Val-kyrie Battlestar Logoss

Enroute to Home System

13 July 2017

It was late in the ship's night when General Hammond arrived in the med bay for his shift. Once Adrian had been moved from the surgery suite to the intensive care section in the bay's main area, Chief Medical Officer Garan authorized a duty watch on him until he woke up. Colonel Markson set up a shift schedule lasting two hours at a time. Such watches were not uncommon among the Val-kyrie.

Volunteers for the job were in big supply, and that was just among the four platoons. The general slipped himself in for a last time slot that just happened to coincide with a visit from Commander Fontaine. Their earlier visit the day before had been cut short due to the report the commander had received on the status of the Logoss.

Colonel Markson was lurking in the shadows along with Captain Hohiro Takamora. Hammond looked the about the room briefly, nodded to the tech on duty at the station of the right, and walked over to his people.

"I take it there is no change?" Hammond asked quietly.

Hohiro shook his head. "None. He's not going to come out of it until he's ready."

Hammond nodded. "What about the Sorceress?"

"She's been asleep since yesterday. Using the Falcon armor closer to its true potential took a lot out of her, apparently," Markson said. He had seen some of the battle recordings gave him a greater insight as to just what the War Wing and Falcon battle suits could do. If the capabilities of those two had been scary before, Jon found them truly frightening now.

"She's probably going to continue going by the name Teelana until she returns to the castle to transform back into Grayskull's guardian," Hohiro added.

"Practical," Hammond agreed. He noticed a familiar form lying on the third bed over. "What about him?"

Markson glanced over at the sleeping man and shrugged. "He won't leave. Considering you brought Frost along for the ride, and given his close friendship with Adrian, I haven't had the heart to order him back to the Eternia."

"Well, we had a rough go until you finally arrived, so it's probably best to give everyone a chance to unwind," Hammond said. "You two can go. I'll have company shortly."

"A later night rendezvous?" Markson asked suggestively.

"It's best if you didn't know all the details," Commander Fontaine said from behind him. The colonel jumped slightly at the sound of her voice. "For your own protection." Her smile had a hint of danger.

"Now I know where Anyssa learned to sneak up on people," Hohiro replied.

"Oh, she learned that from her mother. I just helped her refine the skill," Fontaine said good-naturedly.

The captain and colonel excused themselves and left the med bay to try to get a good night's sleep. That would be tough considering the debriefings were to begin bright and early in the morning. The debriefers on the Eternia were of the humorless variety that could easily get a job working for the IRS. Jon much preferred the personal briefings with Hammond. Unfortunately, the general would be among those interviewed on this particular occasion.

The tech on duty noticed the commander standing over with General Hammond and rose to come over and give a report, but Fontaine waved the woman back. She could tell there was no change, so there was no need to rehash old news.

"I have it on fairly good authority that we are jumping in and out of hyperspace," Hammond said.

"Not one for small talk, aren't you?" Fontaine replied with a slight smile.

"Well, maybe we can make up for it later," Hammond proposed.

Fontaine considered it a moment, then said, "Okay. Yes, we are making hyperspace hops. The Logoss is one of the few ships still equipped with the first generation hyperdrives requiring the use of heat sinks mounted on the hull on both sides of the drive section. That's because the first gen hyperdrive is not thermally efficient. In normal space and hyperspace, the heat sinks bleed the excess heat buildup out of the ship. The commander paused to bring a chair over to sit on next to Hammond. Once settled, she continued, "It's a delicate system with no room for faults. We took a glancing blow from the Hoscar which damaged several of the heat sinks before I gave the order to employ our secret weapon. As it stands now, we have to run in hyperspace as long as possible before dropping back into normal space to completely bleed of the heat, check the systems, and then make another run."

"Sounds like there is a downside to this," Hammond said, listening intently.

Fontaine nodded. "The downside is that because of the imbalance in the heat sink array, the hyperdrive takes damage during each operation. Naturally, the length of time we can fly through hyperspace is diminished, which is why the system has to be checked after each cool down period. My chief engineer thinks she has a modification that will give us the use of the damaged heat sinks, but it will likely only last for one use. So, it's my intension to get as close to the home system as possible before using."

"A final jump that will burn up the patch and the hyperdrive?" Hammond said. "Sounds risky."

"It is, but the hyperdrive won't blow up, if that's what you are thinking. The safety system is designed to sense an impending failure and drop the ship back into normal space," Fontaine explained. "If all goes well, we'll drop out on the edge of the home system and we'll finish the trip on sublight drive."

