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Prologue 1: Soul Eater and the Sword Meister

It was a cloudless night in Death City, the moon was grinning it's usual crazed grin and laughter. The streets had few people out and about. A woman though was running in terror. A monster was after her. He looked monstrous with ugly sickly grey-brown skin, razor-sharp metal claws for hands, and a scary looking mask on his face, he also wore what appeared be to a bondage outfit. He moved like an animal. This man was once human now he was what was called a evil human or a Pre-Kishin a demon that preyed on innocent souls. His name was Jack the Ripper, his mouth was filled with razor-sharp fangs and a long tongue dripping with drool. Jack chased the poor woman all the way into an alleyway cornering her. Jack licked his lips hungrily, his eyes flashed a demonic red.

The Pre-Kishin leapt at the fleeing woman and slashed her with his claws. A glowing blue ball floated from the flesh of the dead woman, her soul. Jack grabbed the orb and swallowed it whole, the soul filling the Pre-Kishin with more energy. He suddenly heard a terrified scream and turned to see another woman looking horrified at him before running away. "Want more power."

Jack chased the other woman and then she tripped and fell, Jack leapt up and landed on top of her. "More power."

The poor woman was horrified and trapped.

Jack raised his right hand much to the woman's great terror, the claws gleaming menacingly. Suddenly Jack heard a slurping noise, paused, and turned to see what interrupted his meal.

On the top of the steps were two teens. One was a girl with ashen blonde hair and large olive green eyes. Her hair was done in two pigtails. She wore a black top with a red checkered skirt. A long cloak like thing billowed behind her and it constantly changed shape, she also heavy plated shoes and white gloves. Next to her sitting on a lower step was a boy with spiky white hair and red eyes. He wore a yellow and black top with a headband, and jeans.

The girl whispered. "Soul Eater...That man's soul."

The newly named Soul nodded. "Yeah Maka, there's no doubt about it that dude's soul is a Kishin Egg...It's pure evil, he's not human anymore."

Jack licked his claws preparing to attack.

"Any soul that strays from the path of humanity and turns evil, runs the risk of transforming into a Kishin," Maka said. "In the name of Lord Death, this evil must purged...Let's collect the damaged soul and end this."

Soul stood up from his perch. "Just so we're clear Maka. This guy's turning himself into a weapon; He's the same as me in that way." Soul brought his arm out which glowed with a bright blue light and turned into a red and black scythe blade with a zigzag pattern on it. "Of course I look much cooler in my human form then he does. But being a weapon isn't what the problem is here, the problem with this guy... Is his soul!" Soul Eater glowed completely blue and jumped into the air becoming a large red and black scythe with a red eye on the head.

"I know." Maka caught the scythe and spun it around as the light burst off and rested it on her shoulder. "You Serial Killer Jack the Ripper...Your murdering days are done...Your soul is mine."

Jack shot up the stairs in a zigzag pattern at Maka intending to kill her too.

But Maka was ready for him. "Weapon and Meister, two fighting as one...Let's go Soul Eater."

Jack swung his claws only for Maka to use her weapon to block them. They fought for a while until Maka jumped up and Jack followed. But Maka used his head to jump away causing Jack to nearly fall down the steps. The Pre-Kishin managed to right himself and jumped. But Maka followed him.

Maka flew at her opponent with the scythe ready. "It's ours now...Our 99th soul!" She slashed Jack in his belly. Jack's body turned into black smoke with red lights and compressed into a ball before a red orb formed. This red orb with plates was a Kishin soul.

Maka landed perfectly on her feet and the red orb floated down.

Soul phased out of his weapon form grabbing the orb and fully returned to human form. Soul ate the the orb and chewed before swallowing. He prayed in thanks. "Maka...Thank you a good meal."

Maka smiled. "We're almost there aren't we? Took us long enough...But that was number 99, so we finally collected all the Kishin souls we need."

Soul smirked. "Only one thing left now, I just got to eat the soul of a witch..." He thumbed to himself. "Then I'll be one of Lord Death's weapons...You're looking at the next Death scythe...I know as if I wasn't cool enough already right?" They walked up the stairs.

"Anyway we'd better report back to Lord Death and let him know." Maka looked around and found a window. She breathed on it to fog it up and wrote numbers. "42-42-564 whenever you want to knock at Death's door."

