"You couldn't go twenty-four hours without my coffee," Ianto taunted, staring resolutely at Jack who began to cross his arms arrogantly over his chest.

"I lived before coffee was invented, Ianto," Jack stated.

Ianto raised a perfect brow, doubtfully.

"I did!" Jack exclaimed, hands finding purchase on his hips as Ianto chuckled subtly.

"I'm sure, sir."

"I did," he stated more firmly.

A small smirk teased at the edges of Ianto's lips, "Care to bet?"

"Twenty-four hours?"

"Twenty-four hours."

"You're on, Jones, Ianto Jones."

A single finger pressed firmly against the silver button of the stopwatch, the shine of the metal echoing the glimmer dancing in Ianto's eyes as he turned about walked out of Jack's office, assuring that his boss's eyes were locked on the flesh of his backside hidden by the thin material of his slacks.

Hours later, Ianto leaned back, welcoming the cool touch of the counter behind him. His eyelids fluttered as the warmth of his best brew flooded his senses, cascading easily down the back of his throat. He let the mug ease back from his heat-reddened lips, sighing as he basked in the moment of rest and pleasure of taste.

As he attempted to drown out the chaos of the Hub, Ianto missed the hungry gaze of his boss peering at him from his office.

His eyes snapped open as he heard his name bellowed from the intercom, "Ianto. My office. Now."

Ianto smirked to himself as he quickly took a swig of the coffee in hand before following the familiar path up to Jack's office.

As he crossed the threshold, he paused, gently asking, "Sir?"

Jack stalked forward, predatory gaze sliding up the figure of his Welshman, lingering on the faded stain of brown clinging to the edge of pink lips.

"Ianto," Jack growled hungrily, moving to press his lips against Ianto's, finding a warm cheek instead.

Stepping back slightly, eyes scrunched in confusion, he watched as the teasing smirk returned to Ianto's face as he pulled the stopwatch from his pocket, holding it out for Jack to see.

"Five hours. Not even close, sir."

Belligerent, Jack exclaimed, "I haven't had any coffee!"

"No," Ianto nearly purred stepping close to Jack, breath ghosting over Jack's ear, "But I have, sir," before pulling back.

"Ianto!" Jack groaned as he felt himself harden further in his slacks. "That's cheating!"

"Not cheating, sir. Simply playing by the rules," he replied, eyes twinkling.

"Screw the rules," he said as he pressed against Ianto, lapping at the heaven of coffee and Ianto's own flavor playing against his tongue.

As Jack pulled back for air, Ianto breathlessly joked, "I knew you couldn't go twenty-four hours without my coffee."