Startled from his thoughts, Stiles quickly took in his surroundings. He looked up to see his economics teacher/coach standing over his desk. Looking down, he saw that he had a pile of papers on his desk. Another look around showed him that he was supposed to have handed the handout down his row.

He took another look around and saw Scott two rows down. Scott shook his head at him while behind him Jackson tried to hold in his laughter. Everyone else stared at him, ready to watch the disaster.

Because that's what he was. A walking disaster.

"Are you paying attention or is your attention span only attracted to the screen of your phone!" Coach yelled above him. Stiles tried to hold his eyes still but the eye roll happened anyways. The man was obviously using high and low against him to make him feel inferior.

"Actually my span leans more towards the screens of computers." He lowered his head and damned his habit of saying things that should have stayed in his head. He wasn't making any new friends by his strange habit. Sure enough Coach slammed his fist on his desk, and only after feeling the heated glare on him for a few torturous moments did he look up.

"Do you think you're cute Balinski?"

'That's a rhetorical question, don't answer it!' He screamed in his head.

"Many pretty ladies have told me I am attractive. Not too sure how the homosexual community sees me."

'Damn it Stiles.'

Coach who was now red in the face walked away and made quite the show out of grabbing a detention slip. A balled up paper flew across the rows and hit him. He knew Scott was telling him to shut the hell up. He wondered how many hours of detention he would get this time.

He didn't have to wonder too long. The piece of paper was slammed on his desk and to his dismay he saw he was given four hours.

Dropping his forehead to the desk, he cursed at himself. His teacher finally walked away but that did nothing to help his mood. Rubbing his eyes from a mixture of frustration and exhaustion he sighed and for a moment he kept himself in the darkness his hands provided. He had to kill the loudmouth habit. God why did he have to be such an idiot?

'Tell me what you are thinking sweetie.' A beautiful female voice rang in his head

His breath hitched and his hands scrambled to his chest. His heart quickened its beat.

"STILES!" Someone yelled.

'Shut up! I need to hear her. Oh god just one more time. Let me hear her!'

'I'm always here sweetie.'

His hands bunched in his shirt, and he was doing a great job in impersonating a fish out of water. Thank God Lydia didn't have this class. A pain exploded in his chest and had his hands clawing at the buttons of his plaid shirt and under his undershirt. He clawed at his chest and it felt like he wasn't getting any air. He struggled just to breathe. His fingers were getting wet and he now felt lightheaded. He just wanted to breathe damn it.

'Oh please not here. Please anywhere but here.' He pleaded.

He felt hands grab his own and they were pulled out of his shirts. He cried out from the loss contact and tried to free his hands in order to put pressure back on his chest. It felt like his chest was going to explode.

He felt more hands on his shoulders, and they gripped him tight. He barely realized that he was shaking. Another pair of hands lifted his head and his eyes darted frantically over the classroom. It was empty except for Coach, Scott, Danny and unfortunately Jackson. They were talking to him but he couldn't focus on anything but the pain in his chest.

A nauseous feeling over swept him and he knew that he just jinxed himself. He tried to bring his hands to his stomach but Danny's grip on them tightened. He looked down at them and saw that there was blood on them.

His breathing stopped for moments and he felt himself choking.

Oh god he was dying. He was really dying.

"Stiles!" Scott screamed. He saw in the corner of his eye, his best friend's fist collide with his chest. He gasped and sputtered on his breathing for a moment. He greedily took in sweet oxygen but he couldn't enjoy it to long since he fell into unconsciousness the next moment.

He opened his eyes, but instantly regretted that decision when the light caused pain to explode in the back of his head. He closed his eyes and tried to pinpoint where exactly he hurt.

At the moment, that seemed to be a trick question since his entire body hurt. He didn't dare open his eyes so the light could attack him again. Something moved and the light that was attacking his face was gone. He opened his eyes and looked around him. He was in his mom's car.

His mom's car.

Flashes of his mom and him driving home. A tree falling causing his mom to harshly swerve the van to the right. The car flipping several times and finally landed in the woods. The sound of his mom's screams for help echoing in the now metal cage.

