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Tale of Bolin and Asami

"Pabu! Pabu, stop….ergh, hold still!"

Bolin was in the main sitting area in the Air Temple, a basin in front of him. In his hands was a very disgruntled Pabu, who was doing everything possible to avoid getting into the suds. Bolin furrowed his eyebrows and blew the curl out of his eyes in concentration. "Come on, Pabu! Get in the bath, you need to get cleaned up!"

Asami Sato looked down at a book, walking down the hallway to the kitchen. At hearing Bolin grumble loudly, she looked up to see the Earthbender holding his squirming fire ferret, which was squeaking madly and wriggling like crazy. "Hey, Bolin. Are you trying to give Pabu a bath?" she asked, amusement lacing her question.

"Yeah, and as you can see, it's not that easy. I don't get it, why don't fire ferrets like water?" he asked frustratedly. Asami opened her mouth, then shut it, thinking better of it. "Pabu! Seriously, I need to wash you up! Today's an important day and I need you to look your ferret-y best!"

The girl raised her eyebrows, "Why is today so important? Is it Pabu's birthday?" she joked, sitting on the couch behind her friend.

"No, today me and the little guy are going to visit my parents' graves," Bolin replied, still concentrating. Pabu had managed to break free, but Bolin lunged forward and dunked him in the bath. "Yes, finally! See, that wasn't so bad," Bolin smiled at his pet. Pabu sat, looking as sulky as a ferret could look.

Asami's smile slid off of her face. "Oh, I'm so sorry...I didn't know that was what it was for," she apologized, feeling embarrassed about her joke. "Hey, don't worry about it," Bolin smiled back at her, wiping his hair back from his face. The action left a streak of suds in his hair, and Asami giggled.

"Is Mako going too?" she asked, looking for his brother. Probably sparring with Korra or something, she thought and shrugged. After the whole ordeal, they managed to actually reconcile and Asami was hurt of course, but she managed to get over it for the most part.

"Nah, I decided to do this myself. I felt like I needed some time with them without my brother, you know?" he scrubbed Pabu's fur and rinsed the little animal, before putting him on a towel. Asami looked at the ground, in silence while Bolin, oblivious to Asami's awkwardness, hummed to himself while drying Pabu. "Would you like some company?" Asami asked finally. She felt that this was important to Bolin, and though he wanted to be apart from his brother for awhile, he might not want to be alone.

Bolin slung the towel over his shoulder and stood, hands on his hips. "You wanna come with me to visit some dead people?" After thinking about it for a second, he nodded, green eyes flashing, "Sure, a little company couldn't hurt! They can meet you and Pabu!"

The Sato girl giggled and stood up, "Alright, then. When are we leaving?"

"As soon as I go put on my shirt!" He ran out of the room, and within a few minutes he was back. "Okay, let's go!"

Walking down the street, the two teenagers enjoyed jokes and conversations between each other while Pabu scurried from his shoulders to hers and back, looking at the people and buildings around them.

"Right, and then she scared the life out of Tahno when she called Naga!" he laughed, telling her about his and Korra's 'date'. Asami laughed too, imagining the sight of the Wolfbat Captain flinching at the fierce polar bear dog. "Yeah…then we had a burping contest and checked out the city. It was a lot of fun," Bolin chuckled, resting his hands on the back of his head.

"Weren't you hurt when you found out?" Asami asked after a second, curious. He always seemed so happy all the time, sometimes she wasn't sure if he could even be sad.

Bolin blinked and looked up in thought, remembering that day. "Well, yeah. I mean, my brother knew I liked Korra, and I thought she knew too. Anyway, it hurt real bad to see them, and I didn't want to talk to either of them for awhile. We were so focused on the tournament that we didn't talk to each other much at all. During the tournament, after me and Mako got out and it was just Korra, we apologized. Korra apologized while she healed my shoulder. So we were good after that," he finished with a grin.

"Oh. Don't you still like Korra though? I mean, she is one of our best friends," Asami asked, brushing her hair behind her shoulder. "Well, I did for a long time. Maybe I still do, but I couldn't make her happy like Mako can, and I couldn't like her half as much as he does. Plus, he's my brother. I love him too much to be mad at him," Bolin reasoned cheerfully. If his brother and his friends were happy, then he really was happy. He wanted nothing more than to see his family smile.

Asami thought in silence for a few seconds, before smiling. His advice, if that's what it was, helped a lot, she realized. She couldn't make Mako as happy as Korra could—they tried that, and saw the results. But, she wasn't devastated about it either. She still had other people to make her happy, and it wasn't like Mako or Korra hated her. Taking a breath, she felt as if a weight came off her chest; she was alright. "Don't worry, Bolin. You'll make another girl happy someday," she assured.

Bolin smiled, "Thanks. Oh, look! Ice cream! Want some?" he asked her, his eyes pleading her to agree so he could get some.

