Like Fireworks

Christine had told the guys to go ahead and get on the first ride without her while she went to visit one of the other booths quickly and grab a coke. In truth, she wasn't really fond of rides that spun around in circles while moving up and down. However, she had only just gotten to be one of the guys so she wasn't about to tell them that. She stayed at the booth long enough to know that the ride would be over before she made her way over to join the others.

She was so glad she had not gone on that ride.

"Oh god," she groaned when she caught sight of several of the guys leaning over and spilling their stomachs. She moved over toward them carefully, avoiding walking in front of any of them and made her way over to where Scott was leaning over a garbage can. "What the hell happened?"

"Chewing tobacco," he grumbled out, before he leaned over and heaved into the can again. Chris flinched back away from the putrid smell and looked around. Some of the guys were nowhere to be seen but she could see that there were also several bystanders that had gotten hit as well.

"You guys really did it now," she mumbled to herself before placing a hand on Scott's back. "Come on, let's get you home, you idiot. Chewing tobacco; let's not tell mom and Bill about that one." Scott nodded before he paused and gagged briefly again, but didn't throw up. "Come on, shorty."

"Need a hand?" Benny asked. She looked over her shoulder to see that he, unlike the others, didn't have puke all over himself. His face was pale, though, and he didn't look very good either. She nodded and let him grab Scott's other arm and together they helped him along toward home. The others were slowly dispersing as well, knowing better than to try for another ride.

"Who the hell had the chewing tobacco? And how stupid were you guys to actually do it?" she demanded once they were out of the park and back on the dark streets.

"It was Bertram's," Benny answered back, "and I guess we just got all caught up in the excitement. Trust me, I'm never doing that again." His face was nothing but seriousness and she nodded her head, glad that he understood.

"Stop," Scott suddenly said, causing both parties to freeze and look down at him.

Christine, being the older sister, got a better hold on him. "What's wrong? Are you going to be sick again?"

"No, you guys should go back. I can get home on my own," Scott said, stepping out of their reach, Chris moved to grab him again but he stepped back. "Really, I'll be fine. The worst that'll happen is me getting sick again. I'm alright, trust me."

Chris wanted to protest, but he moved away before she had the chance to say anything. Letting out a huff of air, she slouched. Now what was she supposed to do? She looked over to Benny, seeing that he was taking careful breaths so as not to throw up.

"Do you want to go back-"

"No," he said immediately. "Let's go to the Sandlot. No more rides, or food or noise." Just like many times before, he slipped his hand into hers and pulled her along, letting her run at his side down the sidewalk to the Sandlot. They had to take a break halfway there when Benny started to feel the effects of the tobacco and the ride again and they walked the rest of the way.

"Thanks for coming to get me today," she said suddenly, looking over to him. "I don't think I would have been able to force myself to play at any other time," she explained when she saw the confusion in his eyes. He smiled at her words, though, and nodded his head.

"You play really good," he answered back after a pause. "I mean, I've never seen someone run so fast. And then that jump!" Chris blushed shyly at the praise but still smiled, feeling her heart speed up in her chest at the compliments. The Sandlot was dark when they got there, no lights allowing them to see. Benny led the way like he knew the lot like the back of his hand and soon had them in the middle of the diamond.

"Let's just sit in the grass," Chris said, falling down on her butt before he could protest. Benny chuckled at her actions before he did the same, sitting in the cool grass right beside her. "Ah, it's nice and cool. Here, you should take a drink of this. The tobacco taste is probably why you still feel sick," she said as she handed him her coke before she sighed and fell to land on her back. Benny looked down at her in amusement finding her actions so strange now that they were alone before he opened the coke and took a long drink from it, washing away the nasty taste of tobacco.

"Do you miss your old home?" he asked suddenly, looking up toward the night sky. He was starting to feel better, but he was still hesitant about moving around too much. He was glad that he had spat his tobacco out sooner rather than later and was able to hold his stomach in check until he got off the ride.

"Yea," she answered honestly. "When you leave such close friends it's hard to move on so soon. But I love it here, too. I'm glad that I met you guys, I'm glad that Scott met you guys. It's been a while since he's had so much fun during the summer." Propping her upper body up on her elbows, she looked toward the stars visible in the sky.

