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Chapter 10: The DWMA anniversary celebration and fight to the death

(DWMA nighttime)

Eruka arrived with a suitcase. "I brought it! Now you'll take one of your snakes of out my body right?"

In front of her were Free, Crona, and Medusa.

Medusa smirked. "That's right. Good work, Eruka. Now open the attaché case."

"Yes!" Eruka opened the case showing a syringe needle and a jar with a black liquid inside.

Medusa chuckled. "It won't be long now. Free, how is your demon eye?"

Free grinned. "Great! It's working perfectly! I'll probably even be able to control an 'independent cube'."

"Ah, the spatial magic that Mabaa-sama specialized in...I will need your demon eye tonight. I need you to back up Eruka's and my calculation spell. I'm counting on you." Medusa gave her demonic grin. "The time has arrived, I've waited for this day!"

Fireworks were shooting off with the festivities.

The group all met wearing nice formal attire. Maka wore a black dress with white frills. Soul wore an awesome black suit.

Soshi stood next to them with her weapon partners. Koinu wore a beautiful purple dress that matched her eyes. Her younger sisters Nat and Sam both wore blue and red dresses. Soshi herself wore an elegant sexy black dress with red on it and spaghetti straps. It showed off her ample cleavage and black shoes.

"Hurry up or it'll start without us!" Maka said.

Soul sighed. "You're the one who took so long getting ready."

Soshi spoke up as the mediator. "Now calm down you two. It's a party let's just try and have some fun."

Koinu nodded. "Yeah Shi-chan's right, you can argue any other day."

Yuffie and Heart were there too wearing blue (Yuffie) and cream (Heart) colored dresses. Though Yuffie's dress was a little crumpled and wrinkled, being that it was the only thing she could find and it took till nearly this time to find it.

Yuffie announced. "I can't wait for the feast, I'm so hungry!"

Soshi lightly scolded. "Yuffie-chan remember your manners. This is a special party."

Heart sweatdropped at her meister. 'Yuffie-chan can be such a tomboy sometimes.' She gazed at her brother in his cool suit and blushed. 'Ni-kun looks so handsome in that suit! I always did enjoy watching him play at home in that suit. If only our parents didn't favor that jerk Wes (Soul's and Heart's older brother) all the time! They don't know just how good Ni-kun has become!'

Kimiko and Tammy were present too. Tammy wore a white and blue kimono and Kimiko wore a red dress. Cabella and Tsubaki greeted the group wearing a light brown and simple white dress each.

Kimiko waved to the group. "Hey guys, what's up!"

Tammy shyly greeted Soul. "Um...Hi Soul-kun."

"Hey Tammy. You look nice." Soul complimented.

Soshi walked over and kissed both Cabella and Tsubaki on the cheek. "I'm glad you could make it Tsubaki-chan, Cabella-chan."

They both blushed.

Cabella replied shyly. "We wouldn't miss this party with you for anything Soshi-chan." she looked at the half-witch up and down and blushed deeper. "You look stunning Soshi-chan."

Tsubaki was getting a nosebleed from eyeing Soshi's revealed cleavage. "Yeah Soshi-chan, you look gorgeous!"

Soshi did a little twirl a full 360, and smiled. "Thank you Cabella-chan, Tsubaki-chan."

Maka looked a little envious at Soshi's more well-endowed figure. But Soshi noticed and then walked over to offer her support. "Relax Maka-chan, you're still growing. I'm sure you'll develop soon."

Maka blushed gratefully. "Thank you Soshi-chan, hopefully that day will come sooner than later."

"Welcome!" Shouted a familiar voice.

Kid, Liz, Patty, Sendo, and Tsuruko all greeted the group.

Kid wore a smooth looking white dress suit with his usual silver pendant shaped like his father's mask.

Liz and Patty both wore the same red dress suit. Although Liz had put her long hair up in a bun. Sendo wore an elegant looking black dress with the image of her father's mask on it, her long black hair was pulled into a ponytail similar to Tsubaki's. Tsuruko wore a simple red and white Shinto priestess like outfit.

Liz said. "You all look so nice!" She gazed at Soshi's dress and blushed. "Especially you Soshi-chan!"

Soshi giggled. "Thank you Liz-chan, I see you and Patty-chan are wearing the exact same outfit."

Liz blushed embarrassed. "Yeah if we didn't, Kid-kun would have a fit."

Kid was silent through the exchange though.

Maka noticed Kid's silence. "What's wrong Kid-kun? You look so down."

Kid quickly snapped out of it. "Oh! Not at all." He turned to see Yuffie's messed up dress. "Your outfit is completely out of order!" He then announced. "In any case, I'm glad you came. Tonight we celebrate the founding of the DWMA! My father is about to give his greeting!" 'Is it true what father said..Is there really a Kishin beneath the academy!-?'

Everyone awaited as Lord Death himself appeared on the stage and greeted everyone jovially. "Hello! Hiya everyone! Thank you all for coming! It's great to see you!" By his side as always was Maka's father Spirit.

Everyone applauded to see the headmaster himself.

Medusa was watched by both Stein and Soshi.

Soshi looked towards the hidden older witch. 'Don't think I'm not watching you Medusa.'

Lord Death announced. "Well that's about all I have to say."

Soul sweatdropped. 'Whoa that was...Short.'

Kid sweatdropped. 'Father isn't taking this very seriously..' He cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "Ahem. All, if I may speak as well. Thank you for taking time to come here. Tonight at this gala, we celebrate something dear to all of our hearts, the founding of our academy. If you will kindly indulge me, I Death the Kid, would like to say a few words.."

Soul sweatdropped. 'Man, he's a pro.'

While Kid was talking Yuffie found a way onto the curtains and began a speech of her own. "YAHOO! Take a good look at me everyone! The great Blue*Star!"

After she gloated for a while. Kid kicked her in the face. "Disgusting Dash!"

They began to fight each other.

Yuffie yelled. "What's your problem!-? You can't interrupt my big speech!'

"You're the one who interrupted you hopeless idiot! I wanted my speech to be precise and exact!" Kid yelled back as their fight escalated into a anime-style fight cloud.

Lord Death and Spirit were just watching without even stopping it.

then Kid fell to his hands and knees depressed. "Damn it! I'm so sad! I want to die!"

Yuffie muttered. "Jerk, whose party does he think this is anyways?"

Soul replied. "You do realize it's not yours."

"Now! Now! This is a party! Go and have some fun!" Lord Death exclaimed. "Eat! Dance! We have food and a lovely band!"

The crowd agreed and soon the party was in full swing. Kid, Liz, and Patty were doing a line dance, apparently they were the only ones to be doing so much to Liz's embarrassment.

Maka laughed at their line dance as Kid ordered them to make it more symmetrical.

Yuffie was making good on her promise and was eating at the table.

Heart was getting some food for herself and sweatdropped at her meister's manners.

Maka then noticed Soul was outside with a glass of water.

She went to check on him.

Soul muttered. "I just don't like stuff like this..."


Soul turned to see Maka. "Oh Maka?"

Maka came up holding a plate of food. "Aren't you going to eat anything?"

"It's a pain getting up to get food. And I can't relax when I eat standing up."

Maka took a bite of her food. "That's too bad...It tastes really good..."

"Hm..." Soul then pointed to the plate. "Then give me your plate."

Maka held it away. "No!"

"Stingy!" Soul replied.

Maka thought back to what Medusa said and then placed her plate on the balcony. "Hey Soul? Is something bothering you?"

"Huh!-? What did this come all of a sudden?" Soul asked.

"If you want I'll gladly talk about it with you!" Maka offered.

"There's nothing to talk about really."

Maka stared at her partner.


Maka then sighed. 'If I keep asking him, I'll just annoy him...' "Am I that unreliable as your meister?"

Soul grinned. "Gya-Ha-Ha! You just now noticed?"

Maka irritated began to bop him with her fists.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Soul just managed to block the bops.

Maka then stopped when she saw the others dancing. "Okay, wanna dance!-?"

Soul looked away. "Huh!-? No way! It's such a pain!"

Maka frowned. "What's the big deal? You're good at it, aren't you? You lead. Dancing might help us match our soul wavelengths too."

"Hold it right there!" Spirit exclaimed as he walked out onto the balcony. He jumped towards his daughter. "Dance with your papa instead Maka-chan!"

Maka looked annoyed. "No way."

Soul quickly pushed his meister to Spirit. "Good idea! It's important for a father and daughter's bond to have physical contact! Go on, dance!"

"Stop." Maka complained.

"Soul-kun is exactly right! Come, Maka-chan~!" Spirit dragged his daughter inside.

"Soul! Make sure no one steals my food!" Maka called.

Soul looked at the food. "She wants me to guard her plate? What a glutton." He then noticed something weird. "Salmon? But Maka doesn't like fish." Then Soul realized why and smiled. "Oh...What an weird girl..." He stabbed the fork into the salmon. "I don't need you looking out for me Maka...Thanks for the fish."

Below the DWMA building, Eruka and Free walked into the city wearing cloaks.

Eruka called out telepathically due to Medusa's snakes inside of her body. 'Medusa...We're in the city! What now?'

Medusa explained. 'Go to the spot I told you about with free and wait there for my signal. Were you able to get them to join you?'

'Yes! Crona, or was it Ragnarok, is going to be leading them here.'

'I see...Good work..."

Medusa cut off the connection for now. "Heh, Heh~!"

Suddenly Soshi appeared carrying a glass of water. "Hello Medusa-sensei! Enjoying yourself?"

Medusa nearly jumped. "Oh Soshi-chan! Don't scare me like that!" 'Her again..'

"You know Medusa-sensei, I'm familiar with every faculty member here except for you." Soshi said. "Let's talk somewhere away from prying eyes." She then led the older woman away to talk in private.

Stein noticed. 'You're already aware of her true identity aren't you Soshi-chan?' He smiled proudly like a father. "I taught her well. Perhaps a little too well."

Maka and Spirit were dancing together. Spirit talked to his daughter about giving him another chance. He had spoken with Lord Death who also had a daughter and Lord Death had given him some very smart advice. Spirit promised his daughter he would make things up to her.

Soshi led Medusa to a corner of the room away from the others. "Medusa-sensei...Did you know I saved Sid-sensei from an explosion earlier today but he still took some damage from the shockwave?"

Medusa acted surprised. "What!-? Is he okay? I didn't know anything about it..."

Soshi smiled. "Is that so? Sid-sensei went to a certain lab...I believe yours?"

Medusa said. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Soshi's smile grew more serious. "Why would a witch like yourself risk infiltrating DWMA? Then I remember what Lord Death told me one day...I believe you have an interest in Kishin? You don't really expect me to believe that your interest only lies in meisters and weapons. You know, don't you? Medusa-sensei...The First Kishin lies beneath the DWMA."

Medusa gave her demonic look at the younger girl. "Heh, you damn brat...If the reaper wasn't here I would kill you right now."

Soshi's eyes turned red with black sclera and slit pupils. "You remember what I told you during our previous meeting Medusa? Just remove your soul protect, there's no need to hold back, I'll kill you for causing Maka-chan and Soul-kun such difficult times. Your demon sword nearly killed them." Wicked blades began to sprout from her skin in bursts of red light.

Medusa grinned darkly. "You're right. My goal is to resurrect the first Kishin."

"So that's what your research on the black blood was for...But why?" Soshi asked.

Medusa explained. "The power of the Kishin goes beyond human understanding. It is evolution itself! The Reaper and you all at DWMA act as a deterrent to that power and the world remains motionless. But time moves forward and isn't it logical that we grow and advance with it? You're a witch like me Soshi-chan, surely you don't want a world like that, a motionless boring world."

Soshi frowned. "I'm only half-witch Medusa."

"True, but did the Reaper ever tell you about your family?" Medusa asked.

Soshi froze and then narrowed her eyes. "All he told me is that my father and the rest of my family are dead, why do you ask?"

Medusa smirked seeing her chance. "The Reaper is wrong Soshi-chan...Your mother and sisters are still alive."

"W-What?-!" Soshi exclaimed. "That can't be!"

"Yes, but they believe you died though, when they returned to your home from the witch mass, you were gone and they could only assume the worst had happened." Medusa explained smiling at the seed of doubt, she believed that she managed to plant within the younger half-witch's mind. "We are fellow witches Soshi-chan, I want you to join me and I will bring you to your poor grieving family." Medusa pulled the shocked younger witch closer to her. "We belong together on the same side Soshi-chan." She then leaned down about to kiss the younger girl. The truth was Medusa had a deep interest in the younger half weapon witch, ever since their first encounter in Florence. Medusa's snake-like arrow began to crackle from her mouth.

