Her Dark and Bloody Vengeance

Summary: Vengeance (noun), infliction of punishment in return for a wrong committed; retribution.

Chapter One

Rain fell from the sky as she knelt on his grave. It seemed fitting that the sky would weep for her, for the death of a lover. However, she would not shed any tears. No matter how much this man had meant to her, she would not show weakness. Sobbing in the dirt wouldn't bring back the dead.

Had she loved him? In her own way, she truly had. This man had been her last chance of salvation. The woman chuckled to herself. It was time to give herself up to damnation.

Revenge. It was the only option now. Not for him, but for her. It was time to take back everything she deserved, everything she had lost.

Amanda gently placed a single rose upon the gravestone. That was the only piece of sentiment she would give herself, a single red rose. Standing, Amanda brushed the mud off her black dress and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry Ari," she whispered. "Goodbye." Turning, Amanda walked away with one word in her mind.



"Let's go to Paris, it will be so romantic!" Alex yelled sarcastically as she reloaded her gun. Popping out of her hiding place, she fired three times and ignored the pang of guilt she felt as the bullets met their mark.

"When I suggested going to Paris, I meant doing things like climbing the Eiffel tower or eating in quaint little cafes. I did not expect to get caught in a shoot-out with the French mafia on our date night!" Sean replied, with a hint of amusement in his voice. "This evening was supposed to end with no bullets or clothes."

"Can you be serious for five minutes? We are being shot at by a group of very angry Frenchmen!" Alex scolded after smacking her boyfriend on the arm.

"Fine, but there better be some really great after-mission sex." Sean grumbled.

"Haven't you heard? After-mission sex is the best kind." Alex teased.

After Ryan became head of Division, everyone decided that it would be best to take some time off. With Percy's death and Amanda's disappearance, it seemed like the perfect time for some much needed vacations. Birkhoff, Sonya and Ryan stayed in Kentucky to oversee the government's acceptance of the agents and the agents' acceptance of their new role. Michael and Nikita headed to Barbados for some fun in the sun, while Alex and Sean used the time to explore their relationship and head off on 'romantic getaways'.

"I guess I need to accept that we will never be a quaint little café kind of couple," Sean sighed. "Why couldn't I have found a normal girlfriend?"

"Because normal is boring and I look hot with a gun." Alex smirked. "Now on my count, we are going to run for our lives and try to not got shot. Any questions?"

"Do we have a better plan?"

"This is our only plan." Alex rolled her eyes. "One, two, three!"

Alex and Sean burst from their hiding places, guns loaded and ready for action. They were perfectly in sync as they assessed the danger and determined the best route of escape. Both were equally surprised to notice that nobody was there.

"If you two hadn't been so busy with your flirtatious banter, you would have probably noticed that no one's shot at you for a good three minutes." Birkhoff stepped out of the shadows with a smile on his face. "Miss me, babe?"



He was the first thing Nikita woke up to every day, his warm arms surrounding her, keeping her safe. Nothing could touch her as long as she was within Michael's embrace. This morning however, his embrace became a prison, trapping her against him.

"Michael, let go. I need to get up!" Nikita sighed.

"Just five more minutes." Michael mumbled, trailing kisses down the back of Nikita's neck.

"I still remember the last time you said that. We ended up staying in bed all day."

"Is that a problem? You seemed to enjoy it."

"That's not the point, the point is that I have a yoga class to attend and I'm volunteering at the youth centre after that. And you need to make me breakfast." Nikita finally slipped out of Michael's arms, and jumped out of their bed. "I'm craving some pancakes."

"Can I at least get a kiss first?" Michael asked, and Nikita bent down to capture his lips. She would never get used to the feeling of kissing Michael. She had imagined what it would be like many times as a recruit, but her imagination wasn't even close to the real thing. His mouth was warm and soft against hers, loving and gentle, but still demanding. He would always be a forbidden gift to her, something she didn't deserve yet couldn't bear to lose. His teeth grazed against her lip, and she instantly opened her mouth, giving him access. Nikita moaned softly as the tongues danced and explored things in a rhythm only lovers understand. Michael's hands reached up gripped her hips with a surprising tenderness, causing Nikita to pull away.

"Now go make me pancakes." She ordered with a smile.

"Feeling bossy, are we?" Michael teased as he reluctantly pulled away from his girlfriend. Girlfriend seemed like such a childish word for what Nikita meant to Michael. She had pulled him out of the darkness when all he could breathe was vengeance. She had shown him what it truly meant to love, and be loved in return. When they were together, nothing could stop them. Plus, the sex was great. "I could think of some much better uses for the syrup."

"Very funny." Nikita laughed. "Whatever happened to my always so serious Michael?"

"He fell in love with an impossible tease." Michael didn't plan on calling her his girlfriend for much longer. He had bought the ring a few weeks ago; a simple diamond with a silver band, Nikita wouldn't want anything too flashy. Commitment was rare in their world, but Michael really wanted to show her that he was in this for the long run. He didn't care if he married her in six months or tomorrow, as long as he was hers and she was his.

"Have I ever mentioned how much I love you?" Michael asked her seriously, then pulled her in for a bruising kiss. Hands gripped possessively on her hips, he hoisted her up and she wrapped her legs around him, as he pushed her back into the wall. Passion and lust began to take over as Michael trailed kisses from her neck to her collarbone, stopping only to gently bite and suck on her pulse point.

"Michael!" Nikita moaned, arching her chest into him. "You know, maybe I could skip yoga class. Just for today."

"Just for today." Michael agreed with a grin, and carried her to the bed. He pulled her sweater over her head, and laid her down softly on their bed. She was an incredibly erotic sight with her adorably messed up hair, dark eyes, flushed cheeks and muscular stomach. "You're so beautiful."

Nikita tenderly caressed his cheek with her hand and re-captured his lips with hers, in an equally passionate, yet somehow more loving kiss. Michael's hands were everywhere, tracing patterns across her abdomen, outlining the curve of her hip and feeling along her endless legs. She let out a needy gasp as his hands wandered to the inside of her thigh. Michael guided her shoulders down so she was laying out in front of him. With a smirk, he lowered himself on top of her and replaced his fingers with his mouth, kissing and sucking everywhere he could reach. Nikita's heavy breathing encouraged him, as he kissed his way back up to her chest. Michael started to remove her lacy black bra, when the sound of someone clearing their throat made him freeze.

"And I thought Alex and Sean were bad. At least they kept their sexual tension to a PG level." Birkhoff smiled at the shocked faces of Michael and Nikita. "For a pair of assassins, you really need to work on your observation skills. I literally just walked in the front door and have been standing here for the past five minutes."

"Birkhoff, get out." Michael growled.

"Nerd!" Nikita exclaimed with clear delight on her face, she pushed Michael off her and raced to give Birkhoff a hug. "I missed you."

"I missed you too Nikki," Birkhoff confessed, and responded easily to her embrace. "Although, I feel like this reunion might be more welcome to Mikey if you were wearing more clothes."

"If you try and kiss her again, I will kick your ass." Michael replied simply.

"I missed you too buddy." Birkhoff joked.

"Seriously, why are you here?" Michael asked.

"Be nice." Nikita chastised. "Maybe he's just lonely."

"For the record, I have a girlfriend." Birkhoff denied indignantly. "And you guys are the last people I would come and see if I was lonely."

"Whatever you say, Nerd." Nikita teased.

"The thing is, we have a situation. You guys are needed back at Division."

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