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Her Dark and Bloody Vengeance

Chapter Six

"Birkhoff! I need you!" Michael shouted as he stormed into Operations. His leather jacket trailed behind him like a cape. Worry, sadness, anger and confusion were etched over his face.

"Woah Mikey, slow down. You may be ruggedly handsome, but I'm with Sonya." Birkhoff quipped, red bull in his hand. Michael's glare showed that he was clearly not amused. "Aren't you supposed to be at your apartment right now?"

"That's the problem," Michael sighed heavily. He plopped himself down in the chair next to Birkhoff as he began to explain. "On the bright side, I found the dead agents. On the darker side of things, they're in my apartment. To top it all off, an impeccably dressed Nikita was there too, drinking a veggie shake and lounging on the sofa."

"Michael, are you sure you weren't imagining this? I mean, you've been through a lot of stress on not very much sleep. It could be getting to you more than you thought." Birkhoff interjected. The stress of life without love was wearing down on Michael, from his unshaven face to the bags under his eyes. "Maybe you should stay at a hotel or something until Nikki gets back."

"I'm not crazy, nerd. She was in our apartment, surrounded by dead bodies. I went to kiss her, and she used a distract, then right hook technique combination that I taught her to use in her first year at Division. Then, she kicked me in the groin. I have the bruises to prove it. Would you like to see the evidence?" Michael demanded.

"I'm good, thanks." Birkhoff declined, still slightly unsure. "I guess I believe you, but that still doesn't explain what you need me for."

"I asked what Amanda had done to her, and she gave me a hint: Mkultra. I was hoping you could search the black boxes, Division's database or anything really to help me figure out what it meant. I really need your help." Michael knew that it wasn't a strong lead, but it was the only one they had. He was desperate to know the truth about what had happened to Nikita.

"Of course, Michael. Do you even need to ask? I'll do anything to bring Nikita home. I'm just going to call Sonya and let her know that I'm going to be home late. This could take a while." Sonya was the only woman, other than Nikita of course, who had managed to dig herself a hole in Birkhoff's heart. For the first time, Birkhoff was beginning to understand why Michael and Nikita did the things they did. Birkhoff was beginning to understand love. He couldn't imagine ever losing Sonya the way Michael had lost Nikita so many times.

"Thank you Birkhoff, really. Thank you."


"I think I found something!" Birkhoff called out triumphantly. He had been working for almost an hour, with Michael pacing anxiously back and forth. Mkultra hadn't matched anything on the surface of the black boxes, or even in Percy's personal files. After breaking a few encryptions (that he, himself had created of course), Birkhoff dove down into the deeper levels of Percy's secrets. Birkhoff was getting desperate, when he decided to search Amanda's file. It was the section on Amanda's father and early life that revealed the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Parentage: Richard Smith, father of Amanda, founded Project Mkultra in 1970. Project Mkultra was an illegal CIA human experimentation program run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. The goal of this project was to study mind control, interrogation and behavior modification. CIA director, Richard Helms destroyed all files in 1993, two years later the project was brought to public attention by U.S. Congress. Richard Smith was assassinated on May 21, 1993.

Early Life: Amanda was home-schooled for many years by CIA agents and scientists, and basically grew up next to a torture chamber. A prodigy in her own respect, Amanda began developing her own radical ideas for interrogation at fourteen years old. Officially contributed to Project Mkultra at nineteen, by producing breakthrough methods of hypnosis. Her cold and analytical mindset got Amanda instated as a member of Mkultra by the time she was twenty, 1989. Her goal was to develop methods of individual mental states and alter brain functions. It was rumored that Amanda had created the "flawless brainwashing drug", using a combination of ketamine, LSD, tmazepam and psilocybin before all research was destroyed in 1993, and her father was murdered. Amanda joined Division soon after.

"Oh my god," Michael let out a disbelieving breath. "Ketamine was Nikita's drug of choice. Amanda's turning Nikita back into a drug addict."

"Oh, it's a little more than that. Basically, Amanda is using a combination of drugs to brainwash Nikki into becoming her perfect little plaything. She probably used an initial dosage of a combination of drugs to change Nikita's perception of reality, then giving her daily doses of this 'brainwashing drug' to keep Nikki under the spell. She probably still thinks that she's in a noble war against Division, just with Amanda on her side," Birkhoff explained. "For someone as brilliant and utterly evil as Amanda, it wouldn't take much to convince her."

"So, it's kind of like Amanda has just obtained an incredibly deadly assassin who works solely for her and has probably lost all sense of morality; who also happens to be a drug addict?" Michael asked, trying to understand this development that felt like something out of a bad sci-fi movie.

"Pretty much yeah," Birkhoff agreed. "Amanda has probably made Nikita hate everyone that she used to love too."

"Amanda did it. She won," Michael admitted. "Nikita is her puppet, and hates me. Amanda's probably not going to stop there, she's going to make my life a living-hell, and then when she gets bored, she's going to make Nikita be the one to kill me. This won't be over until I'm dead. The worst part is that Amanda won't kill Nikita. Amanda will keep using Nikita as her own personal assassin for as long as she possibly can. Nikita is going to live the rest of her life serving Amanda and loathing me."

"Stop thinking like that, Michael!" Birkhoff ordered. "We're going to bring Nikita home. I don't know when and I don't know how, but everything is going to be alright. Just trust me."


Michael was trying to get a few hours sleep in an old recruit bed, but he tossed and turned with every passing minute. Images haunted him whenever he closed his eyes; images of Haley, Elizabeth and Nikita all raced through his mind. You're going to lose Nikita just like you lost them. A few tears welled up in Michael's eyes. You failed them all. You deserve this. The self-loathing voice in his head was growing stronger and stronger. How can anyone ever love you? You let your family die and now Nikita is Amanda's slave. This is your fault. You deserve to die.

Stop it! Nikita's voice rang louder in his head. You don't deserve this Michael and you didn't fail me, Haley or Elizabeth. You shouldn't have killed Ari, but this wasn't your fault. None of this was your fault. Please remember that I love you no matter what.

Michael was convinced that he was going crazy, but somehow, even though it was just in his head, it felt good to hear Nikita say that she loved him. "I love you too." He whispered into the dark and empty room.

"Michael, we have a problem!" Birkhoff yelled, storming into the room.

"What's up?" Michael asked, quickly gaining a hold upon his sanity.

"Remember how Nikki had implanted that old shell program and was using it to communicate with Alex?" Birkhoff demanded. "Well, now she's using it to communicate with us." He held up a tablet for Michael to observe.

Hey Nerd ;)

I hope everything's fine in Division. Don't stay up too late trying to "save me". Tell Michael I say hi.



P.S. You might want to check on your girlfriend.

"What the hell?"

"Sonya's missing, Michael. Nikita has Sonya," Birkhoff explained in an eerily calm voice. "She sent us some GPS coordinates and now you have to find her."

"It's the middle of the night, and this could be a trap. We need to get some rest and consult with everyone else before we make any rash decisions," Michael rationed logically.

"No. I left her alone to help you find your girlfriend, now it's your turn to find mine. I'll debrief everyone before you get back," Birkhoff ordered, a dangerous gleam in his eye.

"Fine, but we're even after this." Michael grabbed his coat and began to leave the room.

"Thank you, Michael. Really." Birkhoff called after him, his voice sincere. "Please bring them home."

Come and find us, Michael!



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