"Any other reason aside from baseball that you're glad you met us?" Benny asked quietly, gaining a look from Chris. She couldn't really see him clearly in the semi-darkness, but she knew that he wasn't looking at her as he asked.

She pulled herself up completely and moved over until she was sitting directly beside him, thigh to thigh, and turned her head to look him dead in the face. He was avoiding looking back at her, keeping his eyes out on the field, along the fence or in the sky. "Are you trying to hint at something, Rodriguez?" she asked in a steady voice. He looked in the other direction, clearly hiding his face from her.

"What about…me?" he finally asked, drawing a smile to her lips. It would be cruel to keep teasing him, after all he was being very open. For a boy.

"Yea, you're definitely the main reason I like it here," she answered. His head snapped back in her direction, eyes wide, when his brain finally understood what she had said. She just smiled to him as she let his shock pass and soon a sheepish smile spread across his face as well. When he reached for her suddenly she repressed the urge to flinch back and instead watched him curiously.

His hand moved back to her hair and he began to tug on the tie that was holding it up. "Hey-"

He interrupted easily, "Just trust me." The band was pulled from her hair completely and he began pulling it forward, draping her hair around her shoulders like it had on the Fourth of July. She looked down to where his hand was sliding along her slightly curled hair, messed about from when she had pulled it into a braid after her shower. "I like your hair down. You…you look really beautiful that way," he explained, finally looking her in the eye.

A sudden crack drew their attention and they looked over toward the direction they had come from, seeing that it was the festival shooting off the odd firework now and again. A smile spread across Chris's face as she watched a bright red one explode in the sky and light up the world around them. She looked down in surprise when she felt Benny's hand slip into hers before her eyes rose up to his face again.

It felt strange to have her hair tickling her arms, but if Benny liked it that way then she would wear it down more often. She smiled to him and tightly gripped his hand in silent reply. He leaned forward slightly, just as he had done at her doorstep, before he paused. She didn't want to wait this time, in case he changed his mind, and leaned forward the rest of the way as a bright blue firework went off in the distance.

She had never kissed someone or had been kissed, so it was strange at first but she didn't pull away when she felt his lips press back against her own, soft and silky. She was surprised, expecting a guy's lips to be rough. But then again, there wasn't much about Benny that came off as 'rough' beside his well worked hands.

The awkwardness soon disappeared as Benny's head tilted to the side to allow more comfort and his free hand moved back to slide through her loose hair. She could taste the cola that he had drank on her lips when she pulled away, her cheeks flaming as she blushed heavily. Benny just smiled and wrapped an arm around her neck and pulled her back, more confidence in his movements. She couldn't stop herself from smiling as her arms wrapped around his torso in return, holding onto him tightly.

She was finally home.

Long after the kiss had ended they remained lying in the grass in the Sandlot field, talking and joking like they had known each other for years. Chris soon began to doze as the lights of the carnival faded in the distance, her head moving to fall on Benny's shoulder. He wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her up as he looked into her sleepy face, barely able to see through the darkness that her eyes were fluttering closed now and again.

"I think it's time I got you home," he finally whispered, causing her to hum soft in a tired form of agreement. He smirked in amusement before he rose to his feet, offering her his hands and pulling her up onto her feet. She was briefly confused when he turned his back to her and crouched down. "Hop on, I'll carry you back."

She was too tired to argue and leaned down on his back, wrapping her arms carefully around his neck as his hands moved under her thighs to carry her properly. As Benny was carrying the half asleep girl back to her house, he thought to the first time that he had actually seen her. Not when he went over to Smalls' to invite him to play, but when they had first been moving in across the road from him and his mom.

Benny waved to the boy that was rummaging around in the U-Haul that carried the boxes of his family's things, knowing that it was rude not to wave back to someone. He boy's face lit up and he felt glad that he could cheer him up. He knew that it was hard to move so suddenly and leave behind everyone that you knew. Carrying his school book, jacket and mitt, he walked up the steps to his house before looking back at the sound of someone calling out a boy's name. It wasn't a name of someone he knew.