"STOP!" Yelled Sid as he crawled in still hurt slightly from the explosion shockwave. "Get everyone out of here now!"

The party froze at the sight of the hurt zombie.

"Sid-sensei!-?" Maka said worried.

The main group ran to him concerned.

Stein asked. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Soshi managed to save me before the explosion but I still took a hit from the shockwave. But that's not important right now...You all have to get out of here...There's a trap...They've been waiting for this, when Lord Death and the DWMA students are all together!"

Medusa took this time to escape the commotion.

Soshi snapped out of her shock state. She couldn't be called a true student of Stein, if she let a seed of doubt enter her mind so easily. "Medusa's gone!"

Medusa leapt over the balcony. 'Free! Set up the barrier! Lock them all in!'

'Got it!' Free replied. "Soul Protect...Release!"

Suddenly Maka and Soshi both felt the soul wavelength. 'This soul response! It's him!'

Free put his arms out. "Wolf wolves, wolf wolves..." 'Nothing can interfere with this magic box! Once someone goes in they can never come out.'

Medusa called out. "Eruka! It's time to set where the box will appear!" She moved her arms channeling her magic. Eruka did the same. "Calculation spell!"

Soshi blinked as she sensed the magic. "This is a calculation spell!"

Sid pulled out his knife. "It's starting...Nygus you're up to doing Soul Resonance right?' "Yeah."

"I have to get you guys out of here at least!"

Free was nearly done powering up his magic. "Materialization area confirmed! Spatial magic...Independent Cube!"

Soshi reacted when the space began to warp. "This is Spatial magic! Everyone! I'll use one of my own spatial spells!" She began to channel her own magic quickly into her eyes. She closed her eyes and then snapped them open to reveal black eyes with a red pinwheel design. "Spatial magic: Kamui!" A swirling vortex opened and began to suck her in. Stein, Kid, Liz, Patty, Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, Cabella, Yuffie, and Heart managed to get into the vortex's path. Koinu quickly jumped into the vortex too.

Sid watched the vortex close. "Good luck everyone."

Free materialized the key and locked the cube. "I can only control the cube for an hour!"

Eruka nodded. "Okay, before the reaper comes out."

Medusa asked. "We don't have time to dawdle...Where's Crona!-?" She stood atop her giant living tattoo serpent.

They heard a familiar scream as Crona and Ragnarok flew in.

"I brought them."

Five mouse-themed witches were flying right behind Crona. They looked like chibi versions of the witch Mizune. They were her younger siblings.

"The Mizune family!"

Eruka called out to them. "Mizune!"

They greeted the frog witch back.

Eruka thought. 'I got them to join us by saying the eldest Mizune was killed by DWMA...But it hurts that I had to do that...I'm sorry Mizune...'

The five Mizunes flew together and formed their Beam Whiskers attack, and then they sliced a small portion of the school.

Medusa looked up. "That's it, Mizune! Keep it up! I'll leave the rest to you. Destroy Death City!" She then asked. "Eruka! Where's the attaché case!-?"

Eruka replied. "It's safe with me!"

The four then headed down. "We're heading underground! To resurrect the Kishin!" Medusa announced.

(DWMA underground)

A vortex opened and spit the group out. Shockingly the meisters all landed on their feet and the weapons did not.

Soul rubbed his sore rear. "Ow, ow, ow...What, so all the meisters landed on their feet and the weapons didn't? you guys are something else."

Kid replied. "I sense the soul responses of one, two...Eight witches!-? And a Kishin too!"

Suddenly they heard a commotion outside.

Maka asked. "What's happening?"

Stein spoke up. "This is an emergency situation. Everyone please calm down and listen to me. Underneath the academy lies the first Kishin, the beginning of madness. And right now, the witch Medusa, who snuck into DWMA as a nurse, is trying to resurrect that Kishin. We must stop her at all costs!"

Maka was shocked. "Medusa-sensei is a witch!-? No way..."

"There was something like that underneath DWMA!-?" Soul exclaimed.

Kid nodded. "It seems so. I heard about it from my father. Father can never leave this place because he has to maintain the seal on that Kishin."

Yuffie was surprised. "What Lord Death can't leave!-? I thought he was just a shut in."

"In any case, we must hurry to stop the resurrection. I will take you to the entrance of a passage that leads under-ground. Please everyone come with me!"

back in the enclosed Independent Cube, Lord Death sighed. "Well, this is a bummer...They really got us good..."

A dark-skinned meister came up carrying a mirror. "Lord Death! Please escape, even if it's without us!"

"A mirror? Unfortunately it's impossible...This space has been cut off from any world...But such a high-level spell can only last an hour...Until then we must wait...Sorry." Lord Death replied.

The student was so pissed, that he threw his own hat on the ground in frustration. "Damn it! Being in Death City made us too used to peace!"

"Now, now. What's wrong with being used to peace? Let's get even more used to it! That itself will make the world more peaceful, right?" Lord Death picked up the student's hat and placed back on his head. "We cannot destroy this peace we have. All we can do now is leave the rest to them..."

Stein showed the group the passage way. "This is the entrance to the passage that leads underground. Your opponents are strong...from this point on, if you are not fully prepared, you will lose your life. If you would like to turn back, you are welcome to do it now..." Stein lit one of his cigarettes. "Are you prepared to battle fear? Will you come with me or not? Your souls will decide the answers."

Everyone all dressed in their regular clothing.

Maka said determined. "We're going with you!"

Stein smiled while smoking. "Good!"

Back at the Independent Cube, Lord Death and Sid had a small talk and then some student had a question about how to fight Soul protect and then Sid mentioned the only way was to Kishinize. Lord Death then explained about Asura the first Kishin, who laid currently dormant beneath the school. Kim, Jacqueline, Nat, and Sam were worried about Soshi. Sendo prayed her brother, Soul, and surrogate sisters all of them would be okay.

Back in the passage way Maka asked Kid. "Hey, Kid-kun. How did Lord Death seal Asura?" The weapons had all assumed weapon form, it was the best way to travel.

Cabella was running with Tsubaki in ninja sword mode.

"Father tore off Asura's skin, made a sealing bag out of it, and shoved him into it..." Kid explained he was riding his skateboard, He carried Liz and Patty in gun form. "Then father anchored his body and soul to this land to suppress the Kishin."

"And that's why Lord Death can't leave here, huh?" Yuffie said.

Maka asked. "But if the seal was broken and the Kishin escaped...Would Lord Death be able to travel wherever he wanted again?"

Stein replied. "No Lord Death has anchored his soul to the city, so you could say he's merged with Death City."

"Merged with Death City..." Maka thought. 'So that's the reason I couldn't see his soul when I checked for it. Because it was all around me already.'

"If Lord Death wanted to travel, the only way would be to give the land feet..." Everyone sweatdropped at the image of the entire city and the land around it with hairy legs and feet. But there's no way he could do something like that...If the Kishin is resurrected, the effects will be bigger than we can imagine...Madness would spread."

Soul felt himself entering that room again.

The ogre chuckled. "Soul...You can't suppress it...Hell is right here." He pointed to his own head for example. "Human hearts are fragile. hurry and come...Madness is waiting. You can't escape...just like a needle running along the tracks of a record..."

Soul smirked. "Stop playing with me. You expect that to convince me? That needle keeps jumping off the track..."

The ogre grinned darkly. "Heh, Heh, Heh...I'll be waiting."

It was chaos as the five Mizunes killed people.

A familiar figure was flying towards them. It was the elder Mizune. she had detected her little sisters and wanted to reunite with them.

The five Mizune had their beam whiskers formed until a familiar presence hit their senses and they all stopped in midair. Then a sight they never thought they'd see again was seen before them. The eldest of them, their beloved elder sister was flying straight towards them.

The five Mizune squeaked in surprise.

The eldest Mizune squeaked back in greetings. Soon all six met up. They all grinned at each other, happy to be reunited. The oldest Mizune then squeaked to her younger sisters asking what they were doing here and they told her why they were here. The oldest Mizune then formed Beam Whiskers and joined her identical younger sisters in the destruction of Death City.

Blair was bored walking and humming to herself in cat form. "It sure is festive around here tonight. DWMA's anniversary celebration, huh? I wanted to go too...But they said only DWMA students were allowed. How mean...I don't have work at the Chupa Cabra club either...And I don't have money for shopping...Oh well..I guess I'll go visit the fish-store guy who always gives me free fish." When Blair arrived she noticed something wrong. The market was destroyed and the man was on the ground wounded. "Fish-store guy!-?"

The man muttered. "B-Blair-chan..." He began to rummage through his clothes and brought out a fish. "This fish is for you."

Blair deadpanned. "He's so obvious..."

the man collapsed.

"Fish-store guuuy!" Blair called and then looked around. "Who would?" She heard a commotion nearby and then saw six pink haired girls wearing mouse-themed clothing flying around. "Them huh!-? Okay..."

She vanished in a blur and reappeared next to the closest Mizune sister. She tugged her hat down some. "You..." and delivered a powerful kick showing even in her cat form, she could fight. "Stop right there."

The Mizune went bouncing across the buildings like a rock across water and crashed hard.

The other five stopped in surprise.

Blair scolded. "I finally find someone to give me free meals, and you went and killed him. What are you going to do about this?"

The Mizune rose up before all six floated in front of Blair and formed their Beam whiskers attack.

Blair smirked. "Hmmm...Such cocky little mousies."

Back in the tunnel, Yuffie asked. "We've been running for a while. Hey Maka-chan? Can you sense the witches?"

Maka replied. "No...They must have soul protect on."

Suddenly Maka sensed a familiar soul response. "Doctor!"

The whole group paused.

"Yeah..." Stein replied.

Soshi stopped. "I feel this soul response too."

"Right in front of us...Past the shadows...There's someone there!" Maka said sweating. "This soul feels lewd and disgusting...There's no doubt."

Spirit arrived looking forlorn. "Lewd and disgusting she says."

"It's papa!"

Stein praised. "good work escaping that spell."

Spirit gave him thumb ups. "When it comes to chasing tail, I'm the fastest there is."

Soshi shook her head in disgust.

"This is a real help, though...I was worried about how much I could do without a weapon," Stein said. "Senpai are they in front of us?"

"Yeah, they're lying in wait." Spirit glowed white and transformed only this time into his staff form, with his blade hidden.

Stein held the black staff. "Everyone, from this point on, we don't know what will happen. Weapons, please do not return to human form, no matter what...There's a possibility you would be killed in one strike."

Soul was silent.

Koinu spoke up. "We understand doctor."

"Yes sir." Tsubaki replied.

"O...Okay" Liz said.

Patty exclaimed. "Yep!"

"Got it!" Heart exclaimed.

Yuffie asked confused. "They're lying in wait for us? They're not hurrying down to the Kishin?"

"I didn't say all of them were lying wait." Stein replied. "I'd expect Medusa to try to avoid a melee. In a situation like this there are a lot of people and a lot of blind spots, it's easy to make trivial mistakes...and if the black blood she's prepared to resurrect the Kishin is destroyed, it's all over for her so, in case someone comes, she's created a wall to try and keep them from breaking through."

"Hey do you hear something?" Yuffie said.

"Huh? do you?" Maka asked.

Suddenly they heard footsteps. Someone was coming.

"I heard it."

Kid replied. "Sounds like footsteps."

"Yeah, so they're not wasting any time, huh? Who's there!-?" Yuffie said with a smirk.

"Most likely, the initial attack will be formed by someone with the power and confidence to not be defeated even if he or she is outnumbered by the enemy...Someone who has the ability to attack multiple people at once, in order to hold back the enemy's charge..." Stein explained and sure enough

Medusa walked out of the shadows with her soul protect off. "I knew it was you guys...I've been waiting for you."

Stein explained. "Ok it's not much but here's a little strategy. Stay calm and listen closely." Stein's strategy was that Medusa would be the first to stop them then Crona, and the last two Free and Eruka would be heading towards the kishin's sealed shrine.

Soshi then stepped forward. "Stein-sensei...I'll handle Medusa..."

"Ok, but in case you need us Soshi-chan, senpai and I will be here as backup." Stein replied.

Soshi looked her shoulder at her 4 friends. "Maka-chan, Cabella-chan, Kid-kun, and Yuffie-chan, I want you four to break through Medusa's wall as fast as you can...Kid-kun, you're the fastest besides Cabella-chan, Yuffie-chan, and myself, so you go after the two enemies who are heading for the Kishin."

"Understood." Kid replied.