The window glowed and ripples and you could hear a ringing sound.

Maka called out. "Hello Lord Death? Are you there? This is Meister Maka reporting..."

The window flashed white and changed to show a strange room with light in it. A strange being appeared in the window standing on a platform in a strange looking room. He was tall and shadowed with spikes jutting out everywhere on his body. A cartoonish skull mask was on his face.

This strange being was Lord Death, the Grim Reaper himself. He greeted jovially. "Ya! Ya! Hello Meister Maka-chan! How are you doing? How did it go?"

Maka reported. "I just collected the 99th Kishin soul sir..We just have one witch soul to collect and we'll be done."

"Well done Maka-chan! You're proving to be just as excellent the meister as your mother was!" Lord Death said proudly.

Maka giggled and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

"Hey Soul Eater!" Said familiar and unwelcoming (To Maka) voice. A red-haired man wearing a black and grey suit walked up standing beside Lord Death. This man was Lord Death's current weapon Death scythe and he was also Maka's father. "If you even think of touching my Maka-chan...If you lay a hand on her, as a Death scythe...No as her father..." Death scythe leaned closer to the mirror. "I will freaking kill you! You got me you little bastard?-!"

Soul looked annoyed. "What are you smoking? You see how cool I am?" He thumbed to his partner. "You think I'm gonna settle for a flat-chested girl like her?"

Maka looked irritated at him, but Death scythe was pissed and actually tried to go through the mirror making it stretch out cartoonish. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY! ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY THAT MY MAKA-CHAN IS UNATTRACTIVE! WHY HAVEN'T YOU MADE A MOVE ON HER YET, YOU'RE A MAN AREN'T YOU!"

Soul sighed and looked away. "You know, you're a little annoying."

Death scythe ignored Soul and looked to his daughter with deep affection. "Maka-chan, daddy loves you."

Maka looked away. "Don't waste your breath on me...There's no way I'll ever consider you my father."

Death scythe looked devastated by the cold rejection and went to the corner in a little depressed ball.

Lord Death intervened. "Enough of that...Let's set the family feud aside for a moment." Suddenly the screen went black as several red orbs (Kishin souls) came up. "As you know...If a Meister and Weapon pair collect 99 evil souls (the red orbs multiplied quickly), souls that have strayed and become Kishin Eggs and additionally collect the soul of 1 Witch (the red orbs are replaced by a purple one with the kanji for 'Witch' on it)...Then the weapon will attain the qualifications necessary to become a Death scythe..one of my instruments." The purple orb turned into a crystal ball. "But it's that last soul that's a bit tricky...You've made it this far," A stereotypical witch appeared holding the crystal. "But you should know there are countless meisters who have lost their lives when they challenged a witch."

Death scythe was crying over a doll that looked and was dressed like Maka. Seriously creepy.

The screen showed Lord Death again. "You need to every careful Maka-chan...But if you're lucky then maybe the Death scythe you create will be as powerful as the one your mom created before you."

Maka nodded. "Right."

"Also please do be sure not to make any mistakes...This last collection the Witch's soul is very important..." Lord Death brought one of his oversized hands out to show how serious this was. "If you slip up, all the 99 of Kishin souls that the two of you have collected so far will be confiscated."

Maka gave a peace sign. "We understand sir."

Soul was confident. "Yeah we'll make a clean job of it...No worries."

Lord Death waved them goodbye. "In that case I'll see you two later..." The window glowed white and turned normal leaving Lord Death standing before a normal mirror.

Death scythe was still whining. "Maka..."

Lord Death turned with a sweat drop on his mask. "You are a bit annoying..."

Death scythe cried with anime tears. "MAKA!"

Lord Death brought a bone-white giant hand out and struck the annoying scythe on the head.

Death scythe was on the ground bleeding from a dent in his head.

"If you don't shut up I'm going to use my Reaper Chop to split your head open!" Lord Death warned, his giant hand quivering as if ready to deliver another chop.

Death scythe murmured weakly. "It's more effective to warn before you chop!"

(Elsewhere in Death City)

A frightened woman was running from another pre-Kishin. He was a tall man wearing a black suit and held a butcher knife in his hands. A strange white mask covered his face that resembled an actual human face. His mask's eyeholes glowed red. "You give me power."

The woman was cornered. The masked man then raised his knife and stabbed her in the chest killing her instantly. From her chest, her innocent soul floated up.

