Episode: 2/1

Runaway Princesses, Kids in old space-car, and Evil Badness Red Robot Hand

Once up a time…

Evil races know as MoonBalls.

MoonBalls will never stop until they caption a planet know as Nippon…..

Screw this!

You know what?

I am quit up!

I CANNOT TYPE these idiot long words!





Well, typewriter had leaves.

We are very sorry for waste your time, a story will beings right now.

~Nippon Planet~

Narrator: Forget about typewriter! I am back as Narrator!

On Nippon planet, this world has two princesses. They are only princesses in universe left.

They must be married to princes who are only princes left in universe.

The princesses' names are Kagu and Nanami.

Kuga is princess to Miko clan and Nanami is princess to Dragonian clan (though she's mermaid.)

They did not love these princes.

BECAUSE do you want marry to kid with creepy face! Or a BIG CATFISH!

They can't refuse, they must to.

~Inside Church~

Kagu and Nanami stand along their father (Kagu's) and mom (Nanami's)

Kagu's father (I don't know his name) is king of all playhouses while Nanami's mother name is Otohime also queen to Dragonian.

They walk in peace to a priest. (Nanami use wheelchair)

Here, where this grooms are wait.

One was in purple tux and his face is most ugly ever you see.

Other is giant catfish in giant fish tank with giant bow tie plus giant ugly face add giant, idiot!

Kagu and Nanami look each other for short time.

Kagu give Nanami nod once, then Nanami nod once to priest.

Priest: Alright, now both princesses. Please step forward.

Kagu take hold Nanami's wheelchair to help her push to next platform.

Priest: Turn Right!

Kaga sudden pushes Nanami's wheelchair headed for exit door in super fast.

Everyone: (0_0) WHAT THE #$ %&!

Priest: Sorry, I cannot help ya. They paid me 1 million neo-yens.

Kagu and Nanami is outside, Kaga use her miko power to open new model space-car that suppose for honeymoon. They use it as escape plan. Then she use miko power again for move Nanami into that space-car then Kagu do aerial cartwheel and end it with back flip into space-car.

Kagu push button said "GET HECK OUT OF HERE!"

Space-car's back sign changes "Just get married" to "Screw this planet!" and warp in light-speed!

Kagu's father: I KNOW IT! It happens to me once!

Otohime: Who? Your wife?

Kagu's father: NO! MY EX-BRIDE! I don't understand why she hates me so much!

~At anywhere space~

The big old space-car-with-wings-plus-neo- N20-gas-high-over-9000 the spaceship model name U-GODDESS-02. (Just call it space-car.)

There a big hill of food in back of space-car and loud music.

A big boy with fire hair dance around with giant cup of space-pork chops. His name is Manpuku.

Blond kid with flute and in very bright clothes is Kurow who play his flute which is terror. At driver's seat is Kuni who is son of great driver of space-car and light-sword fighter. Kuni always sleep at his own seat and he NOT have license to drive but no one care and he already know how to. Let's not forget their best friend: Chibiterasu the pup! (But they called him Mutt, Pork Chop, and boy or dude. We will call him Chibi in short.)



Manpuku: Man! Always happen at my most enjoyable time! (Throw away cup of space-pork chops)

Kurow: Duuuuude…

Chibi: (signs)

Boys and pup tired enter driver room, it always same: driver room is too small for 3 boys and their white pup!

Kuni: Hey! Get your butt off my face!

Kurow: Dude! Be careful my awesome hair!

Manpuku: Don't step my flan!

Chibi: (Growling): Get off my back!

They finally sit at their seat.

Kuni: This time, no video phone! We have use audio phone-

Manpuka accident hit video phone button.

Manpuka: Oops.

Kurow: DUDE! What is wrong with-

A big old TV appears from above.

A video shows the imp with black glasses.

I.W.B.G: Are you Kuni?

Kuni: Yeah! I am! What did you want?

I.W.B.G: No. Not me. HIM.

Video moves to right…show big ugly pizza guy.

Kids and pup: …

Pizza guy: I am Dominos the pizza monster! Now fear me!

Kuni: Who are you? Did we meet before?

Dominos: NO! But I do meet YOUR father!

Kuni: My father? When?

Dominos: It…uhhh…hey I.W.B.G! When I meet him?

Video change back to imp.

Imp use his SpacePad to search for date.

I.W.B.G: It is 5 years age.

