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Chapter 2: Omono and Itachi

Three Months Later. . .

Naruko hummed as she and Percy collected flowers. Today was their Omono-nii's birthday. Well, it wasn't really his birthday. It was the day that he took them into his care. He was on a C-rank mission and wouldn't be back until later that evening, which gave them just enough time to bake his cake, and go buy his present with the little money they had saved up.

"Sephy-nee, I think we have enough flowers!" Naruko said in her cheerful tone.

It was true, they had tons of flowers in the four baskets that they brought with them. One was full of Chicory flowers, another with Jimsonweed, a third with Rhododendren, and the last with Lilies. Most would be used to decorate their apartment while the rest would decorate their Nii-san's birthday cake.

Percy looked at the baskets and nodded. "I think you're right. Grab two baskets and we'll go."


The twins were having a hard time getting back home. They were both trying to balance their baskets and weave inbetween people who ignored them or tried to trip them up all without dropping their delicate cargo.

Naruko cried out as she felt herself being pushed by no one in particular. She didn't want to ruin her flowers, but she knew it was unavoidable as she fell forward. What she didn't expect was for someone to catch her and the baskets. Naruko looked up at her savior and for a moment she thought it was Sasuke, before realizing that this boy was older than him.

'But he has to be related to Sasu-chan,' she thought.

"Are you alright?" the older boy asked softly, making sure he didn't drop his new cargo.

Naruko blushed in embaressment when she realized she was staring and scurried out of his arms. "G-gomen. Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for saving my flowers from being ruined."

The boy gave her a small smile, amused by the girl's cute behavior. "It was no trouble Miss. . . "

Naruko seemed to loose her shyness and gave him an award-winning smile. "I'm Uzumaki Naruko, the future Godaime Hokage!"

The boy chuckled at her behavior. "It is nice to meet you, Naruko-san. I am Uchiha Itachi. I'm guessing the girl staring at us is your sister Persephone-san?"

The blond snapped out of it and looked over at her amused twin. Percy raised an eyebrow at her, a smirk on her face. Naruko blushed and scowled, guessing what she was thinking.

"Yeah, that's Sephy-chan," Naruko looked at a clock hanging in a shop nearby and gasped. "Oh no! Omo-nii will be home in three hours and we still have to bake his cake!"

Naruko scooped up her baskets and was about to rush throgh the crowd when Itachi's hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"Can I do anything to help?" he asked.

Naruko bit her lip, as if she wanted to say yes, but shook her head anyway. "No thank you, Itachi-san. You've helped enough already."

Itachi snorted and took the baskets from her, ignoring her cry of protest. "Nonsense. You obviosly can't carry these baskets and walk through this crowd all at once."

Naruko pouted cutely and mumbled under her breath, "Stupid Teme's older brother."

She didn't know that Itachi had acute hearing. She looked up when she heard him chuckle again. "What's so funny?"

Itachi began to walk, the two girls following behind him hurriedly so they could keep up with his longer legs.

"You're Naruko."

The blond gave him a blank look, as if to say, "Well, duh."

"No, I mean you're the Naruko my little brother's been obsessively talking about for the past quarter-year."

Naruko let out a victorious sound. "Yes! I knew you were Teme's brother!"

Percy watched as the two chatted back and forth. She had heard that Uchiha Itachi was the prodigy of his clan, loved by all, and the Ice King of Konoha. It would astound anyone else who saw the blond and the Ice King talk, but Percy knew that her twin had a way of worming herself into peoples' hearts, a talent she had always been slightly jealous of.

"Nee-chan!" adoring blue eyes looked at her matched with a beautiful grin. "Come on, slow poke!"

Then again, how could she hate such a beautiful little thing like her? How could anybody resist Naruko?


Sasuke was torn between being annoyed or crying. This was the third time this week that his Aniki had promised to play with him, but never showed up.

"Does Aniki hate me?' he wondered.

"Sasu-chan!" a voice called cheerfully. Sasuke looked up just in time to be tackled by his blond-haired best friend. He hugged her back half-heartedly, still sad about his brother not showing up.

"Uzumaki-san, would you please allow my Ototou to breathe?" a familiar voice said.

Sasuke looked over his friend's shoulder to see his Aniki looking at them in amusement. Wait. . .

"How do you two know each other?" he asked.

Naruko grinned at him before getting up, offering him a hand. "Ita-chan here saved me and my flowers from being crushed in the village square."

Sasuke nodded before eyeing Itachi warily. "Why are you both here?"

"It's getting late, so we won't be able to train," Itachi said. Sasuke sighed in defeat. "But, Uzumaki-san here has offered us to come over to her house for her Onii-san's birthday. You don't have to go if you do not wish to."

Sasuke resisted the urge to drop his jaw. He was going to get to hang out with his Aniki and his best friend? Score!

"Let's go."


The Uchiha brothers sat at the kitchen table, conversing with the Uzumaki twins as they hustled and bustled around the kitchen.

"Which flowers should we put on the cake, Sephy-nee?" Naruko asked. She had a smudge of flour on her cheek, making her look more adorable than normal.

Percy circled around the cake contemplatively.

"Well, the cake's white so how about the Chicory flowers?"

"Good idea!"

They had just finished decorating the cake when they heard the front door open. "I'm home!"

"Nii-san!" Naruko squealed before running out of the kitchen.

They heard a man laugh before Naruko appeared, in her Nii-san's arms. Naruko realized that the Uchihas' were still there and grinned widely. She grabbed Omono's arm and pulled him foward. "Nii-san, this is Sasu-chan and his Onii-san, Ita-chan."

