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Chapter 1: Demigods in Ninja School

Two little girls, twins, stared at the building with a mixture of fear and amazement. The fear, because it was their first day at the building, a school, and amazement because, well, it was their first day of school. Ninja school.

"It's gigantic, Sephy-chan," the younger twin, Naruko said.

"We'll be okay, Naru-chan," Persephone, better known as Percy or Seph, or Sephy assured her sister. "We'll be in the same class so we won't get seperated."

Even though they were twins, they were exact opposites. Percy was calm, cool, and level headed while Naruko was loud, cheerful, and passionate. Percy had black hair cropped to her shoulders while Naruko had two blond pigtails pulled onto either side of her head. Percy had sea green eyes, Naruko had bright cobalt blue. The list went on and on.

Naruko wore a bright orange hoodie with black capris, half-zipped ninja sandals, and she had her legs wrapped in ninja bandages.

Percy wore a black T-shirt with a green stripe running from the collar to the sleeves end on each side, a fishnet shirt underneath that with wrist length, fingerless, black gloves. Long black pants and black ninja sandals adorned her bottom half and wrapped around her waist was a green scarf.

"You ready Naru-chan?" Percy asked.

"As I'll ever be."

"Let's go then."


"Kyaaa! Sasuke-kun!"

"Sasuke-kun, will you marry me?"

"Sasuke-kun, can I sit next to you?"




"Stupid annoying girls," Sasuke thought.

He went through this every single day of his life. Go outside the Uchiha compound, be stalked by annoying fangirls, go back to the Uchiha compound, still be stalked by annoying fangirls. The only difference now? Now he was trapped in a classroom with fangirls for eight hours and couldn't escape them.

Maybe he could graduate early like his Aniki. . .

The teacher, Iruka Umino, cleared his throat and smiled warmly at them. "Hello class. Before we start, let's begin with roll-"

The door slammed open and two girls came in, neither noticing the eyes trained on them.

"I told you we were supposed to go this way, Sephy-nee," the cute blond girl said.

"Well sue me, Naru-chan. How was I supposed to know where our classroom was when no one told us?" the other girl, Sephy-nee, asked.

"Ahem?" Iruka cleared his throat. "Care to explain why you're both late?"

The two girls finally noticed the looks they were getting and both got sheepish looks on their faces.

"Sorry," the black haired one apologized. "We tried asking for directions, but no one would tell us where to go."

"Well why didn't your parents drop you off?" Iruka asked.

The blond girl's bottom lip trembled slightly and the black haired one glared at the man. "For your information, we're orphans."

Iruka winced at his carelessness and bowed his head in apology. "I apologize. I didn't realize-"

"Yeah, no one does," the blond grunted. "And they honestly don't care either, so stop faking."

There was a tense silence for a moment before Iruka sighed. "Go find some empty seats, please."

The girls were disappointed to see that there were only three seats empty, but two of them were in front of each other, so they went in that direction. The black haired girl took the seat next to a bleach blond girl, while the sunshine blond sat next to Sasuke. That was the wrong thing to do.

"Get away from Sasuke-kun, blondie!" a pink haired girl named Sakura shouted.

"Yeah, stay away from Sasuke-kun, freak!" the blond that her sister sat next to yelled.

The source of all the anger glared at the two girls, blue eyes flashing a vivid red before returning to blue.

"I don't want your precious Sasuke-kun," she hissed. Her sister watched these interactions with high amusement.

Sasuke was surprised to hear this. No girl had never resisted going gaga over him before, so he didn't know how to react to the blond.

"Quiet!" Iruka made a scary face as he yelled, effectively shutting the girls up. His smile returned soon after, making the class sweatdrop. "Ami Rukai?"

Sasuke kept shooting glances at the blond by his side, not sure what to make of her. On one hand she could be faking about not liking him, but on the other hand, she could be telling the truth. He waited for his name to be called, glancing at the girl to see if she reacted to any of the names.

"Uchiha Sasuke?"

He raised his hand slightly, and every girl in the room (minus three) squealed and sighed.

"Uzumaki Naruko?"

He saw the girl's hand go up and he smirked secretively. Uzumaki Naruko. Maybe his Aniki could tell him about her.

"Uzumaki Persephone?"

Everyone in the room blunk at the unusual name.

"Call me Percy or Seph." it was an order, not a request.

"Be nice, Sephy-nee," Naruko giggled.

Percy rolled her eyes but she had a small smile on her face. The class seemed to snap out of their shock.

