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Chapter 9: The Super Written Exam and the Black Dragon


Stein announced to the class. "As I'm sure you all know, it's about that time. So have you been studying? It's almost time for the 'ultimate Written Exam,' Which both the meisters and the weapons will take! It's coming up one week from now!"

Some of the group looked worried or annoyed. But a couple of them knew the subject and were calm and just fine.

Maka was excited. 'A test! A test! A test! I've been waiting for this! I've been getting ready for a whole month!'

"I wrote the questions this time. I'm sure you're all either worried or excited...but either good luck!" Stein placed his legs on the desk. "Well then class dismissed!" He kicked off from the desk and fell off his chair out in the hallway. "Gyaaomph!"

Soshi sighed. "Stein-sensei should really stop that..." She had removed her boy illusion, but wore a thick coat (Similar coat to what Hinata from Naruto wears), on the day of the exam was the day that she would she show up wearing womanly clothing.

Tsubaki smiled. "But you have to admit it is funny."

"I guess." Soshi replied.

Some other students were chatting.

"So have you been studying?"

"Not at all."

"The 'Ultimate Written Exam' is only on 'Soul Studies,' right?"

"I just know I'm gonna fail..."

Another boy spoke to a boy with glasses and a strange looking hairdo. "I bet you're gonna be number one this year Ox-kun!"

OX replied. "Yeah, I guess!"

Soshi shook her head. 'Keep wishing Ox-kun.'

Maka looked at the boy. 'Oh yeah, last year Soshi-chan was first and I lost second place to Ox-kun and got third place.'

Soul spoke to Yuffie. "Hey, did you know? They say the person who gets first on the ultimate written exam is destined to make a deathscythe."

Yuffie was excited. "Really Soul-kun?-!"

Maka was pumped with the flames of victory. 'Mom was at the top of her class! I have to get to the top too! It's my destiny!'

"All right! I'm gonna get first place and make Heart-chan a deathscythe!" Yuffie exclaimed.

"Okay!" Heart smiled.

Patty exclaimed. "This will be our first test!~ We'll have to work hard!"

Kid replied. "I'm not going to study just because there's a test."

Liz noticed. "What?-! You're awfully cocky..."

Sendo just giggled.

Maka remembered. 'Oh yeah, Kid-kun and Sendo-chan will be taking the test too! Urk...I'll have to study a lot...'

Spirit was watching his daughter and her friends from a distance. 'Maka-chan!' He began to wave his arms like he was sending something to his daughter.

Stein arrived and noticed."What are you doing senpai?"

"Oh...Stein...I'm just sending some 'Good Luck' vibes to my daughter." The deathscythe replied.

"I...I see..." Stein sweatdropped.

"Why do you ask?" Spirit inquired.

"It's okay. Continue." Stein said.

"Right!" Spirit went back to sending his 'good luck' waves.

"Soshi-chan!" Called a pink haired girl with green eyes. Her weapon partner had long dark brown hair and eyes. They were wearing the same typical schoolgirl outfit.

Soshi stopped to see her. "Oh Kimmy, what do you need?"

"I was wondering if we could study together?" Kim asked blushing.

Soshi looked to Kim's weapon partner, Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré or Jacqueline for short. She was a demon lantern.

Soshi smiled. "Sure Kimmy and Jackie can come too."

Jacqueline blushed. "Thank you Soshi-chan."

"Can Cabella-chan and I come too Soshi-chan?" Tsubaki asked she came up. "We'll bring snacks."

Soshi smiled. "Sure Tsubaki-chan, but you don't have to I'll make some snacks for us."

The four girls smiled at each other. tTey would have so much fun studying together since they were so close to each other.

(Time skip three days until the exam, Soshi's apartment)

Soshi, Tsubaki, Cabella, Kim, and Jacqueline had all studied together these last few nights. They asked questions to each other, tested each other, they were ready for the exam. Soshi had made snacks and soon they were all talking about how they might do on the exams in three days' time. They began to chat and Soshi promised them on the day of the exam is when she will reveal her true gender as a girl to the rest of the class.

Kim and Jacqueline were so excited to finally be able to show their true affection to their secret girlfriend for real instead of just pretending to be friends. They couldn't wait until the exam.

Koinu was happy too, finally her meister/love was coming out of her shell and would show everyone just how tough she really was!

(Soul and Maka's apartment)

Soul was being helped by his meister and his sister. Yuffie was surprisingly studying as well. Blair asked about the test and Maka explained to the magical cat-girl about it. They were joined by Kimiko a strong-soul human and her weapon partner Tammy a half-kitsune sword weapon, Euryale and her weapon partner Gina who was a pair of demon gauntlets.

(Black*Star/Saikiri's apartment)

Sakiri was trying to convince Black*Star to study. He tried to but he got distracted by his training and failed to study.

(The Gallows mansion)

Liz finished dressing herself as a nerd girl. "Smart girl transformation complete!"

Patty cheered. "You look awesome onee-chan!"

Liz pumped her fist. "Let's study Patty!"

"Yeah!" They both pumped their fists up.