"How long do you estimate it will take us to get to the home world?"

Fontaine sighed and looked around the med bay before answering. "The trip would normally take about two days, but now it's likely to take at least six."

"Well, I would like to make a call to Earth, at your convenience. I should give President Alexander and update on the mission."

Fontaine nodded. "That shouldn't be a problem once we figure out the time difference."

She fell silent and studied the sleeping patients; specifically, Adrian and Teelana. She found it amazing that this pair actually managed to pull off a near impossible mission. She was well aware that it had taken more than just these two people, of course. The woman did not look like the Sorceress of Grayskull despite the description she had been given. Then again, Fontaine didn't really know what to expect. Neither of them looked like what one might expect one of the legendary Guardians to be. Real life was seldom like the legends.

"Not what you were expecting?" Hammond inquired. "I'm afraid that none of the Guardians quite live up to the legend the Sorceress uncovered."

"They will make their own legend. And we will document everything for the future," Fontaine said.

She grew pensive thinking about what was happing. Time and again she wondered if this was the right time to be antagonizing the Horde. Val-kyrie strikes against Horde warships, starbases, and other facilities, just to let them know they weren't alone in the universe, was one thing. Fighting an undeclared war with the recovered Guardian battle suits before major powers were ready to fight such a conflict was another. Once the Earthers recovered the six suits there was no turning back. Maybe, just maybe, these unorthodox people with their mix of technologies from the advanced starship Eternia to primitive ballistic weapons will turn the tide. They had proven effective so far.

In order to engage in space operations against the Horde warships, the refugees rescued from the penal planet had been moved into the massive repair hangar at the bottom the battlestar situated between the landing bay pods. Anything that could not be down on the lower deck of the landing bay was done in the maintenance hangar. At present, the proof of the Earther's effectiveness against the Horde was there being tended to in a makeshift medical ward. The political climate would change drastically once word got out of the rescue.

Fontaine noticed the sleeping corporal and asked, "What's his story?"

"Oh, him. Corporal Frost," Hammond said distractedly. He had been lost in his own thoughts the same as the commander during the lull in their conversation. He had been tempted to ask about the secret weapon she had mentioned earlier, but decided she probably could not say anything without clearance from higher up. "When we covered the Guardian battle suits we were engaged by a small force of Horde warships, a couple cruisers, several frigates and destroyers, if I remember correctly. Anyway, the corporal was on top of the pyramid where the Guardians had been stored sniping at the enemy. We had lost several snipers already and he was about to be shot by a battle drone carrier that rail gun pod the Horde prefers."

Fontaine nodded in understanding. She knew a few warriors who had fallen to those medium and heavy drones with their weapons pods mounting rail guns and grenade launchers.

"Just before a drone opened fire on him, Adrian materialized close by with War Wing, though the armor wasn't named yet. The drone shifted its fire, and Frost was saved. Frost has been a friend to Adrian ever since," Hammond explained.

"Yes, such friendships tend to last a lifetime," Fontaine agreed.

"Given the other abilities Adrian has developed since retrieving War Wing, volunteers to go through a door with him have come up a little short." A tiny bit of frustration crept into Hammond's voice. Many people in his command still tended to treat Adrian like a mutant. Only those who have fought beside him have no such inhibitions.

"If it isn't an imposition, I would like to see whatever you can share about the guardians and their abilities," Fontaine requested. "The descriptions when the mission was being put together were less than adequate. I would like to compare what the suits and operators can do now versus what the legend states they were capable of. It would be interesting to see just how the machines have evolved and have changed their current operators." Hammond had a peculiar look at that. Fontaine smiled. "You mean your scientists haven't noticed? How else would Adrian have developed his ability as a metamorph?"

"That has been cause for speculation," Hammond admitted.

Their attention was drawn to Teelana who turned over in her sleep. The back of her left hand landed on the dark crystal lying next to the pillow. The crystal was in fact Falcon in her stealth form. Teelana settled down and continued to sleep peacefully.

Teela'Na awoke in a strangely familiar place; familiar, because she stood in the main hall of Castle Grayskull, and strange because she had gone to sleep light-years away on a Val-kyrie battlestar. She discovered that she was also dressed in the costume of the castle's guardian. Frowning, Teela'Na walked around the elaborate sculpture, if that's what it really was, that separated the throne area from what must have been a reception area.

