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Chapter 2

Part 2: That boy, that girl, that voice; Why are you here?

[Miku's POV]

I closed the closet door behind me making sure no one saw me. I looked around until I saw someone with short blonde hair came in. "RIN-CHAN? IS THAT YOU?" I yelled happily. She came running over to me and tackled me, "HEY MIKU! I'm so happy we have a class together…" Rin one of my close and best friends started. "Len's here..." I broke it to her, and her smiled disappeared. "WHY THAT SON OF A...!" she started to yell

"RIN-CHAN! SHHHH!" I shushed her "LANGUAGE! Second, quiet ok we know what he did but still it won't happen again, but there is a new girl she seems nice, pretty too. Though I'll give her the benefit of the doubt she'll fall for Len."

"Miku it's ok I don't care about what Len did. Still, Len needs an ass-whooping for what he did! A new girl, huh? What's her name? Where did she come from? Details, details… Miku!" she snapped her fingers at me. "She's in the closet... in the back of this classroom." I said kind of shyly 'Boy that sounded weird.' I thought to myself.

"CLOSET? Why is she in a closet Miku please don't tell me you put her in there!" she asked laughing at me lightly.

"Uh…Rin-chan I did not put the new girl in the closet." I said with a smile. "So, she went there herself well that's pretty weird." Rin said dumbfounded. I sweat dropped "I was just kidding Rin, I did put the new girl in the closet." I said nervously. "Miku…you and you're closets.. I swear well does she think you're weird for doing that?" she asked while narrowing her brows at me.

"No. Yes. I don't know really she just came with me in agreement." I said. Rin replied, "Well let's go find out Miss Closet." she said sarcastically. "Hahaha…just for your information you didn't mind being in a closet in Jr. High!" I retorted.

"True. True." She said while walking to the closet I had Mitsua in.

[Rin's POV]

I opened the closet door making sure no one was looking I mean I didn't want people getting the wrong impression. I made a face at the thought. "Hello? is anybody or new girl in here. It's OK i don't bite." I whispered lightly.

"Much." Miku said with a snicker. I face palmed my face "Miku!" I said as I rolled my eyes. "WHAT? What did I do? I was just being honest something Len never learned." "Fine." I replied. "Hello? Miku is that you? Can i come out of the closet?" I heard a voice say 'I'm guessing that's the new girl!' "WELL, YES OF COURSE YOU CAN! I'LL MAKE SURE NO ONE JUDGES YOU FOR LIKING OTHER GIRLS!" I said I couldn't hold back my laughter it was funny the way she said it "I'm sorry i couldn't help it." I said with laughter.

"SHUT UP!" The new girl that I'm assuming said. "GEEZE touchy, no need to get your panties in a knot...Miku she sure is ...nice" I said sarcastically but with a smile on my face. "It's OK Mitsua you can come out now! It's me Miku!" Miku said with a grin on her face. "YEAH. YEAH. Of course. Just get out here so we can explain how this school works and things like that." I said. "OK than." Mistua said

She stepped out of the closet making sure no one saw her closing the door behind her. "So Miku who's she?" Mitsua said with a face. I frowned at that 'No one new ever has frowned at me, let alone give ME attitude.'

"Oh Mitsua this is.." Miku started. "It's OK Miku I can introduce myself." I said cutting her off. "OK than go on than we'll start explaining than." Miku said. I merely nodded a yes in response.

"Well new girl just so you know I'm Rin. Rin Kagamine. I'm a singer, dancer, songwriter, author/writer, school journalist, musicain, . etc. Oh and just so you know I don't like being frowned at especially by some new girl." I said her eyes widened. "What?" I snapped at her. "Oh it's nothing.." she said while looking at my blonde hair. 'Does she think I'm stupid or something just cause I'm blonde? Ugh I'll let it go this time since she's new and all.' I thought to myself.

"WHAT? Did you think i was stupid or something just because i'm a blonde?" I said kind of getting the angry symbol. She looked nervous but merely nodded a yes.

"It's OK I'm not mad it's just that reason always reminds me of a certain someone who thought that and made the mistake of doing something and thought that I was too dumb to ever find out about it..." I started getting angry but calmed down quick. "Sorry I do that sometimes when I think of the person, I get kind of worked up." I said cheering up "So, anyway I'm in band class, and in a band..with some people and of course Miku over here" I said while hugging Miku.

"We're both singers and musicians." Miku said.

While I just nodded yes "Anyway" I continued "Len..where do i begin to describe that boy..OK well first I usually either refer to him as Len, or that boy when talking to other people. Second he's a player, and very popular with the ladies at school who loves girls in general who are pretty and think their dumb like you for example. You need to stay clear of that looser cause you can do better plus there's always a person for everyone." I said with a grin and a blush on my face 'Ugh why the hell am I blushing'


"Len, just go away I'm sure you think I'm dumb too. Just like everyone else!" Rin yelled, as she throw a pebble in a lake.

"Rin I don't think your dumb, you may not be the smartest person...but you care about people." Len said holding her shoulders in place.

"Really? You think that?" Rin asked surprised.

"Yes, I really do Rin. Also, I want to tell you something, if that's alright with you." Len asked

"What is it?" Rin asked looking up at him with an innocent smile.

"I love you, Rin. I always did but I didn't know how to tell, I should've just blurted it out, huh?" Len stated turning a bright pink.

"Len, you're the one for me" Rin replied with a warm smile and rested her head on Len's chest as his arms wrapped around her waist.


(Still third person POV)

'No, I can't think of him not of that boy. The one who hurt me.' Rin thought to herself. "Anyway so ugh i totally forgot about that girl." I said "...but will explain about her later after school at my awesome Lil hangout." I said with a grin "..but let me see your guys' schedule." They both handed me their schedule and I skimmed them. "Mhhmmhhhm mmhhm OK than! Looks like we have about four out of seven classes together all of us!" I said cheerfully. Mistua smiled at me "That's good cause I don't want to be alone in my classes without any friends." I smiled and nodded in response "Especially in this school." I said.

Just than we heard footsteps coming in to the classroom. "Well, well, well look who we have here..."

'That voice' I recognized that voice as I turned around. "Why are you here?" I said with a glare.

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