Eli sat in his bedroom on a boring Sunday afternoon. He was flipping through channels until he found something that caught his eye, or his ear.


My best friend's brother is the one for me!


A punk rock drummer and he's 6'3

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!" Eli screamed as he switched off the television in his newly cleaned room.

Drew has been on the black-haired teen's mind for quite a while, and the Nickelodeon show was seriously not helping him at the moment. What was it about Drew that had Eli so infatuated with him? Was it the way his hair was perfectly made in the morning? The spiked bangs that were made to perfection. Or was it his personality? Sure he was cocky at some times, but Eli almost felt the heart of gold that he had under that chiseled chest. Those dark blue eyes that just made his stomach an automatic gymnast.

There were only two things about Drew that drove Eli away. The first reason is an obvious one. Eli was about 90% sure that Drew was straight. He heard all the stories about him getting sucked up by Bianca in the boiler room and how he made out with any girl he felt like. That leads on to reason #2. He knew of Drew's track record when it came to relationships, thanks to Adam. If Drew actually ended up gay or bisexual or however he wanted to label it, Eli felt like he would only be a distant memory had he actually been one of Drew's interests.

But Eli knew that would probably never happen.

"Only in my dreams I guess." He said to himself.

A few hours went by and Eli had spent them flipping through channels. He hated when nothing was on to watch. Suddenly, his phone rang. When he saw the caller ID, his heart skipped a beat.


'Goddamnit!' Eli thought almost dropping it to the floor. What could Drew possibly want with Eli? He took a deep breath and tapped on the green button on his screen.

"Uhh Drew, hey. What's-" he was interrupted by frantic yelling.

"ELI!" Drew was screaming into the speaking hole on his cell. "Adam's in the hospital! You need to be here. Get here as soon as you can!" he yelled after hanging up before Eli could say anything.

'Oh no. Not this again' Eli thought to himself, grabbing a jacket and putting on a pair of shoes.

Eli had done the hospital visit for Adam before during Prom night, and that already scared the hell out of him. He knew it was a shoulder wound, but considering all the bad luck that was happening that night, anything could've happened. He began to panic as he walked over to his bike and began to ride it over to the hospital. A million thoughts went by in his head. Drew sounded extremely afraid over the phone, so Eli didn't know what to expect. As he arrived and barged into the revolving doors, he found Drew with his parents, all pacing the floor in three different directions.

"Torres'?" Eli spoke up. "Is everything alright with Adam? What happened?"

"He tried to kill himself." Omar stated, stopping as the other two stopped. "Something is wrong with that damn principal, I swear! If he stopped for one second to look in the hallways, my son wouldn't be here!" he yelled.

"Omar, please, calm down." Audra said. "I'm sure Adam will be fine."

Eli was puzzled. Was Adam bullied again?

"What happened? I wasn't at school today." Eli asked.

"It was the hockey team. They took it too far." Drew shakily said.

"Drew, tell me what happened. You're really scaring me." Eli said.

"They stripped him. They took his jacket, his shirt….. His gauze." Drew whispered.

"No…" Eli gasped. "W-When?"

"Just out in the hallway. No one even bothered to help him or anything. I wasn't around at the time… And to think I became friends with them."

Eli was breathing really hard in frustration. He never took his bipolar meds before he left the house and felt like he could explode at any second. "Who." Eli managed to blurt out.

"Mike… and some sophomore. Cameron, Campbell, something like that." Drew said, then seeing the doctor walk up to them.

"Torres family?" the doctor called out, getting the attention of the rest of us.

"That's us." Omar said, quickly walking over to her.

"Is my baby ok?" Audra chimed in.

"Well… we tried to hold on for your daughter for as long as we could." She said, looking down.

"Hey!" Drew angrily said. "You're talking about my brother!"

"Brother? But… Never mind. Your… son's wound was very deep. We don't know if this was a suicide attempt or an accident, but as he cut into a blood vessel and sliced it in two. He lost way too much blood."

"Wait… why are you speaking in past tense?" Drew spoke up, heart racing a mile a millisecond.

The doctor sighed. "Listen, I know this is a really busy time for you with school and work and whatnot but…"

Omar exclaimed. "But?"

"But… your family should start arranging funeral plans. I'm sorry." The doctor told them, waking away.

Upon hearing this, there was a loud and frail screaming echoing though the hallways of the hospital. The mother of the family dropped to her knees and began to cry. Omar then followed her downward and threw his arms around her in a futile attempt to calm her down. Eli's heart was ready to explode into a million pieces. He stood there silent and slightly trembling as he tried his hardest to stop the room from spinning. It took about five minutes for his muscles to start working again and Eli noticed that Drew was gone. His mother and father were still curled up into each other so he figured that they didn't notice their son's departure.

Eli went to look for him. He could barely walk because he was shaking so hard. As he felt his tears finally fall down his cheek, he exited the hospital to look for Drew in the rainy environment. He walked around the hospital parking lot until he finally found Drew's newly obtained Honda. Drew had his head buried into his arms leaning on the steering wheel. He kept beating his fist on the dashboard as he cried, breaking it more and more with every blow. Eli didn't want to bother him, but he couldn't leave him there. He knew that Drew needed someone.

Eli saw the door was unlocked and opened the door. Drew was probably so enveloped in his sobs that he didn't notice. Eli began to rub his back. "Man I…"

Drew's had no idea who it was and shoved Eli away from him and onto the ground. His tears also blurred his vision, so he couldn't see. "Get the hell away from me!" he yelled, getting out of the car. "What the fuck makes you think you can touch me? You don't even know me!"

"DREW!" Eli yelled over him.

Drew wiped his eyes and composed himself somewhat to see Eli. "Oh shit… Eli, I didn't know it was you."

"No… no it's ok. You disappeared, I wanted to find you." Eli said softly, looking down at his feet.


Eli's began to pick up speed and he put his hand over his chest as he started to hyperventilate. Drew was the worried one then. "Eli?"

Eli leaned on to the car and slid down onto the wet ground, not caring how filthy he got. "H-H-He…" he started.

Drew knelt down next to him, tears starting to fill his eyes again. "Eli…?"

"HE'S GONE!" he yelled before bursting into shaky sobs. "My b-best friend is gone…"

Drew sat next to him and threw an arm around him, starting to cry as well. "I know…"

Eli's sorrow got the better of him and he threw his arms around Drew in spite of himself. "He… He can't be gone! He just can't!" he said into Drew's now drenched shoulder.

Drew was shocked at first when Eli hugged him. He had never received a hug from anyone of the male species that wasn't his father. But Drew felt comfort in it. He felt like there was someone in the world that actually felt the pain and anger that swam around him. He couldn't help himself and began to sob right along with him. He leaned against his broken acquaintance and wrapped his arms around him.

"Eli… What am I gonna do without him? What am I gonna do without my little brother?" Drew choked out in muffled sobs. "He… I loved him."

"I did too, Drew… I'm gonna kill them." Eli blurted through his tears. "They killed Adam. And now… now it's my turn."

Drew wiped his eyes and slightly gained his composure, holding him tighter. "I'm with you."