She made her way across the chamber to the grand staircase that appeared to have been grown from the rock. The sounds of her boot heels were somehow had a hollow echo to them. Teelana figured the best place to go was up to her private chambers. If there was an answer to this situation, it would be there.

No one was about, but Teela'Na suspected she wasn't alone as she approached the door to her private chambers. Hesitantly, she reached out for the handle and thumbed the latch release. Nothing leaped out at her as she eased the door open. The shadows in the spiral stairwell normally did not bother her, but this time she had a touch of nerves.

Nothing moved in the single chamber. The shadows were unusually thick considering it appeared to be quite bright outside. She could see the high-backed armchair against the far wall from the rounded awning from the door and did not see anyone sitting there. Teela'Na walked around the large box bed with the sweeping falcon sculpture overhead to see if anyone was home. There, laying on the floor out of sight on the other side of the bed, lay a humanoid figure.

Teela'Na knelt beside the figure and was not surprised to find a human woman. Turned the woman over confirmed her suspicion as to whom it was.

"Falcon. Are you all right?"

The avatar of the Guardian battle suit called Falcon stirred at the sound of Teela'Na's voice. "I knew you would come," Falcon said weakly.

Teela'Na helped the beautiful, raven-haired woman to a sitting position. "What's going on? First, I was asleep in the medical bay on the Logoss, and now I'm here in Grayskull talking to you."

"Actually, this is all in your mind. I needed to speak to you, but I don't have the energy to initiate contact. I need your help. That hit we took during the fight with the Horde seems to have damage me worse than I initially thought. I'm bleeding off energy and my automatic repair system doesn't seem to be working properly," Falcon struggled to explain.

"Can you revert back to battle-mode?" Teela'Na asked, fearing the answer.

Falcon's mouth moved, but it was several moments before she found her voice. "I don't think so. You will have to make a sacrifice in order to achieve that. You did say you are on a Val-kyrie warship?" Teela'Na nodded. "Then they will have what you need to save me once I am back in what you call battle-mode. They will have our designs stored away somewhere."

That came as a shock to Teela'Na considering how picky the suits AIs were about anyone poking around inside them. She knew that underneath the cosmetic external armor all six battle suits were identical.

"You're sure about this? It sounds like we won't have a second chance if you are wrong."

Falcon's eyes cleared of their faraway look to bore through Teela'Na's eyes and into her head. "I am not wrong."

"I guess we'll have to leave that interesting story for another time," Teela'Na sighed. "If you ever tell me, that is."

"Be careful what you wish for. Some stories don't turn out the way you hope they will," Falcon warned. "Now go. You have preparations to make. I must conserve what energy I have left. We will not be able to speak again unless you and the Val-kyrie are successful."

Before she could say anything, Falcon, the castle, her entire world dissolved into blackness…

The disconnect had been so abrupt that Teelana woke up in the real world. She sat almost straight up startling General Hammond and Commander Fontaine. The med tech on duty rushed over in an instant.

"Bad dreams?" the woman asked politely.

"You could say that," Teelana replied. Her mouth felt like the Sands of Time desert.

"Would you like something to help you sleep?"

Sagged back just a bit, Teelana blinked several times to bring the blurry images of the general and commander into focus. "How long have I been here?"

"Just over a day," Fontaine supplied.

Teelana shook her head. "I've slept enough."

The tech nodded and returned to her station to resume whatever it was she had been doing.

Teelana's memory of the med bay finally came back to her. She saw Frost sleeping peacefully on the bed to her right. "He won't leave," she stated rather than questioned. Hardly surprising given Frost's friendship with Adrian since the day they found the sentient battle suits and fought the Horde to keep them. Thoughts of Adrian drew her upright. As if reading the woman's mind, General Hammond gestured to her left. Not really feeling up to it, Teelana threw back the fur blankets and swung her feet over the edge.

It was irrational to think that he was dead because he wouldn't be left in the bed next to hers if that had been the case. Adrian's breathing was strong, but Teelana could see he was in a deep sleep or coma judging by the rate. He was pale underneath the goatee he had cultivated for the cover as the notorious bounty hunter calling himself Cobra. The man's brown hair almost touched his bare shoulders. Teelana remembered joking that he was trying to grow a mane of hair to match hers. The blue glow from the six-point medallion that was War Wing in what they called stealth-mode radiated through the blanket covering him.

Teelana slid off the side of her bed and dropped to her knees beside his. She took up his right hand in both of hers and clutched it to her cheek. Tears welled up in her eyes, overflowed, and ran down her cheeks in tiny rivers.

