He was forced to drive the jeep deep into the woods. The constant pressure of the gun against his spine being all of a reminder he needed to not doing anything stupid. His body and movements were stiff as he drove down the winding roads. Also his head was ringing from where his captor had struck him with the end of a gun. The only thing that was moving fast was his eyes as they darted back and forth to the rear view mirror to glance at the man that was holding him hostage.

Gerard would catch him every time and would smile at him, as if torturing his students was something he truly enjoyed doing in his free time.

"Keep your eyes on the road, most important rule of driving." The hunter said with a laugh.

Stiles said nothing in return. The drive was once again silent and after a few minutes Gerard said in a relaxed tone. "This is far enough. Stop right here."

Stiles barely had time to put his jeep in park, when a fist collided against his temple. His hands flew up to protect himself and feel the burning area. The sound of the safety being clicked off and Gerard demanding him to stop moving made his movements freeze.

His eyesight shaking from the blow, he almost welcomed the thick cloth that was placed over his eyes. A hand on his neck was Gerard's way of leading Stiles out of the jeep and into the woods. They walked in silence, until Gerard finally found a place of his liking.

Forced on his knees, Stiles hissed as his arms were wretched back and his wrists were enclosed in a plastic zip tie tight enough to tear into his skin. Huffing out a breath, to try to contain the pain he said with a smirk. "No gag? Not as kinky as I thought you were."

"Oh I would never shut that pretty mouth of yours." He felt a thumb swipe across his lip before he could jerk away fast enough. His stomach now dropped and his hope for someone to find him was growing.

Oh god his only chance of being saved was all on Derek.

Oh my god. His only chance of being saved from this psycho old man was in the hands of a werewolf who constantly threatened to tear his throat out with his teeth.

He was so screwed.

But Gerard didn't need to know that. Now was the time to use his only weapon.


He sensed Gerard crouch down and come closer to him, and it took everything for him to not push himself away. He put on his game face because that's what his life was now. It was all one giant game where his prize if he won was to continue living.

"Derek is going to kill you if you hurt me!" He spat at the old man.

Gerard chuckled at him and grabbed the teenager's face. Digging his fingers into his cheeks Gerard spat right back at him. "Werewolves only get revenge when their pack is hurt. And you, stupid Stiles are not pack. You are not even an omega. You are just a human who has the unhealthy obsession at being in the wrong place at the perfect time."

Stiles ignored the insults and instead focused on a few words. "Human. You said I'm human. The hunter's code says you are not allowed to hurt humans. And I think your daughter made a fine example on what happens to hunters who don't follow-"

He didn't get finish his insult since Gerard rudely interrupted him by punching him in the mouth. The punch not only silenced him but also made him quickly run his tongue over his teeth to check if any had been knocked loose.

"The moment you decided to help out werewolves, was the moment you were no longer human in the eyes of a hunter. If you choose to run with the dogs, then you shall share the same fate as those low creatures. So your death will be smiled upon, in the hunter community."

"The pack. The pack will avenge me. I'm like Coulson!" He smiled through the fear as he realized how similar he was to the character. Granted he would have liked to be Tony Stark but he would take Coulson for right now.

"You really are something Stiles. If only you didn't lower yourself to the dogs." Stiles felt the gun trail over his chin and stopped at the corner of his mouth. "You could have been a great hunter, but now your life will end by being merely a message to the dogs."

Stiles felt his body go still and his hidden efforts to get out zip tie grew frantic. In a sarcastic voice he asked. "What is the message? Do I at least get to know what my death will say to the pack?"

"I plan to carve into your torso." He placed his hand on Stiles' chest and ran his hand over his chest as he spoke "No one is safe."

Stiles felt his stomach turn as the message hit him. Everyone was now in danger. His dad, Scott's mom, Lydia, everyone in Beacon Hills was now in mortal danger.

He opened his mouth to threaten the old man, but the other cut him off. The sensation of cold metal pressing against his forehead silenced him.

"Because I like you Stiles, I'll make this quick."

"It's only proper manners since we did the same for Kate. Though for her we slit her throat and we all watched her bleed to de-" Again the gun smacked him across the face and this time he felt the gun cut his cheek.

"Now I'm going to take my time with this." Gerard muttered. He swung again and got Stiles in the same place as last time. The sensation of blood flowing gave Stiles chills but he kept silent as the blows continued.

After a few minutes, honestly how the hell was this old man capable of having this strength, of punching the teenager Gerard got bored and brought up the gun. He stepped toward the teenager and ripped off the cloth over his eyes.