"Yuffie-chan, you hold back the demon sword so that Kid-kun and Maka-chan can go past it. You can attack with your soul wavelength like Stein-sensei and I can, so you should be able to deliver a decisive blow."

"You got it!" Yuffie exclaimed.

And Maka-chan...Get past Medusa and the demon sword, then catch up with Kid-kun as fast as you can. Together, the two of you will destroy the black blood."

"Yes, Soshi-chan!" Maka replied determined.

"There's just one last piece of advice: Just don't die! I want you all to survive whatever else happens!" Soshi said seriously.

"Yes!" The others replied.

"You're discussing your strategy right in front of the enemy?" Medusa smirked. "I can hear everything you're saying."

Soshi looked at the older woman. "Huh? You're the nurse at DWMA aren't you? You obviously didn't do enough research."

"You just can't keep your mouth shut...Fine, shall we begin?" Medusa began to wave her arms and recited her magic command. "Nake, Snake, Nake, Snake." Her magic began to rise in power.

Soshi withdrew Koinu from her back. "Listen, you don't have to breakthrough right away. There will be an opening. Stay calm and wait for it."

Stein had Spirit held in a battle position. spirit's blade materialized.

"Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobbra..."

Soshi narrowed her eyes. "Here it comes."

Medusa then launched a wave of numerous arrows. "Vector Arrowx3!"

Soshi frowned. "Vector arrow! A spell that's perfect for holding back multiple enemies! And it's even more powerful than the last time I saw it!"

"We're not gonna lose!" Maka called and all four of them rushed out.

Kid said. "Liz! If you're scared, then go to sleep!"


Cabella said. "Tsubaki-chan, let's test that mode! Uncanny Sword Mode!"

"Got it Cabella-chan!" Tsubaki transformed into a black katana.

Medusa controlled her arrows with her arms. "You impudent little children will be punished!" The arrows launched towards Cabella and Kid.

Cabella easily ran through the arrow storm.

Kid used Beelzebub to jump up and slide along two arrows. "Death Slide!" He made it past the witch and moved past.

Liz and Patty both exclaimed. "We got past her!"

"Maka! Cabella! Yuffie! I'm going on ahead!" Kid said as he vanished down the hallway.

Cabella summoned a shadow from Tsubaki's demon sword mode and it sliced through the arrows, Cabella made it past Medusa.

"You little...!"

Soshi and Stein both sliced down a wave of arrows that came at them.

"Uncanny sword cancel!" Cabella called. Tsubaki reverted back to her ninja sword mode and Cabell dashed off.

Yuffie used Witch Hunter to break through the arrow storm. "Yahoo! I made it!" She followed after the other two.

Soul said. "Maka! We've gotta make it through too!"

"Yeah!" Maka said.

"Shift all vectors to Maka." Medusa commanded. The arrows turned and aimed for the scythe-meister.

Maka began to think on the best way to get past the arrow storm. She believed the worst and best way would be to run straight towards the middle before the arrows met. She closed her eyes.

"So you're cutting off your field of vision to eliminate the fear, hmm?"

Maka listened for the sounds of the arrows but then she was cut by an arrow. Then impaled by the others.

Maka cursed. 'Crap...I just imagined the worst-case scenario...The fear is making my feet heavier...No! That fear is exactly why I can run with all I've got! Pick up speed!' She snapped her eyes open. "I'm not gonna lose!" Maka barrel rolled past Medusa.

Medusa turned with a laugh. "Well, isn't this interesting?"

Maka ran ahead.

Medusa charged her magic into her hand. "Oh no, you don't!"

Soshi suddenly made her own move appearing in front of Medusa. "Your opponent is me. Soul Force!" she slammed her palm into Medusa, the soul force sent the older witch skidding back.

Maka breathed a sigh of relief at her accomplishment. "All right! Let's catch up with the others!"


Medusa placed her hood back on. "I miscalculated...I can't believe I let four of your get past me. But as long as I stop you and Stein, Soshi-chan, this operation will be success...The others won't have any problems handling those kids."

Soshi smirked. "Don't underestimate my friends. What have you been observing in DWMA all this time? You're a fool..."

Medusa gained her demonic look. "Damn brat...Well, whatever. The demon sword will be waiting for them next."

Kid and Cabella zoomed right by Crona and Ragnarok.

"Hey..Did something just go by really fast?" Ragnarok wondered.

"Oh no...I let them get past us! I'll get yelled at again! I hate that!" Crona whined.

"Huh? Are you the demon sword?" Yuffie asked as she skidded to a stop before Crona. "Your opponent is me! The great Blue*Star! You seem pretty weak though, no wonder Soshi-chan thrashed you not just once but twice...I won't be able to show off with an opponent like you."

Crona's look turned demented and twitchy.

"This girl's nuts. I don't think she's all there in the head." Yuffie said sweat dropping. She then shook it off. "Meh. I don't really care about you, anyway. The main point is how I'm going to kick ass."

"Be careful Yuffie-chan." Heart warned.

Crona summoned her black blade.

"Wait, Yuffie-chan!" Maka ran up.

Yuffie turned. "That was fast for a slowpoke like you."

Maka narrowed her eyes seeing Crona. 'The demon sword.' "Let me handle things here."

Yuffie was stunned. "What?"

Heart was shocked. "But Maka-chan...According to Soshi-chan's strategy, Yuffie-chan is supposed to be the one to hold back the demon sword."

"Your attacks won't have any effect on the demon sword." Soul warned.

Maka held Soul out to keep Yuffie back.

"Hey! Maka-chan...Don't get carried away or I'll kill ya!" Yuffie replied.

Maka was determined. 'This is my fight for revenge.'

Yuffie grinned teasingly. "Who would've thought miss goody two-shoes Maka would disobey a senior student and a teacher. Are you going through your rebellious stage?"

"Shut up." Maka said.

"Fine. I'll let you have the spotlight this time. I'll let you handle things here. But be careful. Don't overdo it." Yuffie replied.

Maka agreed. "Right."

Yuffie thumbed to herself. "If it gets too dangerous, just give me a yell! I always come running to help the little people!"

Maka looked annoyed. "Geez! Fine, go on ahead, all right?"

"Let's go Maka."

"Okay!" Maka replied, her soul appeared in her chest. It was small and blue with wings.

"Heart-chan! We're gonna catch up with Kid!" Yuffie called.

"Right Yuffie-chan!"

Crona held her blade ready. "I won't let you..."

"Speed Star!" Yuffie was gone and appeared high above Crona. "Later Demon sword!"

"Above me!-?" Crona watched and then raised Ragnarok to attack. "This is fine by me. I can deal with you better from behind. Die...Screech Alpha!"

Suddenly Maka attacked Crona with Soul.

"You're in my way..." Crona said.

Maka punched Crona several times using Soul as a distraction. But Maka felt as is if she was punching a steel wall due to Crona's black blood defense.

Ragnarok spoke up. "Crona! Forget about the kid who ran off! Focus on the girl right in front of you!"

"Right..." Crona replied. 'On my right side, she's slamming me with punches, and on my left she's got me trapped with her scythe...Waah! I'll my way out of this!'

But then Maka jumped and brought both legs up for a double kick.

"Wha!-? Crona was stunned as Maka slammed both her feet into Crona's face, sending her flying. Maka perfectly landed and gripped Soul. "Blew you away idiot!"

Crona was on her back quivering. "That was absurd! Beating me up like that all of a sudden...I don't know how to deal with such a cunning girl..."

"Kill her!" Ragnarok replied.


Soul said. "I gotta admit, that first attack worked good...You were looking pretty fired up there when you took on the demon sword. You think we got a chance of winning? I mean...Of course we do, right?"

Maka smirked. "Right!" And she suddenly looked rather sheepish "Well...Not really!"

Soul was silent for a moment inside his weapon space, and then he laughed. "You may be smart, but you're a real idiot! I love it! You're the best! You really are a cool partner."

"Heh! Heh! Heh!" Maka grinned.

"Well, we'll work something out."

Maka gripped Soul hard. "we've got to somehow, right?"

Ragnarok had to add his piece. "Cut the crap! Things don't just 'work out'! Did you forget already!-? About when you got slashed by Crona!-?" He emerged from Crona's back. "When I eat your souls, you're such small fries I probably won't taste anything! That star girl from before looked so much tastier! You're nothing but, unsexy, useless, frickin' brats! I'll torment you! That's all you're good for!"

Maka smiled. "I did it!"

"Huh!-?" Ragnarok was confused.

"You finally acknowledged me. The last time we fought, you saw me as just another meal, right? Now you've acknowledged me as a person...In that sense, I've done it!" Maka then pointed to Crona. "As for the meister...You're always so timid! Face me!"

"Leave me alone...I don't understand... You're weak, but you're still going up against me...I'll just slash you again. Why are you even taking this fight so seriously?" Crona asked.

Maka looked at Crona.

The demon sword meister looked away flustered. "S...Stop that...When someone looks at me with so determination in their eyes...I can't make eye contact."

"Yes, I may be weaker than you. But I don't intend to lose. When it to the 'soul,' I won't lose!" Maka said giving a confident smirk.

Crona was silent.

Ragnarok snorted. "Heh! Babble all you want! Talking big when you know you're a loser won't get you anywhere!"

"Did I hit a nerve? I am the scythe meister Maka. What's your name?"

"The demon sword meister Crona." Crona replied.

"It's a duel then, Crona!" Maka smirked. "Ooh, you've got a good look in your eyes now, don't you?"

Crona looked serious. "Maka...So that's the name of the person in front of me."

Their souls appeared around them.

"What are you doing, getting the enemy riled up?" Soul asked.

"Isn't she though?" Maka said smiling to her weapon.

Crona then held her blade to her wrist. "Let's go!" She sliced into her wrist.

"What the!-? I thought she was ready to fight, then she goes and slashes her wrist all of a sudden?"

Crona's blood dripped as she slowly raised her wrist.

Maka said. "She's going to attack with the black blood!"

Crona swung her wrist sending a blade of blood at Maka. "Bloody Slicer!"

Maka managed to evade it but then Crona appeared in front of her with her wrist raised and slashed with a blood blade coming from her wrist.

Maka managed to block with Soul. But then the blood liquefied again.

Crona stabbed her blade into the ground. "Bloody Needle!"

Maka jumped avoiding the spikes. She slid back a few inches. "She really is a lot of trouble. No wonder Soshi-chan had a little trouble fighting her."


"Shut it!"

Crona held her blade out. "Screaming resonance."

Just like before, Ragnarok's mouth appeared and he released a high-sonic screech.

"Why!-? Why collect innocent souls and become a Kishin!-?" Maka asked.

"Because I'm scared. If I get strong, I'll know how to deal with lots of different things. If I don't become a Kishin, Lady Medusa will abandon me...If I don't get strong, the world will be full of scary things!" She swung her blade and launched her Screech Alpha.

The giant mouth-shaped wave charged towards Maka, who was determined.

"I'm ready for whatever you've got! I might be weak and scared, but I'll take it on!" Maka blocked with Soul as the blast struck. "CRONAAA!" It exploded.

(With Soshi, Stein, and Spirit)

Spirit asked the girl in front of him and Stein. "Soshi-chan...What was that sound?"

Soshi replied. "I think Maka-chan has forgone the plan and is fighting the demon sword!"

"WHAT!-?" Spirit exclaimed concerned.

Medusa chuckled. "I guess that girl wants to die."

Soshi smirked. "Maka-chan is not that weak Medusa. I can tell she has great potential...It just needs to be brought out. Did you know she managed to bring out her weapon power on the bridge against Free?"

"She what!-?" Spirit was both shocked and happy.

"Soul-kun told me, that after I was knocked unconscious from Free's Ice bullet. Maka-chan was so angry that her weapon blood awakened." Soshi smiled. "After this mess is cleared up, I plan to teach Maka-chan how to utilize her weapon power."

"You think you can defeat me?" Medusa asked.

"I will sure try Medusa." Soshi replied holding her sword in a battle position.

Medusa looked to Stein and Spirit. 'I can't be too sure that these two won't try to help her...' She then waved her arms again. "Nake, Snake, Cobra Cobbra..." To their surprise one of the snake tattoos on one her arms came alive and separated from her. It glowed purple and then took on Medusa's very image.

Medusa explained. "While we play Soshi-chan...My clone here will play with Stein and Spirit."

"Fine by me." Soshi's soul formed around her. It was the size of Medusa's.

"Yes...let's play Soshi-chan."

The two witches stared at each other.

Soshi smiled. "It will be hard to play Medusa...With your feet stuck to the ground like that."

