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It was a normal day for Bella. The sun was shining, swallows singing, and I had a truckload of homework. Mr. Stone was really giving us tons of it lately. She tried to just focus on how beautiful it was outside when Anna came up to her. "Nice to see you in a outfit that doesn't look like it belonged to a hobo." Bella decided to ignore that comment, and move on. But Anna blocked her way. "Don't try and ignore me Smella!" Bella opened one eye and cooly said, "You know Anna, it's pieces of shit like you that make me wanna kill. Now leave me alone before I get my nunchucks out." Anna flipped her hair and walked off.

Bella rolled her eyes, and continued her walk home. Her house was at least two miles away, and that always gave her a nice fresh walk. The only thing that could spoil it, was Anna and Mrs. Chayon's chiwawas. Those goddamn chiwawas! Always barking! She was so refreshed by the walk, that she passed her house.

She noticed that empty lot near her house, and knew that she had passed her house. Bella ran twords her house and through the door. "Hi mom, I'm home!" Her mother was on the phone. "Mhm, I will let him know. Okay, have a good day." She had a look on her face that said something bad happened. Bella never asks anything when that happens. "Well mom, I'll be up in my room, doin' homework...bye."

Bella waved and quietly went upstairs. She tossed her backpack on her bed and sat down. Bella had lived here for almost seven months, and still wasn't used to it. It wasn't anything, it was just that she was born in Fairbanks, that was her home. She finally got up and started on her homework. "I'm home!" Her father burst through the door.

Something Bella knew was that she could hear the whole house, in her room. "Honey...your boss just called." There was a silence, and then he spoke up. "What was it about?" Bella's mother sighed. "He's laid you off." Bella stopped listening, she was terrified at the news! They couldn't even drive Bella to school, they had to grow their own food! It was hard enough, with his job, let alone without it!

"At least my homework's done." She muttered to was just about to watch Invader Zim when..."Bella! Some kids just moved in next door! Would you like to greet them?" Her mom obviously wanted her to 'interact' with people. Bella walked down the stairs, she didn't like to yell. "Yeah, I guess. But if they are douche-bags, I'm coming back home." Her father given her a stern look.

"Language!" Her mother on the other hand smiled at her. "I'm sure you'll have a great time! And one of the kids sounds like Deb, the one you obsess about." Bella laughed. "It's Dib." She grabbed her nunchucks and ran next door. "Sometimes I worry about that girl..."

~Two days ago~

"Moving?" Both Dib and Gaz were shocked at the news. "Yes! I need to study the Evantious plant that grows there! It could be the cure for that green-skin disease!"

(I made that up. Don't blame me! My internet is being a wackadoo!)

"The pig commands me! I can't leave!" Dib cared about his sister's needs, (because she takes her anger out on Dib. Stupid Gaz!) but he needed to be here! So he could catch Zim. "Dad, we have to stay here! The fate of all man-kind depends on me!"

"Son, you can do your insane projects when we get there! And Gaz there are other pizza places there! And a kid Dib's age lives right next to us!" They both were obviously 'delighted' at the idea of moving. (That was sarcasm, for those of you that can't tell.) "Fine!" Gaz grumbled, and continued to play her GS-2. "Pack your things kids! We leave tomorrow!" And then he went to his lab. Dib went to his room. "Great, now Zim will finally take over!" Dib had packed most of his belongings, and paranormal stuff. "I bet the neighbors will think I'm crazy too..."

Little did Dib know that an adventure was waiting for him, him and Bella.

~Current Time~

Bella knocked on the door. She was weirded out already, this place had a strange vibe. She waited a couple more minutes, nothing. "I should just leave." She was about to walk away, when a certain raven-haired boy opened the door. Bella glanced behind her to see Dib, her favorite character, and crush! She blushed. "Oh, are you the girl next door?" Bella snapped out of her infactuation, and smiled at Dib.

"Yes, I am Bella. My parents moved here seven months ago." She shyly shook his hand. "Uh, could I come in?" Dib blushed. "Oh! Yeah sorry about that!" Bella was so deep in her fantasy world, she didn't even wonder how he was here. She went inside anyway and shut the door behind her. Like in the T.V series, Gaz was sitting on the couch, watching a Bloaty's Pizza Hog commercial. "Huh, I didn't know they showed Bloaty's commercials here." She thought.

"Ah son, I see you've met the neighbor!" Bella turned around to see Professor Membrane. "Yes, I am Bella, pleased to meet you Professor Membrane!" She shook his hand. "Such a polite young girl. Now I am going to make TOAST!" Bella giggled and turned to face Dib. "So...do you want to do anything?" Dib paused for a second. "Do you like the paranormal?"

"Paranormal?" Bella asked. "I LOVE the paranormal! I know a place where it was rumored to be haunted!" Dib smiled. He had found a friend! "Now we gotta hurry! They only appear at 7:00!" Bella and Dib rushed out the door and ran. They slowed down after a while, and stopped at a mysterious place. "What is that?" Dib pointed to a huge grey building. "That is Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I've only heard rumors though. Would you like to hear them?"

Dib stared at Bella, then glanced at the factory. "Okay?" Bella sat on a bench nearby. Dib sat down with her. "Only a few remember what happened in there, but there are some stories. Willy Wonka, the owner, began his company with one small store, I have no idea where. But the store became so popular, they expanded. His candy was different from all of the other companies. He made ice cream that never melted!" Dib glanced at her sceptically. "I know it makes no sense, but it's true! Anyways, after that he opened up a huge factory." Bella pointed at the building in front of her.

"He was known throughout the world! In fact a prince from India sent him over to build him a palace made out of chocolate!" Dib was very interested about the factory. "Didn't it melt?" He asked. Bella looked back at Dib. "Yeah, it did, and I bet the prince asked him to build another one. But Wonka had his own problems. You see, he was so popular all the other companies tried to steal his recipes. Fickelgruber started to sell Wonka's never-melt ice cream, Prodnose came out with chewing gum that never turned bland, then Slugworth made gum that could be blown to huge sizes! It got so bad that, one day Wonka shut down the factory.

"Wait, don't they still make candy? I saw some in the store earlier." Dib had lots of questions, but he knew it would annoy her so he kept as quiet as he could. "Yes, they still make candy, he re-opened it sometime ago, but nobody has ever gone inside since that day. I think ghosts run it!" Just then both of their stomachs growled. Bell laughed "Looks like talkin' about candy made us hungry. C'mon, I'll buy us some Wonka bars!" The two shared a laugh as they walked twords the store.

That night Bella went to bed, for the first time in a long time feeling happy. Not only did she meet her dreamboy, but he liked her! She yawned. "It's gonna be a good day tomorrow!" She said to herself, before finally laying down, and going to sleep.

Late at night, the unlikely happened. Mysterious people on bycicles came out of the factory, and spread throughout town. They started to hang up papers anywhere they could, and anywhere people could see them. Everyone was asleep so no one saw who they were. When they woke up, all that was left was the papers.

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