Liz opened a book and Patty just stared at hers and then fell asleep.

kid was coming to check on them. "It looks like Liz and Patty are studying hard." But when he truly saw them. "What are you two doing?"

Liz smiled nervously. "Ah-ha-ha...for some reason, I started worrying about how my eyebrows look..."

Patty snored.

Kid asked. "You're plucking your eyebrows?-! Your right and left should match right?-! Let me do it!"

Liz sweatdropped. "No way! Don't you remember how long it took last time?"

Kid looked rather confused. "Three days?"

"It was a whole month!" Liz said gaining a tic mark.

Kid pleaded. "I'll do it faster this time! please!"

Liz sweatdropped again. "Geez, I guess I don't have a choice."

Kid revealed an artist's sketch pad. "All right! First I'll draw a diagram!"

Liz looked rather irritated. "Die."

Kid was drawing. "What should the overal concept be? I want these eyebrows to be striking."

"My eyebrow aren't that great." Liz replied.

(one Day until the exam)

Sakiri was taking a bath thinking about her meister. He was trying harder this time. So after her bath, she made some onigiri rolls and went to give them to him only to find him missing.

(Patchwork Lab)

Black*Star yelled loudly and quickly covered his mouth. "Oops! I couldn't help but shout!" He began to sneak barefooted. "Quietly! Quietly! Boring old studying ain't my style! I'm gonna steal the answers like the assassin I am!" He found the test with the answers. "Ooh! There they are! Even among gods I'll get a perfect score!" He grabbed the test and began to look over the answers.

But then a sound he feared was heard, the sound of a bolt turning and it was coming from right behind him. Black*Star's eyes nervously looked over his shoulder to see Stein standing right behind him.

Stein was turning the bolt in his head.

Black*Star's screams were heard all over Death City.

(Black*Star's apartment)

Sakiri was looking for her meister. "Black*Star-kun where are you?"

(Gallow mansion)

"Are you sure you don't have to study Kid?" Liz asked.

"I'm a Grim Reaper! Soul Studies are my speciality!" Kid replied. He looked to Liz and Patty. "You're the ones who need to study!"

Patty was asleep and Sendo was being helped by Tsuruko.

Liz was painting her nails.

(Soul/Maka's apartment)

Soul, Maka, Heart, and Yuffie were finishing their studies. Blair was in cat form on Maka's lap getting petted softly.

Outside the apartment Spirit was still sending good luck vibes to Maka.

(The day of the test)

Sid announced. "I'll be proctoring your exam today...Just one more thing before we begin." He walked up to the board revaling a beaten Black*Star hanging still dressed in his home clothing. Black*Star had a black eye, busted lip, and was beaten bloody.

Sakiri freaked out. "BLACK*STAR-KUN!"

Yuffie held her face in shame. "Stupid brother!"

"A certain idiot decided to sneak into Professor Stein's laboratory last night to steal the exam...So don't be an idiot like this guy."

Black*Star groaned in pain.

Soshi shook her head. "What an idiot." She felt the others who were still shocked that she was a girl staring at her. She giggled making Ox ford blush. Kim looked like she was about to bop Ox ford in the head for blushing at HER Soshi-chan.

It was quite a surprise when Soshi arrived wearing the schoolgirl's uniform even more when she revealed she was a girl! Ox ford and the other boys sudddenly became her fanclub and some of the other girls began to question their preferences. Even Sid was surprised that his best student was actually a girl.

Sid continued his lecture. "You'll have 60 minutes...Keep your eyes on your own paper."

Maka was pumped up.

Soul smirked, he'll be fine thanks to the group studying he did.

Tammy looked rather nervous but Kimiko squeezed her weapon partner's shoulder comfortingly.

Sakiri looked away with tears.

Kid was confident.

Patty was humming to herself.

Black*Star was still hanging from the board bleeding.

Sid announced. "Now...Start writing!"

Instantly those who knew the material began their test. While those two didn't racked their brains for ideas.

Maka and Soshi were already writing in their answers.

Koinu and her sisters were also writing.

Kid however was trying to write his name on his test perfectly in frustration.

Maka and Soshi both finished the first part and went to the fill in the blanks. Maka and Soshi both read the sentence in their minds. 'A sound soul dwells within a-' They both smirked and wrote the answer, they were the two top students in the class, it was easy as pie.

Liz spoke out loud. "Ok a sound soul dwells within a sound skin and sound cuticles." She then looked nervous. 'That doesn't sound right!'

Soul was writing the answers as much as he could remember. 'If it wasn't for Maka and the others helping me study, I have a feeling that I would've done something stupid and uncool like writing the answers on the inside of my clothes and get stripped-search in front of the whole class.' He shook off the embarrassing image and looked to Kid. 'I wonder how Kid's doing, he seemed pretty confident a few days ago.' He sweatdropped seeing Kid still struggling to write his name. 'He's still writing his name?'

Patty noticed Soul stretching his neck slightly and got a brilliant idea.

Heart was trying her hardest.

Sendo was a Grim Reaper and knew this stuff too. But was more interested in making her test a work of art.

And Kid still was trying to get his name perfectly written.