"I want to see the life fade from your eyes." He growled. His finger was on the trigger and his finger pressed down on the trigger.

The sound of a bullet being fired echoed through the woods, but no screams were heard.

Gerard already had his gun higher up as a new target had entered the playing field. A fully transformed werewolf was glaring at him. His original target for the bullet was hanging from the werewolf's mouth his mouth hung open in surprise and shock.

Hanging off the ground, Stiles quickly used his time wisely and quickly brought his arms under his legs so that they were now in front of him. He barely put his wrists to the front before he was thrown to the side as another shot rang through the woods. Rolling when he hit the ground, he quickly sat up and tried to stand up.

The floor shook beneath him and he felt himself tilting to the side. Breathing hard he struggled to keep himself upright but the hits he took to the head were making it difficult. He heard Gerard and Derek attacking one another, but he was sure Derek could take the old man. He didn't even think that the bullets were filled with wolfs bane.

But never mind that, he had to get the hell out of here. He had to warn everyone.

The sounds of someone falling and an old man yelling in pain filled the air. And as much as Stiles knew Gerard deserved the pain, he could never find himself being happy with others in pain.

Stiles had been running to the jeep, when he heard several things at once. The sound of an animal cry and a loud thud came to him first. But the sound that followed was of a safety being pushed down on a gun. He turned around to face the sound.

He didn't even have a chance to look at his shooter in the face, before a shot rang out and pain began to burn in his chest. His mouth fell open in shock and he felt the area where the burn was strongest.

His hand came back covered in blood.

This was nothing like the movies. Everything was supposed to slow down; he should have seen the bullet slowly come to him. He should have dodged it or Derek should have pulled some freaky werewolf trick at the last possible moment. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen.

He looked up and for a moment his view faded out. Blinking fast he watched Gerard sprint towards the woods. Derek was hot on his heels, and Stiles was sure he would catch him. He would catch the bastard, take him down, render him unconscious, and tie him up. That sounded like it would take a lot of time.

Right now time was definitely not his friend.

He didn't feel his legs go out, or when he hit the ground. His face was scratched by the sticks and leaves but he didn't pay mind to the small pain. All his attention was on Derek and Gerard. If Derek caught Gerard and got him out of the picture, he would have more time to catch the Kamina, he would stop all this chaos. He just had to get Gerard.

Watching Derek and Gerard run out of his sight became harder when he began to wheeze. Breathing became harder and soon the burning in his chest now felt like a full flame was on his skin. He gasped for air and tried to turn on his back.

He only managed to get on his side. He lay there on the ground, feeling blood slide down his chest and in a fearful moment, he realized that he was dying.

The fear was short lived though, as acceptance took over. It wasn't like he wanted to die but if his death saved several others from the Kamina and Gerard, he was...ok with that.

He tried to take a deep breath of air but his chest hiccupped and Stiles gagged as blood entered his mouth. Coughing it up, he groaned as the pain in his chest became unbearable. He brought his legs in and his hands somehow found their way to his shirt. He gripped the plaid now bloodied cloth as the pain overcame him.

He didn't know how long he stayed in a curled up position. He was starting to lose his grip on consciousness when he felt hands turning him on his back. A hand slapped his cheek and someone was yelling his name.

Unknown hands pried on his chest wound. He feebly tried to push the hands away but they easily overpowered his. "Stay still." A familiar voice growled at him. He tried to open his eyes but he only managed to open them slightly.

He saw a man above him. Oh god he hoped it was Derek and not Gerard. If it was Derek, he was now human. Two bright red orbs glared at him, but Stiles instantly felt relief flood him. "Derek?"

"Stay still, I'm going to pick you up." The Alpha growled at him.

"Get Gerard. Hurry he's getting away." He pleaded at the other. He turned his head and saw that the hunter was nowhere in sight. "Derek hurry."

"Shut up Stiles. I'm taking you to the hospital." He exclaimed. His voice was getting louder as he truly saw the bullet hole and the amount of blood that was now soaking the teenager's shirt. He was trying to keep the panic at bay when he heard Stiles whisper. "But…he's going to hurt everyone. That's what he said."

"Well I'll stop him again, just.. shit just stay still." He growled in a mixture of worry and anger.

"Please go get him. He's going to hurt others if you let him go." Stiles tried to push the other's hands away but stopped when the burning pain overwhelmed him.

"Stiles you are going to die if I leave. Does that change your mind?" Derek finally yelled at him.


Derek stared at the body underneath him and before he could even think of a reply Stiles begged. "Please just go. Please."

