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Chapter 3: Secrets Discovered

Naruko bounced in her seat, ready for the day to be over. She couldn't wait to go over and meet Sasuke's parents. She hoped they liked her and her Nee-chan.

Percy, on the other hand was extremely nervous, and she had absolutely no idea why. She liked Sasuke, he made her sister happy and he was a good friend. She had only talked with Itachi for a few hours, but he seemed to be just as kind as her Nii-san. Percy just couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen.

The bell rang, interrupting Iruka's speech. "Alright class, tomorrow we have our first exam on kunai and shuriken. Have a good day."

The class collected their things and exited the classroom. Naruko twirled around her twin and Sasuke, her energy as high as always.

"My Kaa-san is making motoyaki tonight," Sasuke said. "Motoyaki, onigiri, and dango for dessert."

The twins paled when they heard motoyaki. They had never been able to stomach seafood. Neither had Omono, who had turned sickly green when another ANBU had offered him some octopus okonomiyaki.

Sasuke noticed their looks. "What? You don't like motoyaki?"

Percy gulped, willing the color to come back to her face. "No. We have this. . . allergy to fish. Whenever we try to eat it, we get sick."

Sasuke nodded, but inwardly he was very worried. His father loved motoyaki, and thought that it was the best food in the world. If his mother discovered that the twins didn't like motoyaki, he knew that she would cook something else, making his father angry. It was one of the things that made him both love and hate his father.

He loved his father because, well, he was his father. He's the one that taught him his first word and how to hold a kunai.

But he also hated his father. He hated how he ignored him, but treated Itachi like he was a god. He hated how he treated his mother like she was a slave, instead of his wife. And he especially hated how he would bad mouth anything he deemed 'weak'.

"Maybe we should come another night," Naruko said, unusually quiet. "We don't want to cause any trouble."

"No!" Sasuke protested. At her surprised look, he said, "I can ask Kaa-san to make something else to go with the motoyaki. She won't mind."

The twins glanced at each other before nodding nervously. They didn't want to tell the raven how just the smell of fish made them sick, so they kept their mouths shut. Naruko plastered another bright grin on her face, the one that she used with everyone but Percy and Omono. She hardly ever used it with Sasuke, but whenever she felt nervous, it came on like a reflex.

"Alright then, let's go!"


Mikoto hummed as she grilled the salmon for the motoyaki.

She was so happy when her youngest son had come home after his first day, saying that he had made two new friends. When Itachi had informed her about the two of them coming over for dinner, she had been ecstatic. The only thing she worried about was her husband, Fugaku.

Fugaku had always been a very strict man, even when they were teenagers, having been a through-breed Uchiha. She herself was only half-Uchiha, her father being an Uchiha and she never knew who her mother was. She looked like she was a full Uchiha though, which was why Fugaku had asked her father for her hand. Trying to save his dignity, having a child out of wed-lock with an unknown woman, her father had agreed immediately.

Ten months after she had married Fugaku, she found out she was pregnant with Itachi. The only thing, he wasn't Fugaku's. Neither was Sasuke, when he came along six years later. Like herself, they looked like full-Uchiha's, but there was something in them that no one but Mikoto saw, that clearly showed that they were not the Uchiha head's sons.

Thankfully, Fugaku never figured it out.

As she waited for the food to finish marinating, a sudden urge overcame Mikoto. She went to the cupboards and began pulling out ingrediants to make beef ramen. As she was preparing it, she heard her youngest son announce his arrival.

"I'm in the kitchen, Sasuke-kun!" she called.

She heard several pairs of feet coming in her direction so she wiped her hands, and turned around just in time to see her son come into the room with his friends.

"Hel-" her throat closed up as she stared at the two girl standing by her son.

Neither truly looked like her, but she knew that they were her children. The older looking one had a light tan with pitch black hair and sea green eyes, but she had her nose.

The other one, the blond, also had tan skin but it was a tad darker and smoother. Long blond hair, like her's brother was pulled into two pigtails on either said of the girl's head. Big unnatural blue eyes, also like her's brother stared at her with a innocent and sweet gleam. She had her ears.

The blonde one didn't notice the woman's hesitance and gave her a shy smile. "Hello, Uchiha-sama. I'm Uzumaki Naruko and this is my twin sister-"

"Uzumaki Persephone," the other girl finished, a bit unerved at the intense stare of Sasuke's mother.

Mikoto knew she was correct at her assumption as soon as she heard their names. This was her best friend's, Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina's children.

Mikoto managed a smile, although it was a tad dazed. "Hello, I'm Sasuke-kun's mother, Uchiha Mikoto. You can call me Mikoto-chan or Mikoto-san if you prefer to be more formal."

Naruko gave another shy smile and nodded. "Arigatou, Mikoto-san."

Mikoto inwardly shook her head and her smile became more genuine. "Well, for some reason, I decided to make beef ramen with our motoyaki, so if either of you want some. . ."

Naruko's eyes brightened at the word ramen, making Mikoto's heart clench at the memory of her red-head friend dragging her off to get ramen every day.

"I love beef ramen!" Naruko said.