The silent man grabbed the soul and lifted his mask partially and opened his mouth revealing the shark-like fangs typical of a pre-Kishin and devoured her soul which filled him with more energy.

The man turned to see another victim trying to run, a man this time. "Give...Me...More...Power."

He was about to give chase when a boy around 16 years old landed in front of him.

This boy had long silver hair that flowed to the small of his back, his eyes were a bright blue color. He wore a blue shirt, black jeans, and had a black trench coat. He held a massive zanbato over his shoulder without any difficulties (Think Ichigo's original zanpakuto). The blade was a silver-white color and the hilt was black. This boy was named Soshi Niji. He was a meister...But he was also part weapon...His full heritage was half-Weapon and half-Witch...and he knew how to use his weapon blood in battle. Soshi tied with Maka for the top student at DWMA.

Soshi spoke. "Ko-chan...This man's soul...It reeks of Kishin."

In the massive blade, the reflection of a beautiful young woman with long raven hair and purple eyes appeared. "Yes, that's our target Soshi-kun...He'll pay for ruining our date tonight!" The woman's beautiful face showed great anger at the Pre-Kishin. This was his strongest weapon partner, Koinu Buki and not only was she his weapon partner, but she was also his girlfriend ...As were her two younger sisters Natalie and Samantha Buki but they went by Nat and Sam. They were off hunting their second target.

Soshi announced. "Nocturnal Killer Nick Moran...In the name of Lord Death, your reign of murder is over..Your soul is mine!"

Nick roared and charged the boy with his knife. He aimed a stab and missed as Soshi easily dodged and batted him away with the flat side of his giant sword.

Nick managed to recover and charged as Soshi with his knife again.

Soshi twirled his giant blade and then with a single slash cut Nick in two...Like Jack, Nick's body turned into a burst of black and red lights and a Kishin soul replaced the 'corpse'. Soshi smiled and walked towards the soul and held his sword blade down towards the Kishin egg. The sword suddenly glowed purple and began to shift as a pale feminine hand with violet nail-polish emerged from the glowing blade grabbing the soul.

A beautiful woman who looked between 17-18 partially emerged from the blade beside Soshi holding the Kishin soul and her weapon form was absorbed into her body. She wore a black sleeveless top with black pants and a blue necklace around her neck, her nails had purple nail-polish that matched her eyes. Her tank top showed her huge breasts and thin yet athletic upper body off, her pants showed off her curvy hips and sexy slender waist as well. Her hair was waist-long and raven-colored with a violet tint to it. Her purple/violet eyes glared wrathfully at the Kishin soul in her hand, a dark scowl marring her angelic face.

"Bastard, you ruined our date night." Koinu then brought her head back, raised the soul above her mouth, and opened her mouth dropping the Kishin egg in. She chewed a few times and then swallowed.

Soshi smiled. "This guy makes your 99th Kishin soul, Ko-chan."

Koinu hugged her boyfriend/meister and because she was taller than him, his head went in-between her breasts. "I can't believe it Soshi-kun... I just need the final soul: the Witch's soul and I'll become a death scythe!" she then pulled him into a passionate kiss.

They separated after a few minutes both flushed.

"I wonder how Sam-chan and Nat-chan did with our second target?" Soshi asked.

"Why don't you ask us yourself Soshi-kun?" Said a voice as two more girls appeared before the pair. They both were younger shorter carbon copies of Koinu, they were 14 years old: Her younger sisters Natalie and Samantha Buki or Nat and Sam for short. Nat wore a Lolita gothic uniform that showed her ample chest off. Sam wore a blue dress. Nat transformed into a large black sword and Sam became a broad sword. Because these three sisters each became a different type of sword they were called the Demon Sword Trio and Soshi as their meister was classified a Sword-Meister.

Nat held up another Kishin egg. "I got the second target Soshi-kun...Sam nee-chan helped."

Sam smiled. "Thanks Nat nee-chan..." She then looked to their elder sister. "So Onee-chan looks like you got your 99th soul!"

Koinu beamed at her younger sister. "That's right Sam-chan, now I just need a witch's soul and I'll finally be a death scythe!"

Soshi smiled. "I'll report our progress to Lord Death," He looked around and found a window. "Okay..." He then breathed fogging the window and wrote the death room's number. "42-42-564."

