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Zim ran through the hallways of the school. This couldn't be happening. There was no way this was happening! He had to be dreaming. It's the only way things made sense. He knew his life wasn't perfect, even though it was becoming close to that by being on Earth with friends and a boyfriend that loves him. But this was a bit too much. Was the Universe having fun by messing with him this way? It must be having fun, or else it wouldn't keep doing this to him.

Kids became blurs as Zim's legs pumped faster, pushing him through the halls. He had to get to the auditorium before it was too late he couldn't let them do this to her! Zim burst through the auditorium doors without pausing. Kids turned to face him as he sprinted down the aisles, avoiding outstretched legs and backpacks on the floor. Teachers didn't seem to notice much, and neither did those on stage. Professor Membrane was in a semi-fetal position at a table on the right side of the stage, but Zim didn't pay him any mind other then to know he was there.

"Stop!" Zim called, as one of the black-clothed men aimed his gun at the woman Zim was trying to get to. "Don't shoot!"

Kids and teachers alike began to murmur. The other black-clothed men on stage moved to block the stairway leading to the stage. Ignoring them, eyes focused on one person only, Zim raced up the stairs. The black-clothed men grabbed him and held him back, though he was struggling to get them to let him go to get to her.

"Stop!" Zim ordered. "Membrane, make them stop!"

Membrane didn't acknowledge the boy.

"Hold him back!" The man with the gun ordered.

"We're tying!" One black-clothed man responded. "He's slippery!"

"He's a teenager!"

"Let me go! Right now!" Zim ordered. "Or face the consequences!"

The men chuckled, still trying to hold the disguised Irken back.

"Why do you care so much about this woman, boy?" The man with the gun wondered. "She's going to die here, and there's nothing you can do about it."

"Watch me!" Zim snarled. "Don't kill her!"

Kids in the audience tried to talk him out of it.

"Zim, you're insane!"

"Stop ti!"

"Let them kill her! It's the only way!"

"Do you want to be killed, too?"

"They're not going to go easy on you! Just stop before you get hurt!"

Other miscellaneous warnings were thrown at him, but he didn't listen. He only cared about stopping the man in black from pulling the trigger at her.

"Stop!" Zim ordered.

One of the men finally got a hand over his mouth and they held him back as hard as they could. Zim's mouth opened and he bit harshly into the other man's hand, tasting coppery, salty blood. The man cried out and pulled his hand away. When he shook it, tiny specks of blood flew in every direction. A few landed on Zim's face, as well as surrounding items.

Finally, Zim gathered the words that made the entire room fall silent and stare holes through him.

"Don't kill my mom!"

-Six Months Earlier-

Life was far less stressful now that the town had been completely rebuilt. Sure, there were a few things that were missing, but it wasn't bad. The prison and hospitals were completely redone, and inmates and patients were slowly being moved back into them, respectively. After all, it had been a whole year since the Slerks invaded. Zim and the others were well on their way to graduating from High School. Prom was right around the corner, and everyone was excited. Having never been to a prom before, Zim was excited about it. Sure, he'd been to military parties, but those included a banquet, music and dance, and a pompous speech from whoever it was that was hosting the party. From his knowledge, which he'd admit was limited, 'Prom' was just a dance. Sure, there was food, but there was no pompous speech. There was no close-body dancing allowed, which was a little depressing. Zim missed going to The Mask and grinding against his boyfriend, Dib nibbling gently on his ear while Zim's arms entwined around his neck. The Mask was how they had met. It was staple of their relationship; one that probably never would have bloomed or even have been begun if not for the masks, nicknames, and voice amplifiers required by the club. Zim had gone by "Iz" and wore a ruby mask, while Dib had gone as the navy masked "Moth". Zim and Dib hadn't gotten along when they first met, mostly due to Zim lying about something to him. Zim didn't remember what, though he was sure Dib did and just didn't want to bring it up, but it had caused them to be at each other's throats. As their Mask personas, they hit it off at start and had hooked up at a hotel down the road. As Zim and Dib, they had eventually started getting along. They started dating outside of the club, not knowing that they were Iz and Moth as well. When it came time for Dib to meet Moth and Zim to meet Iz, they had been dumb and scheduled the meeting times without even realizing it. Zim had fallen over laughing when he found out who Moth was under the mask. They'd chastised themselves for being too stupid to realize what was going on. Now, it was just a memory that made for a good laugh every month on their anniversary.