"Sasuke and Itachi," the older Uchiha corrected gently. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Umi-san."

"You as well, Uchiha-san," Omono said. "ANBU's been talking about you since you graduated the Academy."

"Oh really?"

Naruko sensed the upcoming long and (in her mind) boring discussion about ANBU and ranks and whatnot. It was her Nii-san's birthday and he had just gotten off from a mission. That meant NO BUISNESS TALK!

"Nii-san, no boring talk!" she whined. "Birthday cake and then your present!"

Omono smiled at his blond ward.

When he had taken them into his care, he had expected to find spoiled little brats who were pampered just because they were orphans. He thought that all of the villagers were just jealous that they got whatever they wanted. To his surprise, he had met two malnourished little girls, the younger one flinching at everything that moved and the older one trying to act brave for her sister, but in reality was just as scared.

It had taken the girls nearly half a year before they would act normally around him.

Naruko lit her Nii-san's candles with a lighter and pushed the small, but nicely decorated cake in his direction. "Make a wish, Omono-nii!"

Omono lifted an eyebrow, but humbled the little girl and blew the candles out. Naruko clapped happily, the other three occupants clapping politely as well.

"How old are you now, Umi-san?" Itachi asked.

Omono closed his eyes and chuckled. "Too old to count."

Itachi's eyes narrowed, sensing the double-meaning within his words. The man looked no older than twenty-five, which wasn't too old. Most people started complaining in their thirties. There were no signs of aging either. No wrinkles, no stress lines, no gray hairs. He knew shinobi that were eighteen, but looked like they were in their mid-thirties. Not to mention that Omono Umi was a very high-ranking ANBU.

"Time for your present, Nii-san," he barely heard Percy say.

A plain green medium-sized box was pushed toward the ANBU, who sighed when he saw it.

"Girls, I thought I told you not to get me a present," at their sad looks, he added, "Not that I don't appreciate it, but I know that you don't get a very large allowance."

There was another thing that caught Itachi's attention. Foster children got fifty dollars a month for allowance, depending on their age. If the twins were five-going-on-six, they should have been getting two hundred-fifty dollars a month, each. They didn't seem like the materialistic type, so they should of had enough money.

Omono opened the box lid and saw about a dozen deadly sharp kunai. He could see the kanji for sea on the handle of each of them.

Sasuke peeked over and looked into the box, eyes widening when he saw the kunai. "Wow! Aniki, those are like the kind that father bought for you. Aren't they expensive?"

"Yes, they are," Omono answered before the raven could. He kept tilting the kunai, admiring their craftsmanship. "Girls, how did you afford these?"

"Well, we went to see the local blacksmith and asked him how much custom kunai cost," Percy started.

"He said that he wouldn't weld them for us though," Naruko said sadly. "He said that he wouldn't ever weld anything for brats like us."

Itachi noticed Omono's lips tighten, and saw something wild and dangerous flash in his sea colored eyes.

"But we convinced him to sell the metal to us," the twins said in unison.

The three males blunk at this.

"You made these?" Itachi asked. He couldn't see any flaws in the metal or the handle. His own, which had been imported from the best blacksmith in the Land of Fire hadn't looked as good as these!

"Mhm," Naruko hummed. "It was like someone was there, telling us what to do and when to do it."

Omono's eyes widened for a moment before returning back to normal.

"Really?" Sasuke asked in the way only a child could do.

"Yes, I could tell it was a man's voice," Percy said, making Omono's suspicion heighten. "He was very nice and patient when we'd mess something up and have to start over. Good thing we bought so much metal."


"That is cool," Itachi let the odd word roll around his tongue. "But I'm afraid that our mother will start to worry if we don't go home now."

"Aww," Sasuke and Naruko whined.

Itachi smiled a little at their behavior. "Don't pout. In fact, I would like to invite Naruko-san and Persephone-san to dinner tomorrow night. With your permission of course, Umi-san."

Omono waved a hand. "If it's alright with your parents."

Itachi nodded and grabbed Sasuke's hand. "Good-bye, Uzumaki-sans, Umi-san."

Naruko waved as if he were a mile away. "Bye Itachi-kun! See you tomorrow, Sasu-chan."

"Bye," Sasuke said.

As the two Uchihas left, Omono turned to his wards. "Alright you two, time for bed."

"Come on, Nii-san," Naruko said. "Can't we stay up for another hour?"

Omono chuckled and scooped the two girls up with ease. "No. Besides, the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner you'll get to see Sasuke in the morning."

He walked to the twins shared bedroom, placing Percy on her sea green comforter and Naruko on her own orange duplicate.

"Go get dressed and brush your teeth, and then I'll tuck you in."

"Okay, Nii-san."

As the two girls rushed over to the little bathroom connected to their room, Omono sat on Naruko's bed and began to fiddle with her stuffed seal, Cuddles. On their third birthday, he had brought home a stuffed seal and a stuffed dolphin, saying that they could pick one. Naruko to the seal and Percy took the dolphin.

The twins exited the bathroom and hopped on to their beds. Naruko wore pale blue pj's with little darker blue stars all over them. Percy wore green pj's with sea shells all over them. All in all, they looked like two normal, adorable little girls.

Omono handed each of them their stuffed animals, pulled the covers up and tucked them in comfortably, before kissing their foreheads.

"Goodnight, my Shinju," he said.

"Goodnight, Nii-san," they called back. "We love you."

Omono smiled softly and turned off the light. He cracked the door, knowing that Naruko was still a little scared of the dark. When he looked away from the door, he frowned deeply.

"Why did he contact them?" he murmured. "And how did he know where they were?"


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