The window rippled and turned white, the tone was heard ringing.

Soshi announced. "Hello Lord Death? This is Sword-Meister Soshi."

Lord Death appeared with a jovial wave. "Ya! Ya! Hello Soshi-kun! What's up! How are you doing?"

"Ko-chan just ate her 99th Kishin soul." Soshi replied.

"My! Wonderful job!" Lord Death exclaimed clapping his huge hands together. "You are turning out to be quite the fine Sword-Meister!"

Soshi blushed in embarrassment causing his weapons/girlfriends to giggle, their meister was so cute when he was embarrassed, they couldn't be happier with their choice of meister/boyfriend.

"Now Soshi-kun...The hardest soul is the Witch's soul...It will be especially hard for you because...Well you know, you're..." Lord Death trailed off.

Soshi smiled sadly. "Lord Death, I'm only part-witch and I have demon weapon blood, I must do this to make Ko-chan a Death scythe."

Lord Death was a little concerned. "Are you sure?"

"Yes sir, I'll be fine." Soshi assured him.

"Alright then...There is a rumor of three witches living close to your location." Lord Death explained.

Soshi nodded. "We'll do our best sir."

"Good luck then!" Lord Death waved and the window turned dark.

Soshi smiled to Koinu and her sisters. "Shall we go get those witches?"

Koinu nodded. "I'm ready Soshi-kun."

"We're with you all the way!" Nat said pumping her fist up in victory.

"You can count on us Soshi-kun!" Sam replied as cheery as her sisters.

Soshi nodded. "Let's go!" He then used his magic to summon a large crow. That was his magic theme..Crows and illusions.

Soshi helped Koinu and her sisters onto his summon.

"Oh my, what a gentleman." Koinu cooed wrapping her arms around him.

Nat and Sam joined in pouting cutely. "Onee-chan, leave room for us."

The crow screeched and spread its wings flying towards the destination it's summoner had ordered.

(with Soul and Maka)

Maka and Soul were standing outside of a pumpkin themed house where they could hear singing.

Maka spoke. "This must be the house where the witch Blair lives."

Soul looked at the house. "A pumpkin house? That's cool, it looks tasty...But sneaking into a house isn't very manly...Why don't we just charge right in there?"

Maka scolded. "We can't, she's different from the others we faced so far."

Soul interrupted. "Let's go!" He charged forward.

Maka shouted. "Hey come back here!"

Soul ignored her shout and got a running start before he jumped and broke into the window with a kick. But what awaited him was surprising. The 'Witch' Blair had been taking a bubble bath at this time and was completely naked.

Soul gaped and blushed at the scene. "Naked Lady!" He fell straight into the water nearly face to face with Blair's ample chest.

The beautiful purple haired 'Witch' looked down at him. "Hey what's the matter... Is everything okay down there in the bubbles little boy?"

Soul managed to get up and took one look at Blair's chest. He fell back from a nosebleed. "It's okay...Cool guys see naked women all the time. I'm totally used to it."

Blair replied. "Of course you are dear...I'm sure that's why your nose is bleeding."

"Yeah...Never mind your soul is mine..." Soul was interrupted as Maka kicked him in the head.

"YOU IDIOT! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?-!" Maka screamed in irritation.

Soul went flying and crashed into the other side of the bathroom.

Maka landed next to Soul and pointed to Blair. "Sorry to interrupt...But I'll be taking your soul now."

Blair slightly rose from her bath. "Oh my, I hope that cute boy will be alright."

Soul felt another nosebleed spurting out and fell back.

Maka grumbled. "Could you transform into a scythe?"

Soul muttered. "Working on it Maka." He got up with tissues in his nose. "Ok that's it witch-lady, naked or not I'm still gonna eat your soul now."

Blair was now confused. "Witch-lady?"

Soul glowed blue and changed into his weapon form in Maka's hand.

Blair gasped in awe. "Oh wow! He really became a scythe!"

Maka held Soul and got into a fighting stance. "After I take your soul, he'll be much more...Soul will be a Death scythe and I'll have created a weapon stronger than my dad."

Blair leapt out of her bath and landed with her clothes on. "I like it! Why don't you be a good little girl and give it to me?"

Maka gave Blair a stern glare as an answer.