Asami laughed at his puppy dog look, "Sure. You know what? My treat, I'll pay." Bolin gasped excitedly, "Really? Well then, shall we?" he held out his arm, and Asami took it, still laughing.

A few hours later, as the sun was going down, they finally made it to the cemetery. Before they entered, Asami spoke up, "Hey Bolin? If you don't mind me asking…how did your parents die? Mako never told me…"

Bolin looked at her, then looked down. For the first time, Asami saw him look downcast as he opened his mouth:

"I was six, Mako was eight. We were out for a walk, and we decided to take the long way back to our house. My brother was showing me a little of his firebending; I couldn't earthbend yet," he explained, as they stopped in front of his parents graves. Asami followed his gaze to the weathered stones.

"We were a little farther ahead of our parents, and we were laughing and stuff. Suddenly, Mako pushed me in between two buildings, and he was looking around the corner. I couldn't see, and I kept asking what was going on, but he shushed me. And then, I heard Mom scream, and a saw a light, like a big fire. Mako pushed me against the wall, in the dark, but I saw a guy run past, holding his arm, which looked like it was on fire. When me and Mako went to look, they were…." He trailed off, closing his eyes. Bolin saw his parents on the ground, his mother's green coat and his father's red scarf standing out. He saw Mako shakily pick up the scarf, telling Bolin to hide nearby while he got help. He felt the agony of losing his parents all over again. "Since then, Mako's been the one to take care of me. I can't even tell you what they look like, because I can just remember Mako being there," he said, kneeling down in front of the stones.

Asami put a hand on his shoulder, not saying anything. She knew his pain all too well, but not to the intensity that she felt from his story. Bolin swiped his arm across his eye and smiled, "Hey Mom, hey Dad! Look, I brought some friends to meet you! This here's Pabu, my fire ferret! I found him a couple years ago, and he's great! And this," here stood up and gestured t the girl beside him, "is Asami Sato! She was Mako's girlfriend but she's an even greater best friend! She got her dad to sponsor us which let us compete in the Pro-bending Tournament! And she's a great fighter, despite looking so pretty and rich!"

Here Asami grinned, knowing better than to feel insulted. Asami nodded and bowed slightly at the stones, "Hi. It's very nice to meet you both. Bolin is wonderful, and you were—are—lucky to have him as a son. He's really funny and brave, and you should be very proud of him," she murmured happily. When she turned back to Bolin, she saw him beaming, "You think I'm funny? And brave? You, madam, are one smart lady!" He crossed his arms, looking quite proud of himself. Asami chuckled, and looked around. "Are we done here? Or do you want to stay longer?"

"Nah, we can leave. Bye, Mom and Dad," Bolin waved. "Say 'bye', Pabu," he told him, who squeaked in response. "Nice to meet you," Asami said politely, and they began walking back to the gate, as the last rays of light filled the area.

"Hey, I wonder what Mako cooked for dinner, now that Pema can't—Asami?" Bolin looked for his friend and saw she was several feet behind him, looking up at a large pillar. "Asami?" he inquired, making his way back to her. He stopped when he saw a couple tears in her eyes, and followed her gaze to the name engraved on the stone: Mayuki Sato.

"Is this…?" Bolin asked, and Asami nodded. "My mother," she confirmed, green eyes shining. "One day, my father had taken me out to the field so we could test one of his inventions. A servant came running up to us, looking awful. When my father asked, she told us that there had been a robbery. My father ran as fast as he could to the house, and I followed. When I managed to finally get there, he was kneeling over her, on the floor…it was terrible," she said, closing her eyes and squeezing the tears away. "I was only nine."

Bolin reached out, but hesitated. What if she wanted to be left alone? He mentally shook his head, and hugged her. Asami hugged him back, hard, glad for some form of comfort. Bolin really was a great friend, she was lucky to have him, she decided.

"I'm sorry, Asami. It must be terrible for you, because of what happened to her, and your dad," he said, not sure what to tell her. When she didn't answer, he held her at arm's length, "Hey. She wouldn't want to see you like this, would she? Oh, I know what would cheer you up! Come on, let's go home and you, me, and the others play a game of Pai Sho!"

Asami sniffed and looked up at him, surprised. "You know how to play Pai Sho?"

"No, but Tenzin said he would teach me! And Mako sucks at it, so if I get good then I can kick his butt!"

Asami giggled, and wiped her eyes with her wrist, smiling. "Okay, let's go. I can make some tea before it gets too late." She turned to leave, and Bolin looked back at the pillar before following. "Don't worry about Asami. Big ol' Bolin will take care of her, no problem! I promise," he said solemly, smiling and putting a hand over his heart.

"Bo, you coming?" Asami called, already halfway to the gate.

"Yeah, I'm coming! Hey wait, I'll race you to the docks!" He ran after her, and the stars appeared over the cemetery, three certain ones shining ever so brightly.

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