ANL I know that I really shouldn't be adding a new story, but I just can't help it. This idea's been stuck in my head for a while now, and I felt as if I didn't write it soon it was going to drive me crazy. Oh, and I'm sorry if the first chapter is confusing. After this chapter though, everything will start moving at a slower pace.

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Bella POV


"Did you find him?"

"No," Megan spit into her wrist phone. "Now shut up. I'm watching him."

I huffed and did as she said, watching the rain streak past my hotel room window. The rain droplets really did look quite beautiful, but I had more important things to think about than the weather.

"Wait," Megan breathed quietly, and I knew she was watching someone and was afraid they'd hear her. "It's him!"

"Where?" I asked, already grabbing a few pictures and heading out the door.

"We're by Burger King if you can believe it," Megan told me. "Come right away. You know my power is only for watching. I won't be able to win this fight without you."

I wanted to groan out loud, but no matter how tired I was of missions, I kept it shut and moved forward. Leaving now would be abandoning Megan, and she was right. If he caught her without me there to protect her she would certainly die. "I'm on my way."

"See you soon then," she whispered swiftly. I listened for more, but the telephone static came on, implying that she had let go of the calling button.

I hit another button on my wrist phone, switching to another channel. "Agent fifteen at the Los Angeles location. I am currently on a mission."

A voice responded quickly, "Bella, how nice to finally check in. How's the mission?"

"Megan spotted him," I explained. "I'm heading her way now."

There was a long pause, but the static didn't come on, so I assumed the person on the other end was just thinking. I started to feel uncomfortable as the seconds ticked by, but finally someone said, "Bella, do you know what this creature is?"

It was my turn to hesitate. "No," I answered honestly. "I don't know."

"I hope you are prepared then," the computer agent on the other line said, most probably typing our entire conversation to be filed away for later. They always found that kind of thing useful.

I smiled and retorted, "I am. Tons of pictures in my pockets."

"Alright then." That's when I heard the static. Good thing I could defend myself, because Megan and I were now on our own. There would be no more time to make calls. I quickly switched the channel back though just in case Megan wanted to contact me.

I saw the Burger King in front of me and stopped, knowing Megan would see me and tell me what to do. "Bella, I'm going to lead him into the forest behind this junky fast food place. Meet me there, and hurry."

I nodded, positive she could see the gesture. I knew that turning the channel back was a good idea. Now we at least had a plan.

I ran to the forest, blurs of green, brown, and other earthy colors passing me. It was a bit disorienting trying to watch it and keep balanced at the same time, but I eventually gave up and concentrated on breathing. That too was harder than I thought it would be. I was running so hastily that my lungs were on fire, but I couldn't allow myself to let Megan get hurt, so I kept going.

I burst into a clearing, interrupting my thoughts of not thinking. Standing in front of me was Megan, her black hair in a high ponytail and her brown eyes staring at me in relief. Next to her was what I guessed was a Child of the Moon. Its bright yellow eyes watched me, and it stalked forward in a lanky crouch. Scratch that, it was definitely a Child of the Moon.

"Who's this?" it asked, spitting the question at Megan, his fangs close to her cheek.

"I-I don't know," she gasped in fear. "I swear I wasn't watching you. I don't know what you're talking about." Tears started to well in her eyes, and I thanked God that she was such a good liar.

"Why don't I believe you?" the Child of the Moon asked rhetorically.

She whimpered, but looked him straight in the eye, fear clearly showing through. It was all fake though. I knew she trusted me enough to keep her alive.

"So you've gotten out of control, Child of the Moon?" I questioned, moving forward.

He stared at me for a moment, his expression blank. The he snarled wildly and threw Megan. "You lying b—"

He never got to finish because Megan threw a rock and hit him in the head. "Leave me alone you out of control murderer! So when were you changed? A while ago? Just couldn't stand to stay in the shadows any longer?"

He growled lowly and backed up. "I'll kill you."

I laughed coldly. "I'd like to see you try."

We stared at each other for a while, his bright yellow eyes on my dark brown ones. His body shuddered then, and he glanced around, seeming to be searching for an escape. There wasn't one. I would catch him if he tried.

"You're from the AOSD, aren't you?" He backed up, hitting a tree behind him. His eyes filled with panic, and he sniffed the air. He was desperate. Too bad he couldn't live. If he had behaved we could have avoided all of this.

I took out one of the pictures, and smiled at what I saw. Red eyes peered out at me from under shaggy black hair. Teeth were bared, and pale marble skin was tightened over the muscles in his arms as he clenched his hands into claws.

I concentrated, everything in front of me going hazy as a wind blew out from me, lifting my hair and the bottom of my dress slightly. I opened my eyes and saw the vampire form the picture staring at me, a blue butterfly taking off from his shoulder.

I grinned maliciously and pointed forward, my eyes glowing with concentration. The vampire bowed once before throwing himself at the Child of the Moon. The poor but despicable creature was pulled limb from limb as the violent vampire I was controlling ripped him apart.

As soon as I knew he was dead, I let go of the picture, the vampire fading into nothing. I turned to Megan, walking over and helping her get up.

Not thinking because I was in mission mode, I turned my wrist phone channel back to the agency. "Agent fifteen at the Los Angeles location. He's dead. I repeat, the Child of the Moon is dead."

"Excellent," a voice I recognized purred. "And just in time for another mission. The Cullens."