Medusa looked down to see her feet trapped to the floor. "What!-? My feet are sewn to the ground!-? When did you do that!-?"

Soshi explained. "Soul Thread Sutures, it's a technique I learned from Stein-sensei. When I hit you with my soul force, some of my soul wavelength was left in your body, like a static charge. I manipulated that wavelength like thread to suture your feet to the floor."

Stein blocked an attack from the clone Medusa and paused to watch. "Heh. Soshi-chan does me proud using that."

"You corrupted her Stein!" Spirit scolded.

"Hehehe...So I did." Stein said with a laugh.

"You could control that precisely!-?" Medusa said surprised.

Koinu announced. "A weapon doesn't just amplify the meister's soul wavelength! She can increase how precise the meister's control over the wavelength is too."

"A technique that can only be done by the most powerful pairs of meisters and weapons, huh."

Soshi attacked Medusa again with her wavelength. "Medusa, it's over for you...Soul Force!"

Medusa slammed into the pillar.

Soshi saw this chance. "Suture!" She clenched her fist tightly and soul threads pinned Medusa against the pillar.

She came at Medusa with one palm reared back. "Successive Palm Soul Force!" She struck Medusa multiple times with the same palm making Medusa spit up blood.

Soshi then stabbed Koinu blade first into the ground and brought both her palms up. "Now to finish you! Double Palm Soul Force!"

But Medusa smirked. "The direction you're headed isn't toward me. Vector Plate."

An arrowed pointed backwards appeared beneath Soshi.

"Wha!-? What's with this arrow!-?" Then Soshi felt herself get launched away by the invisible force.

Soshi dug her blade into the ground to halt her flight.

"What happened!-?" Koinu asked.

Soshi realized the plate's power. "I see...That plate throws a person in the direction that the arrow is pointing."

Medusa released herself from the sutures with her snake tattoo. "Yes, that's correct Soshi-chan." She leapt down and summoned another plate with the arrow pointing right at Soshi. "Of course the plates work on me, as well. Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobbra!"

Soshi held her weapon ready.

"Vector plate!"

Three arrows appeared around Soshi.

Medusa used them to speed herself up and appear behind Soshi. "I'm only doing this because I'm afraid of close combat with you, Soshi-chan." She swung her leg to strike Soshi, only for herself to go right through the younger witch as if she wasn't really there right now. Like she was a phantom.

"What!-?" Medusa said surprised.

Soshi smiled. "Sorry Medusa...But I can use spatial magic to turn myself intangible." She then placed her hand on Medusa. "I can also send others to another dimension."

Medusa felt a strange force trying to suck her in. "Vector plate!" She quickly summoned a plate underneath herself pointing the other way and was thrown away from the vortex.

Soshi frowned. "I missed her."

Medusa studied Soshi. 'So Soshi-chan is a master of spatial magic just like Mabaa-sama. This will be a difficult fight.' She raised her right arm and the tattoo suddenly came alive and slithered off. "Light Serpent!" The living tattoo shot at Soshi.

Soshi quickly leaned back avoiding the snake. She then suddenly vanished.

Medusa was shocked as Soshi appeared beside her.

But Medusa was ready and leaned back with her arms raised. "Vector Storm!" Her arrows surrounded her in a tornadic barrier.

The barrier threw Soshi away from Medusa.

Soshi slid back a few feet. She had some wounds from the vectors. "So she did have a barrier."

Medusa explained. "There are one thousand snakes in my body...No prey that comes close ever gets away."

Soshi scowled. "What was that about being too scare of close-combat...You're clearly a short-range witch...Infiltrating DWMA as a nurse, you're full of lies."

Medusa smiled. "You think so? But that's not true. When I asked you at the party to join me and about your family...Those were my true feelings. I want you...We're both witches and should be working together towards a better world. How about it? Soshi-chan...I am asking you this not as a member of DWMA, but as a fellow witch."

Soshi was silent.

"Vector plate..." A ring of plates surrounded both of them. "Soshi-chan...All of the vectors surrounding you point towards me. I always get what I want. I never let it get away." Medusa said grinning darkly.

"May I ask you something?" Soshi replied. "You abducted that demon sword girl from somewhere and tried to make her a Kishin, right? So then why are you trying to resurrect the first Kishin? You're disappointed in the demon sword because she shows no signs of become a Kishin. So you decided to take big risk trying to resurrect the first Kishin with the black blood. Once you don't need the demon sword anymore, what are you going to do with her? Your experiment failed. That's the best news this year."


Soshi was slightly confused. "What? Did I say something funny?"

"No. Really, you are such an audacious girl. It may seem like a failure to you, Soshi-chan...But all of my research lies in the black blood." Medusa then raised her hand to point. "One more thing...There's one more thing you're mistaken about. The demon sword child was not 'abducted' Crona is my real daughter."

Soshi's eyes widened. She wondered what poor man was duped into having a relationship with this woman.

(with Maka)

Maka was using Soul to stand back up, after being blasted by the screech alpha.

Crona said. "You'd be better off not standing."

Maka screamed and charged at Crona with Soul.

Crona easily blocked Soul's blade with one arm and cut her wrist on it. "Why are you so determined to attack me? Even thought you're weak..." A blade of blood emerged from her hand. "Knock it off! I don't know how to deal with it!"

Maka ducked and noticed. "It's coming from the cut on her wrist!-?"

Suddenly a second blade tried to impale Maka.

But she leaned back dodging and skidded back a few feet.

Soul said. "Blade attacks aren't right against this girl. The more we cut her, the worse off we get."

"But there's one thing we can do." Maka said gripping Soul hard.

"Let's go Soul Resonance!" Maka and Soul called.

"Do it Crona!" Ragnarok said.

Crona held her blade up to her face. "Screaming resonance."

Maka gathered even power. "I'm pushing the resonance rate up higher!"

Black blood began to flow through her veins.

Soshi and Stein froze when this resonance hit their senses. "That resonance, wat that!-?"

Medusa and her clone both smirked excitedly. "So it's begun."

Ragnarok screamed and Soul roared as they both powered up with their respective meisters. Little Ogre grinned.

Maka formed the Witch-Hunter. Crona formed her Screech Gamma.

(With Soshi, Stein, and Spirit)

Spirit asked. "Hey Stein...What's going on?"

Stein was silent.

Soshi replied. "The black blood within Soul-kun has begun to stir."

(With Maka)

Maka went on the attack and leapt up with witch-hunter fully charged. Crona blocked with Ragnarok. Then Maka used her variant slash. "Figure 6 Hunter!" When Crona was down. Maka used the third and final witch hunter variation. "Letter U Hunter!"

Crona was sent flying by the slash and then Maka followed up charging.

She swung Soul only for Crona to block it with one arm. Crona looked rather demented. "What? That's it? Really?"

Crona moved back away from Maka.

Maka skidded back. "She blocked the witch hunter with just one arm!-?"

"How can she be so strong when she's so scrawny?" Soul asked sweating.

Maka was also tired from the three consecutive attacks earlier. "It's got nothing to do with physical strength. The black blood flowing through her body, 'Ragnarok,' is supporting Crona's muscle strength in combination with her movements."

Crona said. "Now it's my turn. Screech Gamma!" She then attacked wildly while screaming. "Geez! I'll slice you and your weapon! I will!"

Soul groaned.

"Soul!" Maka called worried.

Soul sensed the ogre's presence. "Shut up! You just stay back!"

Maka blocked the flurry as best she could. 'If this keeps up Soul will get hurt again...'

"Maka...Don't get any silly thoughts in your head...Just keep guarding like that..." Soul replied.

The ogre grinned. "Soul, you're saying some pretty silly things yourself. Just give up and surrender yourself to me. I'll make you stronger."

Finally Crona ended her attack with a cross shaped slash.

Maka was panting tired. "You okay Soul?"


Maka was very tired. "I was almost there..." 'I felt, "I'm not going to lost to the demon sword!" I almost got ahold of Crona's wavelength, but it can't go on like this...'

(Death City Streets)

Blair faced the 6 Mizune sisters as they flew at her. Blair jumped as they came one by one, she dodged the eldest Mizune's attack. "Pum-Pumpkin, pumpkin!" She landed on the head of one of the little ones and used her as a springboard to get above the others. Blair then grinned and unleashed her next attack. "Smashing pumpkin!" A giant jack-o-lantern shaped energy orb crushed three of the Mizunes.

Mizune number 4 flew by with her beam whiskers ready, but Blair leaned back matrix style easily evading it. Blair kicked the Mizune in the gut and sent her away.

"As a woman, I have to make sure my body is nice and flexible." Blair said. She tipped her hat. "To think even six of them couldn't touch me...How pathetic."

The Eldest Mizune was alone. She then sneered before she began to snap her fingers and chanted. The younger Mizune stood and joined their eldest sibling in the snapping and chanting.

Then all six flew up and all around, before they all stacked on top of each other like building blocks. There was a flash and a poof of smoke. Where six once were, there was now only one tall pink haired witch. Her pink hair reached down to her back. She wore the same mouse hat only much larger and clothes although her stomach and the underside of her large breasts were revealed.

Mizune spoke. "Don't get full of yourself, little kitten. Don't you know that the cornered rat will bite the cat?"

The fish-store guy drooled over the mouse-witch's full form.

Blair looked annoyed and then changed into her human form. She glared at Mizune. "Do you think I'm going to let you get away with trying to seduce men on my turf?"

The fish-store man then collapsed from the two beautiful women before him.

Mizune and Blair walked towards each other and soon stood face-to-face.

Mizune looked down at the cat-witch. "You're gonna be one dead feline."

Blair replied. "Big talk coming from a sextuple-decker mousey."

Mizune reached and groped one of Blair's breasts. "Hmph. What a distasteful outfit."

Blair smirked. "Like you're really one to talk." She tugged Mizune's top. "Isn't this top a little drafty?"

(With Maka)

Crona walked towards the tired Maka dragging her blade.

"Shit." Maka cursed.

Crona soon stood before Maka and looked down at her. "Are you scared? This is just like back then...I still don't know how to deal with it." Crona remembered her childhood, when Medusa gave her the choice to kill a small bunny, but she couldn't do it and got thrown into a dark room, several times. then after a few times, she managed to kill the bunny.

Crona raised her sword to kill Maka. "Goodbye little bunny." In her mind, Maka was the bunny she had failed to kill.

the ogre called to Soul."Soul! Hey soul!"


"She's done for if you don't do something! Leave it to me! Throw reason out the window, and I'll make you stronger!"

"No...I'll take the power! But..." Suddenly Soul was back in the black room wearing his suit. "I will not abandon my reason!"

"What?" Little Ogre was shocked. "You can't win against the demon sword's madness like that! Just leave it to me! If you think you can get strong while keeping your reason and obeying the rules, you're making a big mistake! I've never heard such a fairy tale before!"

"I understand fear...So I fight against it...I understand the rules...So I obey them. That itself is greater power. Soul replied. "I'm not the only one involved in this either! If we resonate any more, it'll effect Maka too!"

Little ogre yelled. "Don't mess with me, you stinking brat! You can't just wrap it up in a neat little package like that! Where'd your reckless teen spirit go!-? I'm only asking you to go wild for once! What's the point of living if you can't go crazy!-?"

Soul yelled back. "Shut up! You're nothing but a little piece of shit! Stop talking so much! Shit can't talk! Right!-? Be quiet and lead me! Whether or not I go with you is my decision!"

Little ogre asked. "How am I supposed to lead you with talking?"

"How about pointing your finger or something? Piece of shit."

Little ogre waved his arms. "Okay, okay. Let's take a minute to cool down here. Both you and I want to move forward. But with just the two of us talking, we won't get anywhere. Right?"

"Yeah." Soul replied.

Little ogre gestured to the curtains. "On that note, there's someone I want to welcome here to the black room. Come on in."

The curtains opened.

Soul was shocked. Huh!-? here!-?"

"Let's decide this democratically so that we'll be satisfied."

It was none other than Maka herself wearing a ballroom style black dress with her hands clasped together in front of her.


"I heard most of the story." Maka said.

"What are you doing in the black room!-? Is this supposed to be going in on my mind or something!-?" Soul exclaimed.

Little Ogre explained. "Isn't it obvious? Since your souls are resonating right now, your hearts are connected too."

Soul didn't believe his meister was actually here. "Hey! Ogre! Isn't this just something you made that looks like Maka!-?"

"You're so suspicious. You're the one who runs the show here in the black room. I can't possibly do something like that." Little Ogre replied.

Maka struck Soul on the head with her signature book. "Maka Chop!"

"Ah...It's the real Maka alright." Soul groaned rubbing his head.