Zim yawned as he fought to stay awake in Mr. Calvin math class. It wasn't that Mr. Calvin, or Mr. C. as the students referred to him as, was a boring teacher. Math just…wasn't Zim's favorite subject. He knew that none of his friends enjoyed the class either. Then again, what teenager wanted to spend forty minutes talking about math with a hyper-active, math loving teacher? Maybe some teenagers did, but Zim didn't know any around the school. As he glanced around the classroom, he noted that no one in his class was really a math person. Most students were either sleeping, doodling, almost asleep, or writing notes to friends. Dib was one of the kids doodling. Zim's best friend Keef, and Keef's boyfriend Keyvine, were both falling asleep. Zim saw Keyvine's eyes slipping shut.

Keyvine was, in actuality, an almost thirty-year-old Irken invader by the name of Krill. He'd been sent to conquer planet Slerka, but the dark Slerk's King Caiuk had found out about the impending invasion. Through some plans of his own, and manipulation of the resistance called "the Resisty", he'd almost gotten Keyvine killed for attacking the light King…something that Krill hadn't done. When Krill had left to find refuge, he found himself in the town Zim was hiding out in. Zim hadn't recognized him at first, until they started talking and Zim had caught him trying to take pictures of Professor Membrane's experiments. The Slerks had come after Krill for revenge; effectively decimating the town to try and get information out of him, and abducting him. Zim had used his ship and gave chase to the Slerks with Dib, Keef, Krill's SIR, Krill's computer, and Zim's GIR. They had joined with the light King Ekoa, showed the Resisty that Caiuk was a lying bastard, and stopped the Slerks. Caiuk had followed them to Earth, but he was killed in the basements of Membrane's Labs by membrane's old organic matter monster. The Slerks were working on rebuilding their planet, just as the humans were working on fixing theirs.

Zim had been involved with Krill before he'd run away from home. But now that he was with Dib, Keyvine had gotten together with Keef.

The school bell rang, signaling the end of the class. Zim slowly packed up his stuff, as did the others in the class. Some moved faster then others.

"Alright, everyone!" Mr. C told the class. "Don't forget to complete your homework for tomorrow! And have a great, math filled day!"

A chorus of 'yes Mr. C.' rang throughout the room as people continued packing.

"One down, eight to go." Keyvine yawned, stretching.

"And then GLASS Club!" Keef grinned. "I can't wait! We're planning our big fundraiser tonight!"

"Shouldn't we be more focused on Prom right now?" Dib asked.

"We should, yes, but we all want to do something special as a pre-Prom party. Or post-Prom." Keef informed. "So we need a fundraiser to do so. We've already got the okay to go as gay couples, so it's fine."

"Why wouldn't we get the okay?" Keyvine wondered. "They let GLASS be formed. And it's not offensive. People know who's a couple and who's not around here anyway."

"Some parents 'may not approve'." Mr. C. informed.

The group turned and looked at him.

"How do you know, Mr. C.?" Keef wondered.

"I heard the Principal talking with some teachers." He responded. "That was their excuse. I told them that bowing to a few parents was nothing in comparison to upsetting a bunch of good students." He winked.

Keef giggled. "Thank you, Mr. C!"

"Yeah, thanks." Zim added, smiling.

"Any time kids. Now get going. You're going to be late! Unless, of course, you want to do some algebra problems with me!"

"We're good!" The four boys informed, packing up quickly and moving into the crowded halls.

The halls were definitely smaller now that the school had been rebuilt by the people in town. They weren't small enough that people looked and felt like sardines, but they weren't as large as they were before.

"What are we thinking of doing for a party?" Dib wondered. "I mean, it's Prom. Most people are going to go to hotels together and have sex or whatever."

"That was my plan, but with my base instead of a hotel." Keyvine informed, wrapping an arm around Keef's shoulders.

Keef giggled. "Of course we're going to do that, silly." He said. "After the post-Prom-party. If we have a post party instead of a pre-Prom-party."

"Do we have any ideas of what we're doing?" Zim wondered.

"That's why we're having the meeting. Once we decide where to go, we'll decide what kind of fundraiser we're going to have, and how much money we're going to have."

"You do know that we have a month left before Prom, and this is insane, right?" Dib pointed it out.

"Our fundraiser will be next week, so it's okay." Keef grinned.

"Let me talk to my dad tonight when he comes home." Dib said. "Maybe he'll help us out."

"I'm not relying on your dad." Keef waggled a finger in Dib's face. "We can do this ourselves."


