Race The Park

A/N: Okay, guys. Here's my second chapter of Cruel Cosplay Thesis starring Kagura and Tomo. Now that we know Kimura thinks Kagura's sexy in a plugsuit with just a *few* changes, we'll see how bizarre things could get for the resident tomboy.

"That's Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion," a boy explained as he looked at the picture held by Kagura. "I used to watch that show when I was a kid. Just that the ending would make your head spin though."

"Oh... thanks," Kagura mumbled her gratitude.

"Don't mention, it," the boy replied. "By the way, you would look really cute if you..." When he looked at Kagura, she saw her give him a look that seemed to be made of smoldering rage. He gulped. "I'll be going now." He hurriedly left off.

Kagura's frown dissolved into a sad face as she bemoaned her predicament. "Why is it for my problems I have Kimura of all people?"

Osaka sometimes has a way to show up silently. In this case she waddled her way to Kagura, who looked so sullen. She asked her, "Kagura, why the long face?"

She sighed, "Nothing, Osaka. It's just that creep seems to have cross the line."

"You mean that he wanna play dress-up with you?"

"Well... sort of...," she replied awkwardly. She gulped uneasily. "In his creepy way. Why does the school keep him anyway?"

"Dunno? Maybe 'cause he keeps his hands to himself."

Kagura scoffed. "Until now," she sarcastically added.

The airhead then gave Kagura some of her words of wisdom. "Well, there's nothing to worry about, Kagura. At least you have the costume and Kimura's not gonna make you wear it."

Kagura turned to the Osakan in disbelief. "Well... you do have a point. Thanks, Osaka."

"Don't mention it," Osaka said. She noticed something on Kagura. She said curiously, "Kagura, where's your tan? You look awfully pale. Are you sick?"

Kagura sighed a puff of air. "Well, no, Osaka. You see my mom's from Hokkaido."


"Yeah, people don't have a lot of sunlight there. She's still not used to getting out a lot."

"Oh my, a drama story," Osaka observed. "Does your mother hate sports?"

Kagura groaned again at Osaka's way of mentally processing information. "No. It's not like that. Actually, my mom is using me lately to try out different whitening soaps for her friends. To see how fast my tan wears off and how long I get it back."

"Ah," Osaka said. "That's why you look a lot like that girl in the photo."

"OSAKA!" Kagura snapped. "Don't lump me and that freak in the picture together just because we look the same. Got it?"

"Okay," Osaka replied with a smile and those big eyes.

"Ho, ho, ho," Tomo loudly announced as she skipped over to Osaka and Kagura. "What's going on?"

"Oh, hi Tomo." Osaka waved her hand slowly in greeting. "Kagura just explained to me why she's got no tan."

"Oh my, how's our dear little teacher's pet?" Tomo teased, causing Kagura to grit her teeth.

"Tomo, what the hell are you talking about?" Kagura snapped.

Tomo's mouth form into a feline grin and got closer to the athlete in a conspiratorial manner. "Come on, Kagura~. Don't give me that naïve look. I mean Kimura's got something on you, right?"

"Hell no!" Kagura growled. "I'll have my foot up his ass if he does."

"By the way, what are you gonna do with that costume?"

"Oh yeah," Osaka chimed. "What'cha gonna do about it?"

Kagura looked at the box which carried the offending piece of clothing in her arms. She replied crisply, "I was gonna throw it to the nearest garbage can but I decided to sell it to the nearest otaku shop I can find."

"What! No way?" cried Tomo, who seemed genuinely shocked. But then again, Tomo would be shocked over even the smallest of things, which caused no small amount of satisfaction for Kagura.

"Y'all know you can just bring it over to the culture fest," Osaka suggested.

"I'm not risking the chance of that creep buying it back," Kagura replied distastefully. "I'm going home."

"Oh! Oh!" Tomo chimed, bouncing like a rabbit on crack and Red Bull. "Why don't you wait a while. I've got to annoy Yomi first." She then sped off to annoy her best friends again, leaving Kagura to walk away, distancing herself away from the wildcat and her antics as far as possible. That left Osaka.