Little Ogre went the phonograph. "Now, now...I'll put on some music to calm everyone down." He placed the needle on the record and a tune began to play.

"You take the lead. I don't know what to do." Maka said.

"It's okay. Just go with the flow." Soul replied as he showed Maka the postures of dancing.

Soul asked. "Why did you come to a place like this? Did you hear the ogre's voice too?"

Maka replied. "I don't know. but now that I think about it, I might've heard it back when we fought the werewolf guy with the demon eye."

"Yes I definitely did enter you too. But I got wiped out of you right away...I don't know why though." Little Ogre said.

"Then you shouldn't come to a place like this! He got wiped out of you, right? He might not leave you so easily this time."

Maka looked rather sad. "Hey...If our soul wavelengths are matched up like this...You can tell what I'm thinking, right?"

Soul narrowed his eyes. "You...You want to use the black blood to get the same madness as Crona!-?"

Little Ogre grinned evilly.

Maka looked down. "I knew you'd be mad. I thought about it when I hit her with the witch-hunter...If I can get the same level of power as the demon sword, I might be able to grasp something...I think I...I think I'll be able to feel Crona's soul wavelength."

Soul scolded. "It's too dangerous to try something like that on a whim! You might not get your sanity back again!"

"Yeah no. I'm sorry...This is my conviction!" Maka said now determined.

"There's no guarantee you'll be able to come back." Soul insisted.

Maka replied. "But it's worth trying, isn't it?"

Soul sighed. "Okay, fine! We'll do what you want. No matter how far you get blown away, as your weapon, I promise I'll bring you back!" Suddenly Soul felt a pain in his feet. "Oww!"

Maka was wearing spiked heel. "Ah! Sorry!" She looked rather embarrassed. "Y-You lead, okay?"

"Yeah! Leave to me!" Soul said trying ignore the pain.

Little Ogre's grin grew more evil. "Yes, that's the way."

Crona raised her black blade to kill Maka. "Bye-bye, little bunny." She swung her blade down but just as she did earlier Maka blocked the blade with one arm. Suddenly an insane grin appeared on Maka's face and she swung Soul hard. Crona was sent flying all the way into the archs on the ceiling.

Maka stabbed the Scythe into the ground and stood on the pole, she placed her hand over head as if looking directly at the sun. "Ooooh! She flew~!" Maka giggled insanely.

Soul cursed. "I'm getting pulled into the madness with her! Maka, I swear I won't let go of you!"

Little Ogre said. You're wrong about that one fool...See I'm then one who's leading now."

(With Kid and Cabella)

Kid and Cabella were skateboard/running through the hallway. When Cabella suddenly stopped. "Kid-kun! Stop!"

Kid breaked. "What is it Cabella?"

Cabella sniffed the air. "Something's flying towards us."

Sure enough a black tadpold shaped bomb flew at the two meisters. It exploded and the shockwave just missed them.

"That was a bomb!-?" Kid said.

"Yeah and it looks like we have more to handle." Cabella said.

Kid looked and the whole entrance in front of them was decorated with the same bombs. He frowned. "What a disgusting way of arranging them. It disgusts me!"

Up ahead, Free and Eruka were heading further towards Asura.

Free ran on all fours. "I heard an explosion."

Eruka riding on her tadpole Jackson replied. "It must've been the tadpole bombs I set up...We need to hurry."

Free's nose twitched. "That smell.."

"Yeah. We're almost there. The Kishin is very close."

Back in the hallway, Kid was feeling ill. "This disgusts me!"

Cabella said. "Kid-kun don't look at them!"

Kid fell to his knees. "It's no good, I'm feeling ill."

Liz sighed. "Cabella told you...But I can understand...To Kid-kun, a place without symmetry is like a hallway full of ghost to a normal person. Anybody would be scared to go through that."

Patty spoke up. "Hey, onee-chan, those are bombs, you know? they're already scary enough."

"Hmmm, very good point."

"What a horrific trap...This is as far as I go...how horrifiying." Kid mumbled.

A reflection of Liz appeared on the gun barrel. "Wait...Hey! Everyone's fighting as hard as they can! If you give up now, the kishin will get resurrected! You're a grim reaper! So act like one! If you can't do it then who can?"

Kid replied. "It doesn't matter what you say...I'm useless reaper garbage. Just put me on the curb on garbage day."

Liz sighed. "Your turn Patty. Tell him in that special way."

"Ok." Patty fidgeted with her hands a bit before she said in a serious tone. "Get your ass moving now damn you!"

Kid looked shocked before his eyes watered. Suddenly the bombs exploded as Kid skated right through them crying. Cabella followed Kid just laughing to herself.

Liz spoke up. "Nice, he's using the blasts to give himself more momentum!"

Patty giggled.

Liz turned to her younger sister in their shared black space. "Well done, you did an incredible job of finally getting his butt moving Patty...Amazing."

Patty cheered. "Yeah I was really scary wasn't I onee-chan~!"

Kid cursed. "Damn it Patty! I hate you! I really, really hate you!" He zoomed away with Cabella following close behind.

Up ahead, Eruka and Free were continuing their way towards Asura.

Eruka looked down at her poor tadpole who was exhausted and patted him. "Hang on...We're almost there."

Free said. "They're coming this way really fast...They're gonna catch up to us..."

Eruka held the case tightly. "We have to protect this case with our lives..so we can inject the black blood into the kishin...Or Medusa will kill us!"

"Leave this to me. I need to borrow that tadpole you're riding on for a little while, though." Free said.

"Huh!-? What are you going to do with Tadpole Jackson?" Eruka asked.

Free stood up and recited his magic command. "Wolf wolves, wolf wolves! I'm going to outsmart those kids."

Further back, Maka was giggling insanely and wobbled on her feet. Crona was shaking.

Maka then held Soul in a strange battle position. "It's all just...So funny you know!" She then moved towards Crona when the ogre ordered her too.

Crona backed away. "Quit it. Please stop. You're all wobbly and giggly and I don't like it, stay away from me."

Maka swung Soul and hit the hardened black blood.

Crona frowned. "I told you..." She then stabbed her blade into Maka. "I hate wobbly giggles!"

But Maka just pulled the blade out and kicked Crona. "That's too bad cause I like em!"

Maka felt her wound and saw her black blood. "Hey it's black, it's so pretty!"

Maka then grabbed Crona's head and slammed it into the pillar. "Come on hurt me some more! You can do better than this can't you!" She slid Crona's face painfully down the wall.

Then Maka began stomping on Crona's back laughing insanely.

when she let up, Crona stood up and tried to slice her in half but failed and Maka just grinned psychotically.

They began to clash their blades in strange ways.

Soul felt the blackness coming down on him. "So this is madness."

"It doesn't let them feel fear at all. In this fight, they've denied their opponent's soul and their own soul." Little Ogre explained.

Maka tilted her head to the side. "Come on give me something new! Can't you do anything like eye-gouging or fish hooking?" She then righted her posture. "No? Or maybe you'd like to tear off my tongue? Bleh.." She stuck her tongue out, which even frightened Crona.

Soul yelled. "What are you doing Maka?-! Getting your tongue torn off was not part of the plan!"

Maka then jumped onto Crona and bit down on the back of her head as if trying to eat her.

Crona was freaking out.

"Damn it! I'm gonna get sucked into the madness too...Hurry up...Or you won't be able to come back again!"

Maka was floating in an all black space. 'Soul...' When she saw what her body was doing, she was grossed out and blushed. 'That's embarrassing...'

Soul replied. "It's not much different from how you normally are...so hurry up and do what you gotta do."

'Right I understand. I should be able to do it now.' Maka concentrated like a sonar.

Back in the entrance, Medusa spoke. "My research on the black blood is complete. All that's left is to inject the black blood into the first Kishin. It doesn't matter how much you try to fight it...This plan will succeed."

Soshi asked. "Once you resurrect the first Kishin...What do you plan to do with Crona? The black blood research that you used her for is over, and the black blood has been perfected. What do you intend to with that child? Abandon her?"

Medusa had closed her eyes and smiled ignoring the questions. Then she spoke. "What a boring question. I ordered it around so much, it grew up to be completely dependent. It was a total failure. Maybe I was just too much of a helicopter mom."

Koinu was disgusted with Medusa referring to her own child as 'it' instead of her or she as if she was only a failed experiment to get rid of.

Soshi narrowed her eyes, her grip on her weapon tightened. "I don't care about that. Answer my question. She's your child right? So what are you going to with her!-?" She could feel her inner madness growing due to the infused black blood within her and for once she wasn't going to fight it.

Medusa chuckled. "What are you getting so worked for? It's silly. It goes without saying, doesn't it? Holding on to something I don't need any more doesn't any sense. Does it make a difference just because it's a child? I'm going to abandon it. What else would I do with it? Why? Do you want it? You're welcome to it as long as you don't mind hand-me-downs. Go ahead and do what you wish with it."

That did it. Soshi snapped. "Why you...heartless bitch!" Suddenly her wavelength expanded greatly. She then stabbed Koinu into the ground and spread her arms out. "Madness...Release!" Her soul surrounded her and turned red and purple completely covering her from view.

When her soul faded back into her, Soshi was revealed in her full madness form.

Soshi now had knee-length black hair with a reddish-tint to it. Her eyes were red with slit pupils and black sclera. Her outfit had changed into a long gothic black dress with a red image of Lord Death's mask on it. Her nails were black and were elongated to be used like claws. She had two prominent fangs sticking from her lips. She didn't look 16 anymore, she looked more like a young adult woman of about 20-25. She was much taller as well (MizuneX5 height) and her figure grew to match her new height.

Spirit was gaping in his weapon space. 'Damn! And that's her madness form!-?'

Stein shook his head.

Soshi glared hatefully at Medusa. "I can't believe a mother would willingly abandon her own child! you make me sick!" She then shot at a fast speed towards Medusa.

Medusa was stunned by the speed and was thrown straight through the wall by a powerful blow.

Soshi's leg was seen where Medusa once stood. Her red eyes glared at her opponent. "Not yet! She must be punished more!" Soshi then reappeared behind a shocked Medusa. She raised her arm, a red wicked blade jutted from the side of her arm and she slashed Medusa in the back, only to be blocked by Medusa's arrows.

Soshi growled. "Damn it! You won't get away with choosing to willingly abandon your own child!" She then leapt back and cut into her wrist.

To Medusa shock, a blade made of blood jutted from her wrist and then extended at Medusa (Gin's Shinso from Bleach).

Medusa just managed to avoid the blade. 'She's using the black blood in the way Crona uses it!'

Soshi smirked as she suddenly faded away as if an illusion.

"What!-?" Medusa was shocked as Soshi appeared in front of her with strange glowing red eyes and crows flying around her. "Medusa, I'm taking you into my realm...Illusion magic: Tsukuyomi!"

Medusa found herself bound to a cross. The world was black and grey with a crimson sky.

Soshi stood before Medusa.

"What is this?" Medusa asked. Suddenly she grunted in pain as a blade entered her stomach.

Soshi was right in front of her with her right arm transformed into a long blade, when she spoke her voice echoed through the realm. "This Medusa, is my realm. Time and space, even physical mass, I control them all." She then retracted her blade arm from Medusa's stomach. "For the next 72 hours you will feel this pain." Soshi then multiplied into many clones of herself, each one had a long blade for their right arm. The torture began again. for the next three days, Medusa was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach.

(with Maka)

Maka found herself falling towards a rather dull and dry bleach. Even the sun looked lifeless. She then saw Crona, a younger version of her drawing a circle in the sand with a stick. She claimed it was her own area that no one could enter. Then her shadow extended and started speaking to her. Her shadow self asked her questions, with Crona passing each one around 42 times. Eventually the shadow Crona left and Crona recalled when she introduced herself to Maka before their fight.

Crona sniffled. "I could answer back then...I'm the demon sword meister Crona..."

"I know~!" Called a familiar voice right behind her. It was Maka, or rather a child version of her. "Rawr!"

Crona jumped onto her feet in surprise. "Eeek!"

Maka giggled and asked. "Can I come over there?"

Crona protested. "Wait no, you can't..."

"Huh!-? Why?" Maka asked.

"Don't come inside the line. This is my place..." Crona said.

"Eh!-? What?" Maka was now inside the circle.

Crona was surprised. "Oh no...How did you get in so easily? Nobody should be able to get in..."

Maka looked down at the circle. "Hmmm...A line huh?"

Crona explained. "I don't know how to deal with things, so...I can relax as long as I'm inside the line...But if you come in, then there's no point!"

Maka started to erase the the cricle. "This line's easy to erase."

