Maybe there is no such thing as love at first sight. But I think I got pretty damn close. Maybe you can't call it love exactly. Maybe I wasn't entirely smitten with her… yet.

Possibly, you could say I was enamored by her. Charmed, captivated. Possibly it started out as a rather unhealthy obsession with Dominique Weasley. Possibly it wouldn't last. Lorcan doubted that it would. So did I for a while. But somehow Dominique and I always pulled through. And I would promptly rub said lasting relationship in Lorcan's face. And he would promptly ignore me like it's his job. Which it kind of is. I love my brother. And I love Dominique.

It got off to a rather rocky start.

When I first saw her, I was captivated. Not really because of her beauty (She was running around with her hair in a tangled mess, wearing pajamas and chasing her little brother Louis through the castle), but because of how different she seemed than all the other girls I had met. She wasn't afraid to run around the castle in pajamas. Maybe she was crazy. Maybe I was crazy, but I couldn't stop thinking about her. But I couldn't really tell if I was in love.

I talked to her, and it became apparent that I annoyed her. Lorcan wasn't surprised by that. I annoy him too. And I do believe that I drove her up the wall just enough to make her enamored by me.

So I did that natural thing. I kissed her. And then we fought. And then she kissed me. It's a very… interesting (read: dysfunctional) relationship, but who ever said love was supposed to be functional? It's like saying sanity is required to be in a relationship. That's what love is in my opinion. Insanity, but the good kind… if there is such a thing. Obviously, I am insane. I inherited it from my mother (oh, look, a nargle!).

Haha this was the shortest yet, but I liked writing this. I didn't have much inspiration for Enamor… Anyways, if you liked this collection, there are more to come! Also, if you liked this and are up for something a bit more… mature, read my story Breathless for this same challenge. I have forty prompts left and four more collections to do, so stay tuned! (if any of you are even there, seeing as I got no reviews ) FIN!