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I gripped the picture tighter, my eyes surveying the area once more before I grabbed Megan's arm. "Come on, let's just head back inside."

"But what about the vampire?" she asked, digging her heels into the ground.

"Shut up," I hissed. "Let's just go inside. Okay?"

"What about Angela?" Megan whispered.

I sighed, and glanced at my watch. There was no way I was calling Sizzling Strike. I needed to talk to the agency about replacing him. "Inside, Megan. We're going inside."

She scowled but allowed me to drag her into the building. I was immediately assaulted by the sound of obnoxious teenagers. Their murmurs grew louder at the sight of us, but I ignored them. "Are you eating?"

Megan, unlike me, wasn't opposed to the disgusting slop that humans called food. "No, I'm a bit sick to my stomach."

I glanced at her, but I decided not to argue. I knew she was lying, but it would only be worse if I pushed it.

I let my eyes wander across the cafeteria as I placed the picture back into my pocket. My sight soon landed on the Cullen's table, and I tilted my head to the side slightly as I studied them curiously. How could they even stand to be in a school among so many humans? I didn't understand how they were able to resist their bloodlust.

"Bella, people are staring. Let's find a table," Megan said softly.

I nodded, walking over to an empty table in the corner. Megan placed herself across from me.

"It's moments like these that I wish we could call without talking to Sizzling Strike," Megan sighed, placing her chin in her hand as she leaned on the table.

I laughed lightly. "Yeah, I was just thinking that. We need to get him replaced and soon."

Megan let her head fall to the table. "This mission sucks. This town is appalling."

"Megan, we haven't even been here a week yet," I said, smiling widely and trying not to laugh again.

She raised her head slightly before letting it drop. "Bella, I want to go home."

I frowned and stood up. "Don't say that, Megan. I'm not leaving. We're here for a reason and you know it. Unless you plan on getting demoted, then I suggest you stay."

Megan stood up silently, her eyes narrowed. "You don't think I know that?! This is ridiculous!" She leaned in closer then, whispering so softly that I could barely hear her. "We can't even get back up because of Sizzling Strike. If it comes to a fight, we're going to lose." With that, she turned on her heel and stormed out of the lunch room.

I huffed and left the cafeteria as well. I headed to my locker, grabbed my books, and then headed outside.

The wind was blowing viciously, but I couldn't care less. I seated myself at the nearest bench and just stared at everything around me. I was sick of this mission, and it had barely started. I too wanted to go home, but I knew that staying in Forks was for the best, and if Megan couldn't see that soon, then I would ship her back to the agency myself. If she wasn't devoted, then what was the point? She would be a liability and I wasn't just going to stand around and do nothing if she was going to make our job harder; I just couldn't do that.

The bell rang loudly, pulling me out of my thoughts. I hopped off of the bench and entered the science building. I walked as quickly as I could to my class, but I already knew I was going to be late.

I let my pace slow as I patted my windblown hair down. I blushed as I entered the class, trying to hide from everyone's eyes. I absolutely hated unnecessary attention. I handed Mr. Banner my slip and mumbled, "Sorry."

He nodded his head and gave me the piece of paper back. "You can sit by Edward Cullen."

I looked at the only empty desk in the room and scowled. I had to sit next to the vampire? Really?!

I approached him after a moment of hesitance, and my hair whipped around my face as I stepped in front of a large fan. The bloodsucker's eyes turned black immediately, his hands tightly gripping the desk.

Oh, shit.

I panicked for a moment. I mean, wouldn't you if you knew a vampire was struggling not to strike you down in front of twenty other students? Oh, and you couldn't use your powers without exposing yourself. So I, like a complete idiot, faked a faint. I hit the ground with a thud, and I heard a shriek from behind me.

Wow, that was a terrible idea, I thought to myself blankly as I forced myself to breath evenly. I remained limp as people shouted and then grabbed my body. I was hauled a long way. I could tell we were outside when rain started to soak through my jacket. I kept in any and all complaints as they continued their way to the nurse's office.

I decided that I really needed to think through my decisions before I acted. Megan was going to be so mad. Then I remembered our argument. In a petty way, I was glad I pretended to faint. I had indirectly gotten back at Megan for being a brat.

I felt myself be dropped onto a cot harshly, and I opened my eyes in irritation. Mike smiled down at me stupidly, and I contemplated decking him. "Let's avoid the rough handling next time."

He nodded, smiling. I could see that he had gotten the wrong message from my words.

"Too bad there won't be a next time," I added, hopping off the bed.

His eyes widened in disbelief as he tried to follow me, but I scurried out the door and right into the nurse. She seemed surprised at our run in as well. Her eyebrows pulled together as she studied me. "Are you the girl who fainted?"

I nodded wordlessly.

"You really should be resting," she told me, trying to usher me back to the bed.

I glanced behind me, noticing that Mike was still there. "Yeah, but I'm trying to get away from him."

The nurse smiled slightly as she looked him over. "Yeah, he is an obnoxious one. I'll get rid of him for you. Just go rest now, okay?"

I headed back to the bed, watching as the nurse almost literally kicked Mike out of the office. He was a persistent one, that was for sure.

"I was sent here to make sure she's okay," Mike argued.

"That's my job," the nurse said with finality. "Now go back to class." She then proceeded to slam the door in Mike's face.

"Thanks," I murmured, unsure of what to say that wouldn't be awkward.

The nurse didn't let the lack of words stop her though. "Mike never stops does he?"

I was surprised that this elderly woman already understood my problems more than anyone my own age had so far. "Yeah! I've told him I'm not interested, but he just won't listen."

"That's Mike for you," the nurse said, making me laugh. "Anyway, my name's Mrs. Lake."

"I'm Bella," I told her. "I'm new here."

"I can tell. I've memorized every face here, and I haven't seen you before," she boasted. It wasn't a lot to be proud of though; there were barely three hundred students in the entire school. "You're the chief's daughter, right?"

"Yeah, me and my sister Megan." Oh man, that made me remember how mad she was going to be at me.

She grinned at me and stood up. "You wanna go home? I suggest not going back to class."

I nodded and stood as well. "Yeah, would that be alright?"

"I don't see the problem with it as long as you can drive home."

"I can," I answered immediately. Then, I thought of Megan. How would she get home if I didn't drive her? I thought of her walking home in the pouring rain and almost laughed out loud. She was already mad at me. I couldn't make it much worse than I just had.

"Alright. You can go then," the nurse said, opening the door for me. "I hope I see you soon…well, I don't because that would mean that you'd be sick…but you know what I mean."

"Exactly." I ran to my truck, my hood over my head. I couldn't wait to see the look on Megan's face when she finally got home.