General Hammond made a step toward Teelana, but the commander waved him back. She approached and squatted down next to the sobbing woman. She flinched when Fontaine placed a hand gently upon her shoulder.

"I've seen the footage from the battle shot by the fighter gun cameras and that recorded by Anyssa. It wasn't your fault anymore than it was his," Fontaine said quietly. "This is what happens in a battle. You are alive and so is he. Don't second guess yourself. Don't feel sorry for either of you. It was a tough situation and the two of you came through it intact."

"I know," Teelana sobbed. "I'm glad he's alive. It's just that Falcon was badly damaged. It was a conversation with her in my mind which ultimately woke me up." She let go with her right hand to wipe away her tears, and looked the commander in the eye. "Falcon is dying and I don't know what to do to stop it. She is losing power and her auto-repair system isn't working. Falcon said the Val-kyrie would have detailed blueprints of the battle suits and the technology to save her."

Teelana's revelation rattled Fontaine. The number of people who knew detailed blueprints existed numbered under a dozen. Those who had ever seen them numbered even less. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Fontaine said, "It's true we have the blueprints. As for the technology, well, that will depend on what I can find out. Don't worry, we won't let the AI perish." She rose to her feet and rejoined Hammond.

Hammond had heard the second part of the conversation. "If Falcon is damaged a badly as she says, can we really repair her?"

"The blueprints are not as closely guarded a secret as you might expect. It requires certain clearances to gain access, and only then to certain professions. One of my junior engineers reportedly has a fascination with the Guardian suits," Fontaine explained. "If anyone will know, it will be her. She won't be on shift until the first watch, however." She started walking toward the entrance when she noticed the next pair of people from the Eternia had arrived for their watch. "I will arrange a meeting with her in my quarters. I will let you know the time and make sure you are present."

"Thank you. I hope the damage isn't something that we can't fix," Hammond said grimly. He said he knew the way back to the quarters assigned to him aboard the Logoss and did not require an escort. As a visiting dignitary from Earth, in effect, he could not in good conscience refuse Fontaine's hospitality. He bid the commander a good night and turned to brief Lieutenant Alexis Feril, their ace dropship pilot, and their resident computer specialist, Private Catherine O'Rourke.

"The Sorceress is still going by the name Teelana. She's just woken up and told us troubling news about Falcon," Hammond said. "The suit has been damaged and the AI will die if we can't fix the problem in time. Her emotions are running high right now so be careful. I know diplomacy isn't one of your strong suits, lieutenant, however…"

"I'll look upon this as an opportunity to sharpen my skills, sir," the lieutenant replied. "I'm sure the private here will keep me from putting my foot in my mouth."

If I don't swallow mine first, Catherine thought. "Don't worry, sir. We'll leave her be unless she wants to talk. And we'll make sure the word is passed to the follow-on shifts to have a care," Catherine promised.

Crewman Jaxia was on time for her shift in the engineering section, the chief engineer looking for her immediately upon her arrival. While still fresh out of the academy and engineering school and prone to making mistakes, Jaxia could not recall any recent errors worthy of the chief's attention. If she did make a mistake recently, it was best not to put off being chewed on before getting back to work on the jury rig for the damaged hyperdrive heat sinks.

Jaxia found Chief Dorma in her office. "You wanted to see me chief?"

Looking up from the data pad in her hand, the striking, brown-haired woman smiled and waved Jaxia in. "Yes. Don't worry. You are not in trouble," Dorma said reassuringly. She gestured with the pad. "I was just reviewing your graduation thesis about the Guardian armor. Seems it granted you access to the design specs on the suits."

Okay. So I'm not in trouble, but do we really have time to talk about the Guardians when there was a hyperdrive to nurse along until we get home? "Yes, chief. Their design has been a hobby of study for me. I was hoping to see one or two of the suits while the Eternia is still aboard," Jaxia said, fidgeting with a touch of embarrassment.

"I'm happy to hear you say that, because you are going to get your chance," Dorma said. At her subordinate's shocked look, she went on. "One of the suits sustained what sounds like severe damage. The capacitor failing to hold a charge and the auto-repair system is not functioning."

Jaxia frowned. "If the suits actually have a sentient AI as rumored, that's bad. The AI could be destroyed if power fails completely. Unless it shuts itself down out of self-preservation," she mused.

"As of this moment, your job is to save that suit's AI. It takes priority above even getting this ship home," Dorma said as serious as Jaxia had ever heard the chief be.