He panicked and tried to unbuckle his seatbelt. Before he could undo it, a bloody hand stopped him. His eyes wide with fear, he glanced up to see his mom.

His throat tightened and a tear slid down his face. The sight of half his mother's face covered in blood made his stomach hurt. The way her right arm twisted the same way Scott's did when he broke it after falling out of a tree made tears come to his eyes.

She reached her good hand to wipe the tears away, but when she saw the blood coating it, she decided to just give him a reassuring smile.

"It's okay sweetie everything's going to be fine." Her smile never faded and she gently took his hand into hers and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "You're going to be fine. Does anything hurt?"

"My head hurts."

Letting go of his hand she gently felt around his head and stopped when he hissed in pain. Feeling the bump, she worried inwardly of the size. This could no doubt cause a concussion. Her husband's worried drilling of medical procedure now actually came in handy.

"Ok Stiles, I don't want you to go back to sleep for a while. Ok?" She stared at her young boy who stared at her back with large brown eyes. Other than the bump on his head, he seemed fine from the crash. No doubt her side took the blunt of the fall. She thanked god for that one good thing. She couldn't bear to see her son hurt.

"Mom I'm really tired though." Stiles murmured. Already his eyes were closing and he was leaning deeply into the seat.

"None of that! You have to say awake. Talk to me sweetie."

"About what?" Stiles asked sleepily.

"Anything! Everything! All the things you don't like. Everything you do. Everything you want to be when you grow up. Sweetie tell me everything!" She said excitedly as she could. Her side was giving her pain, and when she glanced down she saw her blue dress was now stained with red.

"Mom you ok?" Stiles asked. His worry for his mother was growing by the moment.

With another smile, she avoided the question. "Okay Stiles, we have to keep each awake till help arrives. I'll go first, and I'll go as long as I can."

She didn't win 'Most Talkative' out of her senior class for nothing. From when the sun was still high till it was setting for the day, she talked about everything she could think of. How she and her husband had first met. All the embarrassing high school stories of him and herself included.

Stiles got a kick out of that. Their wedding day, she didn't talk about the wedding night of course. All the funny stories of when she was pregnant and of course the endless stories about the ten beautiful years she had thanks to Stiles.

A tear fell when she thought how she may only live to see her handsome Stiles to be ten, but she was able to hide it from her baby.

Stiles asked various questions and she answered most of them, including the one about his name. It soon became night and the woods grew pitch dark. The passengers inside the car held hands through the night.

It was Stiles turn to talk and he was slow at first. He didn't know what to talk about. He talked about Scott, school, and how one day he wanted to be in police academy. When he felt his mother's hand lose the grip, he gripped tighter and talked with more energy. He told her everything that he had been hiding over the past years.

He talked how he was really good in learning things. How he was able to remember so many facts and he was able to recite them perfectly. Her grip tightened on that and he knew that she was smiling.

"Tell me about some facts you learned sweetie." She asked softly.

He told her the history of the police station in Beacon Hills. He recited the entire sheriff's in order and he made sure to add his father's name at the end.

"Only a matter of time. He is sure to become sheriff one day." She laughed weakly.

Again her grip loosened, but Stiles was ready for this. He told every funny story he could think of. When he had to think of another one, he decided to just say aloud his thoughts. He told her after this that he would consider being a lumberjack so he could cut down all the trees in the woods. He told her how he thinks her chicken casserole is too spicy sometimes. He tells her that she has a crush on Lydia.

Lydia, the girl as Stiles describes her is the one with strawberry blonde hair and the beautiful eyes. Lydia is the one that has caught her baby's eye.

He makes sure he says that she is the prettiest school in the school. The most beautiful girl in town is his mom. She chuckled at that.

He tells her everything that comes to mind, never once stopping to think it over. Whatever he thinks he tells her.

By the time the sun rises, Stiles is just rambling over the dynamics of Batman and Robin. His mouth is dry and his grip on his mother's hand is tight. When the sun's rays hit the pinned car, Stiles is happy to see his mother is staring at him with a smile. "You did a good job sweetie. Thank you for keeping me awake."

Stiles nods and continues his ramble, the entire time talking before he could actually think of what he was saying.

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