"Aw shoot," Osaka said sadly. "And I thought we're gonna ask Yukari if we gonna win some juice."

Just around the corner, Kaorin was so overjoyed by the turn of events that she barely let out a squee. With Kimura turning his attention to Kagura, there's nothing to bother her anymore with his lecherous antics.

Kaorin shuddered at Kimura's blatant ways of showing his... desire... for her but now she rejoiced.

"I kinda feel sorry of Kagura," she said with a tinge of regret. And she instantly cheered. "But now Kimura is off my back and I can finally focus on the love of my dreams."

Now she thought of the cool girl of the school, Miss Sakaki. She was currently fantasizing about how she should upgrade her relationship with Sakaki. But she's afraid of that Sakaki might not accept her-

Her eyes caught a beautiful long-haired girl walking outside. It's Miss Sakaki going home. Kaorin suddenly felt the urge to go with her. Take the chance, her mind told her. She had to take it or it may never happen again. Kaorin found herself excitedly running down the halls to catch up with the girl of her dreams.

Kagura was finally marching home through the park, which was almost empty of people as the late afternoon sun dipped halfway below the horizon. A lot of thoughts were burning in her mind. Among of them being how Kimura had the balls to show up in her classroom and want her to wear it-

Kagura stopped. No, not balls, she thought as she shuddered at that term being used for Kimura. Gall was more like it. She took a look at the box which carried the costume. She gulped as she thought about why that creep had to go all the trouble to make that costume for her. Was it because she knew her first-

"Hiya, Kagura!" Tomo shrilled happily as she saw Kagura in the park.

Kagura let out a yelp and spun around. "What the hell!"

"So, finding any takers?"

"I was going to until you popped from nowhere," Kagura retorted. "How'd you follow me here?"

"Isn't it where you take a shortcut here sometimes?" Tomo observed.

"Okay," Kagura conceded. "You can tag along. Just don't piss me off."

"Okay," she chirped.

As they were halfway through the park, Tomo remarked, "By the way, you think that anime inspired him to do that?"

Kagura regarded Tomo. "Duh, man, does he ever get creepier."

"It's like he's showing his appreciation that your her new teacher's pet," Tomo gleefully added.

A vein popped up in Kagura's head. "Shut up, Tomo! I told you not to piss me off!"

"Come on, Kagura. There has to some reason why he's shifting his affection from Kaorin to you."

Kagura marched further away from Tomo. "Just 'cause I look like with that girl on that photo that came along with this costume doesn't mean-"

"But don't you think that he went though a lot of trouble trying to get that made?" Tomo interrupted.

"Yeah," Kagura snorted as she stopped. "Like not getting caught by his wife when he asked her to make it. I'll be surprised if he's fired by the principal."

"Yeah, that's it and there's more," Tomo shouted in the manner of a game show host. She then pointed her finger at Kagura. "There has to something inspired him to make that wonderful costume of yours."

"Like what?" Kagura barked as she turned around to continue her trip to dispose of the package and earn some modest profit.

Tomo said in a genuinely dumb voice, "I dunno? Um... Maybe you're first name's Rei?"

Kagura stopped on her tracks, her face frozen in shock, her eyes bulging in horror out as she thought of Tomo saying her... Of guessing it correctly!

For a few seconds Kagura was stiff as a statue. For a few seconds Tomo put two and two together and...

"OH MY GOD!" Tomo announced, hopping in joy. "You're first name's Rei." She an odd wild dance that would make people think that she's on sugar high or any high for that matter all the while chanting her first name. The result of this overly ridiculous grade-school charade irritated Kagura, who was now seething in rage. She greeted her teeth, her fist clenching and unclenching. Tomo's girlish laughter echoing in her ears as well as how the wildcat mockingly chanted her first name.

"Re~i, Re~i, Re~i...," she sang as she danced around Kagura like a monkey. A vein popped up on the tomboy's forehead.

"Alright! Shut up!" Kagura cried, prompting Tomo to stop. She then said, "So my name's Rei, what's the big deal?"