Soul sweatdropped and look to his left where Patty was sitting scribbling on her test with a yellow crayon. 'She's writing with a crayon?' He noticed how short the yellow had gotten. 'She's worn down the yellow quite a lot.'

Patty was giggling and singing about giraffes while scribbling.

Maka and Soshi easily saw through the trick question Stein prepared. Tsubaki fell for it though.

"Excuse me Sid?" Ox Ford called. "I'm all finished." He grinned.

Maka was shocked.

Sid replied. "Just read a book or something."

Ox ford looked back at Maka with a confident grin. Before he switched his gaze to Soshi who sat next to Maka, and he winked at Soshi.

Soshi trembled slightly.

Kim gained a tic mark on her head from seeing that. 'How dare that lame boy wink at my Soshi-chan! I'll charge him for that!'

Koinu let out a growl towards Ox ford.

Maka glared at Ox Ford before returning to her test.

Ox Ford turned back around.

Liz looked down at Ox Ford. 'Hmph. Know-it-all brat!' She then noticed a single strand of hair growing on top of Ox Ford's head, Liz leaned down to get a closer look at it. she had gained some of Kid's symmetrical obsession from living with him for so long. Ox ford's two horn-like hair styles matched but the one tiny strand on his head did not.

Sid announced. "10 minutes remaining!"

Some of the more less advanced students began to freak out in their minds.

Soul was writing as best as he could.

Kid was still writing his name and he screamed in frustration.

"All done~!" Shouted Patty.

"What?-!" Soul looked at her and gaped at what she had on her desk. Patty had turned her test into an origami giraffe. 'She made her test into a giraffe.'

Patty was clapping happily. "Whoo-hoo~! So pretty!" Then she glared at her art work and pointed threateningly. "Better watch out! I can break your neck!"

Soul sweatdropped. 'It's pretty good.'

Kid was trying to get the K in his name right. "Damn...It's awful.." Tears began to fall from his eyes. "Just awful! I don't what I'll do if I can't get the K right!" He wiped his tears away and began to erase to start over. "I'm useless garbage...I'm a disgusting, horrible person who doesn't deserve to live another day." He then ripped his paper. Kid looked horrified for a few seconds before he suddenly screamed and spat out blood from his mouth and eyes and collapsed unconscious.

Soul noticed and spoke up. "Uh Sid? Kid just collapsed."

"Let him be." Sid replied.

Soul sighed until he felt something.

"Soul..." Said a familiar voice.

Soul looked to see Black*star struggling to move. "Black*Star."

Black*Star stuck his finger in his nose, which was disgusting. And dipped it in his blood before he began to write on the wall behind him.

Soul was stunned. 'You're writing in blood?-! Of course! You saw the answers in the laboratory and are trying to give them to me! I hate cheating but I've only gotten a little over half my test done! Forgive me Maka!' Soul gulped as he watched Black*Star finish writing, but it wasn't the test answers, it was Black*Start's autograph!

Black*Star weakly gave Soul a thumbs up.

Soul yelled. "What good is your stupid autograph?-!" He was slammed in the forehead by a piece of chalk from Sid.

"You two be quiet or die!" Sid announced to the rest of the class. "Test is almost over!"

Soul freaked out having still having a few questions to fill in.

Maka and Soshi were checking over their test answers.

Sid announced. "You have 10 seconds remaining!"

Tsubaki was finishing her test and Cabella was doing the same.

Kimiko was working on her test but was also comforting her very nervous and scared weapon partner.

Liz was reaching towards the single tiny strand on Ox Ford's head.

Patty was ready to attack her 'giraffe.'

Kid was still unconscious.

"5 seconds left!" Sid warned.

Maka and Soshi both nodded having looked over their answers twice and were satisified with what they put. They put their pencils down.

Patty broke the 'giraffe's' neck with barely any effort.

Liz reached out and yanked the strand from Ox Ford's head earning a scream of pain from him.

Time was over. Sid announced. "The test is over!"

Liz and Patty both exclaimed. "Victory!"

Soul hoped that the questions he managed to do were right at least.

(Soul/Maka's apartment that night)

Soul noticed Maka reading again. "What the? The test is over and you're still studying?"

"No. The apartment was a mess after all the studying, I found this old album."


Soshi who was invited to hang out for a bit noticed the album. "That's your father isn't it Maka-chan?" She pointed to the familiar red-haired man holding an infant Maka. "He looks younger than now."

Maka nodded. "Yeah I was born when my dad was 18. He would read picutre books to me a lot."

Soshi smiled and patted Maka's shoulder. "Congratulations on getting 1st place in the exam Maka-chan, all your studying paid off!"

Maka smiled back. "Thank you Soshi-chan and you should be proud of your self too! You got 2nd!"

Soshi blushed with a smile. "Yeah I am...Well I'll see you later maka-chan, Soul-kun." she waved and then vanished via her spatial magic.

(Chupa Cabara Club)

"Congratulations Death scythe! The results of the ultimate written exam were posted. I heard all about it! You sent vibes to Maka-chan for three days and nights, didn't you?" Blair asked.

"Ehehe! Maka is incredible. She's at the top of her class, just like her mother." Spirit said proudly. He then looked to blair. "Blair-chan? Can I ask you a favor?"