Blair twirled her finger chanting her magic command. "Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin..." She raised her hand and an orange energy ball shaped like a Jack-o-Lantern formed. "Halloween Cannon!" She shot a yellow laser at them and blew Maka and Soul out of her house.

(Daytime Death city)

You could hear laughter all around the red-light district. Especially from the bar Chupa Cabras.

Inside Death scythe was enjoying life's pleasures with two lovely women one on each arm.

"Wow Death scythe! You're a real frisky one aren't you?" a woman with dirty-blond hair and a yellow top said, leaning on her left side.

"Oh and I heard you have a little daughter to isn't that right." A brown hair woman with a purple top on his right side asked. "What sort of girl is she?" The minute she mentioned his daughter. Death scythe's laughter stopped.

"Uh you don't wanna ask him that, trust me on that." The other woman said to the brunet.

"Kay, but why?" the brunet asked curiously.

"In case you haven't noticed Death scythe is a bit of a player and that didn't go over well with his wife." The blond said, and because they but inches and right next to his ears, Death scythe could hear every word. "The worst part is that his daughter Maka is on her mother's side, she hates him."

"That sounds complicated." The brunet woman said sympathetically.

Death scythe finally screamed loudly. "MAKA!" He jumped up crying and ran out the front door. "PLEASE DON'T HATE ME MAKA! I LOVE YOU AND MOM! THAT'S A PROMISE MAKA! IT'S TRUE! IT'S TRUE! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!" He ran around in circles in front of the bar, not exactly the right behavior for a Death scythe. Then he suddenly came back in the bar and paid the bartender.

The bartender bowed. "Thank you very much sir."

Death scythe then walked back out the door.

The two women he had been with earlier said their farewells. "Bye Mr. Death scythe! Please come again!"

"Yeah...Bye." Death scythe ran back out the door.

(That night A/N: Skipping the previous two 'rounds')

Maka was dodging several flying pumpkins which exploded when they hit the ground. Blair was floating above them on a giant pumpkin with several pumpkins around her.

Blair flew down a little closer. "You should give it up, you can't beat me girl."

Soul yelled. "What are you doing you idiot?-!"

"Shut up! Or were you just gonna try beating her by getting a nosebleed again?-!" Maka replied.

Blair noticed the tension.

(Same time with Soshi)

Soshi used both Koinu and Sam in a twin sword style against the three witches known as the Weird Sisters. He killed them all with one slash each.

Three purple orbs now floated next to him.

Koinu could now become a Death scythe. Her sisters now only needed a few more Kishin souls respectively. But for now they would store the souls and deal with them after getting their last few Kishin eggs.

Koinu ate her witch's soul a pulse of purple energy went through her body as lightning crackled. "Incredible!" Several sword blades jutted out of her body. "So this is what it means to become a death scythe." Koinu then transformed into her new weapon form. Her sword form was still as large but her blade was now much more elegant and sleeker not as bulky as it originally was. The hilt now was red with a silver tip.

Soshi took Koinu in his hand, he gave the new sword a few test swings. "Amazing Ko-chan..."

Koinu's human reflection appeared in the blade smiling. "Thank you Soshi-kun, I wonder how our lives will go now?"

Soshi smiled. "I think we're in for more tough opponents now, but together we can do it."

"Yeah Soshi-kun, together we can win!" Koinu replied.

Nat and Sam were in awe. "Awesome onee-chan!"

Soshi suddenly heard an explosion. "What was that?" He suddenly sensed two souls. "Maka and Soul!"

Koinu reverted to human form. "From the sounds of things, they're in trouble Soshi-kun."

"Let's go check on them." Soshi replied summoning his crow. He and his weapons/girlfriends hopped on and flew off to see the battle when they arrived, it was surprising to see a purple haired girl dressed like a witch sitting on a giant floating pumpkin with several equally large pumpkins around her and Maka and Soul were arguing again. Soshi sweatdropped. 'Those two really need to learn to get along better.' Soshi narrowed his eyes toward the girl. 'She's not a witch I can tell.' Soshi had his summon dispel and he, Koinu, Nat, and Sam all landed on the building nearby and watched the scene before them.

(Back with Maka and Soul)

Maka said. "Men are completely useless sometimes...You only ran into Blair's house because you knew she was taking a bath."

Soul gained a tic mark even in weapon form. "Now you're just making false accusations and would you tell me how girls always come up with these wild assumptions in the first place?-!"