"There's no arguing, Dib." Dib's sister, Gaz, informed him. She sidled up next to her brother and his boyfriend. "If we can't come up with something, we'll ask dad if he'll support us. Fair enough?" She didn't once look up from her Game Slave.

"Alright." Dib nodded.

"Sure." Keef shrugged.

They reached the end of the hall and stood to the side against a set of lockers.

"And this is where we split up." Dib said.

He and Keyvine had English in one direction, and Zim and Keef had science together in the other direction. Gaz had math upstairs.

"I always hate this part." Keef leaned against Keyvine's chest, looking up at him.

Dib kissed Zim briefly on the lips. "But it has to be done." He winked.

Zim chuckled. "It's only two classes before lunch." He informed. "It'll go by before you know it."

"Agreed." Keyvine nodded, placing a kiss on the corner of Keef's mouth. "Besides, I sleep through the next two classes anyway. It'll go by real fast for me."

"I don't recommend doing that much." Gaz told him. "Bye,"

Without waiting for anyone else, she cut across the hall to the staircase, making several students stop and bump into one another to avoid her. Zim rolled his eyes at her.

"Oh, Gaz…" Dib muttered.

"We should hurry before we're late." Keyvine told Dib, kissing Keef's temple one last time. "I'll see you soon."

"Bye, babe." Keef smiled.

Dib and Zim bid their farewells as well, before Dib and Keyvine went up the hall. Zim and Keef went together towards their class.

"Do you think a party is a good idea?" Keef asked. "Dib and Krill didn't seem too thrilled."

Regardless of who was around, Keef tended to use Keyvine's real name when referring to him. He called him 'Keyvine' when actually talking to him, however, if anyone was around to hear.

"It's a good idea in theory, yea." Zim nodded. "But it's a little late to consider starting a fundraiser for one. We should have done this at the last meeting."

Over a month ago.

"I guess." Keef huffed, pouting slightly. "Maybe we should just have a little get together at Keyvine's house."

"I'm sure he'll appreciate you offering up his base for the location." Zim laughed.

Keef flushed. "I don't think he'll mind. I offer up his base for a lot of things, and he never corrects me."

"You offer his place to meet at when it's just you, me, Dib, and him. Not when it's the rest of GLASS, plus Dib's friends."

Though GLASS still considered Dib's friends members, they were too busy with their own things to bother with the club beyond coming to meetings when it was convenient for them. Torque came by less then the others, since soccer season was starting up and had practice every day. Zim had been offered to play by their coach, but he had decided he'd rather be with his friends and boyfriend in GLASS. After all, GLASS had come first.

"True." Keef shrugged. "I'd offer my house, but my parents and brother are home. It's different with Krill's, because he lives alone."

And didn't have parents to begin with, but Zim wasn't going to tell Keef that. No Irken really had parents, to be honest. They were all made in tubes; DNA being taken from a female and male donor to make the baby Irken. The Smeet was grown in the tube, and the 'parents' were notified. They were given the option of raising their Smeet or not, but most didn't. Zim's parents did, but they had abandoned him in an alleyway, having no way to take care of him. He lived with a gang of hobo Irkens until Tallest Miyuki found him and took him in. Her and her husband, taller Spork, raised him and his older twin 'brothers'; Red and Purple. It was common for Irkens to marry once they reached a certain age, but having smeets wasn't very common. One in five hundred, Zim read once.

"Yeah, true." Zim agreed. "The Membranes' place is pretty much the same way, since Professor Membrane isn't around much."

"What if we had our party there!" Keef stopped and gripped Zim by the shoulders, shaking him a little bit. "That way I'm not offering anything up, and since you live there, it's okay for you to offer!"

"Stop, Keef!" Zim grabbed the redhead's wrists to stop him from shaking him. "We'll talk about it at the meeting, okay?" He forced Keef away with a little shove. "Now come on, we're going to be late in a…"

The bell rang, breaking Zim's antennae once again.

"Minute." Zim moaned.

"It's only one late day." Keef said. "We're fine."

"But let's run just in case." Zim spotted a school hall monitor; a short, chubby kid with red hair and an orange sash.

Keef looked over his shoulder at the boy and paled, knowing they were about to be caught. "Agreed."

The two of them took off in a sprint to class, sliding into the room just as their teacher was about to shut the door. They both looked at her expectantly blushes covering both of their faces.

"Take a seat, you two." She sighed. "Class is beginning."

"Yes, ma'am!"

They ran to their seats as their teacher began giving out instructions.