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"Hey, Bella, I need you to take this list and get it signed by a sergeant. Can you do that for me?" I nodded eagerly; I would do anything to get out of our little office. "Okay, he's in the third bungalow to the right, room E4. There's a head Sergeant to every room, he'll be dressed in khaki." Alice stapled a few papers together and handed them to me. "He's kind of a stickler about how he does things, so if he gives you too much trouble about it, just come back and I can try to get in touch with him through email." I nodded slowly and clipped on my ID badge before stepping out into the crisp air of North Carolina. When I saw soldiers and Marines I continuously thought of the wives, girlfriends, and children they were constantly going without. Besides the families that lived on base, how did these military beings go without family love for so long? No hug, comfortable smiles, dearly kisses? Being without all that wasn't even a life.

I arrived outside of the building and knocked lightly before a uniformed Marine brusquely opened the door. "Identification." He was brisk and clean cut, but I minded the rudeness and flashed him my ID before he officially let me in. There were a few desks, with guns and cleaning rags, and some jarheads going at a task I didn't recognize. They steadily ignored me and did as they were, even though I was in a slim pencil skirt and cleavaged top; I wasn't trying anything racy, but I was sort of used to men ogling me. Their respectful attitude was so refreshing to me. The short, bulky soldier sent me an assertive look. "Who are you here to see today, M'am?"

"Uh, your sergeant?" I asked, feeling so out of place here. He nodded again and knocked on the door of what appeared to be a private office. On the window pane of the wooden door, it only read "Unit 3, Platoon 5151". After a faint answer, the unnamed Marine stepped inside and shut the door on my face; I nodded to no one in particular and waited until the man appeared once more.

"You've been cleared, close the door when you step in." And he nodded again. Everything was so clerical, so goddamn clean-cut. Imagine if these guys took one step into my closet? They'd probably overdose on silliness at the sheer messiness and disorganization of that black hole. I did as the uniformed man said and shut it right behind me, trying to be quiet as possible. It didn't stir the dressed gentleman sitting at his desk, writing feverishly on a piece of expensive-looking paper, not even glancing up at me as I addressed him.

"Sir, I…" I started off quietly but cleared my throat and began again. "Sir, I would appreciate it if you would sign these letters. It needs your approval before we can send them through the-"

"I do not wish to be disturbed at this moment." He replied briskly and picked up another pen before working at his writing once more. The Marine still hadn't looked up yet, but I recognized him almost immediately as he spoke. For such a strong-looking man, his voice was soft in context and stern in application. When I wasn't immediately scared off by his tactic, he pulled another trick from his sleeve. "You can refer to Gunnery Sergeant Adams on the other side of that door, M'am." though I didn't quite remember his name, I knew he was the guy from the bar from weeks back. His well-kept, shiny hair and his broad stature settled with a good looking face was not exactly the per usual around here. I would be able to spot him in a crowded room.

"But I need the First Sergeant's signature." I insisted before thinking, not considering how inappropriate it was to speak out of turn with someone so high up in the ranks as him.

But when he looked up, almost as if he were going to chew me a new ass, his green eyes lit up a certain color that nearly sent my panties flying to China. "Isabella Swan, but your friends call you Bella." He almost recited to me.

I smiled appreciatively and nodded, having not one thought that he'd actually remember me from our brief encounter. "Yes, that is me." I'm sure I looked like a real buffoon for smiling all big and dorky, but it was to alien to have a man of his power and standing to be so polite and enthralled with me. "You remembered." I added offlandishly. He remembered, my mind squealed like a real thirteen year old schoolgirl.

"How was I suppose to forget?" The sexy quirk of lips he showcased seemed so different from the other guys on and off this Marine base. He wasn't cocky and egotistical, that was just his form of a smile. Akin to my brother's symptom, the Marines replaced every free will and state of being with discipline and stern attitude. I was lucky that Emmett found anything funny these days, he became more and more of a robot as his time in the service continued. The name suddenly came to me!

"Edward." I said with another big smile and crossed my legs nervously under his gaze. "First Sergeant Edward Cullen, isn't it?" Where in the world did this sudden shyness come from? I was usually outspoken and knew how to handle new things as they came, but Edward was just so different. I was emotionally and sexually attracted to him in a way that I had never been pulled to another in my entire life. "It's a pleasure to meet you once more, Sir."

"No!" He barked rather loudly, but with a simply blasé expression on his face, "call me Edward. You aren't a Marine, I hold no rank over you." When he said that, an unnecessary lump began to form in my throat. He really thought I was something, didn't he? My own big brother didn't even talk to me like that! Em tried to exercise his nonexistent power over me constantly, lately making me regret ever moving out here to the east coast. It was nice and refreshing to be talked to like an equal, rather than someone easily dispensed when the time so came! Thinking about Emmett and how absolutely pissed he would be about this encounter made my blood boil. Here I was with the sweetest guy on the planet, and Emmett couldn't and wouldn't be happy for me? I mean, it wasn't like me and the guy were going to run off and have a shotgun weeding or anything. I simply liked Edward, a lot. "Bella…" he at first seemed slouched and awkward, but seemed to instantly get a hold himself- Edward straightened up and brought his eyes to mine, "would you like to accompany on lunch?"

My cheeks flushed tomato red, and the just the way he said make goose pimples break out along my skin. "Umm," It wasn't thought I even doubted having lunch with Edward would be the most exciting thing id do all year, but was I really ready to began a sort of friendship with this man? He obviously seemed very interested in me, and I was too sexually pulled to him for appropriate words. "I would love to." My brain shut off as I said those words, fully giving in to what ]my body wanted to do rather than anything else.