When he looked back, there was a girl jogging over to the boy who had waved to him, the kid's attention drawn to her. Scott. She had called him Scott.

He paused in continuing up to his house when he caught sight of her, shocked to say the least. The jean shorts she was wearing showed off her already tanned skin and her hair was a long brown that looked to have a red tone to it. It looked even redder as the sun hit it. She was wearing a baseball jersey with Angels written in red across the front and a pair of faded red converse, a rare colour to find.

She must have been related to the kid.

She was wearing something black on her right hand; it looked like a bandage or something. He didn't miss when she only used her left arm to pick up a box, still talking with Scott, and leaned it against her hip. She was beautiful.

"Benjamin, have you said hello to the new neighbours?" his mother asked, taking his by surprise.

"Oh, sorta. I'm gunna finish my homework and then I'll go talk with them," he said quickly and made a mad dash toward his room. His mom would probably rope him into going over there if he didn't tell her something and he wasn't ready to meet the girl yet.

Yea, he was being shy.

"Chris, I wasn't carrying you so you could fall asleep on me," Benny joked when he felt her arms slacken around his shoulders. She immediately jumped awake again and held onto him more tightly, looking around dazedly.

"Sorry," she mumbled out, resting her head on his shoulder with her face against his neck.

Benny chuckled and moved to cross the street to her house. "Let's just get you to bed," he answered easily. The lights were out at her house and his, which meant that both of their parents were probably already asleep and thinking they were at the closing carnival having fun. He carefully set her down on her feet again and opened the door for her, holding the screen open as she stepped inside.

"So, Sandlot tomorrow?"

"Most of the guys are probably too sick," he answered, looking in the direction of the lot.

"So? You never used to play with a fair team, why not play with two people?" she teased tiredly, causing him to supress a laugh so her parents didn't wake up. She smiled at the sound of it and leaned heavily against the doorway.

"Alright. Nine A.M tomorrow, I'll meet you out here."

"Fine by me."

She turned to head inside but was forced to a stop when he hooked his fingers into the loops of her jean shorts and pulled her to a stop. She turned back to look at him and was shocked into awareness as he pressed a quick kiss against her lips before he stepped back outside of her house.

"Goodnight," he whispered, letting the screen door swing closed.

"Goodnight," she called after him, a smile rising back up to her lips as she quietly closed the front door behind her and locked it. Her entire body felt like it was made of air as she walked up to her room to go to bed for the night, suddenly very awake once more. She felt like dancing again.

It wasn't even sunrise when she was awoken by a constant tapping on her window. She groaned as she rolled over in her bed to try and find the source of the sound, nearly rolling clean off the mattress in the process. She sat up and listened, trying to find out where the sound had come from. If it was a bug or mouse she was going to murder it.


The urgent whisper jolted her from the bed and toward the window, her legs nearly tripping under her when she got caught up in the sheets. She ran up to her window and pushed it open the rest of the way, leaning her head out to see Benny standing down on her front lawn. She smiled and waved before making a 'one sec' signal.

She got dressed faster than she ever had before and was about to pull her hair back when she remembered what Benny had done the night before and decided to forgo it. She was pulling on her converse as she ran down the stairs and leapt out the front door. Benny grinned and turned toward the Sandlot, knowing that she would keep up with his jog no problem.

She ran beside him toward the Sandlot, keeping pace with him easily. But she was thrown off slightly when he ran passed the lot, taking her hand and pulling her after him as he continued on. She placed her trust in him and let him pull her along to wherever he was going. The run wasn't much further passed the Sandlot before they arrived to a small cliff that looked out over the land around the Valley.

The sun was just cresting over the horizon when they reached the edge and Chris was left breathless for a moment.

"Wow," she sighed out, watching as the sky turned a vibrant red with the rising of the sun. "Did you plan this?" she asked softly without looking away from the sunrise.

"Ah, no," he confessed sheepishly. "I woke up early and thought that it would be something to see. I got dressed and came to get you right away."

A smile broke out over her face, though, before she moved over to sit on the edge of the small cliff side, letting her legs hang down, and continued to watch as the sun rose up into the summer sky. Benny moved over to sit as her side, leaning his elbows on his knees as his eyes looked off into the distance as well.

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