Blair looked at him. "Nya?"

Spirit held out an enclosed envelope. "I want to give something to Maka to congratulate her...I don't think she would take it from me directly, though...She likes books, right? Could you try to find out what book she wants and buy for her as a present? I put money and a card with a message on it in this envelope."

Blair giggled.

"What's so funny?" Spirit asked.

"You really love Maka-chan, don't you? Leave this to Blair!"

Spirit smiled. "Thank you.'

Blair was going out to look for Maka's present when she felt a strong magic and soshi appeared beside her.

The half-witch meister smiled. "Hi Blair-chan, so Spirit-sensei has asked you to buy a gift for Maka-chan? I couldn't help but overhear."

Blair nodded.

"Let me hand it Blair-chan, I am much better at suppressing my shopping desires than other girls are." soshi held out her hand.

"Ok Soshi-chan! Thank you!" Blair replied and handed the envelope to the other magic girl.

Soshi nodded and looked around for a bookstore when she found on. She looked at certain books that Maka might be interested in. When she found a really good one that Maka might enjoy, she bought it with the money and warped to Maka's apartment.

Soul and Maka were surprised.

"Soshi-chan, that was fast." Maka said.

Soshi smiled. "I have a gift from your dad Maka-chan."

"A gift from papa?" Maka inquired.

Soshi then handed Maka the book.

Maka gasped her eyes sparkling with delight. "Papa got me this?-!"

Soishi nodded. "And he also got you a massage card too." She handed Maka the card.

Maka opened the card and read it.

Congratulations! It must've been hard doing all of that studying. I hope you enjoy this present. -Dad

Maka smiled and couldn't wait to read her new book."Thanks papa."

Soul just smirked. "Heh. The old man's not such a letch after all."

Soshi smiled and phased out of the apartment waving to Maka and Soul before she left.

(The Baltic coast)

The entire village was screaming as something huge was inside the thick fog.

"Ruuun! It's the Black Dragon! The Black Dragon has appeared!"

A giant object emerged from the fog and then devoured this entire part of the coast.

(A couple of days later in the Baltic Sea)

Kid, Patty, Liz, Sendo, Tsuruko, and Soshi were in a rowboat. Soshi had offered to use her magic to 'motorize' the boat but Liz wouldn't let someone who she dearly cared for as much her little sister Patty exhaust herself and was rowing along with Patty. Patty was singing the row boat song.

Soshi had Koinu on her back in weapon form strapped and was sitting on the other end to help blanace it out..

Kid wore an outfit that made him look just like a younger shorter version of his father in his Grim Reaper form. He even had the same goofy looking cartoonish skull mask. "Can't you row faster?-!"

Soshi replied. "Be nice Kid-kun."

Liz asked. "Why do we have to come here anyways?-!"

Kid removed the mask. "A few days ago...The people here were swallowed up by something and a good portion of the town along with them."

Liz freaked. "What?-! The town too?-!"

"Yeah. It took a big bite out of the coast of the baltic sea." Kid looked serious. "The people who survived...Said it was a black dragon."

Liz complained. "But why did we have to take a rowboat? Oh! But it might help me tone my upper arms and lose weight."

"You're going too slow! I can sense a large number of souls around here." Kid said.

Soshi nodded. "I can sense them too Kid-kun."

"Hmm!" Kid noticed something.

"What's the matter Kid?" Liz asked.

A large mist parted in front of the to reveal a massive old beaten ship. It had actual eyes and it's bow opened similar to a mouth, it's sails were in tatters. this was the ghost ship Nidhogg.

Soshi narrowed her eyes looking at the ship.

"Soshi-chan...Do you feel it?" Koniu asked.

"Yes...That must the so-called black dragon." Soshi replied keeping a watch on the ship.

Patty was amazed. "Whoo!"

Liz paled at the appearance of the ship.

Kid pointed in a dramatic fashion. "All right! Liz! Patty! After it!"

Liz put her hands up defensely. "Eh?-! Hold on there, that's a ghost ship! There must be ghosts on that thing! I'm scared of ghosts!"

Patty got a determined look and then gripped the oars. She then showed she was much stronger than her size potrayed when the rowboat suddenly lurched forward like a bullet as Patty really put on the arm strength.

Kid yelled. "Patty wait! Stop!"

Patty stopped and the sudden halt launched Kid forward smashing him face-first into the side.

Liz was knocked over. Soshi luckily floated up into the air, due to being a witch. She was levitating above the rowboat. Soshi smiled. "Patty-chan certainly keeps things lively doesn't she?"

Kid mumbled with his face smashed into the ship. "Idiot...I told you to stop!" He pulled himself free and yelled. "Damn it Patty! If you're going to damage the ship, do it right and crash in the center!"

Soshi raised an eyebrow and followed as Patty duid a complete reversal and came back around smashing dead in the center.

Kid gave the thumbs up sign. "All right! Let's get on board!"

Patty laughed.

Koinu spoke up. "She could put that energy to better use."

Soshi smiled. "Patty-chan's just having fun Ko-chan."

Koinu sighed at her lover/meister. "You're too lenient with her Shi-chan."