"Stiles, I'll get him later. First I need to get you to the hospital." The werewolf said in a determined tone. He wasn't going to budge. There was no way in hell he was going to leave Stiles to bleed to death.

Stiles however was still fighting and grabbed his hand. Blood smeared on the other's hands but Stiles demanded Derek to look at him in the eye. When he finally had the Alpha's attention did he say. "It's okay Derek. As long as everyone is safe, I don't care what happens to me."

Anger swallowed him and he looked down at the teenager who was currently bleeding and was refusing help. Stiles wanted to save others and save them from pain, but yet here he was thinking it was ok for him to die. He didn't think anyone would miss him. Well he was wrong. Stupidly wrong. "You don't want to die. Stop being an idiot and saying idiotic things."

"I'm just so tired Derek. I don't… I mean…I just..I just really want to see my mom."

"Stiles-" Derek tried to say something, anything really, but Stiles cut him off. In a pleading voice that sounded far too broken for a sixteen year old, Stiles said, "Please just forget about me."

Derek watched in horror as Stiles' eyes rolled in the back of his head and his body went limp. Already have wasted time by arguing, Derek worked fast and picked up the limp bloody body. Placing him on the passenger seat, he didn't bother with the seat belt and instead used his arm instead.

Derek drove like a madman and in five minutes he made it to his thirty minute distance destination. He made the hospital staff aware of his arrival by honking the horn as he drove up to the emergency doors. When he saw a nurse run to the jeep, he quickly bolted out of the door and into the shadows of the building where he could hide and watch.

He watched from afar as a team approached the jeep and with caution brought Stiles out and onto a waiting stretcher. Whenever Stiles went out of his view he would quickly run or go on higher ground in order to see the teenager. He stayed hidden by the shadows and watched in silence as Stiles was taken immediately into surgery.

When the sheriff finally arrived at the hospital, Derek made his leave. He stayed out of the sights of the panicked parent and once he was off of the hospital grounds, he ran. He ran with a destination and decision already in mind.

When he arrived at the veterinarian's office, he found Deaton sitting with a tray of ashes in front of him. Looking at the werewolf he said glumly "I heard what happened, so I thought I would prepare the options before you came."

Derek could only nod in thanks, not having to ask the question almost made it feel as if he wasn't actually going to go through with it. He sat down at the table and waited for Deaton to explain.

Two hours later he exited the building with a vial of ash in his hand. In the other was his phone. He had just ended a call with Scott and now had the teenager's permission. Though it took some arguing and some hurtful truths, Scott had finally agreed to Derek's plan. The kid sounded like he was about to cry by the end of the conversation and Derek knew that tomorrow was going to be a hard day for everyone.

When he snuck into Stiles' room the next day he saw Scott sitting and chatting with his best friend. The other werewolf stopped midsentence. He stared at the Alpha with fearful large eyes and he reminded Derek to much of a fearful puppy. He jerked his head to the door and Scott quickly got up. He took a step towards the door but quickly jerked around and embraced his best friend.

"I'm sorry Stiles." Scott mumbled into his shoulder. "I should have protected you and-" He stopped talking when his voice cracked. He quickly hugged his friend and then left the room , tears already sliding down his face. Stiles watched his friend leave, his face pale and body stiff.

He glanced at Derek with fearful eyes. "Youre not going to kill me are you" Stiles asked jokingly but with fear laced in it. Derek's expression hardened at the words kill, and Stiles noticed how the tension grew. He cleared his throat before asking hopefully "Can we just forget what I said yesterday?"

He looked at the young teenager in the bed and the bandages that were peeking from his robe were enough to kick him into action.

Derek didn't reply but instead turned his back to the other and began to pour water into a cup. Making sure his actions were not seen, he took out a vial that held the ash Deaton gave him. Tilting it into the cup, he watched as the ash mixed into water. He watched as the black ash begun to turn clear and soon the ashes couldn't even be seen.

Before he could start doubting what he was about to do, he quickly turned and went to Stiles. He shoved the cup into the other's hands. When Stiles looked at him questioningly he grumbled out. "Your throat sounds terrible. Drink it and then try to talk."

Again Stiles looked at him and didn't even glance at the cup that was pushed onto him. Derek felt his stomach drop at the amount of trust Stiles had in him.

He watched as a small smile lifted on Stile's face, but Derek already could tell it was insincere. "Thanks Derek." He picked up the cup and drank it greedily. Derek watched the entire time, noticing some water spill from the sides. He watched as the water slid from the corner of his lips to his chin.

