Love story

excerts from the Highway Man by Alfred Noise

the wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees
the moon was a ghostly galleon tossed apon the cloudy seas
the road was a ribbion of moonlight over the purple moor
and the highway man came riding-
the highway man came riding up to the old INN door...

leia jumped up from her bed at the old inn with excitement as her Han came riding she could hear his horses hooves clatter along the walkway she gasped she loved him as the highway man they called him but he gentler than the rest no one understood that it was him who was the best

he'd a french cocked hat on his forhead a bunch of lace at his chin
a coat of claret velvet breeches of brown doe skin
they fit with never a wrinkle his boots to his thigh
his pistol butts a twinkle
his rapier hilt a twinkle under the jeweled sky
over the cobbles he clattered and clashed in the dark inn yard
he tapped his whip on the shudders but it was all locked and barred
he whistled a tune to the window...

leia came running to the window and slid down the drain pipe "hello sweet heart you look gorgous" han said with a wink she kissed him hugerly but he finally pulled away to tell her

and who should be waiting there
but the land lords black eyed daughter
bess the landlords daughter
plaiting a red love knot in her hair

for this a lesson to be learned my friends
a princess and a smuggler couldn't shouldn't be
they met the terrible end
it is against the code of chivalry
for when the king found of their secret meetings
all hell broke loose
they gave Han Solo greetings
as they sent him to the noose
but to this day you can see them hand in hand walking thourgh the garden the one so big and grand the love of them was the life of them as they lived it well for now the two will be seen as ghost that alway dwell

the end

i know this is not the best story i've done but i'm still an amature so well the is my second story but please feel free to REVIEW IT! :)