"You're my mom named you, right?" Tomo asked eagerly.

"Yes, my mom named me that," she immediately spat out. "Nothing mysterious, nothing inspired by that anime, okay?"

"Okay," Tomo said. "Since you're gonna sell it anyway, why don't you put it on?"


"Yeah, you heard me," she said cockily. "Put on the plugsuit right now."

Kagura smirked cockily. "Like hell I will. I still have the 'plugsuit'."

"Come on, Kagura," Tomo pleaded like the annoying little kid she was, "It'll be one time only."

"Oh yeah, why don't you wear it?" the athlete challenged.

Kagura's remark had the desired effect. Tomo stopped taunting as she stopped to think about her challenge. It took a few seconds for Tomo to respond. "I don't know..." She stroked her chin in pretentious deep thought. "Okay," she happily replied.

Kagura sighed with relief. "Okay, here." She handed her the costume. "At least you got it out of my hands-"

"Only if you wear it first," the wildcat suddenly chimed.

"What!" Kagura's eyes popped open at Tomo, who now sported a flamboyant pose consisting of one hand on her hip and the other thrusting a pointed finger at Kagura all topped with a smug smile.

"You heard," she announced. "The only way you're gonna have me wear is if I see you wear it."

"Like hell I will," Kagura growled. "I'll be taking this" - she held back the box - "to the shop."

"Hey, why don't we race out of the park," Tomo suggested. "Loser wears the costume on the culture fest."

The tomboy could not believe her ears. Tomo had just offered a way out of her predicament in a silver platter, being dumb and all. That brought a grin on her face since she knew the wildcat jumps into stupid ideas all the time. "You're on, Tomo."

"Oh yeah!" The wildcat jumped in joy.

In an instant they were now running through the park to reach the gate. Tomo and Kagura were now puffing air as they left trails of dust and flying leaves in their wake, trying to outrun each other for the second entrance of the park.

Kagura was confidently dashing through the path as her opposite number's face seemed to contort, almost struggling to keep the fires inside her burning to supply her with energy needed to beat her. She smirked as she watched the wildcat faltering behind. She smiled and flashed a V-for-victory handsign, mocking her wasteful outbursts of speed.

Tomo, now wanting to be outdone and fall on her own ploy, tried to push harder. Occasionally she overtook Kagura by a few meters but ended trailing behind her. Tomo would see Kagura flashing a smile and a V-sign while trailing.

The toothy grin got to Tomo's nerves. "I'm not letting you win!" she growled. She let out a burst of speed that left Kagura stunned, screaming furiously in her sprint...

And slammed right into a tree.

The athlete skid to a stop as she watched as the wildcat peeled off from the trunk like old paint, lying on the ground.

Kagura barely believed her eyes. Tomo ran into a tree trunk like an idiot.

She grimaced. At first were some stifled snickers escaping her mouth as she looked at the groaning baka, lying down disoriented. Then it became full-blown uncontrollable laughter as it echoed throughout the park.

Tears issued from her closed eyes as she struggled to compose herself from a scene that came out straight from a Saturday morning cartoon.

Thanks to that she didn't notice Tomo rising up shakily, clutching her head. She turned around and looked at Kagura. As her dizzying head formed some vaguely coherent thoughts, she picked one that suited her way of thinking as she waited the haze to lift...

Kagura kept on howling in laughter until a smiling Tomo pushed her, knocking her back on the ground.

"What the-" Kagura exclaimed.

"Haha!" Tomo exclaimed triumphantly. "Victory is mine!" She dashed down the path cackling.

"Hell no!" Kagura growled as she hastily got up and caught up with the wildcat.

"Can't catch me, can't catch me, haha!"

It was the final stretch of pathway before the get. Both Kagura and Tomo were now neck and neck towards the gate, the finish line of their little contest, hopefully the end for her already insane day. They were kicking the engines on this, trying to outrun the other to see who gets to wear the plugsuit.