His hand reached outwards to wipe the liquid but a falling cup interrupted his destination. He caught the cup with ease and he watched in horror as the ash began to take effect. Stile's pupils were enlarged and were darting from side to side. His mouth opened as if trying to say something, but nothing came out. His eyes landed on Derek and for one moment Derek saw the look of confusion and regret. But the moment passed all too soon, and Stiles fell to the bed already unconscious.

Looking at the still body of Stiles, Derek too felt his body go still. This would be the last time he would ever interact with Stiles. He wished his last moments with the teenager would have been filled with their usual banter and bickering and god he wanted to at least hear his laugh one last time.

He stepped forward his arm outstretched to the other but something held him back. He body going into autopilot it took him to the door. His body refused to let him go back but his mind was screaming at him to get one last look, one last touch of Stiles.

This wasn't the way it was supposed to end. Him and Stiles. There was something there. He didn't know what but he felt something whenever he was around the other.

But now, Stiles wouldn't even know who he was. He was nobody to the teenager. A stranger.

The ash would erase all his memories of the supernatural. Derek had to remind himself that this was his decision. He needed to have Stiles forget about all this. He needed Stiles to be safe. He needed to see Stiles not thinking things would be better if he was dead.

He needed to see Stiles sincerely smile.

He stepped outside of the room and quickly walked out of the hospital. He followed Scott's scent and found him in his mother's car. He could hear the boy's cries before he was halfway there. He couldn't tell if it was because of his supreme hearing or if it was because Scott was crying so loud.

He pulled the door open and with no hesitation he gripped the young werewolf's shoulder. Tightening his hold on it, he reminded him. "It's for the best that he just forgets."

The fiasco that was the Kanima and Gerard was taken care of. Stiles was never involved. Never got hurt. Didn't even know what was going on. He just went on as a normal high school kid. His grades were back to all A's and his father and him were back to normal. There was pride in the sheriff's eyes whenever he talked about his son. Any distrust that the sheriff had built towards his son over the past year, was now wiped away.

Derek tried to avoid seeing or being in the same one mile radius as Stiles. Scott would usually text him where Stiles was going for the day, and Derek would avoid all those places. For the first month, that had worked just fine.

But then Derek began seeing Stiles at random places. Each time Stiles would somehow be able to make eye contact with him and Derek would quickly get away from that place.

Weeks after the run ins with Stiles, while training his new pack, he would see a flash of red somewhere in the woods. After seeing the blur several more times, he had had enough and went to find the intruder.

He couldn't find the others scent but using his tracking skills he managed to corner the red hooded figure. When he tackled the intruder and pulled the hood of the jacket down he felt his stomach drop.

An out of breath Stiles was staring back at him, eyes angry and mouth pressed into a flat thin line. Derek stared down at him in shock and barely heard him when he shouted angrily. "I know something's going on. I know youre not human! And I know that I knew you once! Tell me what happened! Why can't I remember you?"

That was the first time Derek had to force the ash down Stiles' throat. For days he woke up in a cold sweat still hearing Stiles screams and pleads from his nightmares.

No matter how careful the pack was, Stiles would come back to the Hale residence demanding answers. Other times he would come back knowing everything. Everything except the ash.

But he would always demand for Derek. He wouldn't believe anyone's answers, only Derek's. The one who erased his memories every time was the one he still trusted over everyone. And that act was slowly but surely killing Derek.

Sometimes Stiles would remember in a week. Other times it took months for him to piece back everything and gain all his memories back. Scott would approach him with a fearful expression and tell him that Stiles was getting to close. Derek would sigh and comb his hands through his hair.

No matter how long it took, it was always Derek who gave him the ash filled water. He was the one who had to receive the look of betrayal from Stiles every time he had to slip the ash or worse, sometimes force the water into him. Some days he was tempted to ask Scott to sneak the ash in one of Stiles' drinks. It would help with the guilt but one look at Scott's face when he was just thinking about the act, was enough for him to never ask.

Both of them were tempted to tell the other, that maybe it was best if he did remember. But that was just them being selfish.

The memory of Stiles begging him to let him die was enough for him to set off to do his task. And every time he had to do the unforgiving act, something broke inside him. But he'd rather it be him that was slowly breaking than Stiles.

Every time he slipped or forced Stiles to drink the ash, he would hold him as he slowly was pulled to unconsciousness. And every time before he left he would whisper to Stiles three words. Hoping that this would be the last time he would have to say them.

Please forget me.

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