Crona was scared. "N-No...Don't do that!" But it was too late soon the circle was completely gone.

Maka patted her dress clean. "There. All gone."

Outside, Crona's body jolted before she screamed and bloody needles jutted out of her, her body convulsed.

Soul was surprised. "What the!-? What's happening!-?"

"Soul rejection!"

'Soul!' Maka called out.

"Maka!" Soul answered.

'Hurry up and pull me out of the madness!'

Little Ogre said. "What!-? Oh no, you don't!"

Soul called. "Hold on!" He dropped down until he landed on top of some water or blood with black spots in it. "Where are you!-? Maka!" He looked down to see Maka just below him. "I'm coming!" Soul struggled to push his hand into the liquid it was thick like blood, but he managed to get his hand in and Maka reached out, they managed to grasp each other's hand. With a hard tug, Soul yanked Maka out of the blood.

Maka snapped out of the madness state in the real world. She looked to the other meister. "How's Crona!-?"

Soul was exhausted. "You're back..."

Maka stood up and then placed Soul down much to his surprise.

"What are you doing Maka!-?"

"Just wait here Soul."

"If you get too close to her you'll get skewered!"

Maka just smiled to him and then started to walk towards Crona.

One long bloody needle extended and slashed Maka's neck slightly.

But she was undeterred and continued to walk towards Crona.

Maka said comfortingly. "Don't be afraid. It's all right." Soon she was right in the middle of the bloodly needle storm nearing Crona. "You're just a little shaken because the line disappeared."

More needles extened and impaled Maka and yet she still was undeterred.

"Don't worry! It's okay..." Maka dropped to her knees and leaned against Crona. "I understand your wave-length now...It's not that you don't know how to deal with things. It's just no one's really dealt with you, reached out to you at all."

Crona replied. "It's okay...I've already given up anyway...I know...I'm not needed anymore...I already decided. It's okay...I'll just disappear."

Maka used a more comic version of her 'Maka Chop' on Crona rather than the painful one reserved for Soul or her father.

Crona looked surprised.

Maka took off one of her gloves and held out her hand. "So then...Be my friend. Please."

Crona was utterly surprised. No one had ever wanted her to be their friend before. She didn't know how to deal with something like this.

Maka smiled. "I'm not the only one who will help you. I know Soshi-chan will too...like you she's a weapon, a witch, and a meister, she can understand you even better than I could."

Crona sniffled. "Ungh...How can you...? I don't know how to deal with that..." She began to cry and held her hands against her face.

Soul returned to human form and looked up with a smile. "The fear of dealing with other people, huh...? Even I'm scared of that."

Little Ogre was all alone in the black room. "Aww...They left..." He grinned. "Oh well, I always have the key." He twirled the key around his finger.

(In the chamber)

Medusa was exhausted from the mental torture.

Soshi sensed something. "I can sense that things are calming down...their soul wavelengths are returning to normal."

"What about Maka-chan!-? Is she okay!-?" Spirit asked worried for his only child.

Stein spoke. "Yes. It looks like she did a good job of grasping the demon sword's soul wave-length..."

Soshi looked up. "I can sense the demon sword's wavelength stabilizing...Maka-chan did it." A gentle smile actually formed rather than the usual crazed grin usually associated with madness.

Back up ahead, Crona was still crying. "This is the first time I've cried like this! I don't know how to deal with tears at all!"

"Anyway Maka, we don't have time for this. We have to keep moving." Soul said.

"But we can't just leave her like this!" Maka replied.

"Yeah but...What else can we do?" Soul said.

"Don't mess with me!" Shouted Ragnarok as he emerged from Crona's back. "Don't mess with me, moron!" He grabbed Maka's head.

Soul growled. "Bastard!" He began to try and pull Ragnarok's hand from Maka. He was also pushing against Ragnarok's head.

Ragnarok scolded. "You wanna be friends with Crona!-? Don't make me laugh! Who do you think you're messin' with!-? You think it'd be fun to be friends with a kid like this!-? Nothing's exciting with this kid! Oh! I got it! You're gonna bully her! Am I right!-? Kicking her around's a pretty good to get rid of stress! I hit the nail right on the head didn't I?" Just then he grew pissed. "Whaaa!-? You ain't gettin' away with it! The only one allowed to beat up Crona is me! I ain't letting you have her!"

"S...Stop it...I SAID STOP IT!" Crona screamed and she actually uppercutted Ragnarok in the face.

Ragnarok was silent before he grabbed Crona with an armlock around her head. "That was a great punch for you, Crona! Do you have any idea how it feels to get punched by you?"

"No...How would I know that!-?"

"It's like this! It's like when you have been able to crap for three days and three nights, and then you finally push it out as hard as you an, and the water in the toliet splashes back on you!"

Crona was disgusted. "That's too disgusting for me to even understand!"

"Don't you talk back to me!"

Crona looked back to her hopefully new friends. "Leave this to me...You guys go on ahead." She had a determined look in her eyes. "I'll hold him back here!"

Ragnarok then lifted Crona's dress up. "Heeey!"

Crona bopped him in the head with one hand while trying to keep her dress down with the other. "Stop it, you pervert!"

"Ummm..." Maka was confused.

"Anyway..." Soul gave thumbs up. "He's all yours."

Ragnarok laughed while trying to yank Crona's dress off.

Crona screamed. "S...Somebody! Help me!"

'Don't die on us...' Maka and Soul both thought. They ran ahead.

"Maka are your wounds okay?" Soul asked.

"Yeah...A black scabby thing is stopping the bleeding...I think it healed by itself when the black blood disappeared." Maka tightened her clothes and gripped Soul who changed into scythe form. Maka leapt down towards where the others were headed.

"Let hurry! We have to catch up with the others!"

Kid came to an utterly destroyed room. "This place is a complete disaster..."

Cabella and Tsubaki both were worried for Soshi. 'Soshi-chan...I hope you're ok...'

Kid frowned. "I can feel the Kishin's wavelength..." suddenly scarves came at Kid and the imagine of three vertical eyes appeared. Kid was panting and sweating from the illusion he had just see.

Patty and Liz were concerned for their meister.


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah it's just I've never felt pressure like this before." Kid replied trying to regain his barings. Cabella felt the same way kid did, that was the strongest wavelength she had ever felt next to Lord Death's.

Liz asked. "Hey...Kid...The first kishin is in here, right? What's he like?"

"That's a pretty vague question. I've only heard about him from father, so I don't know the details, but...Father defeated Asura...and then striped all the skin off of him to seal him."

"Your dad used to be scary...Why did he do something like that?"

Kid replied. "He did it to make a sack to seal Asura in...It was supposed to contain Asura's soul, body, and all of his madness...and Asura's own skin would make the best seal. Then father drew out all of Asura's blood...And stuffeed the dried-up body and soul into the sack. Asura's body thirsts for blood..."

"So that's why they need the black blood?"


Cabella suddenly felt something. "Kid-kun! There's something coming!"

"What!-?" Right in front of them a few feet away there was a harsh flash and then a blast shot at them.

Kid and Cabella both evaded blast. But the shockwave knocked Kid off his skateboard.

Kid looked forward. "Cannon fire!-? Where is it coming from!-?"

Cabella narrowed her eyes seeing a wolf-shaped silhouette threw the smoke. Then it was revealed to be Free with smoke coming from his mouth.

"Demon eye cannon." Free said.

Cabella's eyes narrowed into slits. 'So that's the so-called immortal werewolf Tsubaki-chan told me about...He hurt Soshi-chan! I'll make him pay for that!' "Tsubaki-chan uncanny sword mode."

"You got it Cabella-chan! This is for Soshi-chan!" Tsubaki shifted into her strongest weapon form, the black blade she gained from absorbing her brother's soul.

Black markings grew on Cabella's face. Cabella glared at Free, for not only hurting the one she loved but for also bringing bad rep to wolves everywhere.

"That's the immortal guy...how careless of me...He blended in with the Kishin's madness, so I didn't notice." Kid then began to open fire on Free.

But the werewolf walked through the shots. "Not gonna work!"

Kid narrowed his eyes as Free charged at him. The young reaper began to think of a plan. Kid dodged Free's swipes. He realized Free was aiming for his legs and made extra sure that his legs wouldn't be hurt. Kid leaped and aimed at Free upside down. He fired more shots.

But they went right through Free. "Immortal!"

Kid did many perfect flips and landed a few feet back. "In that case! Liz! Patty! Let's go Soul Resonance!" Kid assumed Excution mode. "Execution mode!" Then he charged up with Liz and Patty going through the checks faster. "Resonance stable..Noise at 0.3% Five seconds until feedback.." "3." "2!" "1..." "Firing~!"

Kid's eyes acted like a target lock getting Free in it's sights. "Death Cannon." He shot the massive blast of orange energy at the werewolf. After hitting, Liz and Patty reverted back to their normal twin pistol forms.

"Now he should be at least a little..."

Free burst through the smoke. "Immortal!"

Kid was shocked. His most powerful attack didn't even make him flinch! Soon Free was attacking Kid and the young reaper could only dodge them. Kid finally took a glance around the room and his OSD and symmetry obsession struck again as he began to speak about which piece goes where. But he started scratching his head much to Liz's horror, she knew if something didn't happen to distract Kid from the messy room, he would be drawn into the madness.

"YAHOO!" Yuffie announced her arrival by kneeing Kid in the back.

Heart apologized. "Sorry we're late."

"We caught up! I win! Too bad! That Kishin isn't getting revived now!" Yuffie declared.

Kid got angry. "You idiot! The one with the black blood is up ahead!"

Yuffie was shocked. "What!-? That's not good! So what're you doing here!-?" She turned to see Free. "Whoa! What the hell are you!-?"

Liz smiled. 'Phew! Yuffie-chan managed to distract kid-kun! Now his focus will go back to the wolf man' "Kid-kun, look at that man. He's wearing a shackle only on his left leg."

"What!-?" Kid frowned angrily seeing it was true. "You're right! How dare he!"

Liz cheered. "Yes!"

Yuffie charged forward. "I'll kill anyone who gets in the way! Let's go, Heart-chan!"


kid held his guns ready. "I'll back you up!"

Free grinned. "come on, come at me all you want!"

Cabella narrowed her eyes and watched as Yuffie tried to attack Free only for him to dodge. 'Something's wrong...He didn't even dodge Kid-kun's shots earlier... but he's trying to avoid Yuffie-chan's phyiscal attacks? Wait...' She realized when Yuffie made a cut with Heart. "I understand now." She walked towards Free.

Yuffie was confused. "Cabella?"

"Hey what are you doing!-? I'll cut you up!" Free warned.

"No you won't even if this really was you...Which it isn't. Am I right?" Cabella asked and walked right through him.

Free reverted to his human form. "I guess you figured it out."

"This isn't the demon eye man...It's a olny hologram. Is this one of your magic spells, demon eye?" Cabella asked.


Up ahead, the real Free standing atop a very exhausted Tadpole Jackson finished his clone's words. "Spatial magic: Image Transmission. It's a spell that lets me project a vision of myself into a certain place."

Eruka was worried for her pet. "Are you okay, Tadpole Jackson?"

The tadpole looked utterly ready to collapse from exhaustion.

Eruka glared at Free with angry tears. "This is all your fault for flailing around on top of Tadpole Jackson! I won't forgive you for this!"

"I didn't have a choice. If I hadn't done it this way, I wouldn't have been able to keep moving forward. I would've been left behind!"

Back with the clone Free, He asked Cabella. "How'd you figure it out?"

"You didn't even try to avoid Kid-kun's gunfire at all...But you couldn't allow Yuffie-chan's attacks to connect, because she'd be able to tell that you were just a hologram. You made that first cannon attack from behind the hologram didn't you? That made me think the hologram was read. Also...Since you're an immortal, Kid-kun was wary of you, so he fought from a distance...It's a nice trick that makes good use of your immortality." Cabella's hand came out and pointed to Yuffie. "You! You cut him, so why didn't you even notice!-?"

Yuffie laughed. "Well, it's me you're talking about, you know? I thought I'd come up with a slicing attack where I didn't even feel myself making the cut!"

Cabella bopped her on the head. "Idiot! You noticed didn't you, Heart-chan!-?"

Heart blushed nervously. "Huh? I thought Yuffie-chan had grown, that's all."

Cabella poked her head from the hologram. "What? Instead of being a doting parent, she's a doting weapon?"

Kid picked up his skateboard. "Shit! We wasted a lot of time...Let's go, Yuffie, Cabella."

"Yeah! We put up a hard fight, didn't we?" Yuffie replied jumping next to him.

