Han solo is…

han fiddles with his guitar and starts to sing

i'm feeling like a star
you can't stop my shine
loving cloud city
my head's in the sky...

leia tells her opinion

Han solo is... handsome amazing and very cocky but if you give han a chance you might like him to he makes everyone feel better including me when i'm sad about something i'll pass it to luke

Han Solo is... a good friend fun to be with and ageniuos if you ask me he's pretty smart at fixing things put don't push han to his limits because if you do he may never talk to you again hey we all have limits don't we

... i'm solo i'm Han Solo
i'm Han Solo
i'm Han Solo, Solo
yeah i'm feeling really good tonight
finally feeling free and it feels so right oh
time to do the things i like
goanna see the princess everthings alright!

leia: han has his moments i love his best ones like his devilish grin or his first dance with me he makes me smile even when i want to yell at the nerfherder

luke: han is a wild thing if you give him space han has some pretty crazy antics like the time him and leia were glued together oh man that was funny he even has some crazy science expirments cause every time i pass the falcon on a gloomy day i hear alot of noise and see smoke omerge from the gangplank

no jabba to answer to
a'int a fixture in the palace zoo
and since the carbonites off me
i'm livin life now that i'm free
told me to get myself together
now i got myself together yeah
now i made it through the weather
cause i know good days are gonna get better

leia: han teaches us to be ourselves seriously though without han i couldn't know to have alittle fun once in a while he once tickled her to get me to laugh

luke:han is a good friend because he's always there for me he helped me get over my fear of thunder storms and roller coaster

both: there's no question about it HAN SOLO IS HAN SOLO and that's as good as it gets he's a rebel, friend, lover, and right down cool

i'm so happy the carbonite's gone
i'm movin on
i'm so happy that's over now
the pain is gone
i'm putting on my shades
covering up my eyes
i'm jumpin in my ride
i'm heading out tonight
i'm solo Han Solo
i'm Han Solo
i'm Han Solo Solo
i'm picking up my blaster
putting at my side
jumpin in my falcon
wookie at my side
i'm solo Han Solo
i'm Han Solo
i'm Han solo solo

han finally ends the song he feels that he can be who he is without worry he is the mighty or the great HAN SOLO he has the way to shw of his happiness as he hugs his best friend chewie

the end

this story has taught even my self that i can be myself thanks for reading PLEASE REVIEW!