Mikoto smiled again and nodded, waving a hand for them to take a seat at the table. "Well then I'm glad my instincts were correct and this ramen won't go to waste."


Naruko and Percy shifted uncomfortably at the silence that hung over the dinner table.

They were used to talking about anything and everything with either Omono or themseleves, and when they didn't talk, they usually had music playing. Silence made them jumpy. It seemed as if they weren't the only ones, as Sasuke was shifting just as much as them. Itachi was bouncing his leg up and down and even Mikoto was drumming her fingers on the table. The only one who seemed comfortable with the silence was Fugaku, who kept shooting glares at the twins for some reason.

"So," Mikoto was the first to crack. "I hear that you live with Umi Omono."

"Yes," Percy answered. "Nii-san took us in when we were two."

"That was very kind of him. I don't know too many ANBU that would take in two toddlers, especially one that doesn't look any older than his early twenties."

The twins nodded, and Naruko said, "I'm glad Nii-san took us in. We love him a lot."

Mikoto gave her a smile, and the twins smiled back.

"How is everything going at school?"

Sasuke answered that time. "We had our kunai and shuriken exam today."

Mikoto lit up. "How did that go?"

"I got bullseyes on all but two shuriken," Naruko said.

"Same here," Percy said.

"I missed one bullseye with a kunai by three inches," Sasuke said.

"That is unacceptable," Fugaku looked up from his food to give his youngest son a reprimending glare. "If you were in the field, three inches could cause you to lose a battle."

Sasuke didn't say anything, instead looking down at his motoyaki. Percy's lips pursed but she didn't say anything to the Uchiha patriarch.

Mikoto and Itachi glared at Fugaku. They were ready to blow their tops at the man for making Sasuke so miserable all the time.

"I think he did great," Naruko said, catching the older man's eyes. "He did the best out of anyone else in the class."

Fugaku glared at the girl. "But he didn't do it perfectly."

"Perfection cannot always be achieved."

"He is an Uchiha, he was born perfect."

"He's Sasuke, that's it."

A silence overcame the table, stunned at the fierce words that came out of the blond's mouth. Fugaku narrowed his black eyes, "How dare-"

"Who wants dango?" Mikoto quickly intervened, not wanting her husband to hurt the little girl who was so much like Kushina.

Fugaku and Naruko glared at each other for a while before Fugaku scoffed and looked away. "I don't want anything, onna. I'm going to my study."

The man stood up and strode away with his nose in the air. When he was gone, Mikoto hugged Sasuke, who was still quiet as a mouse. She looked at Naruko gratefully. "Thank you, for saying that. I am honestly ready to just divorce the man because he won't get that stick out of his butt."

Naruko gave a foxy grin and held up a peace sign. "Anytime, Mikoto-san!"


A few hours after the twins left, about midnight, Itachi was woken up by his mother and father screaming at each other. He carefully stepped out of bed, and sent a little chakra out to make sure his sound-barrier seals were activated for Sasuke's room. He didn't need to hear this.

Itachi creapt down the stairs, feeling like a civilian child hearing their parents fight instead of the jounin that he was.

"I do not want our son hanging around those demon brats!" he heard his father shout.

"They are not demon brats!" his mother defended. "They are my best friends daughters!"

Itachi recoiled at that. Now he knew who his mother's best friend was, seeing how she would babysit him when he was a child. He had been very attached to the woman, if he remembered correctly. He couldn't remember her name exactly, but he remembered that she had long red hair and pretty dark blue eyes. He also remembered that she had a younger brother, the deceased Yondaime.

"-don't care if they're Kushina's bastard brats!" Fugaku yelled. "They're still jinchuriki!"

Itachi blunk once. Naruko and Persephone were jinchuriki? He peeked around the corner just as Mikoto slapped Fugaku across the face.

"Don't you ever call them bastards again."

Itachi felt a shiver run up his spine at his mother's cold tone. He had never heard her speak with such malice and hate before. She usually just bent over for Fugaku so he wouldn't do anything drastic.

There was a tense silence between the two adults, a silence filled with something that Itachi could not understand.

"My son will not be tainted by those brats," Fugaku said. "And if you will not make them stay away, then you can leave my house."

The two adults had a staring contest for a while. Mikoto closed her eyes and whispered, "I will be out by tomorrow."

The smug look on Fugaku's face slid off to be replaced by astonishment. "Excuse me? You're going to leave?"

Mikoto nodded her head, a determined look in her eyes. "I am through with being your slave. I refuse to allow you to treat me like this any longer. I want a divorce, and I want custody of my sons."

The Uchiha men held their breath, shocked by the turn of events.

"If that is all, good night." Mikoto turned on her heel and walked toward the stairs. Itachi cursed, knowing he wouldn't be able to sneak upstairs without his mother seeing him. As Mikoto climbed the stairs, she locked eyes with Itachi, and mouthed, "Go to your room and we'll talk."

Itachi nodded and went upstairs, careful to not let his father see him. He went to his room, his mother on his heels.

Mikoto shut the door behind her and turned to her eldest son. "How much did you hear?"

"I heard father saying he didn't want Sasuke to be near Naruko-san and Persephone-san."