Sendo was protected by Tsuruko.

Tsuruko muttered. "Lord Kid, no offense but you're an idiot."

Liz murmured. "You're both morons seriously."

Kid jumped on board the ship. Soshi helped Liz and Patty on.

Liz was nervous at the sight of the stereotypical ghost ship.

Soshi narrowed her eyes. "Kid-kun, I can sense the souls are inside this ship."

"Yeah...Let's go!" Kid said.

Patty pumped her fist up. "Kay~!"

Liz shivered. "F-For real? Let's not!"

But she noticed her younger sister, Soshi, Sendo, Tsuruko going into the cabin. "What?-! no way.." She nervously followed them.

The group didn't notice a head slowly rising from the deck. Soon the whole person rose up. He was the captain of the ship, the Flying Dutchman. "Dah, chee, chee, chee, chee, chee!" He wore an old time pirate captain uniform carrying an old time gun. "Fresh souls climbed aboard on their own!" The Dutchman exclaimed. "Dah chee chee!" He sunk back into the deck. "Now I have more souls to offer Kishin-sama! Dah, chee, chee, chee!"

Liz trembled. "This is scary!"

Soshi walked beside her. She placed her hand on Liz and sent a small portion of her wavelength into the demon pistol calming her nerves.

Liz blushed and felt warm. 'Soshi-chan's soul wavelength is filling me with comfort.'

Kid opened the door and the group were surprised to see hundreds of human souls floating around the hold.

Soshi frowned. "Look at them all."

Kid growled. "What is he trying to accomplish, collecting the souls of so many good people?-! As an authority over souls...I cannot allow this!"

Patty asked. "Can we take of these souls?"

Kid scolded. "Idiot! Do you want to become a Kishin?" He held his hand up in a sign. "As a grim reaper, I will take them into custody..."

Suddenly the dutchman rose out of the floor with his gun aimed at Kid. "What, so you're a grim reaper!-?"


The Dutchman then fired a shot. Kid dodged it but his cloak was ripped slightly.

The dutchman called. "NIDHOGG!"

Suddenly the floorboards under Liz and Soshi opened and they fell into the lower part.

Kid yelled. "Liz! Soshi!"

Patty cried out worried. "Onee-chan! Soshi-chan!"

The floorboards closed back up.

The ship almost seemed to roar.

Kid, Patty, Sendo, and Tsuruko felt the floor shaking.

The Dutchman said. "Me and this ship are one and the same...You walked right into my stomach on your own. All I have to do now is digest you."

Soshi and Liz landed on the lower floor. They began to walk around.

Soshi used her wavelength to comfort Liz "So Liz-chan, I guess we'd better hurry and get back. If I know Kid-kun, he can't use his symmetry fighting style with just Patty-chan."

"Yeah, he needs both of us." Liz replied.

"So I remember you two first met me, when I was on one of my first missions. You tried to mug me." Soshi lightly scolded.

Liz blushed and laughed. "I remember that, you easily kicked my and Patty's butts that day Soshi-chan. It was the first time we ever got beaten ourselves."

"Did you meet Kid-kun the same way?" Soshi inquired.

"Yeah, I got high that time and stupidly tried to mug him, Kid was impressed with our symmetry and took us as his weapon partners." Liz laughed again remembering that day so vividly.

Soshi activated her unique eyes. "Alright I'll take us back to the deck. I can sense that Kid-kun, Patty-chan, Sendo-chan, and Tsuruko-san need our help."

"Ok!" Liz replied.

Suddenly a swirling vortex opened up and swallowed them both. The air on the deck became distorted and a swirl vortex opened spitting out both Soshi and Liz onto the floor on their feet.

Soshi replied. "We're back on deck Liz-chan I can sense the others are coming."

Liz nodded and at that very moment. Kid, Sendo, and Patty broke through the floor beside them. Sendo held Tsuruko in weapon form in her right hand.

Patty was glad to see them both. "Onee-chan! Soshi-chan!"

Kid scolded. "Liz you idiot! Beause of you, I couldn't use Patty!"

Soshi shook her head. "It's your own fault Kid-kun."

The Dutchman rose up from the floor. "I won't let you get away."

"Liz! Patty! Let's go!" Kid announced.

The sisters assumed their weapon forms. Kid held his guns and glared at the evil spirit.

Until a black blade came out of nowhere and pierced through the evil human's mouth and sliced upward. Making the evil spirit cough up blood.

Soshi frowned. "That blade...This wavelength."

Koinn's human visage appeared in her blade frowning too. "It's her Soshi-chan."

Soshi grabbed Koinu from her back and held her in a battle position. "There's no doubt Ko-chan...The Demon Sword Meister...Crona."

Sure enough through the mist, Crona appeared and then sliced the top half of the dutchman's head off. Crona then stabbed Ragnarok into the ship and began drawing all the souls into Ragnarok.

"Kid-kun, I'll need your help. The first time I fought with her, I was in my madness form and wasn't thinking straight." Soshi replied. "I was blinded by rage for what she did to Soul-kun and Maka-chan...but this time, my mind is much clearer."