Maka said. "Hmph, women's intuition."

"I don't understand you sometimes."

Blair chose this time to float down closer and join in the conversation. "Hey there little scythe boy..Is that dumb girl of yours giving you a hard time? Why don't you forget about her and come be mine? I would never ever yell at you like she is, no matter what you did to me."

Soul's human reflection appeared within his blade.

"Hold on witch," Maka called out. "I'm Soul's partner not you okay? Our conversations don't concern you."

Blair wasn't deterred. "Hm? Is that so?" She looked up with a dangerous smirk. "Well we'll see about that...Girly."

Maka got into a fighting stance and then Blair using her magic sent her outfit's sleeves at Maka like a snake after prey. Luckily Maka had pretty good reflexes and dodged the attack, she countered by slicing through the pumpkin Blair had once been sitting on.

Blair utilized another spell. "Pump-Pumpkin, Pumpkin...Smashing Pumpkin!" Blair slammed an energy pumpkin into the ground destroying it and Maka barely dodged it.

Blair then used her magic to create an arm and hand from her hat and made it grab Maka's leg and threw her up at the rooftops. Luckily Maka managed to stop herself by stabbing Soul Eater into the roof during her flight using him like a hook.

(With Soshi)

Soshi frowned. 'Their soul wavelengths still aren't completely in sync.'

Koinu was watching the battle with a frown that matched her boyfriend/meister's. 'Soul-kun has always been stubborn and proud, but that could get him and Maka-chan killed! If Lord Death hadn't ordered us not to interfere with this fight, we could easily kill that woman.'

(Back with Maka)

Maka stood up. "What should we try now Soul? My attacks won't work on her." But Soul was actually silent for once. "Soul? Soul, hello? What's wrong?-!"

Blair floated up on another pumpkin to face them.

Soul's human visage appeared within his blade as he thought of what Blair told him earlier. "Why don't you forget about her and come be mine?" An evil shark-like grin appeared on his face.

(Death Room Guillotine hallway)

Death scythe was on his way to lord Death laughing. "Ah good times at Chupa Cabras!"

Lord Death turned to him annoyed. "You're out drinking when your daughter's in trouble? What kind of father are you?"

Death scythe snapped to attention. "What... aka?-!" He ran up to the mirror. "Something happened?-!"

"She's not doing so well against this witch...It looks like she might die."

Death scythe watched his daughter struggling against Blair. "What?-! Maka hold on!" Black scythe blades suddenly jutted from his arms and back.

Lord Death replied. "Stop right there. Think about what you're doing...You or I could win against an opponent like that with one blow," One of his giant hands popped out. "A single Reaper Chop is all it would take to crush her skull...We both know that Death scythe...But our skills aren't being tested right now..You're her father you must understand the situation."

Death scythe's blades retracted back into his body and he turned to witness his daughter's battle. "Maka."

Lord Death could sense something strange about Blair something Soshi already knew due to him be half-witch himself. "Still there's something a little weird about that witch."

Back in Death city, Blair's attacks were getting closer to hitting Maka.

Maka nearly fell off the roof but managed to hang on using Soul. "Soul, what's going on? I don't understand why you haven't been answering me."

"Maka..." Soul replied.

"There you are." Maka said in relief.

Soul suddenly reverted back to his human form holding Maka. "Stop talking." He then let Maka drop, luckily there was something soft for her to land on. Soul jumped from the roof with his hands in his pockets.

Maka yelled irritated. "Hey! What did you drop me like that for?-!"

"I don't think we should be partners anymore Maka." Soul replied not turning to face her. "You see..." He suddenly did a 180 and turned with hearts in his eyes and blood dripping from his nose. "I only want to be witch Blair's weapon now!"

Maka turned white in shock.

Blair squealed. "Oh! Do you really want me?-!"

(Death Room)

Death scythe replied in approval. "Yeah that's more like it! Leave my daughter alone you little scumbag!"

Lord Death irritated delivered another Reaper Chop to his head knocking him out. "Is now really the time to be saying that?"

(With Soshi)

Soshi couldn't believe his eyes or ears. Soul was betraying Maka for Blair? It didn't seem right! Soshi's fists clenched tightly till he nearly drew blood.

