Villainess Beginnings: Shan Yu

Start: 6/22/2012 Finish: 6/26/2012

Summary: In an effort to ease tensions between the Huns and the Empire of China, the Emperor sends his eldest daughter, Su Yin, to marry the leader of the Hun army, Shan Yu. Shan Yu/OC

[Author's Note: Howdy, so this story has similar origins like Hades Own Messenger; meaning that I've wanted to write this for a while and are now just getting around to it. I've always thought that Shan Yu really didn't have a driving force behind his rage so I decided to give him one. What better instigator for violence than a lost loved one? Enjoy, ~ Cosmic Horse]

Chapter 1 ~ Gone

"Your majesty." The messenger gasped, practically falling on his face as he bowed before the emperor.

"Catch your breath." The emperor said calmly.

"Your majesty, the Huns have accepted your offer of peace." The messenger said, after catching his breath.

The emperor breathed a sigh of relief. Yet, with this relief came with grief. The emperor dismissed the messenger and slowly walked back to his living quarters where his eldest daughter sat with her younger sisters, waiting. He entered the sitting room. His eldest daughter shot up as soon as she saw him. Her pale hazel eyes locked with his, hope flooding the pupils. "The Huns have accepted the peace offer." He said, watching her shoulders sag.

"Peace shall come to the land." She said, her voice soft, broken.

"Yes it shall." The emperor said. "You shall have three days to pack before you are taken to their capital."

His daughter nodded and he left. The younger siblings wrapped their arms around her, tears filling their eyes. "How can they ask this of you Su Yin?" one of them asked.

"It was never asked of me." Su Yin, the eldest of the emperor's daughters, replied, her voice void of all emotion. "Even if it was, I would not refuse."

The sisters looked at her, horrified looks on their face. "For peace, I would give anything." Su Yin said, standing up and going to her room to pack.

Morning came early for Su Yin. Her day was filled with packing and preparing for her journey. Her maid came in once and said, "The emperor has told me to tell you the name of the Hun leader."

"Yes, what is it?" Su Yin asked.

"Shan Yu." The maid said, bowing out of the room.

Su Yin sighed and abandoned her packing to look out her window. Her room overlooked the royal gardens where the cherry blossoms were blooming and the imperial peacocks strutted about in calm. Su Yin reached up and un-pinned her ebony hair, letting the long tendrils free of their proper bun. She ran her slender fingers through her locks, feeling her hair's hip long length. Her daft fingers began to braid her hair as she leaned against the window frame. This is what she would probably miss the most; looking over the garden with the afternoon sun warm against her face. A smile played at her pink lips as she tied off her braid to continue packing.

The rest of her time sped swiftly by. Soon, far too soon, Su Yin stood outside the Imperial palace, about to get into the carriage that would take her to the Huns. For peace, for peace. She held tightly to her silent mantra as she said tearful goodbyes to her sisters, maids and finally her father. The emperor looked right into Su Yin's eyes and whispered, only letting her hear, "You shall always be my favorite."

Su Yin smiled slightly before getting into the carriage. Throwing a soft whistle, she was soon joined by her pet peahen, Yan. The small peahen clicked happily as she rubbed her tiny head under Su Yin's hand. The carriage lurched forward, taking Su Yin away from everything she had ever known.