Part Two

Lucy ran blindly, frantically. Her eyes were sightless, her breathing coming in quick erratic gasps as she stumbled and sprinted her way to safety. A place where she could face what had happened, what she had just lost.

Cursing herself, she ran an impatient hand over her eyes as tears blurred her vision. Seeing her apartment looming in the distance, she felt her legs quiver. Horrible, racking sobs tore from her raw throat and her chest tightened to the point of pain. Slamming the door behind her, her legs could no longer hold her body weight and she fell to her knees on the floor.

How-How could they do this to me? I don't…I don't know what to do!

"You did what?" Lisanna cried, her face a mask of dawning horror. In front of her, Lucy's former team looked at each other in sudden doubt.

"We, uh, we told her she should train on her own from now on, you know? So she could get stronger…" Natsu said hesitantly.

Lisanna's wide blue eyes looked from one face to the other, noticing that none of them would meet her accusing gaze. In her chest, the air left her lungs and she felt panic take hold in her heart.

"You abandoned Lucy? How could you do that!" she cried, taking a step forward. Her searching eyes begged and pleaded for them to tell her they were kidding; begging for Lucy to step through the guild doors with a wide smile. But she never did and no one would meet her eyes.

She curled in on herself, her knees coming up to her heaving chest and her trembling arms wrapping around her body as she tried to keep the pain, the betrayal from tearing her to pieces. She could feel it in her chest. The pain tore her heart to shreds, punched a harsh jab to her gut, ripped the tears from her wide, sightless eyes.

"We didn't abandon her," Erza said softly, her arms crossed over her chest, but her eyes still wouldn't meet Lisanna's.

"Then tell me what else you call it when you kick a valuable member of your team off for someone else? How could you do that to your nakama?" Lisanna felt a curl of disgust take hold of her. This did not seem like the type of thing that her friends would do to Lucy. Since she'd come back, she had seen each one of them fight for her, she had seen Lucy fight for each and every one of them in return.

So how could they just suddenly turn their back on her?

Rocking onto her knees and bracing her hands on the ground, she fought for control. Control over her emotions, control over her breathing. Air seemed to be torn from her lungs as soon as she sucked it in, making her have to take quick gasping breaths. Her heat couldn't seem to beat properly, its erratic beat drumming in her ears and drowning out all other sounds.

"We just wanted for you to be on our team, Lisanna," Natsu said, an expression of earnestness on his face.

She turned her accusing eyes to him and frowned. "That didn't mean you had to kick her out, Natsu! It's not like we hate each other. I like Lucy. She likes me. I just don't understand why you would do something like this to her. What did she do to deserve this?"

At the face of her words, her friends felt ashamed, disgusting, disgraced. How could they have been so thoughtless? How had they justified breaking the heart of one of the strongest one of them? How could they look at her again and know what they had done?

Anger began to heat her blood. She bared her teeth in a snarl and her hands fisted in the carpeted floor.

How could they do this to her? What kind of nakama were they? Did she mean nothing to them?

Jerking her arm back, she punched the floor beneath her with all her strength, her arm vibrating from the impact. Gritting her teeth, she took no notice of the pain. Again and again, her knuckles impacted the floor. She kept at it as her skin split from the power of the strikes and blood began to soak through the cream colored carpet.

Tears ran unbidden from her red eyes, falling from her flushed cheeks to wet the carpet and turn the blood a light pink.

"I can't believe you guys," Lisanna muttered, crossing her arms over her chest and looking away from them, anger coloring her face. "She loved you, every last one of you. Especially you, Natsu." At her words, he winced and looked down at the floor. He wasn't sure which was worse, Lisanna's anger or the memory of Lucy's angry and betrayed face.

She turned back to them, a sudden light in her eyes. "You go find her," she said firmly. They looked up at her in surprise. "Go find her and tell her you were wrong. Tell her you love her, because we all know you do. Tell her you take it all back. Go right now and tell her!" She paused and scowled. "She might not forgive you. I wouldn't really blame her if she didn't. But the only way to salvage even a small part of what you had with her, you have to go apologize. All of you. Go! Now!"

They shared a startled look, panic beginning to take hold of them. They might have lost Lucy forever because of their carelessness, because of their selfishness.

"Let's go, guys," Natsu said softly, his eyes hard. "We have to go get Lucy back while we still can."

Exhausted, Lucy curled into a ball on her floor, her eyes clenched shut and occasionally tears squeezing their way past her lashes. Her breathing was deep and even, her face a blank mask. While her team hurried to find her and get her back, they didn't realize that they had already lost Lucy, and they would never get her back, not completely, ever again.


Natsu shot up with a gasp, sweat falling down his face and sliding between his shoulder blades. His breathing came in erratic puffs and the fear still made his heart race in his chest.

"Natsu?" a sleepy feminine voice called from next to him, drawing his attention to her. From beneath the covers, a brown eye, hazy with sleep and concern, blinked up at him, blond hair coming forward to fall onto her forehead. "Are you okay?"

He took a shaky breath and reached forward to wrap his arms around her and pull her roughly against his chest. At his actions, Lucy's eyes widened and she gasped. As he clutched her against him, she could feel minute trembles rack his body and felt a surge of fear.

"Natsu? What's wrong? Did something happen?"

He buried his head against her neck and simply breathed her in a moment. Finally, once he was sure the fear was gone, along with the panic the dream had brought him, he spoke. "No…no, just a horrible dream."

Lucy wrapped her arms around him and turned her face to kiss his cheek. "Then come back to bed. You're shaking."

He nodded wordlessly and let her pull him back beneath the covers, but his grip never slackened. They stayed that way for awhile until Natsu could confidently loosen his grip on her without fearing she would slip from his fingers as she had done in his dream.

She pulled back and framed his face with her hands, smiling gently at him, the dim lighting making her eye sparkle warmly. "Do you want to talk about it?"

He felt the tension leave him at the sight of her smile. He hadn't lost Lucy to his stupidity; she wasn't leaving him or the guild. She was in his arms and she wasn't going anywhere. "I dreamt that…I lost you because of my stupidity."

Her brow furrowed and she tilted her head, her smile brightening. "You don't have to worry about that. I don't think there's anything you can do that would ever take me from you."

He smiled at her and pulled her back against his chest, breathing a sigh of relief.

That's right Lucy. I will never do anything to make me lose you. I…I wouldn't survive it

(AN: Now, I know you probably hate me and you probably think I opted out with this ending, but before you make your lynch mob, let me explain my reasoning.

When I had initially made this story, it started out as a one shot, just to satisfy myself after reading so many horrible Lucy-gets-abandoned-for-Lisanna stories. But then you guys began to respond and encouraged me to think of a whole plot line where Lucy gets stronger, kind of becomes a little like Edolas Lucy and yadda yadda. But then, as I was about to begin to write it, I couldn't make myself do it. A part of me just couldn't see Natsu and the others doing this to Lucy and my mind physically rebelled at writing them doing so. That was when I made the AN. But then, as time went on and you guys supported my decision and requested that I rethink it, I did. However, like I said, I just couldn't write my original plot line. And then this happened. I kind of like it, but I kind of hate it as well. I REALLY hope you guys aren't disappointed in me and my decision, but I figured this was better then letting you hand onto a thin thread of hope that I MIGHT continue a story that I had no desire to write. I truly adore you all and I'm horrible sorry if this disappoints you.)