'Free' smirked. "You're already too late." The illusion Free faded.

Free and Eruka were very close.

Tadpole Jackson finally collapsed from exhaustion.

"Tadpole Jackson!-?" Eruka tended to her familiar while Free jumped off him.

"Look Eruka,"

"Huh!-? what?"

They saw a door ahead of them with a triangle and three vertical eyes on it.

Eruka looked rather scared. "The Kishin is there, right?"

"Let's hurry. Those brats are gonna catch up to us soon." Free walked up and opened the door.

A wave of intense wavelength went by them.

Both the werewolf and frog witch sweatdropped and looked rather nervous as they entered the sealed shrine.

Eruka was really nervous as she traveled in the dark room, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched. Suddenly a person appeared before her. He was covered in multiple clothes. Even his face was covered in a scarf. It had a trio of vertical eyes on it. The man's scarves suddenly grabbed Eruka by the throat holding her up. The only part's of the man showed where bits of his black hair and his hands which had the same vertical eye pattern as the scarf around his head.

Eruka tried to call to Free. Her hat was knocked off her head.

The man then slightly lifted his 'mask' revealing his mouth which opened wide. He held Eruka still and tore her face clean off with his teeth.

Eruka screamed. "NOOOOO!" She covered her hat over her face.

Free was surprised.

Eruka trembled. "My face...I'm scared...So scared...I can't take this...I'm gonna go home and hibernate."

"What happened to your face?" Free knelt down. "Here. Let me see it." He flipped Eruka's hat up only to reveal a strange looking face, the face of the Kishin.

'Eruka' then pierced Free with one hand through the chest and then ripped a piece of him off.

suddenly they were back in the real world. Eruka held a large nail against her throat. Free held something sharp against the back of his neck, like he was sawing his own head off.

"Kyaaa!" Eruka quickly threw the nail away.

Free also threw his weapon away. "What!-? What am I doing!-?"

Eruka looked at Free shaking. "Huh!-? What was that? An illusion?"

"This is the madness of the first Kishin." Free replied and further ahead was the skin bag held up with chains. Asura's very skin, containing his soul and body inside.

Further back, Soshi returned to her fight with Medusa but she couldn't get her off balance becuse of the 'tail snake' she had.

Soshi cursed. 'I don't have time for this! I have to defeat Medusa and get to the Kishin's shrine fast! But that damn tail keeps her balanced! Also I don't know how much longer I can keep my sanity in this form! I may be a weapon meister but I'm also a Witch and witches are naturally destructive!' Her eyes flashed with a psychotic gleam before it was suppressed. Soshi was wielding Koinu with one hand.

Koinu thought concerned. 'Shi-chan...to think Medusa pushed you this far. Damn that bitch!'

Soshi got into a crouched fighting stance. "I'll take off my soul protect too. Soul Protect...Release!" Her magic flowed through her veins. From her shoulders, 6 black wings sprouted. Soshi then stood up with her magic crackling around her like fire, her eyes shined with a psychotic gleam. "Medusa...I want to dissect you."

Spirit sweatdropped. "Stein, you corrupted this girl."

Stein chuckled. "I know senpai and I couldn't be prouder." They had defeated Medusa's snake clone so it returned to her.

Medusa smirked. "Heh how cute...You released your soul protect..Makes me want to tease you."

Koniu was concerned. "Shi-chan, try to resist the madness."

Soshi rushed forward with her palm out. "I'll tear you to pieces."

Medusa dodged the palm strike. "I will ask you one more time...Come with me...DWMA isn't the place for a witch of your skills Soshi-chan...This boring world doesn't suit you. Let's change this boring world with the power of the kishin, which surpasses human understanding...Let's create a new world that is meant to evolve."

Soshi smiled. "I normally wouldn't act like this. But considering that Stein was my teacher and who I'm facing, I don't mind going a little crazy." She swung her blade and Medusa barely avoided the strike. "This is my answer to your offer Medusa, I will not allow you to revive the Kishin, it would be a disaster of great proportions...Besides a world without a god, that would be arrogance." Soshi slashed with her weapon and Medusa countered with her arrows.

Medusa gathered one of her arrows around her hand and it spun like a dril. "But soon Soshi-chan, arrogance like that will become the norm, and even you and Stein will have to obey. It's pointless. Attacks like these will not hit me. It's the exact opposite."

Medusa stabbed her drill into Soshi's stomach.

But it didn't fazed her, Soshi giggled. "Sorry, I guess watching Crona somewhat inspired me to harden the black blood." Soshi then raised her palm and charged it full of her magic and soul wavelength. The lightning changed to a reddish-purple with a black outline. "Until your arrogance becomes the norm, what would I do about the feeling that I'd be committing heresey against Lord Death? I won't follow you!"

"It seems it doesn't matter what I say." Medusa said.

"I want to tear you to pieces without feeling like a heretic!" Soshi moved her crackling palm forward and the same time Medusa sent several of her arrows.

"So this is how you harness your madness huh!-?"

Soshi allowed the arrows to strike her and yet they just scratched her and not impale her. She slammed her palm into Medusa's gut. "Soul Force!" Soshi sent a huge pulse of her soul wavelength directly into Medusa.

Medusa spat up blood. "That's it...You did all that just for one attack? I think I overestimated you a little. So what? You refuse my invitation, and this is all you're capable of?" Her tail snake curved her head. "I'll chop your head off." The tail snake shot at Soshi's neck only freeze within an few inches from it. "What!-? My tail snake...It stopped...No my entire body is frozen."

"Soul thread diffuse sutures." Soshi replied with her hand still embedded in Medusa's stomach and her other arm held Koinu in a ready to strike position.

"What are you talking about? I don't see any stitches anywhere..." Medusa said confused.

"Look closer! The threat is strung inside your body...I've sutured your entire nervous system." Soshi replied.

Medusa laughed. "What's the matter? Why don't you kill me with that sword in your right hand? You're in a hurry aren't you?"

Koinu was shown in her weapon space holding her hand up. "It's a huge wavelength, and we're trying to manipulate it as precisely as we can. It's taking everything we've got to focus on controlling it...We can't even move a finger."

"Isn't this a little cruel for a last resort? Is this the system of fighting that you set up? So you want to see who's quicker on the draw when the stitches go away, is that it? It's pointles. My snake is already at your neck. You must know what's going to happen! No matter simulation you run it through, my snake will always chop your head off before your sword even moves. You can't control your wavelength like this for very long, can you? The moment you lose control will your last...You will die...And the Kishin will be resurrected."

(Sealing Shrine)

Eruka and Free stood before the bag which contained Asura.

"That's it." Free said.

"That?" Eruka inquired.

"Yeah the sack." Free mentioned to the statue. "It was originally a goshintai, but it sucked up some of the madness. Now it looks like that."

Eruka replied. "It was the madness that made us see illusions, right?" She then placed her hands in a sign and chanted her magic command. "But moving on...Kaerog Froeru! Gekoeru Frog!"

The case opened to reveal the black blood and the syringe to inject it into the bag. Eruka grabbed the syringe and inejcted into the jar and drained the black blood into the syringe glass. "It's ready..."

"Hurry up. Those brats'll get here soon."

"Right." Eruka looked to the bag. "Finally."

Suddenly Kid arrived he saw the needle. 'That needle has the black blood!'

Free got in front of Eruka. "Eruka!"

Kid tsked and jumped into the air, he aimed his pistols. But then another illusion of the kishin appeared grabbing kid with his scarves. "What!-? What is this thing!-?" Kid began shooting in the wrong direction.

Free turned to Eruka. "They're seeing an illusion! Now's your chance!"


Suddenly Free felt a hand stab into his chest and saw yet another illusion of the kishin. Together unknowingly, Kid and Free snapped themselves from the illusion.

Kid saw Eruka running and aimed his postal but Free got in the way.

"Move it!" Kid yelled and began firing on the wolf-man.

Free groaned slightly. "The real ones really do pack a punch."

"As long as I target the black blood, demon eye can't move! Now, Cabella! Yuffie! Go!"



Yuffie and Cabella ran forward.

Kid warned. "Be careful. The kishin's madness will make you see illusions."

Yuffie grinned. "Don't worry. My sixth sense is really dull! I don't feel the madness at all!"

Kid chuckled. "I should've known!"

Cabella leapt up with Tsubaki in uncanny sword mode.

Yuffie leapt with Witch-Hunter formed.

"They're coming Eruka!" Free shouted.

Eruka saw them coming and channeled her magic into her arm. "Kaerog froeru...Gekoeru frog! It's not very strong yet, but..." She formed another tadpole bomb."Just made tadpole bomb!"

The explosion sent the three of them to the ground. It knocked Eruka's frog hat off her head.

The needle filled with black blood slid out of Eruka's arms.


"Alright!" Yuffie yelled.

"Now's our chance!" Cabell called rushing forward as a blur.

Eruka trembled as an illusionary kishin drooled on her head. She then watched Cabella rush forward. "No fair! Hey time out!"

Cabella made it to the needle and raised Tsubaki to destroy it.

But then Tadpole Jackson used his tail to send the needle to his master.

Eruka gave him a smile and a victory sign. "Thanks sweetie!"

Yuffie then rushed forard and kicked the poor creature. "Damn amphibian!"

"Tadpole jackson!" Eruka turned to the skin bag. "I won't let your determination go to waste!" She began to slowly and carefully inject the needle into the sealed bag. She wasn't doing this for Medusa but for her beloved tadpole jackson.

"Hurry Eruka!" Fre called.

"Stop her! Cabella! Yuffie!" Kid called still shooting at Free.

Tadpold Jackson was unconscious.

Cabella winced as she realized she was at the limit for uncanny sword mode. She's never used it this many times, a day. But she would push herself to stop this disaster from befalling the world. Cabella jumped up with the uncanny sword crackling with energy. She then slashed destroying the needle and spilling the black blood.

Cabella panted but was happy. "We did it...We won! There's no way for the kishin to be revived now!"

(With Soshi and Medusa)

Soshi and Medusa were both at a stalemate. Soshi was holding Medusa frozen with the Soul Thread diffuse sutures, but Medusa's tail snake was aimed to chop her head off.

Koinu thought. 'This is a gamble, and the odds are pretty bad at that...Medusa's goal is to resurrect the first kishin, so all she has to do is defend. If we're going to cut our way through her, we'll have to do it by force.'

Soshi was in thought as well. 'I've somehow managed to stay on top of this stituation...But the instant the soul thread diffuse sutures dissolve, we'll both attack...but right now, instead of seeing myself get killed...All I can see is Medusa getting torn apart!' A demented smirk appeared on her face and her grip on her weapon tightened. 'I have to bet on what little chance I have!'

Suddenly a massive wavelength was felt by them all.

Koinu was shocked. "Wha!-? What's going on!-?"

Medusa grinned victorously.

Koinu said shocked. "Does this mean that Kid-kun and the others failed!-?"

Sealed Shrine, the bag was releasing the full intent of the madness wavelength, the needle plunged into it.

It turned out that Cabella had seen an illusion earlier and instead cut the statue with her weapon and not the needle.

Yuffie was shocked. "No way...We failed?-!"

The black blood drained into the skin bag.

(First Chamber)

The madness wavelength shook the entire chambers.

Medusa laughed. "Aww, too bad! We win!"

The Kishin's madness wavelength filled Soshi with more power. She then laughed madly and in a blur of movement, Soshi sliced Medusa perfectly in half. Their eyes met, insanity shining in both of their gazes.

Koinu was stunned. "She did it...I didn't even see it..."

Medusa's upper body fell to the ground. Her torso shot bloody snakes like a fountain and it rained down on them.

Soshi looked back at Medusa's upper body and laughed slightly.

Medusa just smiled.

"What a hollow victory. I was trying to stop the Kishin from being resurrected, but your defenses were so good, I had no idea how to attack. But when you knew the Kishin had been resurrected...For a single moment, you had such a sense of accomplishment that it left an opening. How ironic. I won because of the Kishin. But the Kishin was resurrected. In the end, I lost." Soshi then opened her arms and gazed up at the celling as Medusa's blood rained on them. "But still...I have to admit destroying you was refreshing!" She then began laughing manically. The laughter of a true witch.

(Sealing Shrine)

Kid refused to let it end this way though and aimed his pistols at the bag. "DIIIIIIE!" He fired wildy at the bag trying to prevent the resurrection.

Free said. "It's useless."

Cabella was frozen from the sheer intensity of the Kishin's madness wavelength.

Then the Kishin's head bulged the top of the bag.

Eruka was shaking. "It...It's coming out..."