"I understand, chief. However, I doubt I can do it alone even with the Earth people to help. I may have to adapt some of our technology to theirs and that won't be easy," Jaxia advised grimly.

"Once you have figured out what equipment you need, just send the request directly to me along with whomever you need, and I'll make it happen. Now, get whatever you need for a briefing with Commander Fontaine and the two Earth people you will be meeting. A General Hammond and the commander of the starship Eternia, Captain Majourny," the chief said, rising from her chair. "They are expecting you. Don't worry about the heat sinks. I want you to concentrate on the battle suit. Don't let me down."

"I won't, chief. I'll have what I need in about ten minutes."

"I told the commander you would arrive in twenty after our talk, so get going. Dismissed and good luck."

Jaxia nodded and hurry from the office. The reality of her new tasking finally set in when she arrived minutes later at the crewman's barracks to retrieve the data crystal and pads containing ideas she had developed for potential modifications. Once word got out that the Guardians were on board, Jaxia had rather doubted she'd ever get to see one or meet any of their operators. Now, she was going to see at least several of them, talk with the operators, and help repair one of the legendary battle suits. Jaxia just hoped she didn't embarrass herself in her eagerness at the opportunity of a lifetime.

Commander Fontaine sat behind her desk in her personal quarters reviewing the status reports on the health of her ship and crew. General Hammond and Captain Majourny were seated across from the desk awaiting the arrival of the resident expert on the Guardian armor.

Repairs were proceeding on the Bladewings that had taken damage in the battle with the Horde forces. None had been lost to enemy action. There had been several casualties on board during the firefight with the Hoscar, but none of the injuries had been life-threatening. As for the jury rigging of the damaged heat sinks, well, work continued on a design that might allow the heat sinks to be used one more time for the last leg of the hyperspace jumps that would hopefully land the Logoss on the edge of the home system. In the meantime, the imbalance in the heat dissipation continued to damage the hyperdrive. Each jump degraded the effectiveness of the unit requiring longer stays in normal space to bleed off excess heat and to check on the progress of the degradation. Other associated systems where checked as they could become compromised as well. Chief Engineer Dorma was confident she could get the Logoss home.

"Does your command generate as much reports as I have to sift through every day, General Hammond?" Fontaine asked. The data pad in her hand was one of almost a dozen scattered across her desk requiring her attention.

"From what I've seen of your starship, I would have to agree," the general replied.

"It never ends. Sometimes I'm tempted to just delete it all just to see how the bureaucracy would react."

"Very badly, I should think," Jo-jo commented. "But it would be entertaining."

"Just remember who writes your performance reports," Hammond chided.

"Has the Sorceress figured out yet what she must do to get Falcon back into the battle-mode?" Jo-jo asked, changing the subject.

"Not yet," Hammond answered. He had visited the med bay before coming to the commander's quarters. "She has assured me that she will have it figured out by the time the preparations on the Eternia are ready."

The door chime sounded at that moment.

"And that should be our resident expert," Fontaine commented. "Come."

The door slid aside and young women with dark golden hair falling to her shoulders nervously entered the room. Jo-jo wondered if the girl was any older than Anyssa, who had stated that Val-kyie had long life spans, when they weren't getting killed teaching the Horde the virtues of not angering the Val-kyrie people as a whole.

"Please, come in crewman. We've been expecting you," Fontaine invited. "Normally, I like to greet each new member of my crew and judge if they really will fit in on a battlestar," she said for the benefit of her other guests. "However, our deployment to support the operation to rescue He-man and his friends did not allow me to meet everyone. This is Crewman Jaxia. Jaxia, I'd like to meet several of our allies from the Planet Earth." Fontaine gestured to Hammond. "This is General Hammond, commander of the Guardian Command. And this is Captain Majourny, commander of the Starship Eternia."

"General. Captain," Jaxia greeted them in turn.

"We understand that you are as close to an expert on the Guardian battle suits as we are likely to find around here," Jo-jo said.

"Well, I'm not sure I would qualify as an expert," Jaxia said, somewhat embarrassed. "But I have been fortunate to be allowed access to their design schematics."

"Such access is not unheard of for those who show exceptional aptitude and Jaxia is one such person," the commander explained. "I believe your graduating thesis was on how to improve and maybe augment a battle suit's rather limited capacitor charge. I'm sure that would have been of great use in the last battle War Wing and Falcon had with the Horde."

