haaaaaaaaaaaay. so uh, i really, really like dirkroxy and i really, really like their little family. and this has been an idea i've had for a while so uh, i wrote this first little chapter while my power was out. it's short and all- ugh. but enjoy c:

"Roxy, this isn't funny, I'm late for work," Dirk sighs over the phone. You want to scream at him, but the only thing that happens is the tears in your eyes spilling over.

"Why would I lie about something like this?" You mutter, feeling something in your vocal chords seemingly snap. Your voice cracks and you stifle a sob.

Your period being late wasn't something abnormal. But it being over a month late paired with a million other changes in your body led you to the decision to purchase a pregnancy test. It wasn't a high-tech fancy one; you just chose the cheapest one, hiding your face with a scarf. Your hands shook the entire time, and you could feel the entire store judging you.

That was over an hour ago, and the test sat in the bathroom now, the two small lines quite visible. You sat on your bed, a sick feeling in your stomach and a cold sweat running throughout your body and making you want to puke.

Dirk didn't believe you, but your silence, and his, told you that he got it now.

"Fuck, you're serious. Just… don't move, I'm coming over,"

You nod, the fact that he can't see you going completely over your head. The line goes dead, and you get up, and take a deep breath, trying to keep your stomach inside of your body. You wipe your eyes, and head into the washroom to stare at the test again. The two lines still glow brightly. At least to you they do.

As soon as you open the door for him, Dirk throws his arms around you and pulls you to him tightly.

"I'm so, so sorry, Rox. It's going to be okay, it's gonna be okay," He mutters into your hair, over and over. After a moment of this, he pulls back and looks at you; he looks as scared and confused as you do. He has a reason to.

You lead him to the bathroom, and he picks up the test, staring at it for a second before biting his lip. He looks so worried, and so terrified, the only thing you can say is 'sorry'.

Dirk sighs and hugs you again. "This isn't your fault. It's mine,"

You can't blame him. You don't think a baby is a fault. But being pregnant at 15 is a hardship.

You only start to cry again.

"Come on, we're going to the doctors,"

It's dark outside now, and you're lying on your bed, Dirk sitting beside you, gently petting your hair and staring into space. The doctor confirmed the fact that you're pregnant, and booked a sonogram for you. You've slowly gotten used to the thought that you're pregnant- but not the idea that there is a baby inside of you. Not just any baby, Dirk's baby.

"Rox, have you been drinking?" He asks quietly, and you think. Not as often as you'd like to be, since the idea of alcohol just hasn't been appealing to you. "A bit," You reply. You know you have to stop. You hope to God you haven't drunken enough to do any harm.

Abortion hasn't even come up yet. You both knew that you weren't going to kill it. You hated the idea of killing an unborn baby- and this was your responsibility now. But you weren't alone. Dirk was right beside you.

He grabbed your hand and squeezed, reminding you that you weren't alone.

"Dirk… Spend the night?" You're still scared, and you want Dirk here with you. Quickly, he agrees, and the next thing you know, you're curled up to him in the dark. Either he was faster than you thought, or you're losing your mind.

Probably both.