This something that happened in my family. I have been scared by this event, it has put me in depression I don't know how long it will take for me to get over it. Please no flames, because I have one in my home every day.

Family Fallen Angel.

Life is a tragedy
When it comes to family
One gets mad and says something they can't take back
And hits the final smack
When they sent it out online
No it's not fine
They'll soon regret
because they don't fret
Now it's done
This won't be fun
Now everyone is sad
Now they're mad
The damage sets out
There will soon be a blackout
I wish it never happen
This family member won't adapt in
Until it's too late
I don't want to wait
How did this event turn
Now it will burn
There is no love
I hope someone above
Can hear what I say
Will this be another tragedy
Because apparently
Love is fragile
And can be shoot down by a missile

Why did this happen
They won't go adapt in
Until it's too late
I don't want to wait
For this to end in this state
I want to go out now
To find out how
I can comfort this person
Before it worsen
In the end the damage is done
I told you it wont be fun
What will you do when this happens to you?

Please, don't hate on me, but do leave a review I was really depressed and I began listening to some sad music and I started writing this. So I hope you can stop this before it spreads like a wildfire, before its too late.