Koinu placed one hand on her boyfriend/meister's shoulder to calm both him and herself down from getting involved and beating Soul's butt to near-death. Her younger sisters were also trying to keep their boyfriend/meister and themselves from doing something they'll regret later.

(With Maka)

Maka pointed to Blair accusingly. "Blair! You used your magic to make Soul wanna be with you..That's a dirty trick."

"You really are stupid..." Soul replied as Blair landed next to him.

"Any man would choose a girl with a body like Blair's over you and your flat-chest." Soul turned to face Maka. "She didn't have to trick me to make me pick her instead of you."

Those words really hurt Maka bad.

(Death Room)

Death scythe who recovered was drooling with a nosebleed and hearts in his eyes. "Now that you mention it that witch does have a really nice body doesn't she!"

Lord Death who had his back turned brought his hand out again and delivered a third Reaper Chop to Death scythe. "It would best if you just shut up for a while."

(With Maka)

Maka's head was down shadowing her eyes. "You men...All of you...You're horrible...Cheating on every woman..." The screen showed flashbacks of Maka's life watching her father with a different woman who wasn't her mother, and the it returned to Maka. "With you...You I actually decided to trust..." The screen changed to show Soul in a slick black suit with a red tie sitting at a piano and he and Maka taking each other's hand. "I put my faith in you..." The screen switches back to normal. Maka's hands were clenching and unclenching. "I can't believe this...I wish that all of you would just die!" Tears flew from her eyes.

(Death Room)

Death scythe was silent on the ground looking rather guilty.

(With Soshi)

Soshi lowered his head with his hair shadowing his eyes. Koinu rubbed her boyfriend's shoulders to keep him from going down there and beating up Soul, even if he easily could being half-weapon himself. Nat and Sam hugged him to keep him calm.

Maka's mother Kami was like a mother to Soshi too, she trained him in his meister abilities and he in turn promised her before she left due to Death scythe's player ways to watch over and train Maka, also Kami suspected her daughter might inherit Death scythe's weapon blood.

(with Soul, Blair, and Maka)

Soul was silent after Maka's rant.

Maka had one more thing to say. "Hey Soul, you said that all women make wild assumptions without reasoning first right? That's what you said? Well what reason do men have for cheating?-! It's not fair!"

Soul then suddenly grinned. "How am I supposed to know? I can't answer that." Soul's arm suddenly morphed into scythe form curled around Blair. "After all cool men don't cheat on their partners do they?" Soul raised his human arm. "Maka!"

Maka was surprised and she ran to Soul and they took hands. Soul transformed into full scythe form and with one slash Blair was turned into a purple soul.

Soul grabbed Blair's soul and looked to his partner. "We got them all good job." He smirked his usual cool smirk to Maka.

Maka smiled cutely. 'Yes Soul, thank you for that.'

Soul spoke."In the shape and form don't matter at all it's only the soul that matters right? Nothing else."

Maka said. "Once you eat that..."

Soul grinned. "That's right...With this soul I'll become a Death scythe..." He then ate the soul. Soul suddenly felt great strength welling up inside of him, lightning crackled and scythe blades came out of his body. "AHHH! THE POWER! I CAN FEEL INCREDIBLE POWER..." Suddenly Soul felt drained. "Or not..." He and Maka were all white and chibi sized. Soul let out a small burp. "Burp." Then a purple cat wearing Blair's hat came into the scene and meowed.

They both looked shocked at the cat.

A shocked Maka muttered. "Don't tell me...You're not really..."

The cat replied. "I never said that I was a Witch did I? You just made that assumption all on your own." in a burst of pink smoke, Blair had returned without her hat revealing cat-ears, she playfully pawed at them. "I'm really just a cat with a ridiculous amount of magical power...The shape and form don't matter isn't that right? Huh Soul-kun?" she looked cutely at them.

Soul and Maka were completely shocked.

(With Soshi)

Soshi slapped his forehead. "They messed up...That means all their Kishin eggs will be confiscated."

Koinu shook her head. "I can't help but feel bad for Maka-chan and Soul-kun, after all their hard work."

Nat and Sam nodded. "Poor Soul-kun, he worked so hard to get those Kishin souls."

(Death Room)

Lord Death sweatdropped. "Yes...Just as I suspected."

Death scythe slid in. "The cat'll do..Yes Blair I'll be your cat toy anytime..."

He was knocked out by a fourth Reaper Chop.