Video returns to Dominos the pizza monster.

Dominos: Thank you. Here, we meet 5 years age. He owns me 100,000 neo-yens!

Kuni: I don't remember my father own any-

Dominos: No, you did not. That because he is NOT your real father! You are still idiot at 5 years old!

He has pay for space-car that you drive right now and you are only 10 years old kid!

Kuni: No problem, we have 100,000 neo-yens! Show him, Kurow!

Kurow go to back of space-car and returns with suit case with 100,000 neo-yens. (Which is unknown to us, how they collect so much money!)

Dominos: Kids! You could wait for me to say something! Since your father is late for his pay check! It means we have to double cost! This is adding 100,000,000!


Dominos: You better pay in three days or else!

Kurow: What is the "else"?

Dominos: Uhh…your turn!

Video again change back to imp.

I.W.B.G: OR else pizza is going… (Put on top hat) to send out for YOU! (Both index fingers point to boys)

Boys look each other…then bust laugh so loud.

Kuni: A PIZZA? What an idiot! (Laugh)

Kurow: BOY! OH BOY! (Laugh)

Manpuka: They send us a free pizza! (Laugh)

Chibi: (barking): I am hungry! Send a pizza to us!

I.W.B.G: Uhhhhh…boys. I am mean-no He means he will send his men to catch you!

Boys stopped laughs.

Kuni: Uhhhhh…no problem, we will somewhat find way to pay back!

Dominos: Good! Now off my face you idiot imp!

I.W.B.G: I can't you are delicious!

A video is turn off.

Kurow: Kuni…I think we need more than one job.

Kuni: Yeah…let's looking for job.

Kurow take out his pendant and words come out.

Kurow: Let's see…Cooker?

Manpuka: I can cook!

Kuni: Skip it! Last time he ate all food!

Kurow: Teacher for sword fighter?

Kuni: Skip.

Kurow: Dancer?

Manpuka and Kuni: NO!

Kurow: Man! Let's see this is last one: Save two princesses? Will pay any for our daughter's safely!

Kuni: Yes!

Chibi: (Barking): I agree!

Manpuka: Court me!

Kurow: Me too!

Kuni: High headbutt!

Everyone: (Hit everyone with their own head at same time and knock out everyone same time.)

Kuni: Just-just-remind me. Never let me said that word again!

~MoonBall One the spaceship~

MoonBalls's spaceship's light color is always blue, the space-battleship is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, aaannnddd veeerrry long which make you fell so sleepy from watch their ship pass by. That spaceship called MoonBall One.

Now we are inside MoonBalls's spaceship.

We are at Driver room, where evil MoonBalls's soldiers controls ship!

One of them is "Col" Ninetails who wear fox mask. He is second boss to MoonBalls.

MoonBall Soldier: Sir! I have news for you!

Ninetails: What?

MoonBall Soldier: We have two run away princesses!

Ninetails: So?

MoonBall Soldier: I have noted everyone!

Ninetails: (Evil Laugh) You're really a MoonBall!

MoonBalls: Thank you, and I need tell you that our most badness evil Dark Matter is about come down here!

Ninetails: Good Job! Soldiers! Get stand, he will come, our most evil badness: Dark Matter!

Everyone Moonballs get stand and make line.

A gate is slowly open…

A dark figure with fishbowl head is stand there.

But not let him fool ya, He is MOST EVIL AND HE HAVE A RED ROBOT HAND!

HE was once was less-damage fish-seal called Yami until the evil president of MoonBalls, who stupidly caught it and end up make it his first evil follower.

He start walk to his seat…then he point at MoonBalls Soldier.

Dark Matter: I heard you talk over my fishbowl!

MoonBalls Soldier: What? No! No! Please not do it! Any but..

Dark Matter uses his darkness power with his red hand to twist poor MoonBalll Soldier's nipples.

Dark Matter: Now…what is our mission?

Ninetails: Dark Matter, to capture Nippon plant! This is order from our president!

Dark Matter: Good! But before us going for it, we must find way to bypass that stupid giant sword!

Ninetails: No worry, we have enough space for B2679 to write up! Next thing he going write is…

Dark Matter: Wait a minute! He supposed write the sequel to that Touhou fanfiction!

Ninetails: He is rage quit on this.

Dark Matter: WHAT! He can't do it! I love his story! It is his first fanfiction! And MoonBalls is his second and first crossover!