Kagura could feel it now. Victory was to be hers. Her graceful body taking stride as it was since she molded it to be competitive in sports. It really felt like the Olympics, she could heard Tomo hollering wildly as she vainly struggled to keep up but faltering, then trying to overshot Kagura and then falling slowing down again.

She could only savor Tomo's defeat and humiliation if she could reach the gate. Almost there... Almost there... Almost... there...!


Kagura felt something lunge at her back. She fell to the ground. Tomo knocked Kagura down with a linebacker charge. With Kagura on the dust she jumped and raced to the gate squealing in victory.

"I win! I win!" She cried, running around the fallen athlete.

Kagura, panting heavily, lifted her face a little to see her self only a few inches from the gates threshold. Just a crawl away she would have won but that was rendered moot by a gloating Tomo, who now claimed her victory.


Kagura instantly forgot her fatigue and got up from the ground. "You cheated!" she snapped angrily.

"Oh yeah I cheated!" Tomo said proudly with a smug smirk ripped off straight from Hauhi Suzumiya. "But enough about that. I think I won this bet so you're gonna wear the plugsuit and act all Rei-like at the culture fest."

"Hell no," Kagura snapped back. "You cheated! You wear it."

"Make me," she replied mockingly, and sprinted off cackling. The infuriated tomboy was too caught up in her rage to pass off the opportunity to cream Tomo.

But common sense took hold of her the last second when she found the box before her feet. With a wicked smile she picked it up.

She called out to Tomo, who was busy running around in circles, "Hey, Tomo!"

Tomo promptly stopped, perplexed that Kagura was not chasing her at all. "Huh?"

"I got the costume," Kagura taunted. "Even if I lose there's no way you can make me wear it."

"Really?" Tomo said slyly. "You've got Facebook?"

"Yeah, so what?"

"We're friends too."

"Yeah?..." Kagura was perplexed about what the question was for.

"Why don't I photoshop your pictures in Facebook and have you look like Rei in each and every one of them?"


Such a thought never crossed her mind. But what Tomo planned never hit her.

"Yeah, I can photoshop. I usually sent photos of Yomi in her proper state-"

"I doubt you can do that," Kagura cut in curtly.

Tomo suddenly violated Kagura's personal space and said into her ear, "I really do. Just ask Yomi. And I can Tweet it."

She then quickly snatched the box away from Kagura. The tomboy attempted to grab the wildcat but the latter jumped out of reach. She taunted Kagura by sticking her tongue out. The tomboy pounced but Tomo dodged her again.

"I'll keep this box for you," Tomo said, "in case you have anymore ideas about what to do with it."

"But that doesn't change a thing-"

"And I have of your pictures when you were in elementary and middle school..."

Kagura felt her life drain from her life as Tomo mentioned all her pictures before high school. In most of them Kagura didn't look like the tomboyish sports girl she was today. On the contrary she was lithe and short, lacked her characteristic tan, and would be best described as cute.

While most of them were embarrassing enough as is, if what Tomo said was true she could conveniently alter them make her look like... Rei. She sweated, realizing it was a bad idea to upload them in her profile and dump them in an album where no bothered to check out. Except Tomo.

"... I bet everyone in our class would love to see that. And plus, I'm gonna feature all your 'Rei' photos to every otaku on Facebook and Twitter, making a contest about who will find the mystery cosplay girl." She emphasized cosplay very shrilly.

Kagura let out a low threatening growl. "You wouldn't dare-"

"Oh yeah. I would." Tomo gave a sly smile, then temptingly held out the box. Kagura tired to snatch it but missed when Tomo retracted it.

"What the-" She tried to give chase but stumbled back on the ground. Tomo did an impromptu victory dance just of reach from her nemesis before jumping out of the way again from a crawling angry Kagura.

"Haha!" she shouted, "I've got the plugsuit now. There's no way you can run away our agreement now."

So Tomo cackled as she fled from Kagura, leaving her perplexed and shaken of the thought of otaku slime coming over to her house. She groaned in despair.

A/N: I think no one would underestimate Tomo ever again, at least when it comes to making devious plans on the fly.