(Death city square)

"You got to be kidding me! Does this mean I ate 99 Kishin souls and 1 cat soul?-! That just cannot be right!" Soul complained his fingers twitching.

Maka was depressed. "And that's not all..."

She remembered Lord Death's earlier warning."The witch's soul is very important...If you slip up, all the 99 of Kishin souls that the two of you have collected so far will be confiscated."

Maka muttered. "So that means..." The kanji for 'Failure' appeared behind her. "We failed!" she cried grabbing her head.

Suddenly someone jumped down from the building and chopped Soul in the head with his bare hand. "Soul, you idiot!"

Soul fell to the ground with a dent. "Ugh!"

It was a boy with long silver hair and blue eyes which seemed to glow with annoyance. Standing next to him were three women, his own weapons/girlfriends.

Maka looked from her depression to see the boy. "Soshi-kun?"

Soshi looked at her and smiled. "Hey Maka-chan."

"Hey." Maka waved giving a weak smile due to the depression.

Soul groaned rubbing his head. "What'd you do that for Soshi?-! It wasn't cool!"

Soshi glared at the weapon. "You're the one who messed up you idiot!"

"How the hell did I mess up?-!" The demon scythe yelled.

"Maka told you to wait before charging into Blair's house and what do you do? You completely ignore her! Then there was the acting betrayal, did you even bother to tell her your plan? A weapon and meister are supposed to be a team!" Soshi ranted pacing back and forth with a very demonic look on his face (thank his witch blood for that), his teeth actually resembled a pre-Kishin's and his eyes glowed red. Soul actually cowered at that Pre-Kishin like visage.

Soul gestured defensively. "Alright I screwed up! I'm sorry!"

Maka trembled in fright. 'Soshi-kun sure can be scary when he's angry!'

A few moments later

Soul cursed as he started his motorcycle. "Damn it, damn it, damn it!" He and Maka rode off with Soshi and his girls flying behind on Soshi's crow summon.

Maka spoke. "We have to start all over...As the Meister I'll take responsibility...Ok?"

Soul groaned. "Oh man and I was this close to becoming the coolest guy at the academy!"

Maka looked behind them to see Blair following them on her pumpkin, annoyed she yelled. "He just ate your soul you damn cat, what are you still doing up there?-!"

Blair explained. "You aren't very smart are you little girly? Don't you know that all cats have 9 souls?" She asked Soul. "So Soul-kun, when are you gonna leave this dumb girl for me anyway?"

Maka looked murderously up at the cat girl. "Blair go away! Stop following us will Ya?-!"

Blair continued to try and seduce Soul. "Come on Soul-kun, you know you want to."

Soul sighed. "This situation isn't cool at all."

Soshi looked back. "It looks like things are gonna get even crazier around here."

Koinu smiled and wrapped her arms around Soshi from behind, her huge breasts nearly enveloping his head. "Blair can have Soul-kun as long as she doesn't try and go after my Soshi-kun."

Soshi blushed.

As the two meisters and four weapons followed by a sexy cat-demoness flew/rode off into the distance.

A single bat watched the whole event, before it flew off to report to its mistress.

The bat flew all the way to a dark looking building on the edge of Death City and flew inside an open window into a bathroom.

The bat landed on the outstretched index finger of a gorgeous girl with long silver hair with crimson streaks who was sitting in the bathtub relaxing. Her eyes were different colors, her right eye was crimson red while the left was a deep violet. Both her eyes had slit pupils. She smiled revealing strangely sharp incisor teeth. "Hello my little one. So how are Soshi-kun and the others doing?"

The bat told the girl everything through its squeaking.

The girl listened intently to her familiar's report and then shook her head. "Soul-kun has gotten more impatient to become a Death scythe, poor Maka-chan must be feeling so frustrated. At least my Soshi-kun is there to help keep them working together. Hopefully Soshi-kun will help them realize how much they love each other." She then rose up from her bath showing a very well-endowed body that easily rivaled no...Surpassed Blair's. "I think it's time to see for myself how they're doing." After drying off, the mysterious girl grabbed the clothes on the bathroom counter and put them on. She then vanished in a swirl of shadows.

Next time: Black*Star is introduced and meets the super-strong Samurai Mifune will he defeat him or get his butt kicked? Find out In Prologue 2: Black Star the idiot assassin!