Kid nodded. "You got it Soshi. I will be your back up."

Soshi looked to Sendo. "Sendo-chan, you're not ready to face someone like Crona so let your brother and I handle her okay?" She gave Sendo a soft but serious glance.

Sendo nodded. "Ok onee-chan, I'll be rooting for you and Ni-chan!" Sendo went to the far end of the deck to watch.

Ragnarok emerged from Crona's back in an all new form. He looked more dragon-like with full length wings in place of his hands. His neck stretched out and he had dragon-like horns coming from his shoulders. Crona looked to the two below her. "Did you know? My blood is black..."

Soshi narrowed her eyes. "The Demon Sword transformed."

"No matter Soshi. We must stop the demon sword." Kid replied staring at the pink-haired sword meister. He then got into a weird looking fighting stance, both his arms were bent at 90 degrees one hand was pointing at the sky and the other at the floor. "Reaper Combat Art: Mortal Sin Stance."

Crona told her opponents about being scared of everything and her goal to gain more power and then asked this. "Do you know where the real hell is?" She then pointed to her own head. "It's in your head." She glanced down at her opponents. "If you get in my way, I'll kill you."

"Is that so? Well, here I come." Suddenly Kid vanished in a blur.

Crona was stunned. "What? He's fast!"

Kid reappeared behind Crona and used a leg sweep to trip her up. He used his great athletic skill to slide in beneath and held one of his guns (Liz) to Crona's stomach like he did to Soul during their fight. "Liz!" He pulled the trigger and shot Crona once. Before he began to open fire automatically. "Supreme domination and the attainment of Ultimate Power? That's your plan to escape your fear? You disgust me!"

Crona was sent flying by the barrage, then Soshi appeared above Crona with her blade raised.

"Don't forget Crona, Kid-kun isn't the only one you're fighting!" She swung her blade and sent Crona flying into the deck hard. Soshi landed perfectly on her feet.

Kid clapped. "That was absolutely perfect Soshi! Wonderful!"

Liz asked. "Did we get him!-?"

Suddenly Crona burst from the floor with her next attack. "Screech Beta!"

Kid and Soshi blocked the attack with their weapons. They skidded back a few feet.

Soshi looked up at Crona. "So our attack didn't work!-?"

Crona stood in the air above them. "Someone like you would never understand. Even bunnies don't understand my feelings. There's no way a grim reaper and a meister like you two could understand. Leave me alone."

Suddenly the top half of the dutchman's head shouted. "Nidhogg!"

Soshi was stunned. "He's still alive!-?

Crona was equally surprised. "Wuh?"

Cannon rolled up and aimed at Soshi, Crona, annd Kid.

"I am one with this ship! As long as the Nidhogg doesn't sink, I won't die! How dare you wolf down all the souls I gathered! Where's my lower jaw!-? You have zero respect for other people's property! Let me teach you about honor! Let's see how you like a taste of my cannons! My aim!-? It's perfect! FIRE!"

The cannons blasted the trio in front of them. Crona, Kid, and Soshi brace themselves as cannon balls shot at them. the cannons continued firing until there was a huge cloud of smoke obscuring the three meisters.

The dutchman laughed until he saw something shocking. "Huh?"

Kid walked through the smoke.

Soshi was revealed floating unharmed, all the cannon balls had missed her. She had removed her soul protect and her level of magic skill was at Medusa's.

The Dutchman was shocked. "How can you still be alive!-?"

Kid muttered. "Damn, you are annoying!"

Suddenly they're felt a large wavelength.

Crona was floating with Ragnarok's wings covering her in a barrier which seemed to grow larger.

Kid gasped. "The demon sword's wavelength seems to be...expanding."

"I hate, hate, hate, everyone...But that's alright I can use my scream to blow them all away." Crona whispered raising her sword. "I'll bet dead people are easier to deal with." She then swung her sword. "Screech Alpha!" The mouth shaped energy wave looked much larger and stronger than the previous times she used it.

Soshi and Kid both jumped out of the way as the blast expanded and split the ship in two perfect havles. The Dutch man's head also split in two.

Kid was amazed. "Two perfect halves...What incredible power..."

The ship's mast began to fall down.

"This ship isn't going to hold up much longer." Kid said.

Soshi pointed. "Hey! Kid-kun! The demon sword is getting away!" She looked over at Sendo and warped her into a pocket dimension saving her from the sinking ship.

Kid looked to see Crona flying away.

"It's over now...Little reaper boy, sword meister." Crona called over her shoulder.

"Damn you, you're not getting away!" Kid raised one hand and summoned his skateboard. "Beelzebub!" He then flew across the water. "I have to stop the Kishin!" But then he remembered what the Dutchman told him earlier about the Kishin closest to them. 'What does that mean? Is my father hiding something from me?'

Soshi flew beside Kid. 'I won't let Crona escape again! Not until I've paid her back for what she did! She almost caused Maka-chan and Soul-kun to lose their resonance!' Her mind was made up and she flew faster, right on Crona's tail.

Crona looked behind her to see the other girl coming up on her tail. "She's fast..."

Ragnarok warned. "Listen carefully Crona...If that bitch and the reaper kid catches up to us, you won't be getting any dinner tonight, you got me!-?"