Mikoto sat down on Itachi's bed. "So I'm guessing you heard everything else."

Itachi nodded.

"Do you have any questions?"

Itachi was silent for a moment. "Why did father call them bastards? Why did he call them jinchuriki? Are they jinchuriki?"

Mikoto chuckled as the small bit of innocence came out of her son. She thought that Fugaku had beaten it out of him. She stood up and told him to wait there.

Itachi sat on his bed, waiting patiently and nervously for his mother to return. When she did, she had three books in her hands.

"Read these," she said. "If you want to know everything. I'm tired and I have a long day of packing tomorrow morning."

She kissed his forehead, and told him she loved him before leaving the room again. Itachi watched the door for a moment before looking down at the books in his hands.

The largest book was a photo album. A thick one, from the looks of it. Itachi put that one aside to look at later. The last two books were obviously diaries, one a dark blue and the other a rosy red. He saw the name Mikoto Uchiha on the blue one and Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze on the red one.

He opened up the blue one to a random page.

May 19, 1993

Dear Diary,

I have been married to Fugaku for three months now and I absolutely HATE HIM! He's a big fat jerk who hates anything not associated with his precious clan. Including Shina-chan. Shina-chan says that he's a big prick and that I should take up Raiton's offer to run away with him.

Itachi could feel his eyes widen slightly. Who was Raiton, and why did he want his mother to run away with him? He skipped a few pages and stopped as a passage caught his eye.

November 28, 1993

Diary, I am in deep trouble.

This morning I went to the doctor's like Shina-chan and Raiton told me to. The doctor said that I was a month and a half pregnant, much to Shina-chan's delight. The only problem: I haven't slept with Fugaku in three months. I've only slept with Raiton.

Itachi could feel his heart skip a beat. He was born on June 9, 1994. The dates matched up and by what they passage said. . . he wasn't Fugaku's son. This Raiton was his father. Itachi shook his head and closed the book shut before reaching for the red one.

April 14, 1999

I still can't believe Miko-chan talked me into doing this.

Well, nothing has really happened lately 'diary'. Raiton has stayed for Miko-chan's pregnancy this time, which doesn't surprise me. He honestly did love her when she said she was going to have Itachi (who is currently drooling on my leg) and I felt sorry for both of them when he said he had to leave last time.

Okai asked me to marry him again today, same as everyday, but today. . . today he seemed so much sadder than normal when I said no. I mean, he's always sad when I say no but today seemed different. When I said no today, he looked at me and said, "I love you, Kushina."

And I know this sounds sappy, but my heart skipped a beat when he said that. He had told me he loved me before, usually after sex, but he had never said it outside the bedroom.

I, being me, ran like a chicken with its head cut off.

Itachi had to laugh a little at this. He saw that was the end of the passage and skipped a couple pages.

May 1, 1999

I am in deep shit.

I went to the doctor's today with Okai. The doctor said I was pregnant and that I was due October 10. Okai was so happy, his pretty green eyes gleaming with joy. I know that he wanted children with me. Hell, I wanted children with him! But I didn't know how I was going to handle this. I was afraid that he would leave me because he had his job. It worried me like nothing else.

The doctor said it was twins, which only made my heart soar even more. I didn't want to know the genders (Much to Okai's annoyance) but when I told Miko-chan, she started squealing about her unborn child having playmates.

Hopefully Mina-chan won't kill my boyfriend for knocking me up.

Itachi skipped to the last page.

October 10, 1999

Diary, I'm dying.

I barely have the strength to write this passage, but I'm going to anyway. I have given birth to my twin girls, Persephone and Naruko, but they are not in my arms like they should be.

The Kyuubi and Nibi have attacked Konoha, and Minato has taken my girls so he can seal the demons within them.

Mikoto is here, holding Sasuke tightly in her arms. Itachi is snuggled against my side, crying as if he knows that I am about to leave this world.

Itachi flashed back, remembering his heartache that day when his best friend died.

Okai is also next to me, his beautiful eyes wet with tears. Raiton is holding Mikoto, whispering in her ear.

There were blood and tear stains at the bottom of the page, and the handwriting got shaky and mispelled.

T-thr's a man n front of me.

He sez to take hiz hamd n that evrythn wil b ok.

Dunno y, but I trust hem.

That was the end of the passage. Itachi closed his eyes, trying to digest everything. He sat Kushina's book down gently and reached for the scrapbook.

The first fifteen or so pages contained pictures of Kushina and his mother, some having the Yondaime and others in it. Then two men started to show up in the pictures.

One man looked to be around twenty-one with black hair and sea green eyes. He flipped the picture over to see the man's name.

Okai and Kushina- January 16, 1999

Okai, Persephone and Naruko's father.

The other man in the pictures had to be Raiton, 'My father.'

Itachi could see similarities between Raiton, Sasuke, and himself. They all had the same jaw-line and full lips. He didn't know how to feel as he stared down at the man holding his mother in a tight, but warm looking embrace. He wasn't Fugaku's son, and apparently neither was Sasuke.

He stayed up the rest of the night looking at pictures.


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