"Are you both sisters?"

"Naw, they don't look anything a like. You're adopted right?"

"Baka! Don't say that! They're orphans remem- sorry."

The sisters got a twitch in their eyebrows and Iruka cleared his throat for the millionth time that morning. "Yamanaka Ino?"

As the last hand went up Iruka moved on to the next topic. "Alright, everyone's here. Now today we will be learning about the proper way to hold a kunai. . . "


Naruko and Percy were nearly asleep as they listened to the other children chattering at free time.

They had been bored out of their minds when Iruka was explaining different kunai holding techniques. Their caretaker, Omono Umi, an ANBU member, had been teaching them techniques since they were two.

"Ano. . . " a shy voice whispered. The twins looked up to see Hyuuga Hinata shuffling nervously. "Can I. . . sit with you?"

Naruko grinned brightly, pearly white canines shining brightly. The plum haired girl blushed darkly. "Sure!"

The three girls sat there contently, very few words passing between them. It was peaceful, until the fangirls attacked. Naruko and Percy couldn't tell you where they popped out of, but all of a sudden they had about thirty angry little girls in front of them. Some of them weren't even from their class!

"Listen here, Uzumaki," Sakura, who was apparently the leader, growled. "Stay away from our Sasuke-kun or we'll beat you up!"

Naruko tilted her head to the side and blunk. "Your Sasuke-kun?"

"Don't even say his name, you little brat!" Ino snarled.

She was suddenly on the ground holding her cheek, Percy cracking her knuckles over her ominously.

"Don't call my baby sister a brat," Percy said calmly. "The only brats around here are you idiot little girls, claiming someone as if they were a piece of meat instead of a human being."

Sakura slapped Percy across the face for touching her friend, only to have a foot kick her in the stomach. She let out a pained oomph as she landed next to her best friend. She looked up with pained eyes to see a growling Naruko above her, eyes nearly turning red.

"Don't ever touch my sister, you little bitch," Naruko didn't know what the word meant exactly, but her Omono-Nii used it when referring to his fangirls.

Sakura and Ino layed there on the ground in silence, before looking at each other. They smirked an opened their mouths.


Iruka was by them in a second. "What happened?"

"Persephone and Naruko attacked us for no reason!" Sakura cried.

"Yeah!" Ino agreed. "We were just playing with our friends when they came over and hit us."

The other members of the Sasuke Fanclub started nodding and agreeing with their leaders. Iruka looked up and glared at the twins sternly.

"Girls, is that true?"

"It's not true!" Hinata surprisingly defended them. "Sakura and Ino came over and started threatening Naruko because she sat by Sasuke-san."

"You liar!" Sakura and Ino yelled.

Iruka was torn. Sakura and Ino had more witnesses, but Hinata couldn't lie if her life depended on it.

"Haruno and Yamanaka are lying," a cool voice said. The fangirls squealed as they saw their obssession jump down from his perch on a nearby tree. "They threatened Uzumaki-san and Persephone-san," he ignored the glare sent his way by Percy. "Got fed up with them and told them to quit. Sakura slapped her and Naruko pushed her down."

Iruka knew who was in the wrong now, especially when the fangirls betrayed their leaders and began agreeing with the Uchiha. "Thank you, Sasuke-san. Haruno, Yamanaka, I believe a call should be made to your parents."

As Iruka dragged the two protesting girls inside, Naruko turned to Sasuke.

"Why did you lie, Uchiha-san? Nee-chan made the first hit."

Sasuke felt a blush rise on to his cheeks as the pretty girl stared at him with those big blue eyes. He turned his head so she wouldn't see it, but unknown to him, Percy did.

"N-no reason," he stuttered. "I just hate liars. Liars and fangirls."

He gasped when the girl hugged him unexpectedly. He had never been hugged by a girl before (his mother and the fangirls who latched on to him didn't count) and he was surprised to say that he didn't mind her hugging him.

"Let the boy breath, Naruko," Percy teased.

Naruko stuck her tongue out at her sister and hugged Sasuke tighter. "I'll let go when he tells me to let go, Sephy-chan!"

Sasuke shook his head and got his usual stoic expression. "Hn. Dobe."

Naruko flicked the boy's nose, an irritated scowl on her face. "What did you say, Teme?"

"I said Dobe, you Dobe."

"Take that back, Teme!"

Percy watched as the two bickered back and forth.

'Oh yeah, those two are going to get married.'


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