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Hinata was waiting outside of the academy for her father and clan head Higerashi Hyuuga when she noticed a boy sitting on the swing under the big tree. She decided to go say hello while she waited.

"H-hello m-my n-name is H-Hinata H-Hyuuga. W-what I-Is yours." He pointed to himself as if clarifying she was talking to him and she nodded. He spoke so low that she couldn't hear. "Umm I d-didn't h-hear you"

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto." He waited for her to run away like all the others but she just stayed there and it confused him.

"D-Do you w-want m-me to p-push you N-Naruto-kun?" He was so shocked all he could do was nod. They pushed each other on the swing until Hinata's dad came. "so N-Naruto-kun is y-your m-mom or d-dad coming t-to g-get you?"

"I don't have a mommy or daddy I don't even have a place to sleep… but I'll manage." Hinata was shocked she told him to wait a minute and ran to her father.

"daddy can Naruto-kun come over for dinner a spend the night he doesn't have a place to sleep please." Her father was shocked not only did she not stutter but she showed that she could be responsible and ask for what she want and be able to be heard.

"of course he can Hinata." He watched her go and tell him without noticing he was smiling the whole time.

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HINATA: yay Naruto-kun is staying over

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