A/N: After writing my last one-shot, Too Bad for Candace, I felt I should write this, too. Just so you know, this is the shortest fanfiction I have ever written.

Disclaimer: Ella Enchanted does not belong to me. I do not own the setting or the characters, except Stanley, my OC.

Stanley glared at his stubborn classmate, Ella of Frell. "Oh yeah?" he snapped.

She leaned aggressively toward him. "Yeah!"

"Ah, go die in a hole!"

Ella's eyes widened in shock. She immediately snapped her shoulders back and marched away from him, not looking back once.

"Hey! Come on, I was joking!"

Ella didn't respond.

Stanley stuck his hands in his pockets and trudged away. "Snob," he muttered under his breath.