A blue ghost appears anywhere.


Then blue ghost disappears.

Dark Matter: I know it! He always trolling everyone involves YOU!

Ninetails: I always laying everyone even YOU! Let's stop from break fourth wall. We could look our radar.

Dark Matter and Ninetails walk to machine which has look weird body-like.

Dark Matter: What is heck this!

Ninetails: Just weird green tea machine. (Get cup and hold it near coffee machine. It full up cup with green tea) Do you want some green tea?

Dark Matter: Eccchhhhh, I rather drink my evil black tea!

Ninetails: Well, radar is next to this machine.

Radar shows small two light balls, one is blue and other one is pink.

MoonBall # 1: Sir, I find two princesses from Nippon planet!

Dark Matter: (Give evil face to MoonBall # 1) Do you-no! Forget this; I will give you a rise!

MoonBall # 1: Really?

Dark Matter use his red robot hand, launches MoonBall # 1 into the roof.

Dark Matter: You know I NOT IN MOOD until I have my evil black tea! But thank you for tell me, you shall have a rise for real.

MoonBall # 1: Yes sir! (His head was in roof. His friends tired to pull him out roof with ropes.)

Dark Matter: (Close his fishbow and become dark ball.) Now…I have an idea.

~Anywhere in Space~

~Inside new-model space-car~

Kagu and Nanami are on that one. Kaga is who driving, because Nanami not have feet.

Nanami: You really we can run away?

Kagu not answers.

Nanami: Kagu? Please get off that hairly earphone? It makes you look weird!

Kagu: (Take out her earphone) What did you said?

Nanami: I said we really need run away like this?

Kagu: Do you want marry that catfish?

Nanami: But…

Kagu: Not me! They did not understand about love! I could marry to greatest warrior or most cute face! You could have married to hottest merman or nice normal human who will accept what is you is!

Nanami: I still don't know which I want marry to merman or human!

Kagu: Me too. I not really know which I could marry warrior or cute guy!


Nanami: Also I going said…WE ARE TOO YOUNG TO DRIVE SPACE-CAR!

Kagu: Who cares, we are out anywhere in space, there nothing to hit, signs, or polices. And because I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE! My mom teaches me!

Nanami: But your mom is not at own wedding.

Kagu: My mom's busy with her new movie, I still have no idea where your father.

Nanami: Nether me. Not even my mom knows where he is, she said last time she see is when he fall into sea. Maybe he get ate by sharks or he too lazy to swim up.

Kaga: I am happy that own plan is work!

They think they were safe. But they was wrong, a big spaceship was follow their space-car…

~Back to Boys's old space-car~

Kurow: Alright, one is mermaid and other one has miko power. One has blue hair, turtle's shell on her chest, and orange tail. One has black hair, in white miko dress, and hothead. (Writing down on paper)

Kagu's father: Yes, that is her.

Otohime: Please! Please, you are only our hope!

Kuni: How are old they is?

Kagu's father: About your age. Will you help us? I will give you any!

Otohime: Me too!

Manpuka: Any? Even food?

Kagu's father: YES!

Kuni: We will have a deal, if you willing to pay 1,000,000 neo-yens.

Chibi: [About push connect off button with his paw.] (Barking): (Pay Up or No deal!)

Otohime: We will pay 2,000,000 if you can bring our dear babies in two days!

Boys: Huh?

Kagu's father; I not care about money! Please save our daughters!

Boys: Yeah!

Otohime: Thank you so much!

Kurow: Before we do it, where girls go and any other you may want to add?

Kaga's father: Last time I saw they pass by Mars 2, and they use my wife's space-girl!

Space-car was use for their honeymoon. Add 1,000,000 neo-yens to your total IF you CAN SAVE that space-car!

Otohime: I will pray for you to be safe.

A video turns off.

Kuni: Hooray! We have a deal!

Manpuka: With 2,000,000 neo-yens, we will never go hungry again!

Kurow: Then we will pay that stupid cost from that pizza guy!

Chibi: (Howling)

Kuni: Hold your seat, here we go!

Kuni change up his old space-car with neo-N20 and over 9000 power.

They disappear in light-speed to save princesse!

Will your favorite okamiden boys and pup able to save Kaga and Nanami then get big moneys!

Will they able stop evil MoonBalls from capture princesse!

Wait until for next chapter of MOONBALLS!


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