"I don't know anything about that, commander, but I believe my theory could work," Jaxia replied.

"Well, we need your help to get Falcon repaired before her power drains away which will likely kill the AI. Please, show what you have," Fontaine instructed. "After that, we'll see about putting some of you theories to the test, with General Hammond's permission, of course."

"Absolutely," Hammond agreed.

The engineer set her data pad down on the desk along with a device she arranged in the proper place before activating it. The holo-projector flared to life at the touch of a control on the pad. A wireframe view of Falcon appeared in the projection cone and slow revolved.

"The design is quite amazing. Although the external armor plates and weapons differentiate them from one another, strip all that away and the basic chassis is identical to each other," Jaxia explained. She manipulated the image so that the exterior stripped away to show the internal structure with the outline of a human figure inside. Jaxia further changed rotation to stop with the backside in view and enlarged it to show the backpack in detail. "Here is the backpack assembly housing the main thrusters and the regenerating capacitor core. If there has been serious damage to this, the auto-repair system may in fact be non-functional since the controls for that system also appear to be housed there.

"There are two items at the bottom of the pack that likely allow us to save the AI and repair the suit. The power receptacle access port is on the lower left side. It can be used to supplement the capacitor, or recharge it," Jaxia explained, pulling up a detailed wireframe of the receptacle.

"Yes, we had that very idea in mind," Jo-jo said. "The AIs are not very forthcoming with information about how they work." Jaxia frowned at that. "Well, they are sentient machines who don't like people poking around inside their structure, and they really don't like being referred to as objects. Anyway, we have charging stations set up in the Eternia's dropship hangar, however, we have been unsuccessful in designing a compatible connector."

Jaxia sifted through some of the icons on her pad looking for something that had just occurred to her. Although keenly aware of that her audience patiently waited on her, Jaxia did not want to delay too long. "I think we have something that will work, if only I can find it. The shape looks very familiar." A few more seconds of searching finally yielded a surprising result. "I thought so. The port is an almost exact match for the energy coupling we use to charge the energy cells of all our vehicles"

"Now how could that be, I wonder," Fontaine mused. She had long suspected that some of the Guardian's systems may have been based on Val-kyrie technology. That seemed to have been confirmed. Now Fontaine wondered if the reverse might be true that some Val-kyrie tech came from the battle suit designs.

"It shouldn't be difficult to see if our couplings can be adapted to your starship's power system, captain," Jaxia declared after looking at the inner workings of the part.

"Then you should probably begin immediately," Fontaine advised. "I won't ask you how long it'll take without having seen their technology, so I'll ask who and what you'll need instead."

Jaxia pursed her lips in thought. Finally, she said, "Six power couplings, wiring conduit, and two engineers to assist with the work."

Fontaine nodded. "Done. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call for it."

Jo-jo said, "I'll have a direct comm. Link from the dropship bay to your bridge established just in case." Turning to Jaxia, she added, "It goes without saying that you'll need access to one of the Guardians. Do you have a particular preference? Since AIs are as fickle as humans, one of the operators will need to convince their suit to cooperate."

The crewman didn't hesitate on that point. "Hawk will be fine. Since the other feminine suit is the one that's damaged Hawk might be more receptive based on your assessment." She turned to her commander. "I would like to gather the parts, tools and personnel before going to the Eternia."

"That's fine. I believe the ship is in the process of being towed through the connecting tunnel between the landing bays now." Fontaine checked the chronometer on her desk. "The tow should be complete by the time you arrive. Eternia is to be parked in one of the inboard large vessel spots."

Jaxia nodded, deactivated the holo-projector and took her leave to gather the people and supplies.

When the young woman had gone, General Hammond said, "Now we have to hope we can save Falcon in time. As closely linked as the AIs and the operators are becoming, I don't really want to find out what the death of one will do to the other."

Jo-jo looked at her commander sharply, but didn't say anything. She thought back to the report about the Sorceress apparently dying from King Hiss' venom shortly after being returned to Castle Grayskull. The Sorceress' rather vague report stated that her essence, or soul, had been separated from her body while the castle worked to repair her physical form. In effect, the link between her and Falcon had never been truly broken.

With nothing else to discuss at the moment, Captain Majourny left to make arrangements with her crew regarding the Val-kyrie visitors they would soon be hosting. General Hammond left Commander Fontaine to catch up on her reports while he returned to the medical bay to check on Adrian Cobretti and to see if Teelana had made any progress.