him. He refused to allow another teammate of his to die. Not again. Roland fought like a man possessed. He shot at anything in his way taking down snarling undead after snarling undead. Finally, he reached his fallen comrade and injected an Insta-Health in his sternum.

"On your feet, soldier!"

But they were defenseless. Roland could not administer the Insta-Health without putting down his rifle and Mordecai ran out of ammo on all of his weapons. Bloodwing could not revive him as it was too busy fighting off the undead. Refusing to let it end like this, Roland reached in his Storage Device and unleashed his Scorpio turret. The machine immediately started pouring led into them while the containment device started providing ammo and health on the fly. Roland however was too focused on the health of his companion to care.

"Yo, Mordecai grabbed his rifle and his ammo. "I got this amigo. Thanks."

The two covered each other's back and made their way back to the elevator.

"Everybody make your way back to the elevator now," Roland called outlouder than the burst of his rifle. "We can't separate ourselves again."

"Well, alright Commander Badass," Lilith snarked and entered her phasewalk just moments before a zombie swiped at her and thus began burning alive...or dead.

All four made it to the clearing and awaiting for the elevator. This seemed poignant as if they were finally coming to a close to the heated and drawn out battle. They all were firing in all directions and kept their poise until a transmission from the dear doctor discouraged them.

"Oh, son of a bitch, I just dropped the dumbwaiter. My hands just let go. I'll get ya up, hang on."

"Are you fucking serious?!" Lilith called out completely exasperated.

Roland did not even bother to tell her to focus again. He too was growing annoyed with the doctor's incompetence of turning a hand crank,"We don't have time. How much do you have turn?"

"Almost," He responded. "I'm getting there keep yer shirt on."

"Is everyone on this planet trying to kill us directly or indirectly?" Mordecai asked while looked down his sighs.

"Everybody just focus on the task at hand,"Roland did his best to reassure his crew, but he wasn't too sure himself. "Just try not to die."

"What an inspiring speech," Lilith rolled her eyes without letting go of the trigger. "I feel completely amped."

Brick grew tired of the wait and leaped to the descending elevator. The other Vault Hunters glanced up to him to see what he was doing before turning their attention back to the battlefield.

"Brick, what are you doing?" Mordecai called out.

Brick didn't respond and kept climbing up the rope with his bare hands. At the top of the rope, he reached the metal pulley and placed his feet against it thus dangled upside down.

"If I can get this thing down there to 'ya, there's a good chance you'll make it out alive," the Doctor called out through the transmission seemingly unaware of the giant on under his pulley.

"I didn't know you had a brother, Captain Obvious," Lilith smirked.

Brick began yanking the rope with off of his might and began lowering the elevator himself.

"All right, big guy," Mordecai cheered. "I knew all that muscle was good for somethin'."

Like a one man lift, Brick did not relent. The man eventually caught the eye of the Doctor who stopped and gazed upon the behemoth.


Finally, the lift reached the ground, and Brick dropped to meet his allies below. The giant of a man fired a rocket and headed face first into the horde with reckless abandon for his well-being.

"Mordecai," Roland got in front and continued firing. "Get on the lift. Lilith will get on after you and then, I'll follow."

"What about Brick?"

They all glanced at the monster of a man and watched as he tore a poor zombie apart with his bare hands.

"He'll get on when he wants," Roland ordered. "Just get on the lift."

Mordecai got on the lift and Lilith followed just as Roland demanded. Roland fired a few rounds into the crowd, but the lift didn't go back up. Apparently the medical expert above did not get the memo about Brick."

"Don't act all fancy and waste my time," the man called out. "Get on the damn thing!"

Brick reluctantly got on after realizing that he was the holdup. The elevator began to raise and all of the Vault Hunters took a deep sigh of relief.

They healed all their wounds before entering the house, but they were all weary about what they would find inside.

"Look," Lilith called out. "The guy already seems pretty shady, and we haven't even met him yet. This is like a bad internet date thing. I don't trust him."

"What other choice do we have?" Roland shrugged while checking on Mordecai. "He is the only person here who has a clue what's going on and we need him if we want to save this planet from a zombie invasion."

"Saving the planet?" Mordecai raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me, but I thought we were blackmailing the Jakob's corp?"

Roland quickly backtracked as if he were trying to show his team that he was bad guy," Um...we are. But we need to save the planet first, right guys...for completely selfish reasons."

Brick and Mordecai narrowed their eyes at him and were satisfied with the answer so they turned their attention to the derelict home. The soldier took a deep breath as if he were coming up for air. Lilith, however, was not too convinced of Roland's moral compass of apparent lack thereof.

"You know, Roland," she smirked at her fellow Vault Hunter's act. "Just because you are a mercenary does not mean you are truly one at heart. You were always a hero first. Remember that. Be yourself and not who you think you should be, dude.."

"I don't know what your tal-" Roland responded by was quickly cut off.

"Sure, you don't," Lilith sauntered off with an all-knowing smile.

Roland shook his head and followed behind. The Vault Hunters approached the door which was surprisingly open. They walked through with their weapons readied and prepared for battle. Then saw a man sitting in a chair facing away from them holding a beer in one hand. He must have heard them walk in because he began talking.

"I probably went about this all the wrong way," he monologue-d to them. "I'm a doctor; I make people better. I just wanted everyone to be okay."

The crew lowered their weapons and continued to listen to what he had to say. They noticed that their was something familiar about this man, but could not put their finger on it.

Dr. Ned suddenly turned around and made his face known to them. He looked exactly like Dr. Zed, the other doctor they met at Fyrestone. Hell, it must have been Dr. Zed. The only difference between them was 'Dr. Ned' had the obviously fake mustache that strangely grew outside his surgical mask.

"I made the zombies. I was never as good as my totally-not-made-up brother, Zed, and we're totally different people," he suspiciously pointed out and then turned his attention to his bottle. "Ah, I need a drink."

"Wow," Lilith was stunned. "In order for us to save the day, we need the help of some alcoholic doctor. This day just keeps getting better."

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