Soon the Kishin's head and his upper body were seen on the floor, then his arms and hands formed. He partially rose up with his hands on the floor. He gave them an evil sneer.

Kid was shocked. "The bag...His skin...It's stretching and sticking to him..."

(With Maka)

Maka suddenly stopped, she was in the same room where the others had encountered the fake Free.

"What? Something wrong?" Soul asked.

"This Madness wavelength...The Kishin's been resurrected!-?" Maka said shocked.

"What about Yuffie and the others?" Soul inquired.

"I don't know...they're mixed in with the madness, so I can't sense their wavelengths." Maka said and then she ran forward. "We gotta hurry!"

Sealed Shrine

Asura's whole body reformed and he stood on very shaky legs, having been inactive for several centuries. He pulled and stretched his skin to fix it back to it's proper place. He stumbled a bit and then stopped when he noticed Eruka trembling on the floor.

Asura knelt down and rubbed his eyes and then opened them to see Eruka standing there. Suddenly Asura let out a scream of fright and Eruka returned the scream.

Free and Kid inqured. "What the!-? Eruka..." "Surprised him!-?"

Yuffie muttered. "Shut up would you?" She looked at the strange man before them. "So that's the Kishin...I'll get him!" She suddenlly placed Heart down and rushed forward.

"Yuffie-chan!" Heart called.

Kid said. "We'll help!"

"Yup!" "Y-Yeah..."

Yuffie appeared behind Asura and slammed her elbow and palm into his back. "Take this you filthy naked demon pervert! Blue*Star Big wave!" But Yuffie winced. 'I'm too tired! My body can't even take my own wavelength!'

Asura wasn't even effected by the attack.

Yuffie charged more of her wavelength. "You're gonna fry!"

But the Asura's hand came up and he did a flicking motion.

Yuffie stopped and felt a small pulse of something. Before a powerful force sent her flying.

"Yuffie!" Kid aimed his pistols at the Kishin. "Shit!" He opened fire.

The bullets had no effect whatsoever on Asura.

Asura then pulled his arm skin back and slingshot it at Kid. The skin flicked him on the forehead, giving him an eye-shaped mark and then Kid was damaged internally by the backlash. Kid fell to the ground unconscious.


Asura then stretched out his skin and began to twist around, forming it into a makeshift outfit with four scarves and a mask covering his face. Asura shouted dramatically. "I'm naked! This is so wrong! I need to cover up!" He then knelt down. "I like the macho look!" Asura shot through the celling heading for the surface.

Free inquired. "Does he mean me?"

Tsubaki said. "Where'd he go!-?" suddenly she turned as Maka came running in. She used the statue to jump up and grab one of Asura's skin scarves.

"Maka!" Liz and Patty said.

"Come back here!" Maka yelled as she was dragged by Asura all the way up to the surface.

Death City streets

A crowd had gathering in the street why? Because Blair was on top of Mizune and their breasts were squished together.

Mizune was trying to remove Blair from her person. "Get the hell off of me!"

"Come on you're a witch aren't you!-? Why don't you use magic!-?" Blair asked.

"I will if you do stupid cat! You're heavy, move already!" Mziune yelled.

"Oh shut up! you need to go back to sewers where you belong!" Blair yelled back.

The guys were making catcalls. Suddenly the ground began shaking. The guys at first teased each other but then they realized none of them were the cause.

Blair taunted. "Aw is the poor mousey shaking? How pathetic!"

"You idiot! It's the ground that's shaking not me!" Mizune replied.

"What is it an earthquake?" Blair wondered.

Mizune turned to look where the shaking orginated from. "It looks like Eruka and the others succeeded!"

Suddenly a red orb burst from the ground flying high into the air. It was revealed to be Asura in a barrier of sorts. His presence summoned wicked red clouds overhead.

Mizune commented. "That thing is Asura?"

Maka had lost her grip and was falling.

"Maka!" Soul called. He quickly reverted to human form and cushioned the fall. They landed on some crates and destroyed them.

Maka weakly reached up towards Asura. "I have...to..Stop the Kishin..." She finally fell unconscious.

Soul sighed. "You're something else...You know that right?"

Suddenly something else broke through the ground they were black wrappings with skulls on the end of them. They had clasps with nails in them.

"Are those?" Asura wondered as all four of them clamped down on his limbs. "Death's seals are still alive and after all this time..."

The crowd was stunned by the event going on in front of them.

Blair wondered. "What is that thing?"

Free and Eruka in frog form climbed out of the large hole.

"At least the Kishin left us a nice big hole, it did make it a lot easier to get up here." Free said.

Eruka noticed something. "Hey look something's caught him!"

"Probably some of death's seals that were activated." Free said.

"Will he be okay?" Eruka asked.

"Those seals have been around too long, they won't hold a newly reborn Kishin." Free replied.

And sure enough Asura tore the seal on his left arm with ease.

"He tore em apart like scrap paper." Free commented.

Eruka looked behind them and was shocked. "Uh never mind that now...Free look there's a problem."

The crowd gasped and pointed.

"What is it Eruka?" Free looked.

"Your spell Free, you told us it would last for a whole hour. But it's wearing off after just 40 minutes!"

"I guess I might have exaggerated about the time limit a little bit...I'm a man after all...We do show off sometimes." Free replied.

Asura said. "It's you..." his 'mask' began to split open.

It was none other than Lord Death. He was using four mini skull jets to fly.

Asura's 'mask' opened to reveal his face and slick short black hair with a white eye pattern in it. His eyes were red and a third vertical eye was seen in his forehead. "Hello Death."

"Hiya, long time no see huh?" Lord Death greeted. "You doing okay? You look all skinny and frail and I know how much you liked your heavy clothing, you must not be very comfortable in that outfit."

Asura replied. "It seems you've changed too...What's with that ridiculous mask?"

Lord Death explained. "Yeah, it is kind of different huh? You see, after I stuffed you in that bag I started an academy for meisters and weapons, my old mask would scare the kids senseless so I had to make a little change, it was really bad. The little ones would even start crying. Those seals are pretty scary too actually, everything from the old days seems to be."

Asura replied. "I take it that's also why you talk in a funny voice now."

"Yes, I've grown quite used to all of it over the years...Now I'm sorry to do this just after you've woken up." Lord Death summoned one of his massive bone-white hands. "But it's time for you to die again."

Asura's 'mask' closed up again.

Lord Death raised his hand over his head. "REAPER CHOP!" His voice was deeper and more serious. He sent Asura crashing into the street hard.

When the smoke cleared. Asura then began to laugh crazily. "Tell me Death, do you know the pain of having all your skin torn off, ripped from your entire body? I've actually forgotten how it felt myself." Asura clapped his hands together and managed to rise up slightly. "Try to make me remember!" He shot his skin scarves at his former teacher.

Lord Death's eyes glowed and he sent a shockwave which blocked the scarves and then electrical currents traveled down towards the demon god.

"Shockwaves huh?" The shockwaves slammed into him. Spilling some black blood from his body and making him stumble slightly.

But then Asura's wounds closed up. He smirked up at Lord Death. "My turn...let's see how you like this..." He clapped his hands together as if praying. Several small red orbs appeared around him and they combined to form 4 red ritual circles. The two upper circles suddenly changed into vertical red eyes which released powerful red twin beams at Lord Death.

Lord Death blocked the beams with two yellow shields around his hands. Then Lord Death separated the beams. One went harmlessly into space while the other went down into death city and exploded. Lord Death turned in horrified realization. "Oh no..."

Death city streets

Ox and his weapon partner along with Kilik and the thunder and fire pot twins were wondering what the hell was going on?

Sid arrived. "What are you doing? Split up and help anyone who's injured...Gather all of the civilians and lead them out of town...You got it?"

"Yes sir!"

Ox and Kilik took off with their weapon partners.

Sid turned to see the fight between Lord Death and Asura. "A full scale battle between those two could very well blow away all of death city." 'Lord Death...We're counting on you.'

Lord Death flew towards Asura and the demon god blocked the reaper using his four scarves. Lord Death unleashed a Reaper Chop to break his barrier.

Asura smirked and then pushed Lord Death away with his scarves, sending the Grim Reaper into a building.

Asura was about to leave.

Lord Death recovered quickly. "You're not going anywhere!"

Suddenly an enormous shield shaped like his mask materialized right in front of Asura and slammed down on him trying to crush him. The shield at first seemed to be pushing Asura onto the ground.

Lord Death flew into the air.

Soul commented. "Whoa...Now that is cool."

Then Asura began to rise back up and with a scream, he dispelled the shield. He looked up at his former teacher and grinned.

Lord Death narrowed his 'gaze'. "He hasn't reached full strength yet...But I don't have my death scythes...He may be able to strike a blow that would finish me off for good."

Asura laughed before he flew into the air. "Outta the way!" He opened his mouth and a golden vajra partially jutted from his mouth. He slammed into another golden skull shield. "Vajra!" He had crimson rings with his eye symbols following his path. They fought for a while. Asura exclaimed. "You can't stop me now!"

He began to break through the skull shield and then finally shattered it and ripped through Lord Death taking a good chunk of his shoulder and mask off.

Soul was shocked. "Lord Death!"

Asura flew away.

Lord Death turned seriously pissed off. "Why you filthy unforgiveable swine! That's it...I'm going to skin you alive again!" Four shadowy skull claws shot from his body.

Asura laughed as he suddenly flew further until he was just out of range.

The shadow claws were deflected just before they could reach him.

"You knew there was a limit to my attack? Damn you, shrewd demon!" Lord Death cursed.

Asura's 'mask' partially opened to partway reveal his face. "I don't think we will ever meet again. Goodbye, master." Asura turned and flew off into the sky. With him gone the red clouds cleared up revealing the grinning moon.

Lord Death landed in front of the academy.

Sid greeted. "Lord Death..."

"Sid-kun...Put top priority on protecting the children who went underground..."

"Yes sir..."

"After that...contact all of the death scythes and tell them to meet here in death city."


Lord Death sighed and his voice reverted from his serious tone back his comic one. "To think the Kishin was revived on this day the very day, of the DWMA anniversary that is supposed to prevent this from happening...things are about to become very busy..."

Free and Eruka along with her tadpole jackson stood outside of the city. They and Mizune had tried ot escape during the fight between the Grim Reaper and the Kishin. But Mizune was taken by surprised by the cat-wtich Blair who saw the fight as a chance to defeat her. So Mizune was now a prisoner of Death City.

Eruka was worried for her friend, but knew with the reaper and all those meisters in death city, there wasn't much they could do to save her without incurring the reaper's wrath.


Soshi looked up. "It looks like Lord Death and the Kishin fought, but...the madness is fading...Did he run away? I wish I could've seen it."

Spirit was down in the dumps. "Lord Death could've stopped the Kishin if I hadn't left his side. Just great everybody's gonna blame me..."

Soshi looked back at the death scythe. "It's no use crying over spilled milk death scythe...Besides with the Kishin on the loose, we'll have much more on the line than just your ego."

Suddenly Medusa's upper half came back to life! She grabbed onto Soshi's back even without hands, proving she was indeed a true snake.

Soshi was shocked.

Medusa with the last bit of strength she had left, bit down on to Soshi's neck.

Koinu yelled in worry. "Soshi-chan!"

Stein cursed. "She was still alive!-?"

Soshi grabbed Medusa roughly by the hair. "Damn it! Get off!" She slammed Medusa into the ground.

Medusa looked up at Soshi with a smile. "I love you!"

Soshi stabbed her in the head with her sword. Medusa started laughing maniacally.

"You must be joking...there's no way a snake like you could ever understand love." Soshi said coldly, her eyes suddenly turned red with three black tomoe, the tomoe began to spin and then implanted something within Medusa that would effect her even in her next life.

Medusa's body suddenly destroyed itself.

Koinu was shocked. "She's insane! She destroyed her own soul!"

Soshi then reverted back to her normal teenage self and looked up at the ceiling. "Things are about to get much harder around here." She sighed.

Stein walked up holding his weapon over his shoulder. "Yeah, with the Kishin revived...the Madness will spread."

It showed Liz and Patty carrying Kid, Heart was tending to Yuffie, and Tsubaki was helping Cabella up.

Crona was still bullied by Ragnarok.

Soul carried Maka on his back.

(Next morning)

A snake with arrows was seen slithering through the sewers before it ducked back inside.

This is my longest chapter yet! Enjoy the many battles that happen within it!

Next time: The Death Scythes gather at DWMA! Crona gets a new partner and a new life and what effects will Kishin Asura's Madness Wavelength have on the world!-?