My first world,

My first home,

Gave life to countless beings

Grew up, grew old,

And died, as worlds do.

And so I travelled,


As I sailed

Across the vastness of Space

And Time,

And saw countless wonders,

On many worlds

But never found a home.

Then we came here,

Myself, my kin,

To this young world,

A world of stories

Of beings with powers,

Much like our own.

Could it be at last,

That we had found our long lost kin,

That we had found a home?

Legends and myths,

Angels and gods,

And forest spirits

Art and craft,

The humans use to depict,

Beings, much like us.

So we took on ourselves,

The shape of legend,

To seek out our kin,

And find a home.

Instead we found rebellion and hate,

And so, we lost control,

Lost everything,

That we held dear,

As we flew backwards,

To the world's wild past.

Disaster and death,

Greeted us upon,

This young,

This wild,

New world.

It had no patience

With our arrogance.

We had to learn to change,

To adapt,

To become a part of this strange,

Young new world.

And so I had to learn to sing,

The song of this world.

I learnt this world's tune,

It's red-green battle,

Of life,

Of death.

It is not ugly,

This primitive world,

But will not accept us,

Unless we become

A part of its song.

And so I fly with the birds,

Run with the beasts,

I learn to sing,

The song of this world,

To love it as my own.

I have found home.

I run with the wolves,

I howl with the wolves,

I eat with the wolves,

Become one with the wolves,

Love the wolves, my own pack.

And from the wolves,

Our kind finally,

Becomes a part of this world.

My children are the children,

Of this world.

The blood of the wolves,

Flows in their veins,

They sing with this world's song,

And this world,

Accepts them as her own.

And as I howl,

At the two full moons,

And see my paws racing,

Along a path of leaves,

A path of stars,

I know that, finally,

After my almost endless travels,

I have found home.