"Hey no fair! I can't lose more weight! I don't know how to deal with being any skinner than I already am!" Crona cried out.

The mist was clearing due to the ship sinking. Kid noticed and stopped to stare at something that interested him greatly.

Liz and Patty were both confused.

Soshi noticed kid stopping and paused herself. "Kid-kun, why did you stop here?"

Kid was in awe. "Just look at it Soshi, Liz, patty! look at how the clouds are...flowing right towards the sun! It's so beautiful! Even the sky is symmetrical!"

Liz sweatdropped. "Seriously...You wacko."

Kid suddenly moved straight towards the sun and clouds. "This is truly amazing! Oh how I love you symmetry!" He picked up speed.

Soshi followed him. "Great Kid-kun's OSD is distracting him, I have to get him to focus!"

Crona and Ragnarok looked over their shoulders to see the change in direction away from them.

Kid laughed in delight as he flew towards the center. "Symmetry! It's so invigorating! Oh sun, oh clouds! I love you!"

Soshi yelled. "Kid-kun snap out of it already, you need to focus on the demon sword!" She narrowed her eyes and looked over her shoulder at the fading form of Crona and Ragnarok. 'Damn it! We're too far away to catch up and I don't want to waste too much of my magic right now!' She cursed before flying faster to snap Kid out of his little symmetry trance.

Kid finally snapped out of it and saw the Demon Sword fleeing away. He then returned to heading towards the sun.

Soshi sighed. "I'll get the demon sword next time..."

Koinu sweatdropped at Kid's actions. "Kid-kun really needs to get out more often."

The Dutchman was shockingly alive and he managed to meet up with his lower jaw and body rowing the remaining bit of the Nidhogg. "They took all the souls...That I was going to offer to kishin-sama, I'll have to start all over again...kishin-sama grant me a good voyage."

(DWMA next day)

Medusa was speaking to Maka in her office. "I have the results of your blood work."

"Thank you very much. So, what do they say?" Maka asked.

"Your white blood cell and red blood cell counts are perfectly normal. There's no problem with your hemoglobin either...In other words, you're healthy."

Maka was surprised. "Huh!-? Are you sure? But I'm positive I coughed up black blood...I wonder what happened?"

Medusa said. "Blood gets darker as it dries. That's probably why it looked black to you." Her thoughts were different. 'Strange I also saw her cough up black blood through my crystal ball! That resonance was so strong, the black blood should have spread to her...' She held up a pill. "I'll give you this medicine for now. Take one twice a day, once in the morning and once at night." 'This medicine will speed up the effects of the black blood...I'll have her take it for a while and see what happens...' "Oh yeah, how is Soul-kun doing? Is he still having strange dreams about an ogre? He seemed worried about it."

"Huh!-? An ogre!-?" Maka was surprised, Soul never told her about his dreams.

"He insisted on talking to me about it." Medusa said.

Maka smiled. "Oh yeah, that...He seems to be totally be over it now." But inwardlyy she was upset. 'What's going on here!-? I haven't heard anything about this at all!' "well then, excuse me!" Maka slammed the door when she went out.

Medusa gaive her snake grin. "Heh. Silly girl."

Outside, Maka was fuming. "He insisted on talking to her!-? So he puts his trust in Medusa-sensei more than me, his own partner!-?" She then stomped away angrily. "Now I'm mad! I have a few things I'd like to say to him!"

back in the office, Medusa opened the file cabinet.'I wonder why Maka's black blood vanished!-? My research is flawless!' "Maka Albarn...Her file should be..." but it wasn't any where in the file cabinet. 'It's gone!-?'

Suddenly the file was slapped onto the desk.

"Is this what you're looking for Medusa-sensei?" Soshi asked as she walked in. As Stein's apprentice she did have a lot of pull and special privileges.

Medusa looked rather surprised. "You scared me!-? I didn't know you were there. Please don't frighten me like that."

Soshi smiled. "Sorry Medusa-sensei, but you seem to be deeply worried about Soul-kun and Maka-chan."

'Damn her!' Medusa cursed in her mind, but she didn't outwardly show her anger. "A lot has happened to them recently."

"I know I was there with them in florence when they first encountered the demon sword and that witch." Soshi then pulled out a familiar bag from her pocket, the bag Medusa gave to Maka earlier before she left. "What's this medicine? I took it from Maka-chan. I've never seen this brand before."

Medusa twitched. 'How much does she know!-? She couldn't have figured me out already!' She hid one hand behind her and some of her magic arrows crackled. 'Should I kill her!-?'

Soshi noticed the other witch's movements, she held one hand hidden as it began to morph and twist into a blade. 'That's it Medusa, show me your true personality.'

Medusa explained about the medicine. "It's a herbal medicine that I prepared myself. It improves the circulations and steadies the pulse."

"Ohh?" Soshi replied using her normal hand to study the bag.

'That's not a lie...Black Blood is not much different from normal blood...And those herbs will have that effect.' Medusa blushed embarrassed. "I'm...A little crazy about herbs. And as a nurse, I couldn't just do nothing to help maka-chan and Soul-kun.."

