A/N: I've been thinking about warhammer and Prototype lately, wondering what kind of powers Alex would have gotten from consuming the incredible stuff that populates the 40k universe. Decided to write a story about it xD

I found that cancer is an excellent analogy for much everything, ranging from why our society is falling apart to just why my own sickness will not be cured.

Life has a sick sense of humor, really, I just turned twenty-four and was about to marry into a very influential noble family from Cadia, a good way for some bastard child like me to get out of the gutter. I can't say it's love, she sees me as a pretty face with muscle and a mean to get out of an arranged wedding to some old ship captain and me, well, I'm just some lower class dock loader, as annoying and self-centered as that bitch is, I do not intend to spit on a ticket out of the slums.

Well, not relevant now, is it.

I sit up and slip my grey-formerly white jacket back on.

The doctor seems almost sorry that she can't save me. Brain tumor is too much for some underground clinic to handle. I already called my fiancé to tell her of my condition, I've known for a week now, but she seems to think cancer is some form of mutation, stupid cow.

"What will you do now?" The doctor seems genuinely interested in my plans, so I answer while buttoning up my jacket.

"I saw a woman in the park the other night, she offered me lessons of something called Yoga, I have enough credits to take her up on it, then maybe I will go see my friend Lars, he is a shuttle pilot for a rogue trader ship, see if he can teach me how to fly…" Showing up to work again seems pretty much pointless now, I will try things I feel like doing, throw away all the credits I saved up then go see the planetary governor, slash open his throat and get killed by the PDF.

I don't say the last part out loud.

With a short nod, she parts the curtains leading to the street and step aside to let me through.

She works and lives in a shack, at the heart of the city slums, that's about two kilometers from the park.

Two kilometers of people living in cardboard boxes, eating refuses and all around trying to get by and, from the looks of it, failing.

I sprint through it, hopping over drunkards of the floor, ducking under clothes line and my worn shoes soon filling with muddy water from all the water puddle.

Dana, the Yoga girl, does not seem to ever sleep, drink or eat at all, she spends her life wandering around the park, reading books far too complicated for my brain power, working out and speaking to deadbeats like me.

I latch onto a chainlink fence twice my side and climb the thing up in a second.

It's easy, I'm in a very good shape, not only because of my job as a dock worker, but also because I spend most of my free time running around, delivering packages to people who are in too much of a hurry to wait for the postal services.

Heh, I wanted to live longer by keeping myself in shape, so much for that idea now.

My shoes fill with water after I land in a large puddle. Who cares? I just keep on running.

The park is actually a bit of the city that fell into disrepair a few centuries back and now overrun by jungle. The streets remain and the building long since crumbled, making the old ruins perfectly safe to explore for people with a lot of free time, like me.

On busier planets, dock workers can work around the clock and back before getting a pat in the back and being told to keep going, me, I get maybe two ships a week, I spent a lot of time debating with Dana, about the imperium, yes, but also about the emperor himself, whom she keeps referring to as Greene.

I could report her for heresy, but…

Okay, I don't have a logical reason not to, maybe I think she's attractive and my lower brains are influencing me, or maybe it's just that I hate the imperium anyhow.

Not sure I hated it before meeting Dana, though… Who knows.

As always, the woman is sitting on her park bench, reading a book dating from before the heresy and smiling to herself. She always smiles. And curse, curses I really never heard anyone else use, but she's crazy, so I never call her out on those.

I stumble to a stop right before her and sit on the bench to her left. My lungs immediately start burning, but it's not that bad.

Frak, of course it's not that bad, my body is slowly killing me, having an arm ripped off wouldn't look that bad to me at this point.