Venus: Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty. Plus Minerva (Athena) of wisdom which equals Kurapika, don't you think?


Chapter Two: Please Say Yes

The alarm clock rings. I open my eyes. Oh, shit, I'll be late. I pick up the phone that I left on the floor and dial the number for Hunter High.

"Hello?" Ms. Senritsu picked up.

"This is the mother of Kurapica Kuruta," I say, "Kurapica is sick, and therefore cannot attend school today."

"Oh? I'm sorry. Well, thank you and have a nice day." Ms. Senritsu says. I hang up.

I think with all of my schoolwork and activities, I lack sleep. Falling back into bed, I plan to dream the day away…

Ten minutes later, some sort of annoying sound wakes me up. Ten minutes? Yeah, right, I tell myself as I look at the clock. It's 2:25 in the afternoon. And the annoying sound is that doorbell of mine. OH, SHIT!!! "I'm COMING!!!" I yell.

After splashing cold water on my face, I hurry to the door. Through the little peephole I see Killua and Gon. Opening the door, I let them in.

Killua whistles. "Nice place."

Gon says, "When we heard that you were sick, we decided to come visit you."

"Yeah, we figured it must be bad, since you NEVER miss school!" Killua adds.

"Thanks guys." I smile.

Killua's cell phone rings. He answers it and turns pale. "Sorry, Kurapica, we have to go! I forgot that I told Dad we'd only take a few minutes! Bye!" Gon runs out after him. I close the door and wander into the kitchen. The doorbell rings again. They must've forgotten something. Opening the door again, I almost die. It's Leorio-san.

"Hi." He smiles and holds out a bouquet. "I heard you were sick, so I came over for a visit. Is that okay?"

I nod and accept the flowers. "Would you like to come n?" I ask him.

"Sorry, I can't. I have a meeting at the club tonight."

"Well, then…have a nice evening." I say. I go back into the kitchen and put the flowers in a vase. I turn to where Leorio-san was standing at the door. To my surprise, there is a small velvet box on the table. A slip of paper is attached to it. It reads:


While you're reading this, I'll be thinking about you.

Think about your answer to my question.

If yes, call me. If no, call me anyway.

Even if you say no, I still hope to see you again, someday.


I open the box. Inside, resting on a small cushion is a beautiful ring. I gaze at it in wonder. Then it dawns on me. "Yes," I whisper.

Picking up the phone, I dial his number.

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So, how'd you like it? Please, don't ask for a sequel to this! I have WAY too many ideas, and can't finish them all!

Note to Myself: Where did the humor go?! Why am I writing ROMANCE fics?! Who knows?