Soshi inwardly sneered. 'Trying to act innocent huh? Ok Medusa, I'll play your little game.' She smiled outwardly, hiding her disgust and hatred towards the older woman. "There's nothing wrong with that, it's cute. But...Are you speaking as a nurse...or as a witch?"

Medusa twitched before she released a second long murderous intent. But Soshi just waved it off like it was nothing. her smile seemed to grow. "If you're hoping to scare me...You'll need a lot more intent than that...Let me show you." Suddenly she gave a murderous glare towards Medusa, she release a huge wave of killing intent that nearly froze Medusa. Soshi's visage grew more demonic, her teeth sharpened like Soul's or a Pre-kishin's. Her eyes turned red and gained a psychotic bloodshot (Gaara's gaze) look to them. As quicky as it appeared the monstrous KI was gone and Soshi's visage returned to normal.

Medusa was actually slightly sweating. 'What incredible bloodlust for one so young! No wonder she beat Crona!'

Soshi then smiled kindly. "That is how you intimidate someone Medusa-sensei." She turned to walk out but paused. "Oh, by the way I'm on to your ruse...Witch Medusa." Her tone changed from nice to full of malice. "You're the witch from florence...You put that demon sword in Crona and you plan to turn her into a Kishin."

Medusa was flinching from the ice-cold gaze it was just like Kasumi's!

"How did you know?" Medusa said visibly shocked.

"I am half-witch myself, do you think I can't recognize Soul protect when it's done? You have gravely underestimated me Medusa..." Soshi said full of ice-cold venom. "You're the reason that Soul-kun and Maka-chan nearly lost their compatiability."

Medusa saw no reason to be friendly anymore. "You know that I can't allow you to leave this office alive right?" She said with her demonic look. Her magic arrows crackled around her hand.

Soshi's eyes flashed red with slits and her teeth lengthened becoming razor-sharp, she smirked sadistically like Stein would. "Heh how cute, you really believe I'll be as easy as Maka-chan and Soul-kun were? I was trained by both professor Stein and the Grim Reaper himself. You have no idea about the true limits of my power."

Medusa grinned in challenge. "Will you show me those limits?"

Soshi shook her head. "No not right now...I'm just here to give a warning," She then gave a powerful killer glare towards the older witch. "If you cause any more harm to Maka-chan, Soul-kun, or any other of my friends...I'll destroy you, both soul and body." She then smiled and waved. "Goodbye for now Medusa!" Soshi vanished in a swirling vortex leaving a very nervous Medusa.

Medusa was visibly sweating. 'There's no way...She actually made me sweat...How can she be so young and yet wield such enormous power?-!'

Kid, Sendo (Soshi let her out of the dimension upon their arrival back), Tsuruko, Liz, and Patty all arrived at the school.

Liz mentioned she was tired and Kid told them to go back to the mansion, he needed to speak to his father. He told Sendo to go with Liz and Patty as he didn't want her getting involved in this mess. Sendo thought upset realized her brother was trying to protect her so she went with her and his weapon partners back home.


Soshi listened to her teachers Sid and Stein as they talked about Medusa. They suspected what she already knew and now they were going to search Medusa's home. Soshi frowned. 'I'd better follow them incase Medusa has traps in her home.'

(Medusa's lab)

Sid snuck into Medusa's lab, which surprisingly was open. He saw different specimens in the lab. They creeped even him out and he's now a walking corpse. "This is supposed to be a nurse's room?" He saw a ritual circle on the wall. "A mystic circle and magic writing...no doubt about it..." Sid then noticed a diary with an arrow on it. "Huh? A diary? I was never the kind of man who would peek into a lady's diary...I wish I could say that but I can't." Sid opened the book and began to read through it. "That woman, she knows this much about DMWA? Could she be trying to do that!-? Is that why she's studying the black blood!-? Oh-no! If her plan is put into action during the evening fetivities tomorrow! I have to report this to Stein and Lord Death, immediately!" Suddenly he heard the sound of rolling and brought out his knife.

They were bombs that resembled tadpoles. "What are these things!-!-?"

Suddenly one of the bomb began to glow.

Sid cursed. "Shit!"

But then he felt something pulling him and felt himself suddenly appear outside and far away from the explosion that occured.

Sid wondered where he was.

"Hello Sid-sensei." Soshi called as she appeared from the shadows in front of him.

"Soshi, thank you for the save."

"You're welcome...Now, what exactly did you find in there?" Soshi asked.

Sid sighed. "Normally I wouldn't be able to tell a student these things, but you're no ordinary student Soshi." He handed her the diary he found.

Soshi read the diary and then slammed it shut. "It's even worse than I feared...So she plans to revive the first Kishin?""


"Then we've got to inform Lord Death and Stein-sensei right away!" Soshi grabbed Sid. "I'll take us straight to Stein-sensei then to the death room."

Sid nodded as they both vanished in a swirling vortex to inform Stein and lord Death what they read in the diary.

Next time: DWMA's Celebration begins and Medusa's full plot is soon revealed! will our heroes manage to defeat Medusa and prevent the resurrection of the first Kishin?