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"She is my sister."

Grimmjow's eyes grew wide.


"That is correct, trash. To be more exact, she is my younger twin sister."

Ulquiorra looked over his shoulder at Grimmjow as he exited the long hall.

Of all the people to be drawn to, he had to pick Ulquiorra's sister. Chances were she was Aizen's favorite too. Aizen would probably throw a fit, and Ulquiorra would probably kill him if he fraternized.

"Shit…No fucking way…" he muttered as he walked back to his room.

The Sexta looked up at the ceiling, his scowl and frustration growing.

He was relieved to finally know something about her but frustrated at her kin.

"I guess it makes sense…I guess that's why she looks like him."

The King let out a small sigh. But he really didn't want to stop pursuing her, although it didn't seem like she was as interested in him as he was her.

Playing hard to get, maybe?

No, he wasn't going to stop just because of those two.

Instead, Grimmjow would do whatever it would take to have her.

"His sister, huh?" Grimmjow chuckled.

He paused to think for a moment.

'That idiot. I wanted ta know her name! Che!'

He turned a corner irritably, bumping into someone.

"Watch where yer walking!"

The blue-eyed jaguar looked down to see the same black hair and white skin. Grimmjow immediately assumed it to be the elder Cifer. As he was about to tell him off, but he was yet again cut off.


Ulquiorra would never apologize for something like that. It then clicked in Grimmjow's mind. This wasn't Ulquiorra.

Long black hair framed a porcelain heart-shaped face, melancholic deep green eyes, long lashes, rosy lips and cheeks; she was like a doll.

No doubt, she was smaller than Ulquiorra-at 5"4' ½ and a more slender frame than Neliel, Harribel and Mila Rose. If he had to guess, she was the 3rd or 4th biggest girl. After Harribel and Mila Rose, of course-Neliel was no longer an Espada.

Grimmjow smirked a bit.

"Hey there, Dollface~"

"Excuse me?"

"It's what ya are."

She gave him a disapproving shake of the head before answering back.

"How very inappropriate."

"'Ey, it's true."

"I have a name, and I'd prefer if you used it, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez."

His smirk grew wider.


"Arroiuqlu Cifer."


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